Darlene’s Addiction Pt. 06

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[All characters are 18 years or older.]

Darlene’s Addiction

A divorced mom lusts after her son and gets what she wants.

Erotic Fiction


Casey Bea


The party of eight heats up as the women reward the boys

(Recap from part-5)

“Oh, fuck!” Tony groaned. He had now had his cock sucked by his three best buddies–all of whom seemed to actually enjoy it!–but he was in no way convinced that he was going to like it. It was only the promise of unlimited pussy and Jenny’s smiling, encouraging face that made him go to his knees in front of Brian, now at the head of the line.

Tony wrapped his hand around Brian’s dick–barely an inch behind its big knob–opened wide, and got it into his mouth without actually touching it with his lips. He was also able to keep his tongue well away from it. He bounced his lips off of his hand and immediately pulled back and away from Brian’s untouched knob.

“Whoa! Whoa!” Brian protested. “The deal was one suck! That was just barely breathing on my dick! Come on, man! We all sucked your crooked cock!”

“He’s right, baby!” Jenny said. “That was the deal. No suckee no pussy. Come on, do it for me and I’ll take that warped dick of yours down my throat, now that I know how.”

Resignedly, Tony pursed his lips and pushed them over Brian’s knob and a tiny bit of his exposed shaft. When they touched his hand he immediately pulled back with a slight suction–satisfying the suck requirement. He managed to keep his tongue from making contact, however.

With one down he moved over to James and performed the same short kiss-down and suck-back maneuver. After doing the same to the end of Steve’s BBC he stood up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and still quite convinced that cock-sucking was not for him. He turned to the four women on the bed, and said, “Okay, now it’s pussy time!”


“You’ve all certainly earned it!” Jenny said. “I can’t speak for the other ladies but I thought that was frigging hot!”

“Oh, yes!” they all agreed.

Jenny looked at her boyfriend, and said, “You want to fuck my mom, first? I’ve actually fantasized about seeing that. Watching her suck your stiff cock and then take it up her cunt.”

“Really?” Cheryl and Tony both said.

“Oh, yeah!” Jenny replied. “In my fantasy Mom gets so horny listening to us banging in my room that her fingers in her pussy won’t satisfy her anymore and she bursts in, bare-ass naked, to demand equal time in exchange for giving us a place to fuck whenever we want.”

Cheryl laughed, and said, “I wish I’d known! That fantasy has damned near come true more than once! I was right at your door with my hand on the knob one time before I chickened out and went back to my room and made do with my vibrator.”

“Well, there’s no need to chicken out now!” Darlene said. “You’ve already sucked his cock, now lie back and let the rest of your daughter’s fantasy become reality!”

With her ass at the edge, Cheryl laid back on the bed and spread her legs wide. Tony walked over and with his boner as hard as it had ever been since he discovered what a hard-on was, he went to his knees and began licking Cheryl’s dripping wet pussy.

Cheryl pulled on her own nipples and moaned as Tony flicked her clit and then pushed his tongue up her cunt-hole as far as he could manage. Finally, she commanded him, “Get up and show my daughter that I’m a mother-you’d-like-to-fuck! Stick that crooked boner up my cunt so I can see what Jenny’s noise was all about!”

He stood up, Jenny took hold of his cock, and as he leaned in over her mother, she rubbed its drooling head up and down through her pussy lips. She then lined it up on her cunt-hole and pushed on her boyfriend’s ass. “Shove that bent cock up her cunt, baby! Do that thing with your fat knob so she’ll know where all the noise comes from!”

Tony couldn’t resist the opportunity to “straight-fuck” his girlfriend’s mother a few times and pushed his cock balls deep and withdrew it so only its head was kissing her soaked pussy-lips. After half-a-dozen fucks, he did that thing with his knob.

He reached under Cheryl’s legs and lifted them up to rotate her naked ass a little higher. Then he bent his legs slightly to get his hips rotated so his dick was pointing more vertically. When he pushed in, his cock-head was forced up hard against the front wall of Cheryl’s cunt and she let out a long low moan as he penetrated in a way that she had never been fucked before. But when his knob–as squishy as it was–ground across her g-spot, her eyes went wide and her moan turned to, “Oh, my fuck!”

Jenny laughed, and said, “There it is! That’s his noisemaker fuck!”

“Holy shit!” Cheryl growled as she pulled hard on her nipples. “Fuck me, şahinbey escort Tony! Fuck me with that twisted fucking cock! I am going to cum all over you!”

With a dozen or so hard fucks across her g-spot Cheryl pinched her nipples, bit her lip, and let out a high-pitched whine as her cunt contracted and erupted, gushing her pussy-juice all over her daughter’s boyfriend’s jabbing cock.

As her orgasm peaked and her g-spot became too sensitive for contact, she had to push Tony away and let her legs relax back onto the bed. She leaned her head back to look at Darlene and Shannon, and said, “No shit, girls, you have got to try that if you haven’t already!” They had not, but they were both looking forward to it. Of course, they were also looking forward to trying the whole variety of stiff, young cocks displayed before them.

James looked at Shannon, and said, “While you’re waiting for your turn on Tony’s warped weenie, I’d really like to see you take on Steve’s BBC. I’ve fantasized about you sucking and fucking his fat black dick and it always makes me horny as hell!”

“Really?” she replied. “You should have told me earlier, baby. I’ve fantasized about what Steve had under his shorts and what it would feel like in my mouth and stretching my cunt.” Shannon slid off the bed and onto her knees, and went on talking to James, “I had the first part of my fantasy right with his size. Why don’t you feed it to me and we’ll see what else I got right?”

Now perfectly comfortable with bisexuality–and with sharing–James took hold of his buddy’s black boner and stroked it as Steve stepped in front of his best friend’s kneeling girlfriend. He held his fist wrapped around its girth while Shannon kissed, licked, and sucked its drooling cock-head. James pulled the dick back out momentarily and as he playfully wiped its slobbery knob across her lips and cheeks, he said, “So, you gonna try to throat this thing? Was that part of your fantasy?”

“Two weeks ago, I wouldn’t have thought it was possible,” she answered as Steve’s cock-head rubbed across her nose. “But thanks to your mom’s guidance, I now know the secret. And I’m sure as hell not going to let my boyfriend suck cock better than I can!” She looked up at Steve, and said, “Let me give it a few sucks, then shove that fat black monster down my throat!”

James put his buddy’s dick back in his girlfriend’s mouth and she bobbed up and down its first few inches while James lovingly caressed her hollowed cheeks. He then moved around behind her and cupped both hands under her chin and lightly stroked up and down her neck. “You ready to have this stretched by big black cock, baby?”

She answered with an “Mmm!” around the cock in her mouth and reached up to grab Steve’s tight, round ass. With an exhaling growl to fake out her gag nerves, she pulled on Steve’s butt and drove his cock-head into her throat. The first couple of inches went in easily but after that, his dick got fatter quickly, and she really began to feel the stretch in her throat. She kept pulling and forcing him down her gullet until her eyes were watering and she just couldn’t take anymore. With about two-thirds of his fat BBC in her mouth and down her throat, she had to push him back.

Feeling the bulge of his buddy’s cock stretching his girlfriend’s throat and then sliding back out, James said, “Holy fuck, baby! That was frigging awesome!” He bent over her and gave her a hot kiss just as Steve’s dick was clearing her lips. When they broke, he added, “God, I love you!”

“I love you, too, baby!” she replied. “Now that you felt his BBC stretch my throat, you want to see it stretch my cunt?”

“Oh, fuck, yeah!” he answered.

“Well, get on the bed on your back,” she told him. “I’m going to do a sixty-nine on top of you so you have a good up-close-and-personal view of your best friend’s big black boner splitting my cunt wide open! Maybe if you’re lucky, he’ll feed it to you and you can suck my pussy juice off of it. I’m sure there’s going to be plenty!”

Half a minute later they were arranged on the bed and Steve was rubbing his shiny black cock-head up and down through Shannon’s soft, pink pussy-lips just inches in front of her boyfriend’s face.

As Steve smeared her juices and his own dick-drool along the length of his boner as lube, James said, “Go easy, man! Don’t hurt her with that thing!”

Shannon gave James’s cock–standing straight up in her face–a loving kiss and a knob-suck, then she said, “Thanks, baby! But I think I’ll be okay.” In fact, she wanted some of that pain-induced pleasure. She wanted to feel the burn of her cunt getting stretched around that black monster that she had fantasized about.

Steve leaned in and pushed his cock into Shannon’s cunt-hole. After the first couple of inches, the fat part of his shaft began to really stretch her and he paused to let Shannon get used to şahinbey escort bayan it. She was glad for that because the pleasure-index shot quickly into the border of the pain zone.

This was not the first time that Steve had pushed his BBC into a tight, young pussy, so he knew what to expect and he recognized Shannon’s body language and the wincing sound escaping her throat. He stopped pushing and pulled back until just his knob remained between Shannon’s drenched pussy lips, and then rocked his hips a little, fucking her about an inch or two, stretching her pussy and then letting it relax. Her initial reluctant whine turned to more pleasant hums and she was able to relax her whole body as she quickly came to appreciate that Steve knew what he was doing with his monster and wasn’t going to just drive it up her cunt for his own satisfaction.

James, too, was able to relax about his girlfriend being hurt as he understood the same thing. To add to the pleasure of her experience–and his own!–he lifted his head and began to lick her clit and the underside of his best friend’s fat cock.

Barely a quarter-of-an-inch at a time, Steve fed more and more of his big boner into Shannon’s cunt with each push forward. At about the three-inch mark, her pussy was tightly stretched around the fattest part of his cock and he knew that he would be able to precede a little faster now. He pulled back until only his knob was still snuggled in the entrance to her relaxed cunt-hole, and then as he held her pale white hips with his big black hands, he pushed his BBC up her cunt and kept going.

“Oh, my fucking hell!” Shannon growled as Steve’s monster stretched and filled her cunt. She had an unconscious death-grip on her boyfriend’s cock and he was glad she didn’t have his dick-head in her mouth or there might have been blood!

Steve continued his slow penetration waiting for Shannon’s body-twitch that would tell him that he had reached her limit. He was surprised that she had nearly nine inches of his BBC inside her cunt before she reflexively pulled away from its continuing advance when he poked her cervix with his knob. Now knowing how much of his dick she could take, he slowly withdrew all the way, letting his slimy cock drop onto her boyfriend’s face.

As James lapped his girlfriend’s pussy-juice off of his best friend’s dick, he managed to ask her, “Are you okay, baby? You want to get fucked by this fat BBC? Are you ready to get blacked?”

She answered by taking her boyfriend’s drooling cock-head in her mouth and then plunging down over his cock and shoving the whole thing down her throat in one motion. With her lips in his pubes, she shook her head and made a growling sound from deep in her throat. When she pulled back off, leaving a slick ribbon of throat-slime between her lips and his cock-head, she said, “Shit yes, I’m ready to get blacked! Put that fat black boner back in my pussy and lick my clit while he fucks the shit out of me!”

Jenny had been dividing her attention between watching her boyfriend fuck her mother and Steve burying his black monster up her best friend’s cunt, and she decided that she needed some cock, too. To Shannon, she said, “You mind if I mount your boyfriend while you get your pussy stuffed with BBC?”

Shannon spit her throat-drool onto James’s boner and as she slathered it up and down, she answered, “Come on over and take a seat! Make yourself at home!”

James had always liked Jenny and loved the contrast between her compact, petite body and his girlfriend’s voluptuous, curvy one. He had somehow correctly guessed that she would have a clamshell pussy, and now that he’d seen it, he couldn’t wait to experience it. He wanted to eat it and he wanted to fuck it. That he wasn’t going to be able to watch his cock spread her snugly-closed pussy lips was a bit of a disappointment, but watching his girlfriend get black-fucked and being able to lick her pussy and the BBC that was stretching it more than made up for it.

Jenny had been horny for James for as long as she could remember. But even being the slut that she was, she respected her friendship with Shannon far too much to make a move on him. This was an opportunity that would normally only come about in a filthy fantasy. As she straddled James’s cock–bigger and fatter than she had envisioned–Shannon did the honors of guiding it into her tight-lipped pussy.

As she settled down on it James let out a long moan and ground his tongue harder against his girlfriend’s clit. Jenny, too, let out a moan as her cunt stretched to accept one of the fattest cocks she’d ever taken.

Shannon allowed Jenny’s pussy to slide her hand down her boyfriend’s dick until it was squashed between her split-open clamshell and his pubes. As she extracted it, letting Jenny settle down all the way, she said, “Fuck, girl! If I’d known how hot it would be to watch escort bayan şahinbey James’s fat cock spread that skinny little pussy of yours I’d have let you do it long ago!… as long as I was there to watch!”

Jenny moaned at the feeling of her cunt stuffed full and deep coupled with the thought that it was her best friend’s boyfriend’s cock, and she grabbed Shannon by the sides of her head and kissed her hard–a first for the pair. When she broke the wet tongue-dancing kiss, she said, “Any time you want to watch me fuck your boyfriend you just let me know, sister! And just so you know, when I’ve frigged my pussy fantasizing about his cock jabbing up my cunt, I’ve been eating your pussy at the same time!”

Overhearing the conversation, Darlene said, “The night is still young! I’m sure you’ll get that opportunity!”

As Jenny straddled James’s cock Shannon had to shift her body position from lying on James to a more upright one. When Steve pushed his fat cock back into her cunt in that position it wasn’t as comfortable and it didn’t go in as deep. Shannon went as prone as she could by putting her head beside Jenny’s waist and her shoulder into her stomach while she wrapped her arms around her and gripped her tight little ass.

Unfortunately, the shift put her pussy farther away from her boyfriend’s mouth and moved Jenny back so that she couldn’t get all of James’s cock up her cunt anymore. It was a poor compromise all the way around.

Darlene noticed the awkwardness of the new positioning and offered a suggestion. She was lying on her back with her legs spread while Brian was vigorously fucking her cunt with his lollipop dick. “Why don’t you come over here and sit your pretty little pussy on my face, sweetheart?” she said to Jenny. “I’m sure James will be happy to fuck you properly once he doesn’t have the distraction of watching Steve black-fuck his girlfriend right in his face. Am I right, James?”

“Oh fuck, yes!” came his reply from under Shannon.

“I want it doggy style when you fuck me!” Jenny said as she lifted her pussy from James’s cock and then crawled over to sit on Darlene’s face. As she lowered herself and felt Darlene’s tongue split her clamshell and wiggle into its hidden depths, she moaned and then said, “And I want Shannon under me licking my cunt while her boyfriend fucks me!”

Jenny pulled on her small nipples as she enjoyed Darlene’s tongue up her cunt and she took in the sights and sounds of Brian fucking Darlene’s pussy right in front of her, of her boyfriend fucking her mother, and of Steve driving his BBC up Shannon’s cunt while her boyfriend licked her pussy and the fat black cock sliding in and out of it.

The sights and sounds of eight naked people fucking and sucking were not lost on Tony, either, nor was the incredible taboo eroticism of fucking his girlfriend’s MILF mother while she looked on.

Jenny recognized the signs of her boyfriend’s approaching orgasm, and she told him, “Fuck her, baby! Fuck her cunt ’till you’re almost ready to blow! But I want you to stick your cock in her mouth and jerk it off while she sucks your squirting knob! Then I’m going to share your hot cum with her!”

That added bit of foul-mouthed filth from her daughter pulled Cheryl’s trigger and her cunt tightened for a second time around Tony’s bent cock and she began to pump more pussy-juice out around it. That added tightness plus the sloppy, sloshing sounds of fucking a gushing cunt brought Tony right to the edge and he had to quickly pull out and grip his dick tightly while he scrambled up onto Cheryl’s chest and presented his glistening knob to her waiting mouth.

As she sucked and swirled her tongue over his cock-head he jerked off hard and fast and within seconds, a jet of hot jism shot from his pee-hole and he began the usual grunting and growling sounds he made when he was cumming.

Those sights and sounds pushed Jenny’s orgasm button, and with a high-pitched whine of her own, she gushed her hot pussy-juice into Darlene’s sucking mouth and all over her face.

Although she wasn’t quite done with her own orgasm, Jenny recognized the last-squirt grunt from her boyfriend, and she leaned over, pushing him back and clamping her lips over her mother’s vacated mouth. She sucked and Cheryl used her tongue to help push Tony’s hot, fresh cum into her daughter’s mouth after which they squished it back and forth. They each eventually swallowed a share but continued to kiss passionately while Darlene used her fingers to draw the rest of Jenny’s orgasm from her pussy and while Cheryl used her own hands on her clit and up her cunt to finish off the orgasm that Tony had started and then had to abandon.

Spent from the unimaginable opportunity of fucking his girlfriend’s sexy, curvy mother right in front of her, then jerking off in her mom’s mouth only to have the two of them share his cum, Tony staggered back and flopped into a chair to recover. As he idly played with his slimy, nearly-limp pecker he watched the live sex show taking place in front of him.

On his knees on the bed between her spread legs, Brian was humping the hell out of Darlene’s pussy, pulling his fat-knobbed cock all the way out every third or fourth time so he could spread her pussy-lips with it when he drove back in.

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