Dana’s Lust

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Dana was never a girl to be tied down, not as long as I knew her. We first met in this little back room at our school, where a couple kids went to play poker every day. It was always the same crowd: Leonard, whose general habits annoyed everyone as much as his name. Picked his nose, snorted awkwardly mid-conversation, smelled a bit like molding peppers, just an unpleasant kid. Patrick, a pretty boy, quick with his hands, but not exactly the brightest crayon in the box, even if that box was a dumpster. Todd was better, but not by much. Had a quick temper, without the wit or muscle to back it up. The only tolerable kid there was probably Oscar. He was even tempered, knew how to play, and I swear he counted cards. Then, of course, there were the non-players, the kids who dropped in and out, who picked up a game here and there. Evan, Lila, Stephanie… well, it didn’t matter, except for Dana.

She wasn’t there as often enough to be a “regular,” but the girl had a singular talent. Not for the game, no, she was terrible. She couldn’t bluff her way past a blind guard dog, and she didn’t have a clue when to bet and when not to, but she had the body to play. The body that kept every man’s eyes off his cards and drifting right between her breasts, every man’s lips positively aching for her skin like the Sahara makes you ache for water. That was her weapon, and she used it well; even I found her always seeming to break even in our games, no matter how much I’d hate to admit it. We’d play and play, and she never really won, but she never really lost, either. We all knew, though, that she came out ahead in the end; anyone in that room lucky enough to keep a girl had to explain moaning the wrong name, and everyone knew it. We shared our dreams like war veterans, all the same subject, always nothing more than dreams. She danced somewhere out of our reach, even when it was only in our heads.

“Fold.” Said Todd, throwing his cards down with a disgusted growl. He sat back with a sigh, folding his arms, and looked around before shaking his head and leaning forward again. “This sucks.”

“You looking for something?” said Oscar, smirking, “Your pride, maybe? You’re almost out of chips again. Distracted?”

Todd shot Oscar a dirty look, and shook his head. “No, jackass. You haven’t noticed? I mean, I always thought you were gay, but…”

“Oh fuck off,” I cut in, punching Todd playfully in the arm, “We all know you’re the one just aching to prance out of the closet. What’s eating you?”

He raised an eyebrow, shaking his head at me, “I’d think you of all people would notice. Dana’s been gone, for almost a month now.”

I threw in another chip, grinning at Oscar. “Call. And it’s been two weeks.”

Todd shot up, pointing at me, “See? I fucking knew it! You were keeping track too!”

“Hardly!” I shot back, leaning back in my chair, looking up at him with a confident smirk. “I was helping her with her essays, since she’s applying to, you know, college, now. We had to write the date so many times on those goddamn forms, and she could never remember it.” I was lying through my teeth, but I’d always been good at editing my friends’ papers, so it seemed a plausible story to me. Todd bought it, too, sitting back down with a defeated sigh.

“I just think it’s weird we haven’t seen her, is all. Like something bad’s happened to her. I’m worried.” He looked around the table, hoping for someone to agree with him. That we did made no difference, since letting him know that would have penned us as whipped by pussy we weren’t even getting, and that was an attribute we didn’t want to share with him.

“Bullshit.” Oscar broke in, leaning forward and smirking at me.

“What the fuck, man!” Todd sat forward, shouting at him aggressively, “Are you saying I don’t actually-“

“No.” Oscar stopped him, calmly, holding his finger up in a shushing gesture. “I’m saying that Colin’s story is complete bullshit.” He grinned as I blanched slightly, and looked down to his chips, “Raise.” He grinned, dropping the chips to double the bet while he continued to talk. “She’s not applying to any other colleges. I know that much. Says she’s thinking grup escort about just getting done here and ‘settling down.'”

Now it was my turn to issue an angry growl. “Okay, fine. Fine, so I noticed too. You caught me, asshole, what do you want, a medal?”

Over to the side, Leonard snorted. “Snnk… Fold.” He dropped his cards, leaning back. We just ignored him, and Oscar just shook his head.

“No, I don’t want a medal. You know her pretty well, right? You think you’re so smooth? Heck, I bet you think you could get with her, too, don’t you?” Patrick had already set down his cards, obviously folding, though he’d forgotten to say anything, engrossed as he was in the conversation we were having.

“Yeah, I bet I could.” I shot back, and threw my chips onto the stack. “Call!”

“Even with her getting married?” Oscar leaned back, looking self-satisfied, his hands behind his head. The room was absolutely quiet. You could have heard a pin drop, and the sound of Evan flipping the next card was like a thunderclap. I looked down. A Jack. God, that left me with only a single pair. Oscar had forced my hand, and I’d been betting like an idiot. I almost stuttered as I lay my cards down.

“Fold.” I looked up at him, and he smirked.

“Not up to the game, Colin?” He made a mocking tsk tsk noise, and shook his head.

“You know what Oscar?” I growled, “Fine. I bet I can get her to sleep with me before she gets married to this mystery man.” I smirked, “After all, he can’t be that amazing. We haven’t even met him!”

Oscar laughed lightly, shaking his head, “Okay, Colin. If that’s what you think, how about we make a bet?” he pulled the pile of chips on the table towards himself, counting them carefully into matched piles. “Fifty bucks. I bet you fifty bucks you can’t do it. Their wedding is in two months. Clock’s a tickin’, boyo. Anyhow, I gotta go.” He stood up, “I think I won this game anyways.” We all looked down at our tiny puddles of chips, then over to the vast ocean he’d just acquired, and nobody could really argue it. “I’ll see you all later.” With that, he walked out.

As everyone was standing to leave, I reached over, lifting up the corner of his cards, and swore lightly. The Ace of Spades and a King of Hearts stared back at me, like a cryptic tarot reading. He’d just beat the whole table with an ace high.


I’d made a bet, even if I hadn’t really agreed to it. I’d talked big, and Oscar had called my bluff like a champion knocking a poor rookie back into his meager place. I groaned, covering my eyes as I lay back in my bed. How was I supposed to seduce an engaged woman, whose fiancée I’d never met, and whose number I didn’t even have? He was right, though, the clock was ticking. Married, though? We were all too young to even think about that… weren’t we? I sighed. Obviously that wasn’t true anymore. I had a long uphill battle, ahead of me. I just hoped she’d be back in the poker room tomorrow. Every moment seemed like lost time, now, and I wasn’t about to just roll over and give up.

As if like clockwork, the next day we all saw Dana’s smiling face again, flouncing in with her usual grin and heart stopping wink. There were a few smirks thrown her way, but we’d been lucky, and none of the girls had been there yesterday. Our bet was a gentleman’s game, now, and we were honor-bound to keep it a fair game… even if the name of the game was anything but gentlemanly or honorable. As she sat down, I made my way across the room, weighing the odds in my head. I had no reason to, yet; it wasn’t exactly a long shot I was going for on this first move, but I was aching for an excuse to just get out of this game early, just call it off. I wasn’t going to get that luxury this quickly.

“Hey, Dana. How are you?” I began. “Is that a new shirt?”

“Oh hi, Colin! Yeah, it’s great, isn’t it?” She did a little twirl, her skirt flipping up just barely short of showing what we wanted to see. “Teddy got it for me. He’s such a sweetheart.”

Oh God, what a strike-out. “It’s very nice.” Theodore? Dana was marrying a Theodore? It was iranlı escort like Madonna marrying Elton John. I just continued, hoping for some purchase. “You still having trouble with that precalc class? I remember you were complaining about it.”

“Ugh…” she threw her head back, rubbing her temples. Perfect score. “It’s giving me such a headache! You have no idea.” I nodded sympathetically, holding myself back from a touchdown dance.

“Oh, that’s too bad. You know, I’ve been tutoring some other kids at the college center, so I can help you if you need…”

She broke into a huge smile, “You would? Great! I’ll meet you there after school, okay?”

“Oh no, that won’t work.” I smiled, shaking my head, “There are too many kids there. You’d probably get stuck with someone else and, I’ll be honest, the other tutors really aren’t that good. You should just come over to my place after class today. Around four?”

She smirked, “Ohh, I see. So it’s that plan, is it?” She smirked, leaning in, “You have the whole tutor thing going on?” She winked at me, “I bet you get a lot of girls that way, all alone with you and your pretty blue eyes, without anyone to rescue them…”

I rapidly waved my hands in front of me, “No, no! It’s not like that, I swear!” I stammered, “I would never…”

She laughed loudly, “Oh come on, Colin, I’m just fucking with you. Of course, that sounds fine.” A couple of the boys nearby raised their eyebrows, rolling their eyes, and Leonard opened his mouth, starting to say something before Todd grabbed him.

“Hey Leonard, let’s play another game, man!” Todd pulled Leonard back towards the table in something looking like a chokehold, with many a spluttered protest from his captive. With Leonard’s attention effectively turned, looked over at Todd, giving him a quick nod, and he saluted me. Somehow, this just made me feel dirtier, so I opted to leave the room, waving goodbye for the day, and went to the library to read, something that would hopefully cool me down.


I was afraid, the first time, that she wouldn’t show, or, worse yet, she’d come with this boy we’d heard so little about. Thankfully, I didn’t need to worry. In fact, when she showed up, I was a bit taken back by her choice in study clothes. I opened the door to her standing like she’d stepped right out of my fantasies, hip cocked slightly, smirking at me, a tight, clinging white tank top that perfectly outlined the breasts we all had dreams about. The skirt she had on was the perfect length; just short enough to get you hungry, just long enough to keep you starving to see beneath it.

“Well?” She laughed, “Can I come in, or are you just gonna stare?”

I coughed, clearing my throat, “Uh, yeah, come in.” I watched her sway past me like a professional, and I couldn’t help but gulp. This was going to be interesting… I’d been planning to take this slowly, but she was going to drive me insane. What was she thinking, coming dressed like that?

We sat down across from each other at a small round table I’d set up for the purpose, and she pulled her textbook from her backpack, setting it down.

“Alright,” I said, “So what’re you having trouble with?” She opened it up, and flipped to a section in her book.

“Well, I’ve got this problem, see. I can’t figure out where this variable is supposed to come from. I’ve got two here, but I’m looking for the answer to a third, and I just can’t get it down. I was thinking you could help me.”

“What?” I started, “You’re not making any sense. For what you’re studying, you shouldn’t…”

At that moment, I was stopped mid-sentence by a foot, sliding gently up my calf. She had taken off her shoes, and was sliding her foot up my leg, her toes keeping contact the entire time. “Oh? What am I studying, hmmm?”

I shook my head, “What are you…”

She cut me off. “Oh come on.” Her foot slid past my knee, moving inwards up my thigh. “I heard about your little bet. And I can’t help but think it’s a good idea.” My member leaped at the thought, and I moaned gently. Not good… the hunter was the keçiören escort hunted, cat had become mouse. I opened my mouth, but she continued, “So I’m thinking… the same thing you are.” Her toes brushed against the tip of my cock through my pants, and I saw her eyes widen slightly. “Ooh, that is big. The stories were true, apparently.” She smiled widely, licking her lips and slowly, agonizingly slid her foot up and down the shaft. “And so thick… how delicious.” Her foot slid up slightly further, and I felt her toes grip the zipper. Holy shit, she’s talented! I thought. I could only manage a groan as she slid it down, shifting her weight slightly to allow her other foot to come up, pushing open my fly and fishing my cock, which was by now rock hard, pulsing with want, out with her toes. I moaned, and she smirked wickedly. “I’ll be off the market, soon, so I need to enjoy the time I have left. You want this so bad… that you’re going to lose that bet.”

I made a sound of protest, but she laughed lightly and shushed me. “I mean you’re going to tell them you lost it. I will give you what you want… every day. In exchange for tutoring. But there, you’re not going to breathe a word of it.” I couldn’t think straight. Not with her toes sliding up my shaft, caressing it artfully, sliding gently across the pulsing-hard head of my cock. “Mmn… You poor baby. Cat got your tongue? I just need one word.” She moaned softly, and I felt her feet leave my cock. I looked down, but she was suddenly not in her seat. Then I felt her pushing my seat back, from under the table, until I could see her, between my legs, eyeing my cock and licking her lips hungrily. “I just had to see it.” She explained, and slowly, agonizingly, licked a trail up the bottom of my shaft, looking up at me mischievously, “Well?” She leaned down to take one of my balls between her lips, sucking on it, her tongue flicking back and forth across it, and I leaned back, moaning out.

“Yes, yes, anything! God, I want it so bad.” I shivered, and she stopped, looking up at me, and smiled, slowly stroking my cock with one hand.

“Good boy.” She breathed. “Exactly what I wanted to hear.” With that, she took my cock deep into her mouth, sucking gently while her tongue slid slowly down the bottom, drawing a line of ecstasy down my member, causing me to throw my head back and moan out loud. When I looked back down, her gaze greeted me, smoldering with lust, her hand squeezing her breast roughly as she moaned against my throbbing tool, taking it deeper, deeper, until her lips touched against my balls, her tongue flicking out to brush them, getting them wet with her saliva. I gasped, and my hips jerked slightly. She moaned again and I could feel my balls tightening, ready to release their thick load.

“I’m gonna… gonna cum!” I groaned out, but she didn’t let up, instead moving back and forth faster on my cock, massaging my balls with her free hand. Her eyes were filled with want, and I couldn’t help but give her everything. I came harder than I ever had. I felt my cock shiver, then spurt shot after shot into her mouth, more and more coming out while I groaned loudly. She took it all, but wasn’t swallowing, allowing some to drool out the sides of her mouth, dripping down off her chin and onto her breasts. When my cock stopped surging, she sucked just a little more, making sure to get all my cum, before pulling back, smirking up at me, then opening her mouth slowly, to allow my hot, white seed to slide down from her mouth, soaking her shirt, covering her tits in my cum, making her tanktop wet as well, so I could see she really wasn’t wearing anything beneath it. Her gorgeous tits, covered in my thick jizz, now clearly visible through her shirt, made me moan again, and my cock jerked, shooting one last gout across her cheek. She raised a finger to it, never breaking eye contact with me, and slowly wiped it up, then slid her tongue up her finger, licking it completely clean.

“Delicious.” She smiled. “And… I’ll be back for more tomorrow.” She moved up, kissed me deeply, her ass rubbing against my still throbbing cock, letting me feel her soaking wet pussy as she drew it slowly down my aching member. “You will have more for me, right?” I couldn’t do anything but nod in agreement, and she smirked, stepping back. “See you then.” With that, still soaking with my cum, she walked to the door, and left without another word.

I couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

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