Dan and Madison

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The week was going great, Shirley and the kids were away at her parent’s house, I had the house to myself. I had met and had a great night with a transgender named Kim. It was Saturday morning, I had just finished the yard work and Dan came over with 2 beers in hand.

Dan and I sat out back in the lawn chairs drinking our beers, he asked how were things going with the family out of town. I thought of telling him about Kim but decided not until I had told Shirley first. I said things were alright, I was getting plenty of down time laying around eating junk food, when I said that, Dan said I needed a real meal and invited me over to eat with Madison and him that evening.

I talked to Shirley later in the day and told her about Kim and that Dan had invited me over for dinner that evening, she laughed and said maybe she and the kids should come home early, because I didn’t seem to miss them at all, I told her not to worry I missed her and the kids more and more each day. After hanging up with her I went to the store to pick up a bottle of wine for the evening.

That evening I went over to Dan’s and Madison’s at 7:00 and handed Madison the bottle of wine. She gave me a hug rubbing her body against mine, and a quick peck on the lips. She told me Dan was out back grilling the steaks, and asked me to open the wine. She turned and bent over to get the cork screw, and I looked at her great ass.

Madison had on a pair of white shorts that I could see the outline of her bikini panties thru, and a body fitting tank top, showing off her ample tits. Dan came in as I was admiring Madison’s ass, he smiled and asked if I was enjoying the view .Dan was also wearing shorts and a tee shirt. The shorts fit tight showing off his ass.

We sat down to eat, the steaks were cooked to perfection, I told Dan this and he was beaming from ear to ear. We finished off the bottle of wine at dinner. I got up to help Madison with the dishes, but she told me that’s okay, and to down to the rec room with Dan as he fixed us all drinks.

I hd porno went down stairs and Dan was at the bar, I walked over and Dan turned to me and groped my crotch, saying he sure missed my cock, my cock jumped a little from this and started to get hard. Dan said he was missing something and would be right back. While he was gone Madison came down and walked over to me got really close and tip toed up and gave me a big kiss.

Madison and I were kissing when Dan walked back in, he smiled and said we had started without him. He walked over stuck his hand between Madison and me and rubbed my cock. Madison gave him a quick kiss and backed up from me, and Dan went on to finish fixing us drinks.

Dan said that I had fucked both Madison and him, but had I thought of having a threesome with them. I looked from him to Madison and they were both smiling. I told him that was really interesting. I sat on a bar stool thinking about the proposition knowing I was going to say yes. Madison came over and stood between my legs, rubbing her body up against me. My cock was getting rock hard about now.

Dan said that they would really enjoy it and that Madison wanted to see him taking some black cock. I laughed and remembered how much Dan had enjoyed my cock before. I pulled Madison closer and kissed her, I ran my hands down her back and rubbed on her ample ass.

Madison started to unzip my shorts, then she pulled my shorts and under shorts down, I raised my hips to help her get them down to my ankles. Dan walked over and started to kiss Madison. I was really getting turned now, my cock was fully erect.

Madison stepped back and started to remove her tank top and bra exposing her great tits, then Dan knelt down and started to remove Madison shorts. Wow what a sight she was standing there only in her bikini panties. Dan leaned over and licked between her legs, Madison spread her legs to give him better access. I reached over and with one hand pushed Dan’s head harder into Madison’s brazzers porno pussy and I rubbed on her tits with the other.

I then leaned over and got the nipple of one of Madison’s tits in my mouth, I was licking on her tit and sucking her nipple, she had one hand on my head and the other on Dan’s head. She was moaning loudly, she started to rock and I thought that she may fall, so I took my hand off Dan’s head and held her by her waist.

Madison then leans over and starts licking the length of my cock, and then I feel my balls being licked and I look down and Dan’s licking my balls. Madison then puts my cock in her mouth as Dan’s licking my balls. They then change up and Dan swallows my cock as Madison licks my balls.

Madison stopped licking my balls and told Dan to get naked, then she grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the sofa. I sat down and Madison went to the other end of the sofa and lay down with one leg over the back exposing her sweet pussy.

Madison told Dan she wanted to watch him sucking on my cock. Dan came over knelt down between my legs and slid his mouth over my cock. I sat there and rubbed his head as he sucked and looked at Madison playing with her pussy.

Looking at Madison laying there I knew it wouldn’t take me long, so I pulled Dan’s head up and motioned towards Madison. Dan got the hint and we both moved over to her. I dove right between her meaty thighs, and Dan went for her sweet tits.

Madison laughed saying we were being bad boys, but it didn’t take long before she had one hand on my head and the other on Dan’s head. She was raising her hips, giving me better access to her now wet pussy, and she was moaning loudly.

I was sucking on Madison’s clit when she grabbed my head with both hands pulling me hard into her pussy, and came on my face. She was moaning saying that she was cumming. I sat back and Dan moved around and moved his face down into her pussy and started licking, I moved up gave her a kiss and then started sucking seks filmi on her tits.

Soon Madison was screaming that she was cumming again, telling us she couldn’t take anymore. We kept if up until she had cum again, and pushed us away. Dan and I looked at her and laughed. I told her next time you’ll be careful about asking someone to join in. She smiled and said she would always ask for a third if it was like that.

While Madison and I were talking Dan had moved down and was grabbing on my cock. Dan gave my cock a couple of strokes, then he leaned over and slid his mouth over my cock. With everything that we had done so far I knew I wouldn’t last long.

Dan must have felt the same way because he stopped sucking me and got up went behind the bar and got a tube of lube. He came back and covered my cock with it, then used his fingers to put some lube on the outside and up in his ass hole.

Dan stood up gave me a quick pat on my ass, then he got on his knees on the sofa resting his arms on the back of the sofa. I walked up behind him and rubbed my cock up and down the crack of his ass. Madison was really interested now, she got up and move over so she could see my cock as it started to slide into Dan’s ass. She was looking from this to Dan’s face to see his reaction.

I started to work my cock in and out of Dan’s ass and Madison lay down and slid under Dan and got his cock into her mouth. This excited Dan and he started to buck his ass back to me as he fucked Madison’s face. I was really pounding into Dan’s ass, making a smacking sound as my stomach hit his ass.

Dan couldn’t take much of this, he was wiggling his ass and telling Madison to suck his cock and telling me to fuck his ass and “give me that black cock”. I felt him tense up and his ass muscles started to squeeze my cock as Dan shot his load into Madison’s mouth.

Dan’s ass muscles were milking my cock and I filled his ass with my cum. Madison lay there smiling with some of Dan’s cum on her face. Dan was leaning over her with my cock slowly getting soft and sliding out of his ass.

I stepped back and walked over to the bar and finished my now warm drink. Dan and Madison walked over and Madison gave me a wet kiss. I got dressed and said we have to do this again but next time with Shirley.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32