Dangerous Driving

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{Author’s note: this story follows on from Beach Bums, but it can be read on its own.}

It was a short distance from the beach to the car, but as Kara and I walked there our pace grew quicker and quicker until we were pretty much running. The experience on the beach, of bringing each other to a deliciously constrained public orgasm, had left us only wanting more. Much more.

I fumbled with the car keys, desperate to enjoy the relative seclusion of the inside of the car.

“Nice car,” Kara murmured. We had known each other as friends for a long time, and the sudden explosion of our relationship into intimacy was showing each of us in new lights.

I turned to look at her, the straight brown hair, the angular face, the neat curvy body. I couldn’t help smiling. “It gets me from A to B.” For the next hour or so, it would be much more than that…


Almost before we were driving out of the parking area Kara was talking, her speech so rapid that it was like a full caffeine rush. Only it was sex, the sex we had just enjoyed and which we were now anticipating, that was stimulating her so insanely.

“God that felt so good, bringing you off in my mouth like that. You could barely move, it was like I had you tied down or something.” Looking across at Kara sat in the passenger seat I could see that her nipples were poking at the white material of her tee shirt.

“I don’t think I’ve ever cum like that,” I said, remembering the sensation as Kara had moved her head up and down so delicately until I was cumming violently into her mouth.

“And I loved you finger-fucking kızılay escort me through my jeans. Such an inadequate sensation, such a tease, but it made my cum last so long. All I wanted was you shoving your dick right up inside me.”

“That’s just what I’m going to do, as soon as we get back to your place, pull down your jeans and fuck your horny cunt as hard as I can.” Although I had cum only maybe ten minutes before, my cock was hard as ever. I don’t think it had ever really subsided that much.

“Of our friends, who do you fancy the most?” Kara asked. The change of subject was unexpected, but I thought I knew where she was heading.

“I don’t know,” I lied, “maybe Juliet?” Tall, slim and blonde, of course I fancied Juliet.

“Mm, yeah, Juliet’s hot,” Kara said. “A stuck up bitch mind. You like to fuck Juliet’s poor little pussy? She’s a natural blonde down there you know.”

I noticed that Kara’s hand was resting by the crotch of her jeans. “You going to touch yourself thinking about me fucking Juliet’s blonde pussy?” I asked.

Kara squeezed her crotch and squirmed with pleasure. Then with a pop she unbuttoned her jeans, and slid her hand inside. “Mm yeah, makes my cunt so wet thinking about your cock going in and out of Juliet’s stuck up pussy. Pull out and fuck her pretty bitch face too, make her taste her cunt juices from your cock.” I could see Kara had started a definite stroking motion inside her jeans.

“What about her ass?” I ventured. “Should I fuck her ass? Do you think Juliet likes it up her ass?”

Kara kolej escort groaned – I seemed to have hit just the right raw spot there. “Oh yes, fuck her little asshole, she’d be screaming with pain and pleasure as you stick it up her tight hole.” Almost as a reward Kara reached across and began stroking my cock through my shorts. She was now doing herself with one hand and me with the other. “I bet you’d like to see me get it on with Juliet, wouldn’t you?” Kara continued.

It was my turn to groan, my raw spot. “Fuck yeah.”

“She’s got such lovely pert titties, hasn’t she? You like to see me chew on Juliet’s titties, bite her nipples till they’re raw and erect?”

“Mm.” It was getting very difficult to concentrate on the road.

“Or taste Juliet’s pussy? See me press my mouth against her sweet wet cunt and lick her cunt juices up?”

“Yeah, lick Juliet’s cunt Kara.”

“I’m not going to make it to home,” Kara said suddenly. “I need you to park up somewhere and fuck me now.”

She was right, we just couldn’t carry on like this, at the very least we would end up smashing the car.

I pulled off at the first turning, and as we searched for somewhere sufficiently private the task was made much much harder by the sight of Kara’s frantic rubbing of her pussy inside her jeans.

Soon enough we found a track heading into some woods, and I pulled up. It wasn’t completely secure but we were both past caring.

With her jeans still unbuttoned Kara climbed out of the car and, placing herself face down maltepe escort over the hood, she scooted her jeans and panties down to her knees. Moving around behind her I took in the smooth white curves of the ass that I had lusted after so much before today. I dropped my shorts and boxers and moved up close to Kara.

“Fuck me. Fuck my cunt,” she said simply. I shifted in even closer, felt the top of my cock brush the wetness of her sex, and then I pushed hard into her. She groaned, and so did I, feeling the slick warmth of her pussy walls swallowing my needy cock.

I grabbed Kara’s waist and began shoving my cock in and out, without any tenderness or care. She responded in the same animal way, pushing her butt back to meet me, groaning and grunting with every invasion.

Having cum quite recently I was in no immediate risk of cumming again, and seeing the total way that Kara had given herself up to my relentless fucking I decided to take advantage. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and began rubbing my thumb up and down her ass crack, concentrating on her anus before pressing the tip of my thumb inside her asshole. This new invasion was greeted with a low grunt.

The sensation of being taken in both holes seemed to tip Kara over the edge, I could feel her tense and then she was howling as she came, making all the noise that had been impossible on the beach. I was merciless, thrusting and thrusting with my cock, knowing that my own release was close.

I had no idea whether she wanted me to stop, but I don’t think I could have as I felt my own cum rising, I was impaling Kara against the hood of the car and then I was shooting off inside her, deep inside her cunt, filling Kara’s second hole in the space of under an hour.

I slumped over her, my cock still in her cunt. She lay still for a bit, then turned her face towards me. “It’s thirty minutes’ drive to my place,” she whispered, “and you’ve one more hole to do…”

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