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An older man and a young woman have a revealing encounter and then more and more fun.

I had been on sabbatical in Italy for the year and so my middle son, Jim, was living in our house to keep an eye on it. Jim had been a stockbroker and making a pretty decent wage when he chucked it away about a year and a half previously. He had been relaxing and partying ever since and his money was starting to run out. So he was happy to be of service, watching our place and saving money to boot. Although he didn’t want to go back to Wall Street, he was starting to be tired of the life of leisure and I think he was both lonely and bored much of the time.

So about 5 months into his tenure as housekeeper he took on a roommate, Danielle, which was fine with us as long as they kept the house clean. My wife was secretly hoping that Jim was screwing her. Our 32-year old son, seemed to have become a monk as far as women were concerned, since his breakup with a girlfriend a few years earlier and my wife wanted him back in the hunt for a wife.

About a month after Danielle had moved in, we returned home for a brief two week period to meet with accountants, go into work for some things that could only be done in person and make sure that the house was still standing.

The house was a bit untidy but otherwise in good shape and we had the chance to meet Danielle for the first time. She was a tall brunette with light brown-blond, wavy hair that formed a corona around an oval face. She had a strong aquiline nose and a nice figure. Danielle had been working on a cooperative farm far into the countryside and was sort of a modern day flower child. She wore black tights over shapely legs with a nice curve to her hips, wore a multicolored frock and earrings made of feathers. However, whenever she went out she carried the latest model MacBook Air and matching iPhone in a leather satchel.

It seemed as though Danielle was in a similar situation to Jim, fed up with her previous job and at loose ends. Since she was living rent free with Jim, it was less urgent for her to find a new job. So they both slept till 11 or 12 o’clock each day and frittered away the time playing with Jim’s cats, surfing the internet and cooking exotic dishes together. Cooking and food were something that they both had a passion for and so they would spend hours making a four-course meal for us. Of course there were other days when they couldn’t be bothered and called in Chinese take out. They spent a lot of time together, going on long walks and shopping. But Jim assured my wife, Kate, that he and Danielle were just friends, to Kate’s chagrin.

Being the sex fiend that I am, I couldn’t help but notice Danielle’s comely face and curvaceous tits and ass. Since she was my son’s friend, I tried to be discrete about my inspection, but I think she caught me at it several times.

Danielle’s room was on the second floor, next to the bathroom and our bedroom was down the hall opposite to her door. At about a week into our stay, I had been in the bedroom, looking for my lost sunglasses. I walked to the doorway to go back downstairs when Danielle, opened the bathroom door, turned, saw me and scampered across the hall into her bedroom, closing the door, but not before I got a good look at her bare, shapely legs. She was wearing a nightgown that barely covered her ass and looked like a T-shirt that she had borrowed from an older brother. Little Sam stood up and looked with me as we got that briefest glimpse of her unadorned self and we were both wishing for more.

So I made a habit of trying to be in our bedroom at around 11:00 when Danielle was likely to be waking. However, I was without success for a day or two but on the third day I was successful beyond my wildest hopes!

It was Wednesday morning and as they had told us at dinner the previous night, my wife and son had gone off shopping together to get him some new cloths for an upcoming interview. I wandered up to the bedroom at 11:15 in the hopes of another glimpse of Danielle’s shapely legs. I heard her rise and wander in the bathroom and then timed my walk down the hall just as Danielle was exiting the bathroom.

However, this time, instead of rushing into her room Danielle turned to me and said, ” Oh, hi Sam.”

I replied, “Good morning, sleep well?”

She gave a grin, stretched her arms upward in a yawn and said, “Yeah, great!” As she did so I glanced down and got a brief glimpse of her purple and yellow panties as her shirt rose up from the yawn.

“Checking me out, are you?”

I gave her a sheepish smile and replied, “Caught me! You know horny young men just become dirty old men.”

She responded with a rueful smile, “Don’t I know it!”


“It’s OK. Sometimes it sort of a turn on to have men staring at me, especially mature guys.”

“Yeah, well I always like it when some beautiful babe gives this old man the time of day.”

“Your not old. In fact you’re kind of attractive.”

“Well thanks, Danielle! As you can tell, I find you very attractive.” casino siteleri

With that, Danielle turned to look down the stair, turned back to me and asked, “So did Jim and his mom go off shopping?”

I gave her a quizzical look and replied, “Yes, they left about 30 minutes ago.”

Then she reached for my arm and drew me into her bedroom. “Close the door”

After closing the door, I turned to find her standing in the center of the room. She had made it her own by adding a turquoise Navajo type rug and a series of candles and feathers scattered over the dressers and side tables.

She said, “You know, Jim and I accidentally found your stash of porno.”

“Oh! I hope you weren’t offended.”

“No, just the opposite, I found all that retro porn kind of arousing. In fact, I am sort of getting hot just thinking about it.”

My cock started to twitch to life as I stood there taking all of this in. My eyes raked over her body, noting the forward push of her breasts, the swell of her hips and the smooth alabaster columns of her legs projecting below.

She gave me a devilish smile and said “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.”


“I said, “I show you mine, if you show me yours,” and pointed to the swelling at my crotch.

“Whoa, Danielle, are you sure about this?”

“Yeah, I want to see yours.”

I replied, “Wow, I’m really turned on by this!” and unbuckled my pants.

Danielle drew me into the room and looked down at my crotch as I unbuttoned my pants and drew down the fly. Then she pulled the waistband of my jockeys to get a peak at my swelling member.

“Oh! He’s getting big.” She said and gave me another wicked grin.

She pulled up her shirt to reveal her hips and purple panties and said, “OK, its your turn.”

So I reached for the waistband of her nickers and pulled them forward to get a good look at the medium brown, furry mound of her pussy, which I noted was a slightly darker shade than the light brown hair on her head, but more kinky.

Our eyes met as I let go her panties and we smiled at each other.

“I want to see you better, pull down your pants.”

So I hooked the waistband of my underwear with my thumbs and drew them and my trousers down to my ankles.

As I rose, I could see Danielle staring at my cock, which was stiff and pointing directly at her.

“Oh! He’s big! I like him!” and then she drew back from me and yanked her panties to the floor. Then stepped out of them, sat back onto the bed behind her, pulled up her nightshirt and spread her legs.

So there I was with my pants, like shackles about my ankles as I got my first real glimpse of her pussy. It was untrimmed and was a full bush of medium brown hair with just a glimpse of the pink curls of her inner labia at the center.

I looked up to see her staring at my quivering cock and our eyes met for a second time and a second pair of smiles.

So, I took her in yet another time: corona of kinky light brown hair around an oval face, prominent yet attractive nose, square eyebrows above tawny eyes and a generous mouth. I could see that she was aroused by the way she looked at me. The small points of her nipples began to poke at the surface of her nightshirt. The shirt was drawn up showing the smooth expanse of her belly and the single eye of her bellybutton. I took another good look at her sexy retro pussy. Probably because I was a teenager in the 70’s, the era of “Hair”, I have always preferred the natural look of an un-manicured pussy to the hairless twats of today. (Although, I love both!)

Unconsciously, as I stared at the young beauty before me, I began to stroke my cock with my left hand. In response, Danielle raised her feet to the edge of her bed and spread her legs wide. I could now see both inner lips as distinct curls at the center of her bush and between them was a dark gash. Her hands began to glide over the surface of her belly and down along her inner thighs.

On looking up, I could see her watching me stroke my cock. There was a small stuffed chair behind me and so I sat back and spread my knees. The ring of my trousers constricted around my ankles, imprisoning me there. So I started to run my hand over my inner thighs, balls and cock as I stared at the young temptress before me.

Danielle’s hand circled over her belly and thighs and was slowly drawn to her pussy as if by a centrifugal force. So she began to play with the inner and outer lips of her pussy and probe the glistening entrance. She spread her pale milky juices over the small erect barrel of her clit and gave as soft moan of pleasure.

My cock was pulsing with energy and sending shocks of pleasure up my torso. So, I increased the tempo of my wanking and then grabbed the base of my penis with my left hand and began to stroke the shaft in earnest with my right hand.

Danielle was staring at my rigid cock with the intensity of a stalking cat and she began to rub her pussy more vigorously with her right güvenilir casino hand. Her left hand snaked up underneath her nigh shirt and began to massage her breasts and pinch at her nipples. Her chest was heaving with each breath and she moaned again.

I was frenzied with excitement as I watcher her play with herself and could feel the quiet build up to my own orgasm. She was ramming three fingers into her pussy and then up and out over the surface of her clit and her legs began to tremble.

I couldn’t hold the orgasm back and I spouted into the air, coughing, “Ooooohhhh!”

She watched the jet of cum fall to my belly and began to frantically rub at her pussy with a frenzied cacophony of grunts and moans and finally cried, “OOOOOOOOhhhh”.

With the cry she fell back to the bed, with her legs splayed and her glistening pussy gaping apart.

We lay apart in a euphoric stupor for a few minutes and then began to rouse ourselves.

Fortunately, for me there was a box of tissues at the stand by the chair and I cleaned the spunk from the surface of my abdomen. I stood and drew my boxers and trousers up and fastened the zips and buttons.

As I did so the now demure, Danielle drew her legs together to hide her sex from my wandering eyes and quickly drew the nightshirt over her exposed bush.

We smiled sheepishly at each other and I said, “Wow, that was wild!”

She mumbled something back to me and I got the distinct impression that I was no longer wanted in her bedroom.

So I said “Thanks” and quietly left the room.

As you might imagine, we were both on edge for the rest of that day when we bumped into each other in the halls and stairways of the house. We tried to make things “normal seeming” to those around us and to each other, but there was a sexual tension that seemed to grip both of us when we were in the same room together.

I hoped that once I left for Europe this would be our little secret and expected nothing more. However, that was where I was wrong!


Two days later I was working in the study when Danielle appeared in the doorway and said, “You work too hard. Lets play.”

I replied, “O yea? Like what?

She started to saunter into the room, “Well, I am not sure but I have some ideas.”

As she said this, I swiveled the chair to face her. Danielle had long slender legs and prominent hips that swayed when she walked. I guess she knew these were very attractive to men because she tended to wear shorts, skirts or dresses that barely covered her ass in the summer heat. Today she was wearing a sleeveless, mauve, cotton dress that was snug around her narrow waist and flared with multiple folds around her hips to the tops of her thighs. The skirt of the dress swayed about her hips as she walked toward me.

She must have seen my eying her because she said, “Like my dress?” and did a little pirouette. As she did so her dress rose slightly with the centripetal force of the spin and I thought I got a glimpse of her ass.

I was somewhat stunned by the goings on and blurted, “Yeah, its nice!”

She stepped around me and pushed my laptop to the side. “You’re going to go blind, looking at this all day! You need something more natural to be gazing at,” and crawled up on the desk.

As I turned the chair back, front and center was the broad expanse of her bottom, unfortunately for me, obscured by the drapes of her dress. She peered back at me and said, “Well what are you waiting for?” and gave me a wicked grin!

So I positioned my chair between her legs and ran my hands up her calves.

“Oooo, that’s nice, Sam!”

With that encouragement, I started to gently brush the backs of her thighs.

“Yesss! Oh, good,” and she arched her back thrusting her ass toward me!

“Little Sam, had gotten stuck in his rise to look and so I reached down and positioned him front and center for a good view of the proceedings. Then my hands were back, stroking the alabaster surface of her thighs. I was giving feather strokes when my hands were lost to view beneath her skirt. I was expecting to feel the bump of nickers as my hands were hidden but instead there was only the velvet smoothness skin over the curve of her ass! I thought, “No panties! Incredible!” I was almost frantic with desire to raise the covering cloth, but I restrained myself and ran my hands back down her thighs to the sensitive surfaces of the backs of her knees and then back up under the obscuring dress.

“Ohh, that nice … Yea, keep doing that!” she said.

And so I did that some more.

The soles of her bare feet were spread to either side of me and so I ran a finger gently along the arch of the left one.

“Uhh!” she said and jerked her foot away. “That’s good, but ticklish!”

So, I stroked back up her calves and thighs, gradually moving my strokes more and more toward her inner thighs.

In reward for my efforts, I was gifted with an “Oooh”, each gasp of canlı casino which pumped my cock even tighter.

I felt as though I had been patient enough and so I reached up and flipped her dress over her back, only to be surprised again. She was wearing panties, the thong type! So what did I see? The two smooth domes of her cream-colored ass separated by a thin black stripe of panties, hiding the most delicious bits!

As if by magnetism my fingers were drawn across the silky expanse of her ass cheeks to the thin ribbon between. I ran my right thumb across the smooth highway of her thong and received a gasp, “Aaaahh”. I played with her inner thighs and along the panty’s edge.

The cloth of the thong was moist and I started to probe beneath the restraining strap into the dark wetness between her thighs.

“Ooohhh, yes! That’s good!” she husked.

I tired of the restraint of thong, so I reached over her hips and drew it down to her knees it had been days since my first look and now I gained a more intimate view of her pussy. She was excited with the playing and so the fuzzy mounds of her external lips were faintly pink and swollen with excitement. Her inner lips were bright-pink, glistening curls and the gash of her cunt was dark with mystery and gave off an earthy scent.

I trailed my fingers across the velvet of one ass cheek and then danced lightly along her pussy and then down along the smooth columns of the opposite inner thigh. Then up my fingers danced along the other inner thigh with a light stroke of the inner lips of her pussy and over the other ass cheek. Then gently they cavorted over the pucker of her ass hole and slipped down the glistening wetness of the oozing cave of her pussy and down the thighs again.

So I played with her bottom for the next few minutes but the pull of her sweet pussy drew my eyes and fingers to spend more and more time with its creamy wetness. At the entrance to her pussy a dewdrop of vaginal essence had accumulated and so I painted it over the surfaces of her inner and outer lips, gliding in and out and over and around the folds of her cunt. Then I pierced the cave of her pussy and was granted a gasp, “OOooohhh” and with an involuntary thrust of her pelvis, she drove my fingers deep into her cunt. So I decided to thrust along the rough surface of her G-spot with my probing fingers and then on a whim leaned forward and licked across the surface of her asshole.

“Oooooohhhhh!” she cried and thrust her ass back into my fingers and face.

I pulled out and flicked my fingers along the barrel of her clit.

“Oh! Oohhh!” she gasped. She was breathing deeply and a little raggedly and so I decided to tease her a little bit and backed away from her pussy stroking her ass and inner thighs.

“Please more please!” she begged.

So I leaned forward … raised her left foot and licked along the arch and sucked her toes, probing between them with my tongue. Then I started licking and kissing the backs of her calves and knees, slowly working my way up her inner thighs.

Her body became rigid with concentration and anticipation and her breathing almost stopped. I licked along her ass cheeks and then in the crevices between her thighs and the outer lips of her pussy.

She called, “O yes! Suck me!”

So I licked the surfaces of her inner and outer lips and over the barrel of her clit and then around the crenelated surface of her asshole and back to her pussy.

“Ohh, Oohhhh!” she gasped and her breathing became progressively more ragged. Her legs and ass began to shake, the premature tremors of the cumming eruption.

I licked and sucked the inner pussy lips and her clit and probed her vagina with one, then two and three fingers rubbing the swelling prominence of her G-spot.

I could hear her gasping in front of me and her ass was frantically rocking back and fourth, thrusting at my face and fingers.

So finally, I started to flick my tongue across the barrel of her clit and took my slippery middle finger and started to probe into her asshole.

“Ohhhhhhh, Ooooohhhh”, she gasped and as my finger pierced the puckered ring of her asshole she cried, “OOOOOOOhhhhh” thrusting backward with her ass and driving my finger deeper within her as she came. She collapsed forward releasing my finger and with a “clang” a small tray was nocked to the floor.

Her legs trembled quietly and her swollen, pussy was a deep red banner between her alabaster thighs. I was strangely reminded of the bottoms of female baboons proclaiming their sexual fertility.

She lay still for a few moments and quivered slightly as she lay curled there and then turned round sitting on the edge of the desk with a big grin on her face. Her panties fell down to her ankles and then onto the floor below.

“That was great!” she said.

“Yeah, I had fun” I replied.

She said, “Now it’s your turn”, jumped down to the floor and reached for my belt, undoing the buckle, pants button and fly. “Scoot up!” she commanded and as I raised my ass she whisked my pants and jockeys to my ankles. This was becoming a frequent condition when associating with her … to my joy! She leaned forward and gave me a sensuous kiss and I took the opportunity to fondle her breasts through the fabric of her low-cut dress.

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