Danny’s Den

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My job takes me to all parts of the northeast region. I normally don’t like to drink and then drive, but this day was unusually hot and more than a little stressful. So I decided to stop for a drink and spend an hour cooling off and relaxing before I drove the rest of the way back to my home base.

Not knowing the area very well I wasn’t to sure what I was in for when I pulled into the parking lot of the Danny’s Den Lounge and Motel. The lot was almost completely empty so I expected to have a drink or two and relax in quiet surroundings.

As I opened the door and stepped inside I could feel the cool air of a dimly lit lounge engulf me. My eyes had not yet adjusted to the dim lighting inside as I approached the bar and took a seat. The bartender who apparently had become accustomed to quiet late afternoons, what sitting on a bar stool next to the break in the oval shape bar reading the newspaper. When he noticed that I had joined this lively party he stood up and slowly walked over to me.

“What’ll ya have”? He asked.

I hesitated for a moment trying to decide between a lager and bourbon. I opted for bourbon and replied. “JD and water.”

As the bartender placed my drink in front of me he asked “Run a tab?” I agreed and he said. “Ok” and quickly turned and returned to his newspaper.

Taking less than a minute or two from when I walked in the place to having a drink in front of me was just what my stressed out brain needed and I took a healthy gulp from my glass.

My eyes were now becoming accustomed to the dim lighting of the Danny’s Den Lounge when I heard a door squeak open behind and to my right. I didn’t notice any change in the amount of light in the place so I assumed it was an inside door. I was seated about mid way along the long side of the oval shaped bar and I heard footsteps coming from my right. I glanced over my right shoulder and to my amazement the most gorgeous woman was slowly walking toward my seat. I smiled as she approached and said. “Hello.”

She said “Hello.” and smiled as she walked behind me.

My head turned to the left as her hand slipped over the bar stool next to me. She was sporting the longest most sexy looking red fingernails I’d ever seen, and I watched somewhat disappointed as that hand went from stool to stool as she walked further away from me.

I was able to take a very long look at her from behind as she walked away. Her wavy blonde hair was shoulder length. She was wearing a pure white silk blouse, which did little to hide the black bra she was wearing under the blouse. A very clingy black skirt which came to just about mid thigh and to my complete delight seamed stockings and spike heels. Her heels and the seams of her stockings accentuated her calf muscles.

I didn’t want her to notice my staring so I returned my attention to the JD and water as she rounded the end of the bar and slid into a stool where her drink glass sat half full.

Another healthy gulp of Jack and my drink was nearly gone. The clinking of ice in my nearly empty glass caught the bartender’s attention and he asked from his seat this time, “Would ya like another”?

I said “Sure but take you time, I’m in no hurry.”

As I talked with him I couldn’t help but notice the flick of a bic to my left which gave me a reason to glance in the direction. This vision of loveliness in black and white with red trim to my left. As she lit her cigarette I was able to get a second look at her face in the brighter light of her bic.

Not only did she have red fingernails, but also wore matching color on her lips. My interest began to peak and the first JD was starting to take effect so my inhibition about staring began to wane. I thanked the bartender for the second drink and took a much smaller sip this time, knowing I’d want to nurse the second Jack and water. I began paying much closer attention to this woman and noticed that she would occasionally run her index finger along the edge of her blouse from the collar down the front to where it was buttoned.

Every time we made eye contact I would smile at her, and she would return the smile. I allowed her to finish her cigarette and then I asked. “Can I buy you a drink?”

To my complete amazement she nodded yes the said. “Only if you join me.”

Smiling from ear to ear as I walked to the end of the bar where she was seated. I walked behind letting my finger tips slide along the back of her stool and across the silky material of her blouse where it met the bar stool back. I took at seat beside her and offered my hand. Her handshake was so soft, so pleasing.

She smiled and said “Hi, I’m Sandi.”

I responded with a smile and told her my name.

As I settled into the stool beside her Sandi turned her hips toward me uncrossed her legs and then crossed them again toward me. Her skirt rode up a perfectly formed thigh almost to the point where the darker top hem of her stockings was visible.

The bartender arrived with a fresh white Russian for Sandi and then turned quickly to leave Escort Ankara us along and get back to his paper.

Sandi wore the most heavenly perfume and I complimented her on her taste in not only perfume, but also clothing nail and lipstick color.

She explained. I’m in sales and find that it helps my success rate.”

I nodded my agreement and asked her. Why do you choose the Danny’s Den as a place to wind down?”

She replied. Late afternoons it is always quiet and I can relax with out the pressure of some of the busier meat markets that run happy hour specials with free food.” When I told her I had never been there before she smiled and said “Lets hope you enjoy your self and come back often”

Now I’m not usually a smooth talker, but the affect of the Jack Daniels and the intoxicating demur of this woman really made me open up.

I leaned close to her and said, “How do you mean enjoy myself?”

With that, Sandi lifted her top leg and ran her foot up the back of my calf. I don’t now how she was able to do it but she didn’t stop until her shoe was in the bend of my leg behind my knee.

This motion caused her skirt to ride up even more and I discovered that she wasn’t wearing panty hose but instead silk stockings and a black lace garter.

As she lowered her leg her hand dropped to my thigh and she turned sliding her hand across the top of my leg until she reached my already hardening cock.

She smiled and said “I think you know exactly how we’re going to enjoy ourselves”

I agreed saying “I believe I do”

Sandi asked me to turn a little toward her and as I did she also turned so that her left leg was between my legs. She began giving me the most sensual leg massage I’ve ever experienced lifting her leg and rubbing her silk covered calf against my crotch.

Ever time she did this her skirt rode up a little higher. I was sure that very soon I’d have the answer to my mental question of is she wearing panties or not?

All the while her leg was moving her fingers continued to trace the outline of the v in the front of her blouse. She wasn’t extremely busty, but the cleavage that did show was a creamy smooth color that I had trouble keeping my eyes from.

Eventually her fingers somehow opened the top button of her blouse and she exposed the most incredible contrast of color between her skin and her bra which was outlined in black lace with a tiny red ribbon where the cups connected in the middle.

I was fully erect by the time she dropped her hand into my lap and began massaging my cock very skillfully. She dropped her leg and spread her thighs for me and I knew it was an invitation for my hand to explore.

I leaned close to her and whispered. “Here?”

Sandi looked me straight in the eye and smiled saying. “Here and NOW”

My hand slowly moved across her thigh reaching the top of her stocking I paused to enjoy the contrast between silk and soft flesh with my finger tips.

“Hmmmmm.” She moaned softly as I caressed this part of her leg.

I could tell this was one of her special spots and made a mental note of that. My hand continued toward her upper thigh and as I did she spread her legs even further giving me total access to her crotch.

By this time her skirt was almost completely gathered at the top of her legs and as I looked down my eyes took in the most incredible image.

In the dim lighting of the Danny’s Den her creamy while thighs stood out like moon light against the black tops of her stockings and the hem of her skirt.

Sandi leaned back lifting her butt a little and somehow had her skirt out from under her. My fingertips reached their goal and to my very pleasant surprise she was wearing a black lace open crotch thong.

As my middle finger slipped between the lacy sides of her thong Sandi moved her hips forward and my finger slipped inside her. Her eyes closed and she let out another throaty moan this time a little louder.

I began moving my finger up and down reaching her clit with each upward motion. Each time my fingertip touched her clit she would moan again.

Her skillful hand had somehow found a way to unzip my trousers and before I could react her fingers were running the length of my hard cock. She used her nails to tease the rim of my cock head and traced its outline with the very tip of one finger. Then she would wrap all her fingers around my cock and move her hand down the shaft to its base.

Releasing it from her grasp her fingers slid down and cupped my balls gently squeezing them and then slide just the tips of her nails up my scrotum sending a shiver up my spine that she noticed bringing a smile to her lips.

While Sandi used her exceptional hand skills on my cock, I continued to finger her pussy running my finger along the outside of its moist lips and slipping it inside each time it reached the opening to her pussy.

She smiled and said. “You have very soft and gentle fingers I love the way they teased her clit.”

I complimented Ankara Escort her on her hand skills also and that had the affect of making her increase the pressure with each stroke on my cock.

I leaned close to her and said “I want my mouth where my hand is.”

She responded to that by saying, “So you’re starting to enjoy yourself.”

I just smiled and nodded my agreement.

Sandi looked over at the bartender who must have been either reading the most interesting article or was completely brain dead but he was paying us no attention.

Sandi looked back at me and said, “Why not just slip down off your stool and eat my pussy right here?”

She released her grip on my cock and I didn’t hesitate to kneel down between her legs. As I did Sandi spread her thighs even more and I was inches away from the most beautiful sight.

Her pussy glistened with moisture. The lips protruded between the lace fabric of her thong and I could see her erect clit swollen and pulsing with desire.

I leaned forward kissing along her silk covered thigh, remembering her reaction to my finger caress of the spot just above her stocking I flicked my tongue at the same spot and she moaned again placing her hand on my head.

As I continued to kiss and lick at this spot she began moving her hips ever so slowly back and forth toward my face. I knew she wanted me to give her pussy and clit the same treatment and I didn’t want her to wait much longer.

Slowly I moved closer to my target, kissing licking and nibbling on the skin of her inner thighs as I approached. Finally my tongue was within touching distance of her pussy. I flicked it toward the perfect lips and let it slip between them.

Sandi moaned louder, and increased the pressure of her hand on my head urging me to give her more. My lips circled her clit sucking on it gently at first and then with increasing pressure.

Sandi pushed my head tighter against her and I used my tongue to part her pussy lips and slipped my tongue inside. I felt another hand against the back of my head and she began controlling the tempo of my tongue fucking of her hot sweet wet pussy.

Sandi’s pussy tasted so good. Her juice flowed onto my tongue and lips and I sucked it into my mouth drinking in her flavor. As she increased the pressure on my head I began to sense that she was about to cum.

I opened my mouth wider and pushed my tongue as far inside her as possible as she exploded in orgasm. Her pussy became a flood of juices and I sucked every drop from her as she moaned her pleasure. Her hips quivered her fingers grabbed my hair and she held my head in that position until her orgasm began to pass.

A very deep but almost inaudible moan of pleasure escaped her throat as she started to release my head from her grasp. She used her exquisite fingernails to comb my hair back into place, and as I knelt there before her I looked up at her face.

Her eyes were moist, her lips shimmered and her smile assured me that she was completely satisfied. As I stood up I peaked over the top of the bar to find that the bartender was still just sitting there. I thought to my self this guy is not only brain dead but deaf to boot.

As I straightened up Sandi pulled me close to her and kissed me deeply on the mouth. A soul-searching kiss that proved to me that Sandi’s tongue was as talented as her fingers.

That kiss sent a chill down my spine and brought goose bumps to my arms. Her lips were so soft her mouth so moist and her eyes told a story as old as time.

I knew she had more passion more sensuality more lust in her little finger than any woman I’d ever had the pleasure of giving oral sex to before. Standing there I still had the taste of her in my mouth and didn’t want to lose that so I didn’t bother reaching for my JD again.

Sandi lifted her white Russian to her lips and took a sip. Placing the glass back down on the bar she looked at me and said. “I want you to go to the men’s room and wait for me.”

I was spell bound by this vixen and would have gone any place she asked. I smiled and said, “Your not going to run out the front door are you?”

Sandi smiled and said. “No way babe. I’ll be right behind you.”

Trust is something that you just have to have sometimes, so I straightened my shirt and zipped my trousers and touching her hand walked behind her bar stool and toward the men’s room.

As I did the bartender finally woke up. He asked if I was leaving and I said no just going to the men’s room.

“Ok” was all he could muster from his limited vocabulary.

As I approached the men’s room door I heard those same footsteps I’d heard earlier but this time I knew it was Sandi following me. As I opened the door I glanced back at Sandi and she just blew me a kiss and turned into the ladies room.

Well I can tell you seconds seemed like hours and minutes like weeks as I stood in the men’s room waiting. Finally after what seemed like hours the door to the men’s room opened.

Sandi Ankara Escort Bayan entered and quickly closed the door placing the lock hook over the loop she turned and said “Now it’s your turn babe” I took a step back and leaned against the sink. I quickly discovered why Sandi had stopped in the ladies room. She had removed her bra and let her blouse open to the middle of her belly.

As she approached me she turned around and slid her long fingers across her butt grabbing her skirt she lifted it showing me the back of her thighs and her creamy ass cheeks framed by two lace garter straps that pulled her silk stockings up the back of her thighs. Her legs were perfect and she knew it.

Slowly she slid the skirt down and turning again to face me she licked her shiny red lips with the tip of her pink tongue. She cupped her breasts with each hand and spread her red tipped fingers across each. The combination of the pure white silk blouse those incredible fingers and nails and her fully erect nipples showing through the silk material made my heart skip a beat and my cock swell to it limit.

All I could say was “Oh my god.”

Now this men’s room wasn’t the biggest place but in the space of maybe 5 or 6 feet this vixen made me feel like she was walking down a 60-foot runway toward me. Her legs moved so slowly, her hips shifted with each step. She probably only took 4 or 5 steps but in that space of time and distance I became fascinated with the way she moved.

Had I not known what was about to happen I would have asked her to walk back to the door again. But I was speechless at the time.

As Sandi approached me she lifted her hands and placed them on my shoulders. Running her hands down my chest she allowed her finger nails to scratch the material of my shirt.

When she reached my hips she moved her hands to mine and placed each one on the side of the sink and behind me.

She smiled and said. “Hold on and what ever happens don’t let go.”

I understood exactly what Sandi meant. She wanted to be in total control of the events that were about to unfold and I couldn’t agree with her more. I was hers to use in any way she saw fit.

Sandi kissed me lightly on the mouth at first then increasing the pressure of her kiss she parted my lips with her tongue and began kissing me deeper her tongue encircled mine her lips sucked my tongue and she traced the outline of my mouth with the tip of her tongue.

All the while her fingers were moving teasing barely touching my skin sending shiver after passionate shiver up and down my spine. She slowly unbuttoned my shirt and with each button her fingers and nails performed a dance of pleasure on the newly exposed flesh.

Once she had reached the button closest to my belt she gently pulled the shirt from my trousers and opened it completely exposing my chest and nipples.

She smiled and said “I love a man with hair on his chest.”

I smiled and nodded my approval. She ran her fingers all over my chest, circling my nipples with one nail and finally leaning down licking sucking and kissing each nipple.

This woman understood the art of seduction. She knew what it is about a woman that men have dreamed about for centuries. And she was showing me that she was the most skilled lover I’ve ever had the pleasure of being with.

Inaudible sounds began coming from my throat. Sandi continued kissing and teasing my chest with her mouth and fingers until she had reached the trouser belt.

With one hand she loosened my belt and opened my trouser button. Unzipping my fly she pulled me forward just enough so my pants fell into a heap around my ankles. My hard cock strained to be released from my jockey shorts and she used her fingers to tease my hard on through the material.

Stepping back Sandi pulled her blouse from the top of her skirt and unbuttoned it very slowly letting the silk material fall to each side of her creamy white breasts. Her nipples were perfectly round and hard. I wanted to take one between my lips and suck it but I would have had to remove my hands from the sink which I vowed I wouldn’t do.

She was in control and I wanted it that way.

As she stood there letting me admire her beautiful breasts she again cupped them with her hands but this time her hard nipples protruded through her fingers and she used her fingernails to tease her nipples and offer me a vision I’ll not soon forget.

As she moved forward again she allowed her blouse to fall where it wanted and her breasts were half covered by the white silk of her blouse. With her hands on her hips she stepped to with kissing distance and I leaned forward and kissed her deeply on the mouth.

A moan escaped her throat as we kissed and I knew she wanted more than my tongue in her mouth. Slowly ever so slowly she used her lips tongue and mouth to track down my chest and stomach.

She never got down on her knees but rather just crouched down until she had positioned her face directly in front of my crotch. Her fingertip again teased my cock through my shorts and finally after what seemed like an eternity she hooked two fingers in the waist band of my jockeys and slowly peeled them down across my thighs allowing them to join the heap of material around my ankles.

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