Dark Magic Attack

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


All characters are 18 years old or older. Some of these could be expanded into larger works, but I wanted to get them out of my head and on paper, as it were. The last story took on a life of its own. I had a particular ending in mind when I started and yet it changed, drastically. It is probably the darkest out of the lot. Fair warning? I often find that my stories are a living thing and change and grow. I hope you like this collection and if so, perhaps drop a vote or even a comment. Thanks.

There is an obvious recurring theme, magic dark and foul. Savor the warmth of the fire, watch the shadows, and enjoy your drink.


Short Cut:

Despite what Hollywood or popular novels may say wizards don’t wear flashy robes and pointy hats. They like jeans, t-shirts, and comfy tennis shoes. I should know I have been a wizard since I hit puberty. Another fallacy is that wizards come from families with a magical heritage. That is all horse shit, wizards are like artists or inventors we just sort of draw the genetic lottery. On average one out every hundred thousand kids born have a measure of talent. I’d say about one out of a million have real scary talent. I drew an ace when it came to mage craft. It came easy for me, too easy sometimes. I worked on it every free moment I had. Just like going to the gym your gift can plateau but if you work at it you can push to the next level. By the time I was twenty-five I was one bad ass mage. I could perform any miracle performed by any holy man or savior and those were simple spells. If I pushed myself, I could nudge a hurricane to either bypass major population centers of if I happened to owe a dark supernatural agency a debt, I might be employed to ruin thousands of lives.

On this day I was up before dawn. I had an itch that needed scratching and a wicked plan had formed in my head. I walked up and down the business district and found the perfect spot. The ten-foot brick and concrete wall separated a parking garage on one side and several businesses on the other. Those that parked had a long ass walk of three blocks to access the only cross street that allowed them to reach those office buildings. I chose the closest spot not covered by maple trees planted by the city to break up the ugliness of the damn wall. I took out my tool kit and drew a circle in black chalk. Next, I took out red chalk and drew runes along the exterior of the circle. I charged the runes and poof instant hole. Yellow chalk was next, and a new set of runes had to be drawn around the hole to enchant it specifically. To finish the trap, I took out the green chalk and drew complicated meta runes forming four corners around the hole. I returned the chalk to my kit and closed it. I clenched it tight in my hand as I used a touch of power and vaulted the wall. I repeated the process on the far side just as the first light of dawn touched the sky.

I walked the six blocks to the front of the trap and took out a blanket and spread it out on the dew-covered grass. I sat and leaned against the wall and waited. I reached into my pack and took out the thermos of hot coffee. I sipped my coffee and as the first cars began to arrive the runes framing the hole began to glow. I was effectively invisible as was the hole. If someone of extremely strong will were to pass by they might catch a glimpse of me but that was unlikely to happen. I could be singing at the top of my lungs and stark naked and no one would notice me. The magic simply made them disinterested in this space of wall.

“Nope…nope… nope…” I muttered as I watched the women leaving the parking lot. “Too skinny… too tall… too heavy… too much makeup…” I was beginning to worry I was being too picky when I spotted her. “Holy fucking shit!” I saw her a block away. “Target acquired!”

She was five feet five inches tall out of her heels. She was absolutely stunning with a great rack and hopefully an equally fine ass. I wove the snare in my hands and waited until she was in range. Blonde hair and blue eyes with a small but full mouth she must be Scandinavian or some Nordic ancestry. I fired off the spell and it ensnared her vision. See the hole the spell whispered. Look, it said, a short cut. Just climb on through.

“Oh look,” she muttered eyes half closed. “A shortcut. I can be there before the rest of those clods.”

She walked over the wet grass, leaned in and set her briefcase on the far side of the wall. I felt my cock harden as she stuck her torso through the hole and once, she was half way through the trap was sprung. The hole shrunk and held her fast. Her shapely ass was pointed out on this side while her upper half was flailing on the other side.

“Take it slow.” I growled. “Dick sucking time!”

I vaulted the wall again and landed in front of her. She was yelling and cursing but to no avail. She was mine. I let her see me and she was instantly belligerent. She cursed at me and demanded I get help or get her free. I a private affair izle sat and watched her. It took her nearly ten minutes to lose her head of caustic steam.

“Better?” I asked, and she spat at me but missed. “You look hot.” I said invoking my next spell.

“Thanks, but…” She said as sweat popped out on her forehead. “Ooh… what is going on?!”

She shrugged off her pinstripe jacket but that wasn’t enough. Soon she was topless, and I had a clear view of her tits and they were magnificent. I handed her a water bottle laced with aphrodisiacs, plural. The first would put her in the mood while the second would make her suggestible. It would take time, but I was in no hurry.

“Are you going to help me?” She asked after drinking half the bottle of water in one go.

“I did. I gave you water. You are firmly entrenched in the wall. How did you get through that tiny hole?” I asked, and she chuckled signaling the first drug was taking effect.

“He said hole… no he said tiny hole.” She said her words slurring just a bit. “Which tiny hole I wonder?”

“Let’s take a look, shall we?” I asked and hopped over the wall. “We don’t need these anymore.” I said removing her slacks, panties, and even her shoes. “Class A ass you have there darling.”

“I know.” She said a hint of morose in her speech now as the first hint of the second drug crept in. “Oi… hands off my ass boyo!” She growled as I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart.

“You are soaked.” I informed her.

“Am not… UNNNNN! No fingers there slugger!” She said as she squirmed when I ran my fingers across her glistening labia. “Fine. I haven’t gotten laid in months. There! Happy?”

“I will be.” I told her and vaulted the wall so that the dick sucking could begin. “Do you like sucking dick?”

“I don’t know you.” She fumed. “I can’t answer a question like that to a perfect stranger!”

“You can call me Master. Too soon? Okay, how about Max as in Maximillian. Who do I have the pleasure of addressing?”

“Tiffany.” She said as the suggestion wormed its way into her thoughts. “Can I see it?” She asked licking her lips. “You want me to suck you off don’t you Max?”

“I do indeed.” I said as I unzipped my jeans and took out the erection she had inspired. “Not bad eh?”

“It is so cute! I love the nice mushroom head… mouth wateringly cute. Let me have a lick or two.”

“Here you go Tiffany.” I said and let her have her way with it. “Oh, you are an eager one.”

“MMMMMHMMMM!” She moaned as she licked and sucked every inch of it.

I leaned against the wall and looked down as Tiffany began slowly but the drugs pushed her into a bit of a frenzy. I was able to thrust my hips after a while and fuck her mouth pussy quite easily. She moaned and swirled her tongue as often as she could. While I fucked her face mundanes walked by without casting even a sidelong glance at us. I felt my toes start to curl and I warned her I was going to cum. She sucked harder than ever before. Her cheeks caved in as I slowly my hips and savored my first orgasm.

“Aw Shit!” I cried out as the greedy little girl swallowed every drop.

“Yummy!” Tiffany purred as she licked her lips. “You are still hard! Are you going to fuck me now?”

“Not quite yet. First, I am going to reciprocate and lick that tight little pussy of yours until you scream. Then I am going to pound you until your poor little mind breaks. How does that sound?”


Soon I was kneeling behind her but this time when I touched her ass, she didn’t complain though she did squirm a bit. I love eating pussy. I considered myself quite skilled at it. I stuck my tongue out and gave her a tentative lick and her entire body shook. I liked hearing her moan, but I preferred seeing it. A few gestures and several arcane syllables turned this portion of the wall transparent. Tiffany appeared to be hovering in the air now. I buried my face between her legs and went to work. She could see the people walking past and so she tried to remain quiet. Her whimpers quickly escalated to cries of pleasure as I began teasing her clit and trying to push her over the edge.

“Yes! So close! NO! Don’t stop… aw.” Tiffany growled until the wait was over and I began teasing her again. “You are driving me crazy!” I stopped three more times until she was quite literally quivering at the simplest touch. “YES!” She cried out as I fingered her pussy and tongued her ass until she finally screamed when she climaxed.

Panting and heaving she slowly recovered. Hungry for more I stood, pulled her cheeks apart, and took aim. Tiffany stiffened when she felt the head of my cock brush against her labia. I pushed until only the head was inside and stopped. Her gasp of pleasant surprise had me wanting to simply plunge inside of her, but I didn’t. I pushed and let just a few inches go in and then pulled back. I repeated this until I was buried to the hilt. I began moving when I heard her cry out.

“Oh no! Not him!” accused izle I stopped and looked through the wall and saw the handsome well-dressed man walking towards us. “Don’t see me… don’t see me…”

I wanted the truth. While she was saying don’t her pussy clamped down tight around me. I tapped into her thoughts and the little liar was excited about him seeing her so vulnerable. The other memories tumbled forward begging to be seen. She undressed in front of her window to thrill her married neighbor. She came to work without underwear on the days she wore a skirt. She liked being watched and wanted to be caught. Let’s see how she reacts to this.

The man slowed and walked over to the wall. Tiffany looked up and saw her coworker kneel and look her in the eye.

“Tiffany? Oh my god, it is you!” He said smiling as I began thrusting into her from behind. “Look everyone it is Tiffany! Hey, watch this!” He said as he freed his impressive cock. “Come on Tiff suck my dick while they all watch.”

“MMMM… MMMMM…” She moaned as he fucked her throat while the crowd stopped and watched.

“Look at that dirty little slut!” An elderly woman said frowning.

“I bet she takes it up the ass.” A youth said grabbing the bulge in his jeans.

“She is really good!” The coworker moaned. “Yeah, take it all.” He said grabbing her hair. “Should I paste her face with my load?”

“Yeah! Yeah!” Chanted the crowd. “Treat her like a whore!”

“Give it to me! Cover my face with your load!” She growled. “Fuck me Max! I am so close!”

We came at the same time and just before the load hit her face the illusion broke up when my concentration was shattered. My load filled her pussy and she went limp. I vaulted the wall and let her lick me clean before I freed her. Tiffany crawled from the hole and sat against the now intact wall. I handed her the rest of her clothes. I kissed the top of her head and she frowned.

“So, that’s it.” Tiffany cursed. “Get what you want and then aban… leave me.”

“I’m not abandoning you. You have a normal life.” I told her and she snapped.

“I don’t want a normal god damn life! I never came as hard as I did when they were watching me! Don’t leave me like this. Please Master! I can’t go in there another day!” She begged and then looked at the object I tossed at her feet. “What is this?” She asked holding up the collar.

“The magic doesn’t work unless you willingly put it on.” I told her. “It is the only way you can come with me.”

Tiffany took the elevator to the 35th floor. Head downcast she stepped out and felt the crushing weight of the office space around her. The volcanic desire within her couldn’t be denied any longer. She hurled her briefcase towards one of the fake potted plants. She began to hum to herself as she strolled head high through the line of cubicles. She was untying her tie and tossed it to Jim in accounting. Her fingers worked the buttons of her jacket as her male coworkers watched and murmured. The jacket landed on Ken the spreadsheet king’s head. Her fingers trembled as she unzipped her skirt and the men howled and encouraged her while her female coworkers stared at her in envy and disgust.

“Fuck you Arlene!” Tiffany said flipping her former supervisor the bird.

She stopped and faced the group of her male coworkers and gripped her blouse on either side and with a great effort pulled it open sending buttons flying everywhere. One hit Gary the mail guy in the eye, another popped into Larry’s mouth. She unhooked her bra and freed the hounds. Her tits were there for all to see. Her poor little pussy was soaked, and it was time to confront her boss. She turned and walked up the glass lined wall and tugged the door to his corner office open.

“You’ve been a very naughty boy!” Tiffany said. “I am going to drain your balls!”

“You are late Tiffany.” I said and she grinned as her finger curled under the new leather collar, she was sporting.

“Sorry boss. Do you want to spank my ass while they all watch?” She purred as she grabbed the front of the large oaken desk. “Or will you just violate me?”

“Stick that ass out.” I ordered as I got to my feet and took out the yardstick lying on the desk.

Swish! Crack!

“Yes!” Tiffany cried out for her illusionary audience. “I love you Master!”

Swish! Crack!

“I know.”

The Gentleman Rapist:

“He struck again.” Diana Prince called out to her husband Fred from the kitchen table.

“Who did what?” Fred replied as he tied his tie on the way down the back steps.

“The Gentleman Rapist… he raped some poor woman half a mile from here.” Diana said before crying out. “Holy shit, he fucked Renee DeSilva!”

“Damn, I’d love to fuck her.” Fred muttered as he entered the kitchen and met the frosty stare of his wife of twenty years. “Oh, come on, every guy on the block wants to pound the shit out of you. Are you really going to get jealous over a fanciful lust? It isn’t like I’m going to dress up like the Gentleman Rapist alef izle and go over there and fuck her.”


“Huh?” Fred said as he poured a cup of coffee and sat next to Diana. “What are you saying?”

“Rape me.” Diana purred as she let her hand fall on his groin. “I know a few resale shops and I could put together a costume for you. We could roleplay, pretend that you are the Gentleman Rapist and you could fuck me senseless. Aw come on Fred! If you tie me up, you can do whatever you want to me.” She purred in his ear. “Anything.”

“You got it. You get the costume and I’ll wear it. I’m slammed at work otherwise I’d help you out.” He said and kissed her cheek.

“I am so looking forward to this.” Diana growled as she squirmed in her seat. “I should call Renee and offer her my congratulations… I mean sympathy.”

“You do that.” Fred replied frowning. “Love you.” He added as he kissed her cheek.

Fred was barely out of the door when Diana was texting her friend. She asked if she were alright and when it became clear she was confused Diana offered to come over and talk. In Diana’s mind it meant milking her dry of every juicy detail. Diana threw on her going out clothes and headed over to her friend’s home. The ass hugging jeans and skin-tight t-shirt were as much for her as Renee’s teenage son Kurt who liked to stare at her from the steps. She was getting wet just imagining the tween ogling her. Diana knocked on the door and Kurt answered it. His eyes drifted down, and she watched his swallow hard.

“Hey Diana, looking good!” He said and Diana drank in his attention.

“Thanks stud,” She replied encouraging him.

“MOM! She’s here!” Kurt cried out and let her in. “God damn!” He whispered as she brushed past him.

Renee stood in her kitchen and had an E cigarette between her luscious pouty lips. Diana always envied Renee those gorgeous dick sucking lips. I bet the Gentleman Rapist fucked those wonderful lips of hers. She went from wet to soaked just imagining it.

“Renee, you poor thing you.” Diana greeted her friend.

“Screw you Diana, I can see that glitter in your eye.” Renee fired back and they both laughed. “If I wasn’t so damn terrified, I would have really enjoyed it.”

“Share.” Diana urged as she took out the small clay pipe and loaded it generously with weed. “Here, take a hit of this.” She offered after lighting the pipe and taking a deep lungful of smoke.

“Good shit!” Renee said as she blew out a stream of smoke. “He was hung like a god with the perfect cock. It was nice and thick but not too much and long but not scary big. He tied me up first. I nearly came when he cut my panties off me.”

“I thought you said you were scared.” Diana said.

“I was. I was terrified Gary would come home and interrupt us.” Renee laughed. “Gary hasn’t touched me in months. I came like four times until he was finished. He came in my mouth, my pussy, and MMMMM my ass too.”

“You don’t do anal.” Diana said honestly shocked.

“I did for him. Don’t tell anyone but if he asked me to go with him, I would have in a heartbeat.” Renee confided. “There was something about him. Hypnotic. Dangerous. I am soaked just remembering him.”

“What did he look like?” Diana asked and took mental notes.

“I told him about you.” Renee said as she fixed them snacks. “He asked me about my friends. When I mentioned your name, he asked for more details. Be careful sweetie… you might be his next victim.”

“Okay, you are giving mixed signals here.” Diana said throwing her hands up. “Was he a nice guy or not?”

“Yes… no… I mean both. There was a moment there where I felt something. He was so cold and emotionless once he got his dick in my ass. He fucked me until I passed out. That part is true and when I woke, he was gone, but he left a ton of genetic material behind if you get my drift.”

“Boy do I.” Diana purred. “Kurt, quit lurking in the shadows! I swear that boy needs to get laid.”

“Do tell.” Diana growled and bent over to refill her coffee cup. “Pity he’s your son, I’d break him in.”

“Don’t let that stop you. He needs a strong hand his first time.” Renee giggled and took another hit off the pipe. “Be careful Diana, I got a bad feeling about that guy.”

“You know me, I’d never sleep around on Fred. I love him too much.”

It took three weeks for Diana to gather the things she needed to recreate the costume of the Gentleman Rapist. Fred sat for the final fitting and he had to admit Diana had done one hell of a job. His only free night the entire week was Thursday. It was the longest two nights of both their lives. Fred left with the costume already stowed in the trunk. Diana put on her sluttiest lingerie and above that a shimmering silk robe. She posed on the bed waiting for Fred but after thirty minutes she knew something was wrong.

“I’ll kill him.” She growled. “If he went into work, I’ll break his balls.”

Another half hour passed, and she fumed on their bed cursing and cussing when she heard the creak of a floor board. Someone was on the steps! Her pussy tingled in anticipation. So fast! He snatched her by the hair and shoved her face down onto the covers. Diana felt his strong hands pin her and then begin to bind her in silk rope. His weight was gone but she couldn’t move an inch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32