Dark Ch. 01: Joe and Deb

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[Author’s notes: Warning! This is an extramarital sex story, between a married couple and a married man. There are strong Dominance and Submission themes in this story. There are strong cuckold themes in this story. This story has substantial male/male sexual contact. This hopefully will be hot enough to be a whack off story for the people who like these themes, as it does have a lot of sex in it. For those who don’t like these themes please move along. Civil and constructive comments are appreciated, hate speech will be deleted.]


My name is Greg Dark. I am six foot, 195lbs, 8″ circumsized. Dark hair turning salt and pepper. I am a bondage consultant. To the outside world, I am the dark sheep of the family, a retired sergeant in a wealthy family. To my family, I am the Dom, heir of Geoff who was Dom before me. I am a man of power whom everyone obeys, just like in the Jethro Tull song. My wife is a Domme, and the whole journey started out with a woman named Nancy, who was the Domme of our swing club.

This story is about one of the strangest assignments Nancy ever gave me. Nancy was the BDSM Mistress of our local swing club. Geoff was training me to one day become Dom of the family, Nancy was training me to be a freelance Dom.

At one point early in my life, I did Bondage, Domination & Submission outcalls for Nancy’s clients. Joe and Deb had this request: Dominate Deb and Cuckold Joe right to his face. It seems that Joe just would not believe Deb’s denials of cheating, so they came up with this plan where Joe would see it with his own eyes, and Deb would be forgiven. Their marriage was at stake.

He was just an average Joe, except in one department, where he could not cut the mustard because he didn’t have a big enough knife. He was your typical nebbish, like Bradley Whitford on the West Wing TV show. He wasn’t a frail waif, but he was definitely not a gym rat either. He had that sandy or dirty blond hair, but worse, his posture and movements practically screamed weak. He also unfortunately smelled like lavender soap. But he made good money, and Deb could see he had ‘meal ticket’ written all over him.

Deb was a pinup girl come to life, like Ava Gardner or Sophia Loren, with long dark hair, big perky breasts, long legs, and a sense of style. Beautiful, spankable ass that would make most men bite a knuckle and other grown men cry. Flawless face that like Helen of Troy, could have launched (and sank) a thousand ships. She always smelled delicious, like cookies baking, just a hot warm scent, enticing and with a hint of butter cream.

I requested specific gear and clothing. I have no idea what Nancy’s fees were, I never asked and she never told.

They lived in an upscale brick home, in a wealthy part of the city. No children yet. Deb greets me at the door, in a black lace dress, matching lingerie, heels and hose. She takes me into their den, which has two opposing couches, and Joe’s chair. He stands up to greet me, then turns the TV off. There is a box with the gear I’d requested next to the couch across from Joe’s chair. I have them sign Nancy’s consent paperwork, slip it into my leather jacket, and toss it over a chair in the dining room. I take the envelope left there and slip it into another pocket of my jacket.

“Joe, sit down in your chair, do not get up unless I tell you to do so, and for damn sure don’t try to interfere in anything I am doing with her. Deb, you are my slut for the night, let’s get started.” I say as I grab her hair, fingers of my hand outstretched, then closed. She is now my head puppet. “From now on, you will call me Sir.”

“Yes, Sir.” she says as her nipples visibly stiffen.

“Strip down to your hose and heels.” I turn her to face Joe. “Do it slowly, like you are trying to entice a lover.”

Deb complies, shimmying and shaking her tits and ass in a gentle rhythm. Joe is already fully erect, and I surprisingly am not, we haven’t gotten to the part of the dominance that really turns me on yet. I can smell Deb is already wet. I walk over to the gear box, frog marching Deb by the hair without really paying attention to her. I am going that way, and if she wants her hair still attached, she will go that way as well. I get the nipple clamps out and using my free right hand, attach them to her stiff nipples. They are clover clamps, so the more you tug on them the more they hurt. “OW, fucking OW!” Deb cries out.

I backhand her, then slap her other cheek. “I will do as I wish with you tonight. You gave yourself up to be used. Problem is, I’m the one who determines how you get used, not you. You have earned yourself a spanking. Tell me a single lie and I will whip you. Say Yes, Sir, I understand.”

“Yes, Sir I understand.” Deb says through tears.

“Do you think Joe didn’t cry, when he didn’t know where you were, what other’s were doing with you? Do you think you have not earned your punishment?” I challenge her.

“No Sir.” Deb says as she sobs.

I drag her back to the box. I get a collar and put it around her neck.

“This is a dog collar. You are my bitch now.”

I put wrist and ankle cuffs on her.

“You will be bound tonight as I wish.”

I fix a leash to her collar. I pull her head to mine for a kiss while I yank gently on Kurtköy Esmer Escort the nipple clamps.

“Um-um-mmmm” Deb tries to resist, then melts into my kiss. Not surprisingly, she no longer complains about the nipple clamps, as the aroma of freshly baked hot pussy cookies fills the room.

I release the leash from her collar, then use it to clasp the wrist cuffs together behind her back. I then fed the chain down between her butt cheeks, into the cleft of her cunt, and start walking towards the dining room. I pick up a chair and carry it back to the den, all the time Deb’s slick cunt is getting slicker and slicker on the chain working between her lips down below, as she is forced to march behind me without a clue as to where I am going. Nancy always taught me to show dominance, don’t tell dominance. Make her trust you and obey you without ever having to command her, so that it will be instinctual when you do.

“I will sit on this chair. You will lay down on my lap, face down, tits on my left side, ass on my right. You will spread your legs wider than shoulder width, but not into a full split, with your toes pointed so that you are balanced on your tiptoes. Should you interfere with your hands I will double your punishment. It is time for Truth or Consequences.” I take the paddle and rub it on her ass.

Then I wail away on her ass, ten hard strokes, a level I would call 5’s. She cries out with every blow.

“Do you love Joe?” I ask.

“Yes, Sir.” Deb replies cautiously.

“Do you want to stay married to him?” I ask firmly.

“More than anything, Sir.” Deb replies.

“Do you fuck other men?” I ask neutrally.

“No, Sir.” Deb answers meekly, it is easy to tell she is lying, and trying to get away with it.

I wail on her ass, ten hard strokes, a level I would call 7’s. She practically screams with every blow.

“I warned you about lying to me. That has earned you a whipping later. I can do this all night. You will tell me the truth, and you will tell Joe the truth, no matter how embarrassing, no matter how sordid or dirty. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.” Deb answers softly.

“Speak up, Joe needs to hear your answers too. He has to know what you are, a cheating slut. He has to know what you’ve done, if there is to be any hope at all of saving your marriage. Do you agree to tell both Joe and I the truth, no matter how embarrassing, sordid, sexual, or dirty it is?” I demand firmly.

“Yes, sir. Yes, my love.” Deb says sweetly.

“Let’s test that. Have you fucked other men, in your cunt and/or your ass, since you and Joe have been married?” I demand firmly.

“Yes, sir.” Deb says softly, to a sharp inhalation from Joe.

“Do you suck other men’s cocks?” I ask neutrally.

“Yes, Sir.” Deb answers even more softly, to another sharp inhalation from Joe who heard it anyway, so I don’t need to make her say it again, but I do anyhow.

“Speak loudly now, I want the neighbors to hear. If you suck other men’s cocks say I SUCK OTHER MEN’S COCKS, just that loudly or say I DO NOT AND HAVE NEVER SUCKED OTHER MEN’S COCKS.” I demand loudly.

“I SUCK OTHER MEN’S COCKS!” Deb practically yells at the top of her lungs to a sobbing Joe, whose dick is as hard as it gets. I’m guessing about four inches at this point.

“You get a reward for being truthful.” I say as I pull the chain out from under her, so that my fingers can get in and work her seam. I take the liberally produced wetness and spread it on her cheeks, noting they are bright red, and I’m going to have to either tone back the intensity, or find other targets.

“Get up, turn around, lay back down with your back on my lap. Spread you legs for me, just like you do for other men. Hang your head down, like you do when you are sucking cock on a bed. You’ve done that before, right?” I instruct neutrally.

“Yes, Sir.” she says happily, as she moves to re-position herself on my lap, and I lazily finger the wide spread cunt, which seems to put Deb in a much more relaxed mood. Nice big clit, surprisingly tight cunt.

“But never for Joe.” I guess.

“No Sir, never for Joe.” she answers, to a groan from Joe.

“That’s because you don’t ever have to deep throat Joe, right?”

“Yes Sir, he barely reaches the entrance to my throat. Not even enough to trigger my gag reflex.” Deb answers with more than Joe needed to know, like a friendly wifey kick in the balls.

“But that isn’t the kind of cock you crave, is it?” I ask gently.

“No Sir.” Deb asks knowing she is getting close to the devastating truth.

“You can’t come from Joe fucking you, can you Deb?” I drive the point home.

“No Sir. He just doesn’t do it for me.” Deb admits.

“Would this do it for you?” I ask as I drop my pants.

“Oh Yes, Sir! I bet your cock is twice the size of Joe’s! In length and in girth!” Deb cries out happily.

“Would you like to stroke it, then suck it?” I offer.

“Oh Yes, Sir!” Deb answers, still with the child getting a present tone in her voice.

“Use one hand only.” I instruct.

“Yes Sir.” Deb says with an unsure tone in her voice, but she strokes me until I am fully hard.

“Do you need to use two hands with Joe?” I ask.

“No Kurtköy Eve Gelen Escort Sir. One hand covers his shaft completely.” Deb says as she keep stroking.

“Use both hands please.” I instruct firmly.

“Yes Sir.” Deb says as she starts the milkshake machine. With her arms going up and down, side by side, it makes her full breasts wriggle in such a delightful way I dawdle longer than I should.

“These men with the big cocks, they have wives and girlfriends. I mean you can’t be too picky when trying to find the above average, highest quality of meat, can you?” I drill down into the facts I know as well as my own name, having seen it hundreds of times before. About half of the guys walking around are five inches or less.

“No Sir, you can’t be too picky.” Deb agrees.

“And they have to keep those wives and girlfriends happy, right?” I probe just a little bit deeper.

“Yes Sir.” Deb answers quickly, hoping to avoid the truth that is about to be laid bare.

“So sometimes the other woman would be there and participate, right?” I throw down the gauntlet, daring Deb to earn a second whipping.

“Sometimes, yes Sir.” Deb agrees.

“And you would kiss them. Like lovers do.” I leave her no choice.

“Yes Sir.” Deb answers to another groan from Joe.

“And then sometimes when those big cocks came, it was in the other woman?” I nail her coffin shut.

“Yes Sir.” Deb is squirming now.

“And you would clean his cock of their combined cum and pussy slime, right?” I rip off the scab.

“Please Sir, don’t make me tell.” Deb begs, tears welling up, as Joe is already sobbing.

“No, Deb, this is Truth or Consequences.” I say as I begin slapping her pussy and tits hard, ten blows each.

“Please, Sir, stop, Please!” Deb cries out.

“You have ten seconds to tell Joe you were a cum sucking cheater, and that after the first time you did it, you licked the pussies of other women, before, during, and after they had sex. And you never had a single threesome with Joe, because he would know how skilled you are at sucking the cum out of another woman’s pussy. Isn’t that right?” I lay the indictment on the table.

“Yes, Yes, that’s right, all of it!” Deb sobs, half from her sore teats and twat, and half from cheating on Joe and not sharing with him her sordid truth.

“You aren’t stroking my cock anymore, so that must mean you want it in your mouth. If that is true I want you to yell ‘I SUCK OTHER MEN’S COCKS AND I BEG YOU TO LET ME SUCK YOUR BIG COCK’ at the top of your lungs.” I demand.

Joe jumps up, crying out “No, Please! Don’t make her do it! The neighbors will hear!”

I grab Joe by the ear, just like my grandma used to do, and slap him once on each cheek. “I told you not to get up and I told you not to interfere! Now you get the benefits of your disobedience. Deb, pull down his pants and his underwear.” I require, knowing that having his wife help betray him will make him feel like an outsider, and above all things, he tries to fit in, trying not to cause waves. Doing so just got him a world of trouble, and he is going to have to try to fit in, whatever the cost, if he is given a way to do so.

I take one of the ball gags out of the box and put it on Joe. I grab his shirt and just rip it off of him. Now he is nude, just like his wife (except for the hose and heels, but that is better than nude as far as I am concerned). I put Joe over my lap and start wailing on his ass with the paddle,twenty really hard strokes, a level I would call 7’s. He tried to cry out through the ball gag with every blow.

I grab him by the ear and pull him up to stand, as I stand myself, I slap him on the balls, hard, at least level 5’s ten times. Nancy says this works wonderfully to make men docile, and I’ve seen her use it enough to know she’s right about that, but Joe is looking a little green around the gills, and his erection is gone.

“Joe, sit the fuck down until I tell you to stand, and if you try to interfere again, the consequences will be much worse than you can imagine right now. Now where were we? Oh, yes, your gorgeous wife is about to announce to the neighborhood she is a cock sucking slut available for their use. Open the blinds on the sliding glass door and then open the sliding glass door, but leave the screen door closed, Deb.” I demand, in the voice of command. Deb is faster than a cat just shot with a water pistol, as she completes her task.

“Deb, I want you to yell ‘I SUCK OTHER MEN’S COCKS AND I BEG YOU TO LET ME SUCK YOUR BIG COCKS’ at the top of your lungs.” I demand, again in the voice of command.

“I SUCK OTHER MEN’S COCKS AND I BEG YOU TO LET ME SUCK YOUR BIG COCKS.” Deb yells at the top of her lungs. Deb and Joe both blush bright red.

“You see Joe, if you had not interfered, the blinds and the glass door would have been closed, and maybe the neighborhood would not have heard your wife begging to be a cocksucking slut for the whole neighborhood. But I guarantee you that some of them heard this time, and they will tell the rest almost as fast as a prairie fire. That happens when a woman as beautiful as Deb cries out to be satisfied. The bad news about that for you Joe, is that two thirds of them will have bigger Kurtköy Evi Olan Escort cocks than you do. So with the fresh understanding that every word you say will now likely be heard by your scandalized neighbors, I’m taking the ball gag off. Be on your best behavior, Joe.” I give him the sitrep.

“You really are a bastard, Sir.” Joe says softly.

I reach down to grab his balls, and give them a good squeeze. “But I’m the bastard with your balls in his hand and about ready to have his cock sucked by your wife. Would you like to join me?” I offer nicely.

“Yes, Sir, please.” Joe says, looking a little green around the gills again.

“Good Joe, Good. We are going to take a little test together. I’m going to stand on Deb’s left side, and feed her my cock. You are going to stand on her right side, and feed her your cock. She is going to use her hands to stroke our cocks, and rub the tips together. She is going to flick her tongue all over the tips of our cocks. You must not think that rubbing your cock with another man’s cock is gay, Joe. You must not worry about my cum getting all over your cock, or yours spurting all over mine. You must concentrate on holding out as long as you can, because the loser has to suck the cock of the other man for the rest of the night, as much as is necessary, after kissing all the cum out of your wife’s mouth.” I explain the test. It’s a setup. Men with cuckold tendencies almost never pass the Walrus Test (named for the two tusks, or two cocks in the woman’s mouth).

We are given a minute to get ourselves hard enough to slide into Deb’s sweet mouth. I have to focus on the end goal of fucking Deb in order to get fully hard. Meanwhile, Joe is trying not to think about kissing the cum out of his wife’s mouth, so he is already very stiff, maybe the stiffest he has ever been in his life. We position ourselves in front of her on her sides, and she grabs our joysticks. She rolls the tips around each other while she licks them. I don’t think she made one full rotation before Joe’s tenderized balls were emptying into her mouth. I pulled out, but Deb gave Joe quite the nice aftersuck, with just enough pressure to give him great pleasure, but not enough to make him scream from the post orgasm sensitivity. She moves up to kiss him, sharing the jism she stored like a chipmunk in her cheeks as Joe moans over his first taste of cum in front of others.

“Now me. Just two quick bobs up and down the shaft to clean your cum off me, Joe.” I demand with the voice of command.

As the loser, he had to do it, but he wanted to do it, and two quick sucks, well, that wasn’t gay, was it? He was just cleaning me off. So Joe sucked bravely until he hit his gag reflex, and then nearly barfed, coughing and spluttering.

“No baby. Like this.” Deb says encouraging him to try again as she almost effortlessly took my full length. “When you get to the back of your throat, start swallowing. It helps. You’ll be a professional cockswallowjist in no time.”

The silly humor seems to do the trick, and Joe is able to make it all the way down to lick my balls the second time around. And just like that, Joe is my cuckold. Now to get him far enough up in levels so that he never comes back down.

“So what’s next, Sir?” Deb asks eagerly.

“Well you did promise the whole neighborhood you would suck my cock. It would be a shame with my dick hard and all, for you not to put out and welch on your promise.” I note with a chuckle.

“Sir, there is no need to shame me into that which I’m eager to do. I will gladly suck your magnificent cock, and share your cum with my beloved husband.” Deb says as she swoops down to start,

“Is there anything I should be doing, Sir?” Joe eagerly asks.

“Yes, good for you Joe! Watch her. Memorize what she does. Imagine yourself doing it. Because she’s going to need you Joe. You will be her cleaner and fluffer. You will clean up all the cum she catches. Whenever you cum, it will go in your mouth. Whenever anyone else cums in her or on her, you will clean it up. When one of her lovers climaxes and needs to get hard again, or she has too many lovers to get the new arrivals hard, you will blow them, not to claim their cum for yourself, but to help them share their pleasure with her. You will give her more orgasms than any other man with your tongue. And you better get ready, because Deb has almost got me ready to cum, and the second set of spurts is going directly into your mouth.” I explain.

Deb is an excellent cock sucker. Her soft full lips cushion your cock in pillows of pussy quality tenderness. Her agile tongue flicks around the helmet of your tip, flicking the ridges to orgiastic ecstasy. Her deft hands stroke your cock in straight, corkscrew, and even inverted movements. She can run those strokes down your shaft like a boxer with a punching bag, hand over hand, or together which makes her tits dance, or rotating, where she is wringing out a mop that is your dick. She can toy with your balls, rolling them like marbles in a single hand, or stretching and pulling them, or simply lightly bouncing them in her hand. But the big tactic is her ass play, stroking up and down your taint, fingering your rosebud, rimming it with her finger tips, drilling in with a knuckle, or even sliding fingers deep inside to play with your prostate. With all of those skills available, she slides from one to the other, combining them, and reading your body responses to break you, make you her blowjob bitch. She is the one who will make you beg for her. No wonder Joe is so addicted to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32