Danni , Lorna Ch. 04

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Stepping into the harness and fastening it, Abby watched in amazement as Lorna fixed a smaller attachment to the strap-on; the dildo was about six inches long and three inches in girth; making herself comfortable on the soft, red leather chair Lorna smiled lustfully at Abby and said…

“Now you can come and sit on my knee.”

Straddling Lorna on the chair Abby eased her ever wetting pussy onto the silicone cock; her older friend sucked and licked her voluptuous tits making the younger girl groan with wanton desire; they kissed with a fresh erotic fervent longing; all the time Abby rode the plastic member as if she was riding a stallion; her breathing was more feverish, beads of sweat trickled down her back and she was soon on the edge of her second climax of the evening…

“YES…YES…FUCK ME…HARDER…HARDER…”she screamed euphorically.

“Yes baby yes…good girlie,” Lorna said stroking Abby’s face sensually.

Abby nuzzled her friend’s neck as the last of the climax left her body.

“Who would like a drink?” Danni asked turning the dimmer switch up.

The light in the room was heavy with sexual ambience; the aroma of spent lust filled the air as they were once more taking stock before yet another amazing night…

“I’d like one please,” Abby answered.

“Oh it looks like it’s just you and me drinking then,” Danni laughed. “Oi bitches do you want a drink?”

Sammi was pretending to be asleep so Danni picked up the wand and prodded her with it, much to Abby’s amusement but to Sammi’s disapproval…

“Oww you bitch, what did you do that for? She said trying to rub her ass cheek.

“I asked you both if you wanted a drink? But if you don’t that’s fine,” she told her trying not to laugh.

“Yeah I’d love one please,” Sammi answered.

“What about you darling?” Danni asked turning to Lorna and smiling.

“Erm yeah why not,” she said not really wanting to break off her feverish kiss with Abby.

Abby jumped up and apologised to Danni…

“I’m so sorry Danni, I didn’t realise you and Lorna were an item.”

“Oh don’t be daft, we share our catch,” Danni told her gleefully.

Having stepped out of the strap-on harness Lorna sat back down on the chair, she patted her knee and Abby sat on it; Lorna wanted to give Abby another orgasm so moved the chair into the reclining position; kissing and clawing at each other’s body, each probing at the other’s snatch…

Sitting up Sammi soon remembered that she still had the butt plug up her ass…

“Please can someone take this out?” she complained.

“Do it yourself…lazy bitch?” Danni answered.

“I can’t…I still have my handcuffs on,” she moaned.

“Oh you poor thing…let me release you this instant,” Danni said sarcastically…her two friends laughing loudly.

Once released from her handcuffs Sammi rubbed at her wrists and dealt with the butt plug; Danni was feeling hungry and asked her friends what they wanted to eat…

“Oh come sweeties we need to eat and I don’t mean pussy!” she exclaimed with laughter.

Taking their time to decide Danni made their mind up for them; with her new found wealth she wanted to treat her friends especially Lorna; she had been her rock all through the divorce and the moving house; yes she loved her but there was an understanding of sharing…

“Come on girls, get ya glad rags on…we are going out,” Danni told them.

“Oh do we have to…my meal is right here,” Lorna said smiling at Abby.

“Now I’m sure Abby will want you later, but now we have to eat.”

“I have nothing to wear,” Abby said.

“Come with me,” Danni told her.

Opening the door Danni led her younger friend upstairs to the bedroom; she opened the door to her clothes closet and told the girl to pick an outfit; choosing a short red floaty dress which she put on the bed…

“Is it okay if I have a shower?” Abby asked.

Hearing that Sammi and Lorna were busy in the other room, Danni answered…

“Yeah sure, think I might join you.”

“Okay then why not,” the girl said lustfully.

Switching the shower jets on Abby stepped into the cubicle, her nipples erect from the cascading water; Danni stepped in and straight away kissed the girl feverishly pushing her up against the wall of the cubicle; spreading her legs so she could rub at the hard bean making her pant with wanton desire; slowly and sensually Danni kissed down her body paying particular attention to her fabulous tits, sucking and chewing on her nipples, softly biting them making Abby squeal with delight; kissing down further over her soft skin Danni reached her friends chubby waxed vee pointing the way she needed to go, she licked further down flicking her tongue back and to over Abby’s bud, her juices tasting just like honey, the girls panting became fervent, ravenous even, she was on the edge of yet another orgasm…


Sucking, licking and flicking Danni didn’t stop; with her hand bursa escort bayan she pushed two fingers into Abby’s dripping wet snatch, pushing them in and out; making her friend almost sing; her panting and wails euphoric to Danni’s ears…

“FUCK YES…YES…YES…” Abby groaned as a torrent of her sweet juices ran down Danni’s arm.

Standing up and once more kissing her young friend…

“You taste fucking gorgeous, as sweet as honey,” she told her smiling.

“So when do I get to taste you then?” Abby replied wantonly.

“Later when we get back, I promise.”

After her shower Danni chose an outfit; a black, figure hugging, short dress and the highest heels she could find; she decided to wear her black and red balcony bra with matching panties; she wore her hair down the flowing auburn locks accentuating the plain black outfit. Abby looked equally as stunning in the red dress; the dress hugging her curvaceous body making her tits almost heave over the top, it matched her red ballet pumps brilliantly…

“That’s us ready; shall we go and see if the Lorna and Sammi are ready?” Danni asked. “You look stunning by the way,” she added smiling at Abby.

“Thanks, you don’t look bad yourself,” the younger girl told her as they walked along the landing.

Reaching the door where the two friends were supposed to be getting dressed, they could hear wanton groans coming from inside; opening the door they found Lorna lying on the bed with her legs wide open and in the air, Sammi was wearing a strap-on and she had it buried deep inside Lorna’s snatch, giving her a good fucking…


Moving faster and faster Sammi started to groan…


A few more thrusts had them both climaxing together, the smell of spent lust potent in the air; Sammi had collapsed onto the bed and they were kissed longingly…

“Come on you two, the taxi will be here in fifteen minutes,” Danni told them.

“Fuck you two look stunning!” Lorna exclaimed.

“Thank you, right we are heading down for a drink, now hurry up.” Danni said sternly.

Going down the stairs and through to the kitchen Abby sat at the table, whilst Danni poured them an ice cold drink and went to sit opposite her younger friend; they chatted and giggled as Danni told her about what had happened earlier in the day between Phil and Terry, Abby laughed almost uncontrollably and had tears rolling down her face…

“Good he deserves it, Sammi is far too good for him,” Abby said smiling.

“Yes he did and more,” Danni replied.

“Where are we going then?”

“Oh I thought we could go to that new Chinese restaurant in Huxford; you do like Chinese don’t you?” Danni asked.

“Yes I love it; and that place has had rave reviews in the local press,” she answered.

Hearing the other two coming down the stairs giggling, Danni looked at them as they sat around the table; she handed them their drinks…

“You all look stunning,” she told her friends.

Lorna was dressed in a fitted short black and white flower print dress with black four inch heeled stilettos; Sammi wore a short cerise dress that was fitted at the top and had a flowing skirt at the bottom, matched with five inch cerise stiletto heels…

The doorbell rang and Lorna went to answer it, opening the door there in front of her stood a chauffeur, dressed smartly in a two piece slate grey, pinstripe suit a white shirt and black tie, topped off with a peak cap…

“Girls I think our lift has arrived.” she told the others.

“Good evening ma’am,” the female voice said from beneath the cap.

“Oh good evening,” Lorna answered somewhat surprised to hear a female voice.

Rushing to the door Danni said…

“Hi you must be Ruth?”

“Yes I am ma’am,” the young woman chauffeur answered.

“Please don’t call me ma’am?” Danni asked; “I’m Danni, this is Lorna, the one in the pink is Sammi and the young siren is Abby; may we address you as Ruth?”

“Yeah sure you can; and I will try and remember your names Danni,” Ruth answered.

Stumbling out of the door in her stilettos Sammi decided to go and change them for a different pair; the others weren’t that surprised, since she put them on she’d stumbled a few times…

Ruth held the door of the limousine open for them all to be seated, finding the mini-bar Danni poured the drinks of their choice; finally Sammi was ready and sitting next to Abby enjoying the drink that had been poured for her. Having closed the door and in the driving seat Ruth asked through the intercom…

“Where are we going to Danni?”

“The new Chinese restaurant in Huxford, I believe it’s called The Golden Orchid,” Danni answered.

“Right you are Danni,” Ruth told her.

On the way to the restaurant Sammi kept the others entertained with her scatty behaviour; at one point poor Abby spat her drink out…

“Are you always görükle escort this scatty Sammi?” their young friend asked, noticing that Danni and Lorna were both nodding the answer.

“Don’t be mean to me Abby?” Sammi sulked.

Thinking that she had upset her scatty friend Abby apologised and put her arm around her friends shoulders, it wasn’t long before they were kissing passionately; Danni and Lorna poured some more drinks and watched as their two friends got steamy on the opposite seat; Sammi pushed Abby’s legs open, hooked a finger around her panties and gently began to rub at her friends bud; it didn’t take that long for her to come once more…

“OH FUCKING HELL…YES…YES…” she wailed, as the orgasm ripped through her body; it wasn’t until the last ecstatic feeling had left her that she realised that she had been leaning on the intercom switch.

The horny two straightened themselves out and finished their drinks; the chatting continued and about ten minutes later they arrived at the Chinese; stopping the car Ruth got out and opened Danni and Lorna’s door first…

“Have a nice evening ladies?”

“We will thank you Ruth…are you with us all evening?”

“Yes I am Ms.,” she replied.

“Well we might be going elsewhere later, I’m just not sure yet,” Danni informed her.

“Whatever suits you Danni?”

Walking around to the other side of the car Ruth opened the door…

“Have a nice evening ladies?”

“Oh we will…ours has already started!” Abby said with a cheeky wink.

“Yeah I heard, you lucky girl,” Ruth replied with a broad smile…

Walking into the restaurant Danni spoke to the waiter front of house…

“You have a reservation for Ms.Cox plus three?”

“Yes please follow me,” he replied.

Following the waiter the four friends giggled their way over to the table, they sat towards the back of the restaurant with a view of the whole floor space; they ordered their drinks and studied the menu…

“It all sounds so mouth watering,” Sammi said.

“I’ve just lost my appetite,” Danni replied; looking like she had just seen a ghost, she sat there open mouthed.

“Sweetheart what’s the matter?” Lorna asked holding her lovers hand.

“Look who’s just walked in?”

They all stared towards the front door of the building, Abby and Sammi could see a smartly dressed man about six feet tall, who wore a black suit with a light blue shirt and grey tie; he had greying black styled hair and looked around early to mid fifties with chiselled features; accompanying him was a tarty looking woman who had dyed red hair cut into a bob style, she wore a very short, low cut black dress that her tits were nearly falling out of, black stiletto high heels and had a spray tan, she appeared to look about early to mid thirties with hardened facial features and far too much make-up…

“Who are they?” Abby asked sensitively; she could see that Danni was close to tears.

“He is Danni’s ex-husband and she is his tart,” Lorna told them acerbically.

“Look I’m not staying here,” Danni told her friends.

“We’ll pay for the drinks and go, hope that’s okay with you two?” Lorna said to both Sammi and Abby.

“Yes of course it is, we don’t like seeing Danni upset,” Sammi answered, softly touching Danni’s hand.

Pulling herself together Danni thanked her friends for being so kind, but added that she didn’t want to spoil their evening; they reassured her that she wasn’t ruining the evening and they would be happy to go elsewhere and try the restaurant another time…

“Okay then if you’re sure, I’ll ask the waiter for the bill?” Danni said smiling to her friends.

“We are sure,” they all said in unison.

They paid the bill and made their way back to the limousine; Ruth was somewhat bewildered that the ladies were back already; she was about to get comfortable watching the video she had just downloaded…

“I didn’t expect you back so soon,” she told Danni.

“Unforeseen circumstances,” Lorna said quietly.

“I think I just want to go home,” Danni told her friends.

Sammi and Abby didn’t really want to go home just yet, so tried to persuade their friend to change her mind…

“Don’t let them spoil your night; why don’t we go to a club or something?” Abby asked her friend.

“I’m not sure, I don’t think I’ll be very good company.” Danni answered.

Ruth sat waiting for the ladies to make up their mind; not really wanting to intrude on the conversation, but she knew her suggestion would be appreciated, she asked the question…

“I do know of a private ladies club that you could try, if you are interested?”

“What sort of club? I don’t think I could stand anything to noisy tonight.” Danni enquired.

Ruth went on to describe what sort of club it was; Lorna poured them all a drink whilst they listened intently to what they were being told; intrigued and having heard all that she needed too…

“Erm sounds very interesting; you will be able to get all bursa escort bayan of us in though won’t you?” Danni asked.

“Yes I’ve been a member for a few years and they are always looking for stunning new members,” Ruth answered.

“Okay yes we’ll give it a try,” Danni smiled.

“Are you sure about this Danni, it’s a big step?” Lorna asked sincerely.

“I’m sure,” she answered smiling.

The ladies were all looking forward to going to ‘The Art Club’, but they all had to have a few more drinks before they got there. Passing through Loxford the village where they live, after a few more miles they turned off the road, through some wrought iron double gates and up a long gravelled driveway to a huge grey stone mansion; the house looked beautiful with the lights from the fountain and the two old fashioned gas type lamps that stood either side of the steps leading to the front door…

“Well ladies what do you think?” Ruth asked.

“Wow,” Abby and Lorna said.

“Erm very impressive.” Lorna told the lady chauffeur.

“Well if the inside is as nice as the outside, I think you will have done us proud,” Danni added.

“Oh let me assure you, it’s much better,” Ruth told them.

Walking up the steps towards the front door of the building Danni asked Ruth what the protocol at the door would be; Ruth told her that she would ask to see the host and hostess, sign them in and then go and wait in the car until they were ready to leave for home, this was all satisfactory with Danni and they rang the doorbell on the front door…

The door opened and in front of them stood a stocky figure around thirty years of age about five feet eight inches tall, short black cropped styled hair, soft facial features and she wore a grey evening suit, with a white shirt and black bow tie…

“Good evening Miss Burgess,” she addressed Ruth.

“Good evening Mona; my clients would like to try out the club this evening, may I speak to the host and hostess please?”

“Yes of course Miss Burgess; please do come in all of you?” Mona told them.

Stepping into the entrance the foursome looked in awe at the opulent surroundings, the crystal chandelier which hung halfway up the staircase before it split into two, the pictures of Rubenesque ladies laying together, the oak wood floors so polished that you could almost see a reflection in them and the beautiful black leather chesterfields that were over by the bar area…

“Can I get you a drink of champagne ladies?” Mona asked the four friends.

“We would love one, thank you,” Danni answered.

“Please take a seat and I’ll bring them over to you.” Mona told them.

Going over to one of the seating areas the four friends chatted amongst themselves; after a few minutes Mona brought over their drinks and then returned to where Ruth had stayed in the entrance…

The butler and the chauffeur were soon joined by whom the friends thought must be the host and hostess; they chatted for a short while and then they made their way over to where the friends sat; the hostess was absolutely stunning she stood around five feet ten inches with long flowing raven locks that cascaded down her back, flawless olive skin, about a size 14 with an hour glass figure, she wore a long red evening dress with long white gloves and looked to be about thirty five. The host was around six feet tall with styled brown hair, medium build and about the same age; he wore a two piece black pinstripe suit with a white shirt and a long bright cerise tie…

“Good evening ladies; May I ask which one of you beautiful girls is Ms.Cox?” the hostess asked.

“Good evening,” they all said in unison; then allowed Danni to speak for them.

“I’m Ms.Cox,” Danni said standing up.

“I’m led to believe that your party would like to join our prestigious club?” the lady in the red dress asked.

“Yes we would,” Danni smiled.

“Well if you would like to follow us, we can sort out some paperwork and then we will show you through to the main hall; by the way I am Rose and this is Anna,” she smiled softly at Danni.

“Please to meet you both; I am Danni and these are my friends Lorna, Sammi and Abby,” she told them as they stood up when Danni introduced them.

The four friends followed the Rose and Anna into a huge study; lavish surroundings once more with red leather chesterfields, a crystal chandelier in the middle of the ceiling which had a mural of naked ladies of all sizes in various acts of sex with another woman, a mahogany, leather topped table and a floor to ceiling bookcase packed full with sexual literature. Rose took out some papers and gave a copy to each of the friends…

“Please take your time to read them; would you like a drink of champers whilst you peruse them?”

“Yes that would be lovely thank you,” Danni answered.

They read through the papers and Ruth had not left out any detail…


You agree to be naked at all times

Sex acts only to be performed on the staging area

No masturbation to take place on the main hall

If asked to go onto the staging area, a DVD will be made of your performance and will be given to you on your next return

A cash/holiday prize for the best performance at the end of each month

Rooms for fantasies must be booked a fortnight in advance

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