Dance Lessons

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My wife and I have been married for 10 years and until recently our sex life has been great. I have started doing shift work and because our hours rarely coincide we hardly make love. I was very tired as well.

Now Gail my wife is 36years old and in her prime sexually. She has reddish brown shoulder length hair, blue eyes and freckles all over her 36” chest. She is around 5’4” tall and has great legs and arse. The one thing that Gail does like is to flirt and show off. She just loves attention from men especially young men.

Gail told me she was bored and decided to take dance lessons, street latin that she saw advertised in the local rag. I told her I thought it would be a good idea and she asked me if I minded her doing a sexy dance like that with strangers. For those that don’t know Street Latin is a form of dance that is very close and sexy. I was later to find out that the clothes one wears to this dance is even sexier.

I got home from work on Thursday Night at around 10pm and Gail was out at her lesson. Around 10.30 she came home and told me how great the dancing was and that the teacher Carlos was very sexy and young. She also said she had been partnered with Greg a 20 year old Brickies labourer who began lessons tonight. These two guys were all she talked about between Thursday and Monday when her next lesson was.

On Monday night she again came home flushed and full of excitement and told me all about her lesson. Greg and Carlos again were mentioned in every sentence and she told me very much embarrassed that she had felt Greg’s erection against her leg as they danced. Gail asked me if I was jealous and I told her that I was happy she was having a good time and a little flirting wouldn’t hurt.

Gail went out and bought an outfit for dancing and on Wednesday night she modelled it for me. It was a tight black midriff top that showed lots of cleavage, a black skirt, Betturkey short halfway up he thigh with splits up the sides that showed off her lovely legs all the way to her arse. Stockings and suspenders and a black lace thong. 4” heeled sandals toped it off.

I must admit she looked sexy and I told her that all the men would like her in that outfit. She smiled and told me she felt very sexy in it and wanted to tease, if I didn’t mind. I told her I didn’t as long as she was safe she could do anything that turned her on. She smiled at me and that night she gave me the best head in years.

The next night I was home at 10 and went straight to bed. I drifted off to sleep and was woken by the sound of Gail and some men talking. I quietly went to the top of the stairs and looked down into the lounge room and saw Gail with two young guys sitting on the sofa. They couldn’t see me so I decided to watch what they were doing.

One guy was big and muscled with blonde hair so I figured he was Greg. The other guy was of dark with curly black hair, really good looking so I figured this was Carlos. Gail stood up and went to the kitchen and as she did both guys watched her legs and arse.

She came back with three cups of coffee on a tray and lent over to hand Carlos his giving him a great view of her freckled chest. He looked long and hard at her cleavage and she was smiling getting off on her tease. She then did the same in front of Greg giving him the same view.

She asked Carlos how her dancing was going and he answered that she was good but needed to let herself go a little, to expose herself to the beat of the music. Gail read his flirting comment and said that he would have to show her how to expose herself. Carlos asked her if she had any music so he could show her now with a private lesson.

She played along saying that she was game but he Betturkey Giriş would have to take control as she was unsure if she could let go fully. The sexual tension was thick between them and I wondered what would happen next. I certainly had a hard on thinking of the possibilities.

Gail turned on the music and Carlos took her in his arms and they danced some moves. They were close very very close.

They looked into each others eyes and Gail was very flushed in the face, something that happens when she is turned on sexually. Carlos dipped her and her head went back and her chest poked out. Gail’s nipples were erect nearly poking holes in her tight top.

Carlos let his hand slide from behind her neck and ran it down the front of her blouse, his fingers going over the hardness of her nipples and sliding down to her bare stomach.

Gail moaned I am sure when he did this and as they stood Carlos let his hand move back up and he caressed Gail’s right breast. She pushed him away and looked down at a noticeable bulge in his pants. She smiled and said that she must be dancing very sexily. She then said that it was Greg’s turn.

Greg was on his feet and they danced the same moves and he also fondled her breast. As they separated Greg also had a hard on. Gail looked at Carlos and said what now in a guttural low voice.

Carlos took her in his arms and went into some more moves and she wrapped her leg around his hips and his hand rubbed up her thigh under her skirt as she dipped back. His hand caressed her thong clad arse and she looked into his eyes with lust.

Carlos stepped back and Gail undid the buttons of his black silk shirt exposing and well defined muscular body. She then ran her fingernail down his chest, across his six pack and down the front of his trousers just scratching his very erect penis through the material.

Greg Betturkey Güncel Giriş said it was now his turn and Gail danced the same moves with him. I was watching her stroking Greg’s cock and didn’t see Carlos remove his clothes behind her. When she turned he stood before and she looked straight at his naked dick.

Carlos wasn’t big, around 5” long and 1” across but he was hard, harder than I have ever been. Gail reached over and put her small hand around his shaft and it was like iron standing straight up she barely moved it as she began to stoke him.

Greg came up behind Gail and reached around and rubbed her tits while she pulled Carlos. She stopped and quickly stripped her top and skirt off. Greg undid her bra releasing her large tits, nipples hard as rocks surrounded by silver dollar sized areola.

She then slipped off her thong and stood before these two young men in her heels stockings suspenders. Greg had stripped off his clothes in a flash and he had a 7” fat cock. Gail sat on the lounge with her legs apart and Carlos got on the floor and started to lick her cunt,

Greg climbed up beside her and kissed her and rubbed and kissed her tits. Gail drove her crotch into Carlos face and pulled on Greg’s fat dick. She then pulled Greg to his knees and licked his knob. She sucked his cock into her mouth and sucked him to the balls. Within 2 minutes Greg stiffened and he blew a load of cum into my wife’s mouth. She swallowed most of it but some dribbled down her chin.

Carlos then pushed her on her back on the lounge and lifted her legs high in the air and entered her. His rock hard cock may have been small but boy could he fuck. He fucked her for at least an hour driving his cock in hard and fast for the whole time. The did it in at least six positions and she came at least 3 times that I could tell. They were both a lather of sweat by the time he stiffened and filled her full of hot cum.

She could hardly move and the guys let themselves out. I went to bed and pretended to be asleep when she finally joined me. I had pulled myself twice watching her and as I feigned sleep the last thing she said before drifting off was that she hoped I enjoyed the show.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32