Damage Control Chapter Ch. 09

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Written with permission from GTO_Racer…

This is chapter 9 of GTO_Racer’s Damage Control. As he would say, this is a work of fiction. If you don’t know the drill, you have no business reading this. Constructive comments are appreciated. “You suck!” comments get you laughed at as a loser with nothing to do but troll stories on here. All persons are over 18 years old…


“Try? No. I’m GOING to be with you for as long as we last.”

Tara was looking at me in shock. I don’t think she’d ever expected to hear those words come out of my mouth. Just to add a small amount of levity to the moment, I reached up and closed her mouth. “You’ll catch flies with it open that far.”

“I’m… Ummm…” Tara replied. I watched as a single tear fell from her eye and down her nose. I leaned up and kissed it. “Thank you…”

“You’re welcome honey. I look forward to kissing you more in the coming days.” I told her.

She leaned back so she could see my face better. “I’m probably the happiest woman on the planet right now, but I have to ask you how you decided that you wanted a relationship with me.”

I sighed and put my hand on her neck so I could rub her cheek with my thumb. “Tara, I’ve tried men, and they do nothing for me. When we talked about Greg a couple minutes ago, What I didn’t tell you was that I actually gave him a blow job the morning he broke up with me. I’m not going to say I was disgusted, but it definitely wasn’t on my list of the 25 most awesome things in the universe. He was at least nice enough to warn me when he was going to cum before he grabbed my head and held it on his cock…”

“You never told me about that.” Tara told me.

“I’m not proud of it. But it made me feel… worthless to be treated like that. I was disgusted that he did that to me, and I swore after experience that I would never feel like that ever again.” I told her. “Something else that I want to tell you about. I’ve caught myself looking at the female form more often than the male.”

“That’s nothing to be ashamed of. Myself, I greatly appreciate the female form as well.” Tara said with a small giggle.

I kissed her lips quickly and smiled. “No, what I mean is that I find myself either jealous of what the other woman has or thinking ‘Wow, that’s a nice ass or set of breasts.’ Looking at a man doesn’t really do anything for me. I don’t see a great set of abs or strong arms when I look at one… Does that make sense?”

“It does. It also doesn’t mean that you’re a full-on lesbian because you stare at other women.”

“No, but the one thing that this weekend has taught me most of all is that women are much more sensuous than men.” I slid my hand on to Tara’s hip and used my fingers to move up and down. “Your skin is so much softer and more pleasant to touch than a man’s. I think the biggest difference I’ve learned is that women are much more reactive to touch than a man is. I like that idea more than the thought of a strong man picking me up and making me his.”

“Women are also much more patient than most men are. With me at least, it’s all about taking your time and enjoying the person you’re with. I’ve never rushed anything, and I refuse to do so just so I or my partner can orgasm. The buildup is one of the best things… For me at least.” Tara told me.

I leaned in and kissed her again. I just held my lips against hers and it felt so right. There was nothing else in the world at that moment. I moved my hand lower and started to massage her oh so firm ass. Much like I felt when I massaged her breasts earlier, this was nothing like I had ever felt before. But I wanted to feel something else. I pulled back and looked her in the eyes and started to move my hand around to her front. I pulled my leg off and slid between hers, so I had better access to where my hand was moving. I lifted her leg up with my own and slid it over my hip so I would have more room to pleasure her. Tara’s eyes widened in surprise as I touched the spot just about her pussy. I slowly moved my hand down until I felt her slit. Tara grabbed my head and kissed me as hard as she could.

“I’ll give you a year to stop doing that.” She said after we broke the kiss.

At that point, I slid my first and second fingers into her slit and started to rub her clit. It was rather large at this point, so it was easy to find. But Tara’s sharp breath told me I had found it just the same. Lightly rubbing it in circles, I listened as her breath became heavier. She was so wet and turned on at this point. I slowly started to rub up and down her slit and as I did, her eyes closed, and she started to shake. Slowly I slid my two fingers into her pussy and lightly pushed them in and out. Tara moaned and whispered something that sounded like the word yes. I smiled knowing I was pleasuring her and that she was enjoying it. I leaned my head down and kissed her neck as I was sliding my fingers in and out. She reached up and started massaging one of her gorgeous breasts. She squeezed maltepe escort it and then lightly pinched her nipple and started to roll it in her fingers. “I need to remember that.” I said to myself as she started to cum. I buried my fingers in her pussy and just wiggled them as Tara came. She grabbed my head and kissed me as hard as she could. When our lips connected, she screamed and moaned into my mouth. I won’t lie… I was so freakin horny at this point. I could feel my pussy gushing with fluid. I wanted something on or in it, but this was about her and not me. I pushed those feelings down and concentrated on what I was doing. I found her G spot and just touched it a couple times, which in turn set her off again. She pulled back and looked me in the eyes. The look she had was one of wild abandon and lust. Tara just shook as she came again and moaned loudly. I smiled and bit my lower lip with satisfaction knowing that I was giving her this much pleasure.

You did good for being new to making love to a woman…

“SHUT THE HELL UP! I’M BUSY!” I told my inner voice.

Tara was starting to come down from her orgasms and finally she was able to speak with more than grunts and moans. She was panting as she spoke, “Where… did you learn… that?!”

“It’s what I do to myself when I masturbate, only I could actually reach your G spot.” I told her with a smile. “You like?”

“Like? no.” She said, shaking her head. “LOVED? Yes.” I gave her another kiss and we laid like that till Jenny walked back in. She stood patiently by the door and waited for me to acknowledge her.

“Has it been an hour already my pet?”

“Yes, Mistress Stacie, it has.” She told me.

I was still staring into Tara’s eyes. I saw nothing but love in them. I caressed her face and then kissed her again. She smiled and whispered, “You have pets to deal with. We’ll continue this tonight.” and then stood so that I could get up.

As I was standing, I could see the smile on Jenny’s face. She approved. “Speak pet.”

“It’s about time Mistress.” She told me.

“Was I the only one that missed Tara’s love for me?”

“Nothing like that Mistress Stacie. What I approve of is the look of happiness that’s returned to your eyes like it was when we were still in high school.” Jenny told me.

“I approve as well. I can see the light that you had in them when we were girls” Tara said to me.

I looked at Tara and smiled. She leaned in and gave me a small kiss. We smiled at each other having turned a corner in our relationship. It was a good feeling to me and like I decided earlier, I would embrace it and enjoy it while it lasted. I reached for, grabbed, and slid Tara’s thigh high boots back on and zipped them up again. I walked over and leaned against my mother’s desk with my legs open. “Lover, while Jenny demonstrates her oral skills on my pussy…” Jenny quickly moved and knelt down in front of me and attached her mouth and slid two fingers into my soaking wet pussy. “Fuck MEEE that’s good… Would you please get my crop for me?” I asked.

“Of course, Mistress Stacie, I’ll be right back.” She said walking out of the office.


I had no idea where her crop was and at that particular moment, and I didn’t care. I walked into the kitchen and made sure that no one could see me as I broke down and started to cry. I have never been this happy… EVER. The woman I’m in love with told me that we’re in a relationship and that she was going to stay with me until it ends. If I have my way, it’ll be till death do us part and may God help anyone who gets in my way. He might have mercy, but I won’t. I slid down the cabinets and sat on the floor. I managed to pull my knees up to my chest, crossed my arms, and let the tears of joy fall. The tears started getting heavier as it finally sunk in. “I have the woman I love and she’s mine.” I whispered quietly. After a couple minutes, I looked up and said, “Thank you…”

I sat there and listened as Stacie orgasmed from Jenny’s mouth. It snapped me back to reality and I checked my arms and saw the makeup that had run. I quickly stood back up and actually sprinted to Stacie’s bathroom to fix myself. I’ve done rush jobs on my “Mistress Tara” make up before, but I think I set a record for it this time. Surprisingly, it was actually almost perfect when I was done.

I was applying my lipstick again when I heard Izzy yell. “Submission completes me!”

I smiled and walked out and down the hall. I looked at the scene in Amy’s bedroom and actually chuckled. Kat and Amy had removed the ankle/wrist restraints and had flipped Izzy over on her back. Amy was still fucking her ass but was holding her legs in the air by her feet as she took her ass. Kat was laying up by her head and was still whispering in her ear. When Izzy got close, Kat would reach up, pinch the nipple of one her 38D tits, and hold it while it bounced up and down while she got fucked. It took Izzy straight over the edge into another orgasm. I walked escort maltepe in, held up my hand to stop them, and stood by the bed. Amy stopped fucking her but stayed buried in her ass. Kat was still pinching her nipple when I spoke.

“Pet Izzy, are you enjoying yourself?”

She was breathing heavily “Yes Mistress…”

“Good. Mistress Stacie will be coming up here to supervise in a few minutes” Izzy nodded her head as Amy flexed her hips some. She moaned quietly and then stopped. “You will show her how obedient you’re being, right?”

“Yes Mistress….” Izzy replied.

“Good… Continue pets.” I spoke. I tapped Amy on the shoulder and motioned for her to push her legs back and mount her. She smiled and nodded her head. “Oh… Pet Izzy?” She looked at me with lust addled eyes. “You’re going for a real ride now…” She looked at me in confusion for a moment and then felt her legs being pushed back and Amy going deeper in her ass. She moaned and it got louder until she couldn’t speak. I smiled in satisfaction and walked out. Suddenly I remembered when Stacie’s crop was. I walked back into her room and found it laying in the chair she sat in a few hours ago.

Walking back into the office, I saw Stacie still leaning on the desk, but she was looking into the eyes of her pet as Jenny pleasured her. “Holy SHIT that’s so fucking hot!” I said to myself. I ran back out to the kitchen and grabbed my cell. I walked back to the office doorway and zoomed my camera in on what was in front of me. Stacie’s left leg was on Jenny’s shoulder and she had her hair gripped in one hand and the other supporting herself up on the desk. I snapped the picture quick and put my phone back on the kitchen counter. Walking back into the office, I watched as Stacie came. She shook and moaned loudly, but she never took her eyes off of her pet. Finally, Stacie pulled her leg off Jenny’s shoulder and put it down.

“Mistress Tara was right, you’re very good at that.”

“Thank you, Mistress Stacie, I look forward to the next time I’m able to provide your pleasure.” Jenny told her.

“Thank you, Pet. I’m going to go up and see how pet Izzy is progressing. You may rest or go back out to the pool and lay out, your choice.” She told her.

“If I may, I would like to lay on the couch and rest, Mistress.” Jenny replied.

“Very well. Put the furniture back the way it was and then you may rest.” Stacie told her.

“Thank you, Mistress Stacie.” She replied getting to work re-arranging the furniture.

I had put my dress and heels back on by that point and was watching Stacie for a moment. Fuck she looks hot in my boots. We need to go get her some made. She walked up to me and puckered her lips for a kiss. “I’m happy to oblige you…” I said as I leaned down to kiss her.

“I didn’t think that I’d have to twist your arm…” Stacie told me with a smile.

“Listen before we go up, I want to talk to you about a few things that you need to know going forward, ok?” I told her. She took my hand and we walked over to the love seat and sat down. “The first thing I want to explain is the submissive mindset towards a Dominant, ok?”

“Ok…” She replied.

“I think you already know this, but I’m going to explain it anyway. Remember when we went through Jenny’s poses and I told you that you’re training her the way you want her to be?” She nodded her head. “Your submissive is exactly that. She belongs to you and no one else. Take Kat for example. She’ll follow every order or instruction I give her because that’s the way I trained her. But she’ll defer to my instruction before she takes anyone else’s…”

“Are you trying to tell me that you’re going to give my mom instructions regarding our relationship?” Stacie asked.

“I forgot how intuitive you are.” I said smiling at her and kissing her hand. “Yes I am. I will not interfere in your relationship with your mom. When it’s just you and her, it will be mom and daughter, not Dominant and submissive. You and she have been there for each other since your douche of a father went to prison. I would be a complete monster to want to change that dynamic.” I told her.

“Thank you, baby, I was trying to figure out how to broach that subject with you. Mom’s hot and all, but her cunt gave birth to me… And that’s very much the turn off.” She said putting her head on my shoulder.

“You’re welcome, my love, I totally get it…” I said with a smile. “Now, Izzy…”

“Yes, Izzy. How was she when you saw her?”

“Lust addled…” I told her with a chuckle. “Kat and Amy have been giving her constant orgasms all afternoon and if I had to guess, she’s going to be your submissive as well.”

“Good, I have to protect mom and you above all others. If this is what it takes then so be it.” Stacie told me.

“Do you mind if I ask what you saw in her as a friend?”

“She went to school over in Nye county and I met her in political science class down in Tucson. She was fun to hang out and do maltepe escort bayan stuff with, but she’ll never be the level of friend you were.” She told me.

“Were?” I asked her as I raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, were…” She replied. “You’ve moved up to girlfriend/significant other status and that’s a whole different level entirely.”

“Oh? What kind of perks do I get with that level?” I asked her.

“You’ll find out tonight beautiful…” She said with a sultry tone. “So back to Izzy.”

“Izzy is having her ass taken as we speak. Your mom is doing it because of all my pets, she can swing a strap on like an old English knight could swing a sword.” I told her. Stacie started to laugh.

“I can see it… Yea verily, I cometh forth to slay thine cunt and ass with my mighty latex broadsword that looks strangely like a male phallus.” She said with an English accent. We both laughed hearing her say that. “How is Izzy taking it?”

“Oh, she loves it. When she was lubed up, she smiled and said that it felt good when fingers were slid into her ass.” I told her.

“Good, I’m going to take her ass and cunt this week sometime after she’s had some time to rest.” She told me.

“Like with Jenny, I’m not going to interfere with what you’re doing unless you need the help, this is all you and her.” I explained. “I’ll be paying attention if you have questions on how to handle things.”

“If you were in my shoes, how would you walk in there?” She asked me.

“You need to show confidence and a very strong will. I would walk in there like you own the place to start. Wait till she’s getting ready to have an orgasm and then step in and stop the play. Stand over her and hold your crop in plain view and then look at her with the ‘hurry up I’m waiting on you’ look. Move the tip around her chest and torso before you talk to her. Ask her if she knows who you are, and if she replies with anything other than your name or ‘You’re my Mistress’, give her a small stroke to the inner thigh. Make her acknowledge your Domination of her.” I could see she understood exactly what I was saying.

“When you say short stroke, how hard should it be?”

“When you discipline your submissive, you never hold back on the power of the stroke. You can choose to not bring it the whole way back and thus cause less pain. Less forward motion means less energy imparted. I know you like baseball, so think of it like a bunt. You tap the ball and it only goes a short distance.” I took the crop and showed her how to do it. I showed the difference between a short and long stroke and she understood. “I don’t think that Izzy is a pain slut, so a full stroke won’t be warranted if she screws up.”

“I got it… You math people are so smart.” She said standing up.

I smiled and blushed a bit. “By the way, since I’ve been informed that I have a girlfriend now, I’d like to invite her to dinner Friday night.”

Stacie smiled with both her mouth and her eyes. “She’d love to, what did you have in mind?” she said as she kissed my hand again.

“I’m going to keep it a surprise until Friday, but we’ll need your vehicle.”

“That’s totally fine with me. I do want to know if you can take me to where you bought these boots from, I can’t believe how comfortable they are.” Stacie replied.

“Other than above the knee, they look totally perfect on you.”

“You have much nicer thighs than…” She paused for a moment and looked up at the ceiling like she’s deep in thought. Suddenly she closed her eyes and a Cheshire cat type grin appeared on her face.

“What’s the matter?” I asked her.

“Nothing, I was just thinking about your thighs and how I’m looking forward to running my hands all over them and the rest of your body in the coming days, weeks, months, and years.” Stacie replied with desire in her eyes.

“Don’t threaten me with a good time, I’ll take you up on it.” I told her with a smirk. “The store that made these for me doesn’t open till 9pm, so we’ll go get your boots after dinner, ok?”

Stacie nodded her head and kissed my cheek as she stood up. “That’s perfect… Come on, let’s go upstairs before I hold you down and have my way with you here and now.”

Stacie stood and started to walk to the stairs. I’m almost positive that she knew I was watching because she put a bit more swing in her hips. “You do know that is the surest way to have me rape you right?”

“You can’t rape the willing.” She said, winking at me from the middle landing.

She walked into her mom’s room and saw what was going on. She smiled a bit as she watched.


The first word that popped into my mind as I watched my mom pound Izzy’s ass was “Tally ho!” I smiled a bit and then walked closer to the bed. She was on her way up to an orgasm, so I looked at Tara and nodded my head. I heard Tara snap her fingers and her pets looked up first at me and then at her. She must have waved them off because they dismounted the bed and let me be alone with Izzy. I stood and waited until she was coherent enough to talk. When she looked up at me, I took my crop and ran it over her breasts and stomach. She looked at what I was wearing and then up at me.

“Mistress Stacie…” She said timidly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32