Daren and Robert on Fire Island

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Big Tits

Robert and I are buddies. I guess you could better say we’re buddies with benefits. Although we aren’t exclusively involved and don’t live together or anything, we do enjoy doing a lot of buddy things together and particularly enjoy ‘getting together’ on occasion.

Robert and I first met at a gym in Chelsea soon after we each had arrived in New York.

We both enjoy working out and have nice well-built bodies to show for it. We’re almost identical in build; 5′ 8″, smooth, and about 160 lbs. Except Robert has a big cock for his size, over 7″ and thick. Much larger than my 5″ thin dick, and you are right to assume that when Robert and I do ‘get together’ he takes charge. In our sexual relationship Robert is definitely the alpha male.

Robert and I decided to take a long weekend and go out to Fire Island. Neither of us had ever been there and discovered we were very lucky to get a room reservation at the Belvedere in Cherry Grove and only got one because of a last minute cancellation.

On our first day we went to the pool to check things out. The pool and deck area at the Belvedere is clothing optional and we were quickly aware that quite a few had chosen that option. I had expected that the results of our workouts would set us apart from the crowd there. Boy was I wrong. I have never seen more muscle, hairy chests and big cocks in one place. We later learned this was the weekend when a lot of muscle bears were on Fire Island for an annual gathering.

Both Robert and I enjoy muscle worship and Robert seemed to be particularly turned on by this nude muscle exhibition. In an obviously aroused state he told me “Daren I want you in the room now.”

He took me by the arm and led me back to the room. When we got there he pushed me down on the bed and said “OK little buddy, you know the drill, on your back and get those legs in the air.”

When it comes to sex, Robert is in charge, and I do what he tells me to do.

He mounted me and began to rub that big hard cock of his on my dick. Robert can at times be fairly rough and this was one of those times. After some very vigorous rubbing, his cock erupted.

I have never known anyone who could cum as much as Robert.

But gaziantep escort he wasn’t done yet. “Thanks little buddy. I needed that, but now it’s your turn” he said.

Robert went down between my legs and began one of his excellent blow jobs. He is fantastic at giving blow jobs. Robert has a long tongue that he uses very well. That long tongue wrapped around my dick and his expert sucking soon had me erupting.

It seldom takes me long to reach an orgasm with one of Robert’s blow jobs and this time was no exception. Although I’d rate this orgasm as a 10, I have no idea how much I’d cum because Robert swallowed every drop.

Now that we were each back under control we headed down to the beach. We were just sitting on our blanket, talking and enjoying the sun when Robert suddenly stopped talking and was staring over my shoulder with his jaw hanging open. I looked back over my shoulder to see just what had distracted him and had so completely gotten his attention.

What I saw was a huge muscular guy walking down the beach in our direction. I’d guess he was at least 6’5″ and close to 300 lbs. He was immense, all muscle no fat. The way he carried himself you knew he was aware that every eye on the beach was on him. ‘Cock of the Walk’ is an apt description; the alpha muscle bear of Cherry Grove.

I turned to Robert, smiled and said “Think you could handle that?”

He turned his attention to me and said “I don’t think together we could handle that.”

“Well I think we should give it a try,” I said.

“Let’s go for it” he responded.

We got up from the blanket and started walking toward the big man. The closer we got the more immense he appeared. His muscles rippled as he walked toward us.

When we were abreast of him we stopped and stared up at this huge bear of a man. He towered over us, and I think by the way we both submissively stood there with our jaws hanging open, he quickly recognized that he had two very infatuated admirers. He looked down on us, smiled, and said “Good Morning boys.”

I introduced both myself and Robert and the big man introduced himself as Aaron.

The exhibitionists at the Belvedere, as impressive as they were, didn’t hold a candle to Aaron. He set the standard for impressive. Aaron could have been the model for a Greek statue of Hercules. Except he had the body hair of a muscle bear and obviously a very large cock and not a skimpy little dick and smooth body that you see on most Greek statues.

The only thing Aaron was wearing was a thong that must have been constructed from some new ‘space age’ material because any regular cloth could never be expected hold his huge package in place.

Robert still hadn’t closed his jaw and was now staring directly at Aaron’s huge package.

Aaron smiled and said “You know Robert that around here someone might take your staring and slack jaw as an invitation.”

I said “Aaron, I apologize for Robert, but muscle bears can have that effect on him and I think you’ve got him a little tongue tied.”

Aaron smiled and said “I do seem to have that effect on a lot of little guys. What do you say you two handsome little men come back to my room and I give Robert an opportunity to get his tongue untied?”

When we got to Aaron’s room he told us that the first thing we would do is hop in the shower and wash off all the beach sand.

As soon as we all had stripped down I realized that I had joined Robert in staring at Aaron’s package. I couldn’t take my eyes away. Aaron’s cock was amazing; long, thick and heavily veined.

“My God Aaron, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more impressive cock. Have you always been this big?” I asked.

“Well pretty much since puberty. I’d guess

I was bigger than you when I was eleven” he smirked.

Then, glancing down at Robert, he smiled and said “But I probably didn’t catch up to Robert until I was twelve.”

Robert and I soaped up and then began to do the same to Aaron. Aaron’s body certainly matched his cock. Amazing. He had a fantastic bubble butt that I loved running my hands over. In fact I couldn’t keep my hands off that butt. Aaron moaned with pleasure as I caressed his butt crack with my soapy hand.

In addition to us playing with him, Aaron enjoyed playing with us. He turned Robert and I so that we were facing each other and wrapped one large hand around both our dicks and began to rub them together. He seemed to get a kick out of comparing the size difference between Robert and me, but I think his real purpose was to show off how much bigger his cock was than both of ours combined.

Aaron then bent down, easily picked us both up, one in each arm, gave us each a deep tongue kiss, and set us down. Then he flexed his muscles. I think to emphasize how easily he could manhandle us.

I don’t think Aaron could have done anything that more effectively showed us how totally in charge of us he was. Robert and I again submissively stood before Aaron in awe. The size contrast between the two of us and this huge muscle bear was striking. We were exactly what we appeared to be, two submissive little men waiting for a very dominant alpha male to tell them what they were to do next.

After a pleasant long shower we all rinsed off, got out of the shower and dried off. Aaron then walked over to the bed and sat on the edge. He gripped his large hard cock and teasingly began to stroke it.

“OK boys, get over here and on your knees. Robert you start licking. It’s time to get that tongue of yours untied” he said.

We did as we were told. On our knees we began to double team Aaron. Clearly that was what it was going to take. I was glad Robert was there. Attempting to handle Aaron was not something I would try alone.

We took turns sucking on Aaron’s huge cock head. His cock was so thick that the cock head was all we could fit into our mouths, and so long we found we could each put a hand around it and stroke it at the same time, and when I did wrap my hand around his thick cock, the tip of my middle finger didn’t touch the tip of my thumb.

We rubbed, licked, sucked, and stroked that huge cock for all we were worth. Finally, with a loud grunt and a thrust of his hips, Aaron erupted and spewed a huge load of cum, coating our faces.

I now definitely knew someone who could cum more than Robert.

Aaron smiled and said “You boys did good. It appears that two handsome little men is what it takes to get the job done.”

Aaron laid on his back, pulled us to him and put an arm around each of us. Robert and I contentedly laid against Aaron’s hairy muscular chest, pleased that even though it took both of us, we had indeed satisfied the alpha muscle bear of Cherry Grove.

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