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Softly waiting in the darkness. There’s not a sliver of light from the moonless sky, just the darkness laying gently on my bare skin. My fingers trail lightly over my hip, up my side, waiting. Languishing, hoping, dreaming about what’s to come. My fingers wander with my mind, a shallow imitation of what I want, tracing the path that I want stronger hands to take. Am I dreaming- when the sturdy hands slide up my leg? When hands rougher than mine wrap around my ankles and push them towards my body? Not dreaming- when I feel his hot breath on me, breathing me in, getting so close- close enough to taste me in the air. Hands tighten around my ankles as his tongue parts me. Of their own volition, my hips reach for him, but he pulls away, pushing harder on my ankles. ‘So that’s how you are going to be’, he whispers. ‘You’re going to have to learn some self control’. I moan, turning my head to the side in the darkness, not seeing where the second set of hands came from that take hold of my wrists, and draw them up above my head.

My eyes strain to see, to give me some idea of my fate, but their gaze finds only soft shadows in the darkness, quickening breaths in the silence, as I feel the hands on my wrists replaced by soft cords, wrapping around and around, then tightening to the bed frame. My body is stretched long, as the hands on my ankles pull my legs straight. I strain against my bonds, testing their limits, but I’m helpless against them, there is no leeway.

‘Now, let’s see if you can stay still’ a voice murmurs in my ear, as hands begin to cover me. From the top of my neck, down over my throat, along my collarbone and up my arm… up my inner calf, across my knee and over my outer thigh… over my hip, across my stomach up to my breast…around the small of my back, snaking under me, arching my spine. I try to quiet my screaming skin, resisting the urge to writhe under their ministrations. I slow my breathing, heavy through parted lips as their hands travel over me, thumbs pressing into indentations, fingers wrapping around curves, but as those fingers find their way down my stomach, over my sex, pressing against my soft wet places, I shudder and push my legs apart, reaching for the touch again.

‘You want to be open, my dear? That can be arranged.’ Hard hands grasp my ankles again, spreading my legs wide. I feel a body moving up between my legs, pushing my knees apart. One hand stays on my knee, the other softly runs its fingers over my inner thigh. I regret that I’m unable to stay still but I can’t help myself as I try to straighten my tortured thighs, but another hand catches my leg, and moves tecavüz porno it back into position. So many hands roam my body, my head is spinning and I can’t stop trying to move my legs, thrusting my sex wantonly towards the fingers that stay just out of reach.

Then they stop. I whimper as all touch leaves me. The air is chilled against my hot skin. ‘Please’ I say into the darkness.

After an excruciating silent moment, my arms are untied from the bed frame, wrists still bound together as my arms are brought down in front of me, and I’m pulled up into a sitting position. A body moves behind me, leaning against the bed frame. A strong arm wraps around my body and I’m hauled back against him, up onto his lap. I feel the shocking hardness of him against my back as he parts his legs and my ass slides back down to the bed, in between his spread legs. His hands reach up under my arms and run their way over my breasts, thumbing my nipples on the way down, sliding rough open palms over my body and down between my legs, both hands cupping my sex, pressing against me. A finger from each hand runs around my lips, spreading the wetness there, opening me further as I pull my knees up and spread them to grant better access. I catch my breath as another finger touches me, tracing soft, slow circles when all I want is for it to push inside. Moaning as I squirm against these teasing fingers, my entire body begging for more. The body behind me tightens as his hands leave my wetness and run down my inner thighs. I gasp as they wrap around my legs and grip me. He pulls my legs apart and up to my chest, fingers now digging into my tender skin- lifting me, exposing me. I try to move, but find myself completely helpless, my body pinned against his, my bound hands grasping at the air for something to hold onto, and my legs held tightly as the other set of hands begin to explore me. There is no hiding, no escaping.

The fingers that I had wanted inside me so badly mere minutes before suddenly push into me, curling inside my sex, probing higher and deeper until they fill me. Fingertips move slightly as a set of warm lips touch my clit. Electricity shoots through me as his tongue moves up to find the sweet spot, then draws it into his mouth, holding it gently between his teeth, before mercilessly flicking his tongue back and forth. As my excitement begins to build, his tongue slows, softly sucking and stroking, fingers slowly working in and out of me as I gasp and squirm, earning myself more pressure on my legs. When it feels like I will never be able to come down again- his fingers leave me, 18 porno he places a gentle kiss on my swollen clit and pulls away, leaving me gasping.

The hands that have been holding my legs release them, unbind my wrists and all four hands rub the feeling back into my shaking limbs. Strong arms lift me forward and turn me over- I brace myself against the hard chest that had held me, feeling the warm skin, slick with my sweat. My hands find the swollen tool that had been pressing into me, the constant reminder of what was waiting for me, and I lean forward to dutifully lick it. His fingers weave into my hair and let me know that he approves of my direction. My tongue flicks over his manhood, drawing a firm line down the underside of him, before taking his balls into my mouth, first one then the other. My hand cups his balls as I slide my tongue back up to the swollen tip. I ring my pointer finger and thumb around the top of his scrotum, pressing gently, as I sink my mouth down onto him, pressing my tongue against him as I slide him all the way to the back of my throat. He moans and pushes against my wet mouth, pulling my head down to him with increasing speed as I wrap my hand around the base of his slick cock and find my rhythm.

My body startles when I feel the other set of hands grasp my hips and pull me up to my knees. I gasp around the dick in my mouth and lose pace, and his head rolls back, a moan escaping his lips with the change of sensation. My breath catches in my throat as I feel the other tongue touch my sex, still swollen and dripping from his earlier attention. He finds every hidden place of me, his tongue probing into my wetness. There’s no rhythm, just exploration.

Despite my best efforts, I can’t maintain focus on what is before me, I release his balls and collapse forward on him, sliding his slick cock between my breasts, pushing them together as he slides thru, licking his head with my panting tongue as he appears from between my soft mounds, before slipping back down again. The other tongue has gathered insistence, pushing farther, taking liberties with me, flicking up over my ass to test the waters. I moan and push my hips back towards him, but this time, my greedy hips are met with a growling moan and firm fingers sliding over me, first pushing deep into my wet sex, then applying gentle pressure higher. I sigh and push back to meet his finger sliding into my ass.

I straighten up on my knees, hands against the chest of the man in front of me, his hands on my hips, bracing me. The man behind me wraps his strong arm around my body, grasping konulu porno a breast, while his finger slips in and out of my ass. My head falls to the side, moaning, feeling like I’m floating in between my lovers. The man in front of me pulls my hips towards him, I move willingly, drawing my legs up beside him and sinking myself down onto his lap, guiding that beautiful dick into me. My shadow remains behind me, silently, insistently carrying on his steady pace. His hand leaves my breast and reaches down in front of me to put the tip of one finger on my clit as I start to rock my hips back and forth.

The kisses fall on my neck, ears, and shoulders, tender at first, but with increasing intensity as the passion builds. A scrape of teeth, deep kisses that will leave marks, but I’m lost beyond the point of caring. I’m wrapped in sensations I have no control over, helpless to stop, my body tightening, straining to pull them both deeper into me. Feeling me climb again, the tempo quickens.

I fall forward onto the chest in front of me as he moves his body down on the bed. I press myself against him as his fingers dig into the flesh of my backside, driving up into me- harder, faster. My head tosses from side to side, my fingers clawing at his arms, holding on for dear life. He pushes my hips down hard on him, filling me completely and then, stillness. Whimpering moans escape my lips as I try to move against him, but his hands hold me still. I then feel another hand pushing on my lower back, making me arch my ass out towards him. ‘Oh god,’ I moan, as he slides his finger out, presses his cock against me, searching for entry. He slips into me slowly, my eyes roll back in my head. This time it’s my shadow’s turn to move, the man under me holding me impaled on him, still as stone, letting my shadow work up to pace.

The climax that had been aching for release since the beginning begins to bloom. Slow, deep, grinding movements draw it up to the surface with agonizing certainty. There is nothing for me to do but surrender to the inevitability of it as it rocks through my body. Both of my lovers push into me faster and harder as I thrash between them, clawing the sheet in one hand, grasping for the headboard with the other in a futile attempt to bring me some stability. Screams of ecstasy fly from my chest with each new penetration, until my throat is raw and my sounds are guttural moans. They push hard into me, moaning themselves, heavy breaths land hot on my skin as I rhythmically tighten around them until neither of them can hold back any longer, filling me with hot seed, mixing with my own wetness and running down my thighs.

Collapsing on the bed, chests heaving with effort and exhaustion and ecstasy, hands roam over bodies, slick with sweat and passions, waves of my orgasm still rolling through me from the tips of their fingers, touching my electrified skin in the dark.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32