Danger Ch. 24

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Chapter 24: Make a Wish

Danger drove slowly down Reilly Street looking for house number 47, the home of Casey Larson. Casey was a cute, blonde who was going to celebrate her eighteenth birthday tomorrow. The only thing she really wanted for her birthday was to be fucked by a guy with a long, fat cock. She knew there was no way her parents would ever get her that, so she took it upon herself to make sure she got what she wanted. She had heard of a web site called AdultFriendFinder.com which someone could use to set up the kind of meeting she wanted. She had spent weeks combing through the lists of responses her ad generated. She finally settled on Danger because he lived nearby and he told her that his cock reached nine inches when fully erect. She set up the meeting for the day before her birthday when her parents would be at work and now Danger was almost there.

When he found the house he pulled into the driveway and rang the doorbell. Casey opened the door and she was even cuter than her picture. She had short blonde hair held back off her face and ears with plastic butterfly clips, deep blue eyes, and full, pouty, red lips. Her figure was obscured by the loose sweatshirt and jeans that she wore.

“Are you Danger?” she asked quickly. Danger said yes and Casey pulled him inside. “Great, we don’t have much time though,” she continued as she lead him through the kitchen into the living room. “Wait in there for a minute, OK?” she said as she went off down the hall and into her bedroom and closed the door behind her. Danger sat on the large, plush couch and gazed out the large picture window. He could feel his cock hardening in anticipation of fucking this sweet, young blonde.

“What do you think?” he head a few moments later and he turned to look at Casey standing in the doorway to the living room. She was wearing a tight, short sleeve, white T-shirt which left her belly button exposed and which did little to conceal her pink nipples that stood out against the fabric as it clung to the curves of her ample teenage chest. Along with the shirt she had on a pair of white, bikini panties. She walked over to the couch and took his hand pulling him to his feet. “I think we should retire to my room,” she said seductively leading him out of the big room into the narrow hallway at the end of which lay her bedroom.

When they reached her room she sat on the edge of the bed and had Danger stand in front of her. “Time to unwrap my present,” she said excitedly, “Let’s see just how big this monster gets.” With that she undid his jeans and fished his cock out of his boxers. It was at seven inches but growing as Casey wrapped her hand around it began stroking it slowly. She savoured the warm, smooth skin before taking the now fully erect cock into her mouth. Her tongue played around the shaft and head picking the drops of salty precum that had begun oozing from the purple tip. Casey began plunging his cock deep into her throat dragging her tongue along the base of the shaft. Her free hand dropped to her lap and slipped between her spread thighs and began rubbing her pussy mound through the stretched material of her panties. Casey then pulled her head back so that her lips were curled around only the large head of Danger’s cock. Her tongue played furiously over it as she stroked his long shaft with her hand. Danger could a damp patch forming on the crotch of Casey’s panties.

Suddenly 1864 izle Casey stopped sucking and stroking both Danger and herself. She crossed her arms in front of her grabbing the bottom of her T-shirt and pulled it over her head. Her tits fell free from the tight garment with a small jiggle. Her nipples were long and rock hard sitting atop the two round globes. She pulled Danger in closer and stuck her chest out causing Danger’s prick to fall between. Squeezing her tits around his cock she looked up at him and said, “Fuck’em.” Danger began pumping his hips back forth causing his dick to slide between Casey’s luscious melons. Casey watched intently as the purple head of his cock appeared and disappeared between her tits. The feel of the smooth shaft gliding over her smooth skin was turning her on as he felt the heat rising between her legs. Danger cock also like the feel of sliding through her cleavage and before long he announced he was ready to cum.

“Give me that tasty cream,” Casey said as she leaned her opened mouth over Danger’s cock as it began shooting streams of cum into the air. She caught most of it in her mouth but a few jets splashed on her soft tits providing Danger with more lubrication as he continued fucking her tits while he was coming.

When Danger’s cock had finished delivering its load, Casey stood up and removed Danger’s shirt and had him lay down on the bed. She then straddled his cock and began grinding her still panty covered pussy against his rigid cock. Danger wrapped his hands around her firm tits which were hanging just above his face. He brought his mouth to her left nipple and began suckling it between his lips. Casey’s moans grew louder as he began flicking his tongue over the nipple and he began squeezing and rolling her right nipple between his fingers. Danger could feel the dampness of Casey’s pussy on his cock through her thin underwear and when the musky scent of her young cunt reached his nose he couldn’t wait any longer.

He pulled her body down to his and rolled over so that she was on the bottom. He slid down her teenage body and grabbed the waistband of her tight underwear and slowly rolled them down her creamy, white thighs. Danger was somewhat surprised to find Casey’s pussy completely shaved as he removed her underwear from her feet and her legs fell open. He gently rubbed her bare pussy mound with his hand as he crouched down positioning his head between her thighs. Her clit was erect and sticking out from the top of her glistening labia and Danger quickly began flicking his tongue over it which caused Casey to moan deeply and arch her back. She grabbed the headboard as Danger’s tongue continued playing with her magic button and the fingers of his right hand found their way between her legs and began stroking her swollen pussy.

“Oh, fuck!” she yelled as his fingers separated her moist labia and penetrated into her love canal. “Make me cum all over your face,” Casey begged as Danger began pumping two fingers in and out of her young cunt. He tried to find her cherry, but to his disappointment she had already been deflowered. Nevertheless, his tongue and fingers soon traded spots as he longed to taste the sweet juices of her teenage pussy. Hid thumb held her magic button as his tongue worked its way in and out of her now wet pussy. Casey’s hips were bucking as Danger was bringing her close to orgasm.

“Fuck 1899 izle me, fuck me!” the young blonde shouted between moans. “Put that fat cock in me,” she begged as Danger pulled his head up from between her legs and brought his aching prick to the gateway of her hot sex. Slowly he pushed the first couple of inches of his cock into her swollen pussy. “Oh yeah, fuck me like a dirty whore,” she spat at him as he sunk the remainder of his long shaft into her teenage belly. Casey took the pillow from under her head and stuck under her ass lifting her cunt to just the right angle for Danger to fuck her guts out. He grabbed her thighs and began humping her pussy with quick, deep strokes causing her to grab the headboard again as she felt the tension building deep within her body. Danger’s cock was gliding in and out of her snatch lubricated by her oily nectar. One of her hands left the headboard and came to her enraged clit, rubbing, pinching, and pressing it desperately trying to increase the intensity of the sensations preparing to burst from between her legs and spread throughout her nubile, young body.

Suddenly, Casey felt her cunt begin to spasm as the pounding from Danger’s cock started pushing her over the edge. Danger felt her tighten up and began thrusting even harder so as not to lose any of his momentum. He could feel his own balls approaching the point at which they would send streams of hot, thick cum shooting through his cock and into this young blonde’s hungry cunt. Casey was now screaming in ecstasy as she felt the first waves of orgasm ripple through her body. Her nipples were standing at least an inch out from her bouncing tits as her hand left her cunt and went back to its place on the headboard.

“Oh God! I’m cumming so hard!” Casey screeched at the top of her lungs as her naked flesh rose in goose bumps and a fine film of sweat formed all over her body. “Keep going, don’t stop,” she ordered between moans, “Don’t stop, don’t stop.” Danger continued his deep thrusts into her spasming cunt as ordered. He could feel and hear her thighs smacking against his hips as he humped her pussy as fast and as hard as he could. Casey’s body was now visibly trembling as wave after wave of her orgasm racked her body. She felt as if bolts of lightning were striking out from between her legs and landing all over her nubile body.

Casey was just starting to come down from her amazing climax when she felt Danger’s cock twitch despite the tight grasp her cunt was holding it with. Seconds later jets of his thick cream burst from its head and splattered over her insides. Danger buried his cock in her pussy as he delivered his load deep within her belly. The feel of his cream splashing inside her cunt caused another orgasm to begin to emanate from her cunt and spread throughout her teenage body. It was the first time Casey had experienced multiple orgasms and the sheer excitement and feeling of it triggered a number of smaller ones. Danger could feel her tremble when he grabbed her hips and buried his dick inside her as he came.

Finally she stopped trembling and lay limp on the bed. Danger pulled his cock out of her cunt and let her legs fall to the bed. “Bring that cock up here so I can clean it off,” she said as Danger climbed off the bed. He stood next to her head and she rolled over on to her stomach and took his flaccid pole into her mouth. She 28 korkunç gün izle swirled her tongue around the head and shaft licking away the mixture of his salty cum and her sweet oil.

When she was done she stood up and walked towards the bedroom door, Danger’s eyes were glued to her naked ass cheeks as they swayed back and forth ever so slightly as she walked. “I’m all sweaty and gross,” she said and Danger was about to argue about the gross comment when she continued, “I think we have time for a quick shower before my parents get home. Interested?”

Danger crossed the distance between them in about three strides and took her into his arms and planted a deep kiss on her lips, his tongue plunging into her mouth and exploring every square inch. He broke the kiss and stood up straight and said, “Sure,” in the most calm and casual voice he could manage.

Giggling, Casey led him to the bathroom. They climbed into the shower and Danger gazed at Casey’s nubile, teenage body as she stood under the streaming water. Her wet, naked skin glistened from the light and the water cascaded down her smooth skin disturbed only by her still hard nipples. He took the bar of the soap and lathered up his hands before taking her perky, teenage tits into his hands and giving them a thorough washing. He slid his hand over her nipples causing them to fold under each finger and come back up harder then they had been before. He slid his hands underneath each of her tits which tickled her and elicited a small giggle from her. Danger then let his hand slide down her rib cage to her hips and back to grab her tight ass cheeks. He pulled her close to his body and she moaned slightly as the front of her pussy mound came into contact with his cock which had regained its stiffness and stood straight up to its full nine inches. His hands circled her ass and slipped between them into her crack. The tip of his index finger slipped just inside her puckered asshole causing her to rise onto the balls of her feet. When he removed his finger she lowered herself back down and her crotch slid along his hard shaft which made her bit her bottom lip.

He then stepped back from her and picked up the soap again. After lathering up his hands he kept the bar of soap in his right hand and slipped his hand between her thighs and gently rubbed her pussy mound. Casey’s hands went to the shower walls to brace herself as she felt the edge of the soap bar begin to separate her now soapy pussy lips. She moaned aloud as the corner of the bar found her clit and pressed back against her pelvis. The bar of soap was long and thin, it looked like it had been in use for a while so when Casey’s labia opened completely it accidentally slipped up into her pussy. Danger was able to keep hold of one end and use as a small dildo and pumped in and out of her snatch a few times before drawing it back along her clit. He kept it there and pushed and folded her clit around with the end of the soap until he saw Casey rise onto the balls of her feet and take short, irregular breaths. A small orgasm rippled through her body as Danger continued stimulating her clit with the soap. Some of her sweet nectar trickled out of her pussy, down the inside of her thigh, and dripped to the bathtub floor where it was rinsed away by the shower.

With her orgasm passed, they got out of the shower and toweled each off. Casey noticed the time and said that Danger should leave before her parent’s got home. On the way out, Danger wished her a happy birthday and asked whether she would do the same thing next year.

“Possibly,” the soon to be eighteen year old replied, “but maybe I’ll get a girl next year.”

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