Danny Again

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In my stories concerning my memorable relationship with Danny, I have forgotten to mention how, after out first date, our continued association became difficult. I was ain a position where I could not longer invite him to my home because of personal circumstances, and Danny had an aging mother living with him so he did not wish for her to know about his new direction, after a rather unpleasant divorce.

We soon got tired of finding quiet spots to enjoy each other in the rear of his car, because invariably we were interrupted by other cars going by and the like, and Danny was very particular about not being seen.

But after long discussions and such was our ongoing yearning for each other, he conceded to let me know his address and upon my promise of absolute prudence, he fixed it that, with his mother being invalid and spending most of her time in the downstairs lounge; he’d direct me upstairs to his bedroom, after I texted him to say I was at the front door.

“Best not to ring or knock” he said “because that will arouse attention.

It seemed a little underhand but with his mother being static and [partly deaf the solution to our problem was perfect.

I must say, I felt special being prompted up the stairs to Danny’s secret rendezvous. The plan was for me to prepare for him whilst he told hi mother he would be doing work on the computer in his room.

“Perfecto” It would give us an hour or two to accomplish our needs.

It was going to be lot better than those mutual hurried wanks in the back of the car and Danny’s often failed attempt to get into me before he reached anything. That is why generally we resolved to just wanking and sucking each other but it could never be satisfactory.

But now we were able to enjoy the luxury of discovery without the inhibition of clothes, and I must say I was thrilled to see Danny in the nude first time, displaying that cock larger than I had ever seen before, because he did not have to worry about disturbances.

Whilst Düdenbaşı Escort waiting for Danny’s attendance I stripped down to my boxer shorts and chilled on his bed, getting the feeling inside that was already revving me up, and gently massaging myself, I imagined how it would be like, just having Danny alone in the comfort of his room. And in a double bed at that.

He later told me that was his marriage bed until he discovered black hairs on the sheets which led to the discovery she was cheating on him.

I saw that there was a very comfortable sofa in his room too and imagined what we could do on that.

But after the waiting when five minutes seemed like and hour, there he was, finger to lips whispering that we had better not make too much noise, because although his mum was deaf to a degree she would still hear loud sounds. (I did tend to grunt during our playtimes.)

“It means we shall have to dispel our spanking sessions, Alex and I know how much you like me to spank you, but I am sure we will make up other ways, and if you look in my locker you will see I have quite a few ‘toys’ we could experiment with. That would be nice huh?”

“I like the idea of the handcuffs” I said.

“I thought you would. We will get you bound and gagged along the line but first I think we’d better get reacquainted after all those frustrations we have both suffered. You know how I feel about you Alex, I am besotted by you and could never have made an arrangement like this with anyone else.”

I grasped his growing erection firmly. It was always nice to feel, so warm and flexible. I loved to study the blue vein which ran along its rear which made it so very alluring. It was always the same when Danny revealed himself, the touch and the smell of him there, and when I flipped back his foreskin, the rich allure of fresh penis- head flourished my nostrils. That gorgeous ‘jap eye’ just waiting for my devoted attention which Danny adored Düdenbaşı Escort Bayan so very much. He told me I could suck him off much better than his ex and I replied that maybe that is because us guys know how it feels and what is the best way.

I jigged him up, he sat on the edge of the bed with me kneeling between those gorgeous thighs – for I knew Danny enough by now to know he would first want me to oral him which was a pleasure. He said I always like to help myself and he had this way of offering it to me and saying; “well here it is” as he lifted it by the girth and gave it an enticing jigging which was always a turn on.

That first fresh feel of stiff cock in my mouth was so wonderfully soothing and lovely, the feel of it between my tongue and the roof of my mouth was a joy, to squeeze and manipulate it and enjoy its earthiness flavour was heaven,

He prompted me to touch his balls whilst I sucked him, pressing his hand to the back of my head to get a deeper penetration and, holding my breath, I felt it slide into my throat which took some practice, but now I could do it as he wanted, and I was able to take full penetration of seven and a half inches of warm throbbing cock ,which was so very nice and always a wondrous prelude to what would come later. As I ardently sucked I thought that soon it would be lodged deep into my ass and the thought of that was heaven, I was aching for that, it had been so long since he was able to properly fuck me in the back of the car, now we could really let ourselves go and I would be all ass for him . I would be anything he wants because that’s how I felt about him.

Just to have Danny to myself was perfect. We made up for loss time and it was so good to know we wouldn’t be disturbed by flashing headlights and blowing horns. Now I could blow Danny’s horn without the frustration of knowing that I may have to stop at any moment, Now I would make up and give that hard stiff cock the blowing Escort Düdenbaşı of a lifetime.

He grunted and groaned but then it was my turn to tease and put my fingers to my mouth.

“Point taken, Alex” he grinned now on the bed with you, I need to get acquainted real time with that ass of yours. And he did. He had me crouch over him so he had full access to everything and he made my senses submerge into ecstasy, he urged me to come down on him so that my crack was stretched wide open and his face between. He really went to it like a mad animal and I felt the wonderful sensations of being licked, sucked and touched. Balls, cock and asshole rummaged in turn.

Next he was stuffing his soiled briefs into my mouth and handcuffing me to the bedrail, arranging me so my ass was high and ready, He went through the motions like he was spanking me, but I enjoyed the nudges and the feel of his stiffness stroking my ass cheeks. I sucked in the taste of him through his briefs as he started to deep lick me between my ass cheeks again, still making mock spanks which werwe3 very sensual.

It was so good to enjoy Danny to the full and being mastered by him. Then he brushed my face with his cock, stretching back the foreskin so I could get the full touch and nectar of him. But nice to was when he prompted me to lick his ass and rummage his balls. It was like I felt his passion building to a point of no return when he said he was going to fuck the ass off me.

He was perspiring and breathing heavy as he started to guide that thick cock of his to its destination and I felt the bulk of it begin to open me. I soon relented to the feel of his cock inside, beginning to beautifully thrust inside, the feel of his strong throb working up to the hilt as I swayed side to side to help his fuck.

He soon came and we were as one again. He enjoyed me afterwards too, sucking up the residue from my well fucked ass and I was treated to the exclusive flavour of fresh fucked cock too.

Now we could both relax and know that we could perfectly delve into the wonderful joy of discovery. With all those toys I saw in his locker.

He told me that soon his mother would be going to a nursing home and I could then go and live with him when he could fuck me every night.

Looking forward to that!..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32