Damn Those Stockings

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My buddies helped me out of the car just before it caught fire. The guy that forced us into the tree just kept going.

I felt something warm on my face and wiped it with my hand, which hurt like hell. In the dull light of the busted headlights I examined the fluid and realized it was my blood. I felt weak in the knees.

Ken had a cell phone and he called 911. Philip sat me down on a large bolder next to the tree we had hit.

When the police arrived, Ken and Philip told the guys in blue what had happened. “Our friend needs some medical attention,” I heard someone say.

The cops called an ambulance. I had no idea I was hurt so badly. My buds followed in the police car sirens blaring. I remember it made my head hurt to hear that loud noise.

Later, Philip told me that it was the ambulance sirens that I heard.

I think I remember feeling dizzy as they rolled me into the hospital. When Ken and Phil arrived they found my wallet and gave my medical card to the admitting nurse.

I don’t really remember any of that, but this is what they told me when I finally woke up after the surgery.

The following morning, an angel woke me to give feed me a painkiller. And I really needed it. My head felt like it would explode. My hands were covered in gauze.

“My name’s Mary and I will be your day nurse while you’re here” she said softly. “How are you feeling this morning, Scott?”

“You must have the wrong patient, my name’s Carl! I feel like I was hit by a truck.” I said as seriously as I possibly could under the circumstances.

I heard her rattle papers and then she laughed. “You had me scared there for a moment.”

“Why are my hands covered?” I asked.

“That’s so you can’t pull at your eyes,” she told me. “We’ll take that off in a few days. You had some glass in your right eye and they are concerned about that. You were lucky.”

“I don’t feel lucky. Am I going to be blind?” I shook as I spoke those words.

“No,” she assured me. The doctor said you might lose a little peripheral vision, but you sight was in tact. He’ll be in to talk with you in a little bit. In the meantime, would you like me to feed you your breakfast?” her voice was soft and angelic.

“That would be great since I can’t see a thing. I’d hate to stick my fork into my leg for another injury,” I tried to joke but wasn’t very successful.

“Open wide,” she said and I stuck my tongue out at her as she tried to push a spoonful of oatmeal into my mouth.

The doctor came in a while later and explained that there had been glass in my eye, but he was sure that it didn’t do any major damage. “We’ll know in about three days. Until then we’ll give them time to heal and keep them bandaged and try to keep you as comfortable as possible.

They also stitched up my forehead for the length of an inch and a half. Evidently it was a deep cut.

Phil and Ken came by a while later, I had no idea of the time since I couldn’t see anything. They brought coffee and doughnuts. And were totally unprepared for the sight of me.

They fed me and while I was eating that sweet bread doughnut, Nurse Mary came in once again.

“What are you doing? He just had breakfast and shouldn’t be eating that anyway!” she scolded them. I knew by the voice it was the same nurse.

“You need to watch what you eat” she scolded me. Then she gave me a pill for pain and left.

“What’s she look like guys?” I wanted to know.

“Ahhh, you wouldn’t like her, not your type. Short, squatty, fat body, scraggly hair, pimples on her face!” they described her.

“Come on man, they’re not going to hire a nurse that looks like that!” I protested. “What’s she really look like?”

“We just told you, man,” they laughed.

The days passed and I grew restless to get the bandages off my eyes. I couldn’t tell one from the other and I couldn’t count them either, since I couldn’t see light, only dark.

Then one morning, the angel’s voice told me they were going to take my bandages off.

“We’ll see if you can see,” she whispered just loud enough for a chill to run through me.

“If I’m blind for the rest of my life, will you take care of me?” I asked her.

“Of course I will!” I could here a smile in her voice. “Are you ready for breakfast?”

When she had finished feeding me, I heard the door open. Then Doctor Rigamer walked in. “How are you doing this morning, Scotty? Ready to get that gauze off your eyes?”

I became nervous and anxious. “Hell yeah! I want to see the sun again!” I told him.

“Well, let’s see if you can! Nurse, will you close the blinds please?” he said to Mary.

I heard the rustle of her uniform burdur seks hikayeleri as she approached the shades. They clattered as she released them.

“Here goes everything,” the doctor said and I heard the sound of scissors cutting the gauze. “Keep your eyes closed for me until I tell you to open them,” he told me.

“Sure thing,” I whispered as my heart pounded against my chest. My hands were moist with fear. I swallowed hard and licked my lips in preparation.

Once the bandages were removed, he pulled off little circles that had been placed over my eyelids. “Try to open your eyes, Scotty.”

I felt my eyelids slid up and there was some pain associated with it. They burned and the light hurt them. But I was glad I could see the light.

“Can you see anything besides the light?” the doctor asked.

“Yeah, But some things are blurry like faces and furniture,” I told him, and my hands shook.

“Give it a few minutes. You need to adjust. It’s been two weeks since you’ve tried to see anything.”

I felt some pain when I opened them again but things were coming in clearer each time I tried to see. Then I saw her face. She really was an angel.

“I can see nurse Mary,” I said.

“Good, and can you see me?” the doctor asked.

“Yeah, but you’re not as pretty!”
“I hope not, my patients wouldn’t respect me if I was pretty!” he joked. Then getting serious, he said, “We’re going to keep you here a few more days and see if your vision improves or worsens. Just to make sure.”

“Sure doc, I’ll get to know this pretty lady a little better now that I know my friends lied about how beautiful she is.”

The doc left and Mary said that she had other, sicklier, patients to tend to. “I’ll see you in a while.”

As she walked out the door, I noticed that she was wearing white thigh high stockings. My dick stood up and my heartbeat skipped once then sped up.

She was a woman after my heart. I had to have her. I had to run my hands up those sensuous legs and place my fingers under the tops of those thigh-hi’s.

I was anxious. I wanted to touch her. Hell I wanted to tell her that I loved her!

Mary was gone for a long time. I was waiting for her to bring my lunch. I wanted her to sit in the visitor’s chair with her legs crossed so that I could look at those stockings and daydream about her.

Phil and Ken arrived about an hour later. I was jacking off I had worked myself up so far that I had no alternative. I hadn’t seen Mary since my eyes became focused.

I spilled my seed just as the door whooshed closed.

“You horny assholes, rubbing you cock where the world can see!” Ken joked.

“Man did you know that Mary wears thigh highs?” I blurted out.

“Well, yeah, but you’re the one that goes bonkers over those. I’m an ass man, remember?”

“I gotta have her. She’s beautiful and she wears thigh-highs,” my prick twitched as I said those words.

A few moments later, she came into the room. I had to hurry to cover my pipe. I hoped she wouldn’t be changing the bed.

“Company again, I see,” she looked at the guys then brought me some lunch.

“I’d rather have you for lunch,” I whispered to her.

Her creamy skin turned cherry and she said, “I don’t know you well enough!”

“I’ll stay here until you do then!”

She looked at my friends then said, “I don’t think so! Here are your pills.” She left in a huff. She didn’t even give me a glass of water to take them with.

My dick deflated. I turned to my friends and said, “I’ll have her before I leave here, guaranteed! And I’ll have licked her thighs and smelled her sweetness plus had my hands on those stockings.”

My eyes started aching later in the afternoon. I rang the bell for Mary but another nurse came to check them.

“Where’s Mary?” I asked.

“She’s with another patient right now,” she said stoically. “What seems to be the problem?”

“My eyes hurt!” I complained.

“Well, I can call the doctor and see what he wants us to do,” she said and turned to leave.

“Damn!” I yelled as the door closed.

“Calm down man, you’ll pop a stitch!” Ken advised.

A week later, I was released from the hospital with orders to make an office visit in a week to see what progress I was making. I could see better now but still had some pain in my eyes.

I had finally been able to talk with Mary, and she forgave me for being such a piggish male. She even agreed to go out with me once I was back in the ‘living world’.

I had her phone number and everything!

Giving myself some time to acclimate myself to the outside world again and adjust to my new way of seeing the world, some things were still a little blurry, I waited a week before calling her.

I didn’t want to sound too anxious. But all I could think about were those sexy stockings.

I couldn’t drive because my vision had declined a bit due to the glass. But I could see good enough to make it through.

I had to take taxies, busses and trolleys to get around. There would be no necking in the back seat of my car anymore. Besides, the insurance company had totaled it.

When I finally did call Mary, she was genuinely glad to hear from me. “Yes, I’d love to meet you for dinner. Seven is good for me. Where?”

“I know this nice place on the lakefront that will be really beautiful around sundown,” I suggested.

“That sounds good. Do you need me to pick you up or do you have transportation?” she asked as kindly as she could.

“I’d like you to pick me up if you don’t mind,” I told her. “I’ll make reservations for eight, will you get here for seven-thirty?”

“Sure, I’ll see you in a while,” she hung up the phone and my cock stood up.

I thought she’d have to bring me home. I’ll invite her in for a drink and maybe she’ll stay for a nightcap. If I’m really lucky she may stay the night. Then maybe I can slip my fingers under the tops of those thigh highs. Maybe I can smell her musk.

Lot of maybes, lot of hope!

Mary picked up as promised. She kissed me hello, which surprised me and pleased me. Her hand rested on my chest for a minute before she pulled away.

“Thank you for picking me up!”

“Oh, that’s no problem at all. I don’t live that far from here,” she said.

Sitting on the passenger side of the car was uncomfortable but her hand rested on my leg the whole way to the restaurant.

We didn’t have to wait for the table. I liked that about this place. They make sure if you had a reservation, you had the table right away. That’s why I liked this restaurant.

Mary was really impressed too.

During dinner we did the ‘really get to know you’ chat. We laughed a lot and she seemed really relaxed.

I was a bit tense though. Just knowing those sexy stockings were inches from my legs. I had to fight to keep my arrow bent.

Dinner proved to be successful. On the way home, she reached over and touched my leg.

“If you get to touch my leg, don’t I get to touch yours?”

“Certainly, but not while I’m diving. I don’t want to end up in the hospital like you did.”

We chuckled about that and then reminded ourselves that we wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t been in the hospital.

“I have a great bottle of Vodka in there; would you like to join me for a nightcap?” my heart was pounding against my chest.

“Sounds good, I like a good drink from time to time.”

My heart stopped and I think my breathing did too. She was coming up to my apartment.

“Push it down; push it down. Can’t have her see you bulging out like this!” My mind kept repeating as I fumbled for my keys.

Inside, I turned on the stereo and searched for some soft mood music. Corny, I know, but I wanted to woo this woman into my bed or at least onto my lap. I wanted to run my fingers under the top of those thigh highs and lick the top of her legs

While I fumbled with the music, Mary wandered around the apartment. Coming back into the living room, she said, “Nice place!”


I handed her a drink and she sat on my sofa and crossed her legs.

My breath escaped me. I nearly blacked out. Those thigh highs flirted with me and I licked my lips wanting to lick those stockings and the skin above them.

Mary patted the sofa beside her and I blindly walked toward her and sat beside her.

“You make a mean drink,” she started.

“Yeah, I wanna get you drunk so I can lick the tops of your legs and thigh highs!” I said jokingly, but was serious as could be.

“Oh really, what are you waiting for; an engraved invitation?” she replied.

“Well, yeah, I guess I am.

“I’m sorry, I left my Calligrapher pen at home. So you will just have to make your own way.”

I looked at her for a minute then I knelled before her.

She didn’t appear nervous or even tentative. She smiled at me as I took her foot in my hand and traced her instep then up to her ankle.

“Its so silky. I love thigh highs.” I ran my hand up to her knee. She didn’t flinch. So I ventured higher. I stopped at the thick cuff that held the stocking onto her thighs.

“Mmmmm,” Mary moaned. I slipped a tentative finger under the stretched top of the stocking and he hips slipped lower on the couch. Her legs parted.

“Would it be all right if I licked the top of your leg?” I whispered

“Ohhhhhh yeah, I think that would be wonderful,” she hissed softly. Her hand grabbed at my crotch again. She fumbled for my zipper.

I could smell her sex. I smelled her perfume; I felt her heat. I wanted to lick her slit.

I ran my hands from the tip of her toes to the top of the stocking. Then my fingers scooted under the plastic strip that held the hose on her legs. I felt the tracks of that helped hold them tight to her velvety skin.

I lay my head onto her lap and I licked around the tops of the stocking. I tasted her salty skin. My dick grew hard.

She caught that quickly and wrapped her red tipped fingers around my hardness. Pleasure flowed through me. Mary laid me back onto the sofa and unzipped my jeans. She pulled out my prick and her mouth covered the spitting red head.

Her legs were around my neck; my hands were under her thigh highs. Her mouth sucked my choad like a child sipping water from a hose on a hot summer’s day.

Mary’s head slid up and down while her fingers squeezed my balls and slid in and out of my ass. The pleasure was driving me crazy while I tried to keep my mouth and fingers in those silky stockings.

“Oh gaud! You know how to please a man don’t you Mary?” I breathed heavily trying to maintain my consciousness.

I was as overwhelmed by the pleasures she gave me as I was with the pleasures I got from touching the area between the tops of the hose and licking the crotch of her pink panties.

Her legs splayed wider and wider the deeper I explored. My fingers slipped under the elastic or her panty legs and found a mound of hair. I came in her mouth.

She swallowed my seed. Then continued to suckle me as my dork shriveled to the size of an earthworm.

Mary rolled off the couch and pushed me over on my back. She wrapped her long legs around my shoulders and pushed her coochie into my face.

My mouth opened and my tongue tasted the salty wetness there. My cock grew again and my mouth covered her tickling hairs.

Using her hips and legs she pulsated on my mouth using my tongue as a small dildo. I finally realized she was trying to get me to suck her clit.

I finally found her nub and rubbed it with my tongue. Then her hips began fucking my face.

I exploded again; cum went everywhere. In her hair, on my legs, on the carpet; id didn’t care I wanted to marry this woman. I wanted to feel those silky stocking for the rest of my life.

Mary’s body began to shake with ecstasy and my hands held tight to her legs as her body convulsed with pleasures I had never enjoyed from a woman before. She touched every part of my manhood and wanted more.

For hours we pleasured one another. My hands and toes always going to those stocking tops. I used every part of my body to please her.

She drove me to a place I had never been.

The next morning, when we finally awoke, I told her that I couldn’t live without her as I placed the stockings back on her legs.

Once I had fitted them in place, I stroked my hose until just hard. Mary lay back on the bed and lifted the top of one stocking and inserted my prick.

A chill ran through my body and my head ached with pleasure as I slowly moved my hips in and out of the tight fabric that was held there by a rubber strip that bit into the delicate skin of my dick.

Slowly, very slowly I fucked that stocking. Mary’s finger rubbed my asshole she tried to stretch it so she could get two fingers, then three. She rubbed my prostate and drove me crazy.

When I came, the thick cum soiled her stockings and I licked it off. I came once again then fell limp on the hose.

“Will you marry me?” I asked in all seriousness.

“We have just met!” she replied.

“And? You and I like the same. We enjoy the same things,” I argued.

“We’ll date for a month and then get married. What do you say?”

She appeared to think about it then she pushed my head between her legs again.

“Give me a good tongue lashing and I’ll think about it.”

I buried my face in her pussy and lapped at the wetness there. The smell of her made me hard. I ran my hands under the tightness of her hose and my breath caught once again.

Then I forced my finger into her ass and exhaled and her entire body relaxed. “I think I love you,” she whispered.

“I know I love you,” I replied.

That was nine months ago. We’ve been married now for six months. Every morning I get to wake up and slip those white thigh highs onto her silky legs and lick the wetness between her pussy lips before she goes off to the hospital.

Now I know what heaven is all about….

Even though my eyesight has never fully recovered, I see clearly now how wonderful life is.

Thanks for listening to my story.

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