Dark Passion

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Things had not been going well in their lives and tension between the two had been mounting. They had planned on meeting soon and some anxious anticipation began to fuel the tension between them even more. For some reason there seemed to be some uncertainty in the air. Possibly the myspace.com thing had become too complicated and communication too hard to do over the Internet.

Maybe it was all the stress in their personal lives apart from each other, which didn’t allow them to deal with things as a couple, thus keeping a large part of what they did a mystery. Things where wavering as online communication sometimes does. Quickly written words and catch phrases do not always capture the heart, soul and true meaning of what someone is really feeling. Maybe it was a lack of detail in their communication, which may have continued to leave so many questions unanswered. Maybe it was the fact that there was no long-term commitment to their relationship. All of the pitfalls of a cyber relationship where apparent, as two people in different relationships with other people, where having an affair.

Once again he found himself traveling to see her with a long lonely flight to Florida. His time spent alone, on the outbound leg of these trips, was always spent in quiet reflection. All of the “what if” scenarios played loudly in his head. She was also filled with anxious anticipation and worried over what it was going to be like when he got there. With all of the stuff she had going on in her life, he was almost a distraction to her, or so he thought. But at the same time, she was in love. They both felt like high school sweethearts heading out on their first date, even with the uncertainty.

They met for dinner and their time together starting off a wonderful evening of conversation and exchange. However, after a few glasses of wine the conversation became tense, as they tried to understand where they fit in each other’s lives. Somehow, even after countless hours of communication, they were unable to get to the bottom of what this all meant and how they would end up “being together”, as partners, friends and lovers. They were both frustrated and tired, as it had been a long day. Things just didn’t appear to be like they were on the other trips.

The fantasy and honeymoon was over. Now it was time for the two of them to come to terms with their relationship. Was it simply going to be a passionate affair? The kind of affair that leaves people hurt and empty. Or would it be defined as a friendship, having tossed the romantic part aside and acknowledging that the “friend” part of the love they had for each other would remain.

As they drove to the hotel, they couldn’t even look at each other. At one point he reached over and turned off the stereo in the car. They both stared straight ahead, dreading having to find a way to fill the next few hours they had together. There was no communication, no body language, and just passionate confused hearts without a clear direction. As they pulled into the parking lot, he navigated his rental car over to the parking space next to hers.

“Do you want to just go?” he said in a cold matter of fact tone.

“No, I don’t. Why are you being this way?” she said as almost breaking mamak escort into tears.

“I thought you might be frustrated and need some time to think.” he replied.

“No. I have had plenty of time to think.”

“Well, what do you want to do then? I just feel like if you came up to the room we would continue this seemingly pointless exchange.”

“Pointless huh? So that’s what you think this is?”

“No, its not. I want you. I want all of you. I want to live with you. Cry with you when you have a bad day. I want to be there with a flower when you come home. I want to…” with that he dropped his head and fell silent.

She reached over and grabbed his hand. He grabbed hers and began to lead her out of the car and up the stairs to his room. When the door opened to the room, he said, “Go stand by the bed and don’t sit down.”

He made his way over to a chair by the door and turned off the light. He could see her form outlined by stray beams of neon coming into the room from a crack in the curtains.

“Why am I standing here? You’re scaring me.” She said with a nervous tone.

“Don’t ask questions. You know I wouldn’t hurt you.”

There was a long pause.

“Take off your clothes.” He said in an almost deadpan voice.

She was silent. Slowly she unzipped the back of her skirt and let it slip to the floor. He could see the faint outline of her form in the darkness. Her bra fell to the floor and he could see her bending over to remove her underwear.

She was naked now. Move vulnerable than she had ever been. Emotionally and physically.

“Lay down the bed.” he commanded.

She slowly lowered her body on the bed. Her mind raced. The sheets were cold and she could smell his scent on the pillow as she lowered her head. Her thighs were feeling moist and it became apparent to her as she adjusted her position to get comfortable. With her arms straight down her sides, she laid staring into the darkness of the ceiling. She could hear his breathing and the sound of him taking off his clothes. She reached down to touch herself and began to massage her wetness.

She heard him walking towards her and her hand froze. “Did I say you could touch yourself?” he asked.

Without saying a word she removed her hand and placed it by her side. She could smell her sex.

He approached the side of the bed without saying a word.

“You’ve been a bad girl haven’t you Leslie?”

“Yes I have.” she replied.

“You need to have me in your mouth don’t you Leslie?”

“Yes I do.’

With that he grabbed the back of her hair and brought her face to his cock.

“Do you want to taste the love I have for you Leslie?”

“Yes I do.”

With that he placed the head of his cock inside her panting mouth. His erection grew to full attention. “That’s a good girl, Leslie. Your convincing me you want to be forgiven.”

“Please forgive me for being so untrusting.” she said in a childlike tone.

With that, he grabbed her shoulders and flipped her over onto her stomach.

“Spread your legs Leslie.”

“Like this?” she asked as she spread her legs wide. Her backside was ofise gelen escort completely open to him and her hands clutched the pillows below her face. Her mined raced as she wondered what he was about to do to her.

Slowly he moved forward onto the bed and onto his knees between her legs. Leaning forward he carefully lowered himself and touched the tip of his tongue to the center of her back and neck. Sliding down, he let his tongue slowly drag down the center of her spine and onto the small of her back. He drew small circles with his tongue in patterns on the small of her back, taking time to blow lightly and send a chill down Leslie’s spine. He slowly slid two fingers inside of her opening, which was sopping wet.

“Mmmm.” she moaned.

“Do you like this Leslie?”


He then reached up to grab the back of her hair while slowly sliding two fingers in and out of her opening.

“You need a cock don’t you Leslie? You want to be forgiven don’t you Leslie?”

“Yes, I need to feel you. I want you to love me.” she whimpered like a child.

He grabbed her mature hips and pulled her up onto her knees. His cock was now fully erect and he guided the head of it to the front of her opening. In one thrust, he pushed his entire length into her wet open hole. Now fully buried inside of her, he reached forward with one hand and grabbed her hair. As he drove in and out of her he whispered into her ear.

“Tonight’s about me isn’t it Leslie? You want to make me happy don’t you?”

“Yes, Steven I do. I am yours Steven. My body is yours”

He had both of her hips in his hands and began driving hard in and out of her pussy. His balls slapped loudly with each stroke and he could feel her wetness dripping off the end of his ball sacks. She moaned loudly.

She was enjoying his rhythm and aggressiveness. She needed that and wanted it. It was exciting to her to have a man take her like she needed to be taken and to be loved with such strength and power.

Suddenly he pulled from her and stood next to the edge of the bed.

“Get on your knees and put me in your mouth like the good girl you want to be Leslie.”

She climbed off the bed quickly and knelt below him. Grabbing both of his ass cheeks she began to suck furiously on his cock. He grabbed the back of her head with his hands and clenched her hair as her head bobbed in and out.

“You’re going to make me come you naughty girl. You want to taste me don’t you Leslie?”

All he could hear was a series of muffled moans as she approved of his request.

“Slow down!” he commanded without warning.

With that command she froze. “Let me make the tempo while I fuck your mouth.”

With three slow strokes he began to release a small amount of his cum into her hot wanting mouth. He grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her away from his cock. She gasped as her mouth was overwhelmed with the taste of his cum.

“Get on the bed and lay down on your back,” he commanded.

He then mounted her and put his engorged cock inside of her pussy. Grabbing her hair tightly with both of his hands he pounded like and animal into otele gelen escort her inviting hole. He could smell and taste his cum as he drove his tongue into her mouth and kissed her deeply. His balls slapped her ass and she began to moan loudly. He knew only half his load was gone.

“Do you like the idea of me tasting my cum in your mouth Leslie?”


“Do you want the rest of my load inside of you Leslie?”


“Do you like to be fucked knowing your kissing me with my cum in your mouth Leslie?”

“Yes” she gasped. “Cum for me Steve, I need to have your cum deep inside of me”

He reached down and grabbed her hips, lifting her bottom off the bed. His shoulders and face where buried into hers and pressed her back into the pillows and sheets. He slammed into her with two final firm and hard strokes as he began to empty his seed into her opening. His balls were tight and she could feel her moisture dripping from the bottom of his sacks and onto her ass.

There was a long pause as they lay there in each other’s arms. With no warning he gave out yet another command.

“Sit in the chair by the window Leslie,”

“Why? I am dripping wet.”

“Because I said so,”

He grabbed the back of her hair with one hand and her arm with the other hand.

“Get over there now!” he said as he aggressively navigated her towards the chair next to the window.

“Sit down!” he commanded.

He almost threw her into the chair and then he retreated to the darkness of the bed. She sat in the chair and clenched her legs together tightly to keep his cum from dripping onto the seat. She could see his outline as stray beams of neon lit his form in the darkness. He had backed up and was sitting on the bed taking a drink from a glass of wine.

” Slide down in your chair Leslie”

“Then I want you to spread your legs and let me drip out of your opening. He commanded with a stern voice.

She slowly slid down and she could feel his sex begin to drip out of her and onto the floor below. She spread her legs wide and she could see him moving toward her from the darkness. Her heart beat with anticipation as he knelt between her legs and grabbed her hips with both hands. His tongue began to move quickly about her clit and he wrapped his mouth around her sensitive mound. His mouth and chin was now coated with the mixture of their juices and it was driving him wild.

“Steven, you’re going to make me cum.” she exclaimed in a panic and erratic tone.

He continued to work her opening and clit like a hungry animal. Focusing on her clit, he moved his tongue quickly and aggressively across the right spot. He could feel her legs begin to tighten and she grabbed the back oh his head and pulled his mouth even closer while pressing his lips and mouth against her pussy. It was her time. She earned this moment and this was her reward. Her legs where completely locked now and sticking straight out in front of her as waves of spasm ripped through her insides and stomach. Her entire being tingled like it never had before.

In one last move, he wrapped his arms around each of her legs and pressed them upward, driving his tongue deep into her opening. She screamed and begged for him to stop.

“That’s enough!” she moaned in a panting breath.

After several deep breaths she slumped into the overstuffed chair like a lump of jell-o. He sat there silently and not saying a word. Still kneeling between her legs, his head rested on her stomach. She stroked his hair like a child and felt the world melt away.

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