Dallas Ch. 04

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I never hear his phone alarm. He slips out of my room very early and into his own room to get ready for the day.

He has to be on the convention floor by 8am.

I sleep in and lounge with a cup of coffee and debate my shopping expedition.

Looking in the phone book, I find the nearest Shoppe that I think will have something he has desired.

Black suit.

He didn’t give any more specs.

I gather my thoughts, take a quick shower, make myself presentable and head downstairs for a taxi.

The Shoppe has assorted suits, many in black leather, and many in satin. It was not a Dillard’s, by any means…. but I wasn’t after a frumpy suit. I find a low cut, black satin pin stripe suit and matching hat. Also, a red low cut top.


I take the items to the dressing room and decide which type of jewelry it needs.

Knowing that the jewelry will never be seen or noticed, I skip the jewelry and think that Less is More.

Change clothes, check out, and head back to the room.

Grabbing the phone, I call room service to have gourmet lunches package for me when I am ready to leave.

Hair up antep escort for the hat, heels from last night, a spritz of perfume and I am ready to turn heads at the convention.

Arriving at the east door, I wander a bit and make my way to the hall. Noticing allot of men in stiff shirts, ties to tight and bad suits, I begin to feel sorry for them. They notice me and I give a small smile and pass them by.

Soon I can see the familiar faces and I stand still, hesitate and take a breath.

He has his back to me.

I approach the booth and can feel my heart beat faster. Anytime I see him, it makes my heart jump a beat.

The others in the booth look around him to view me and he finally turns to see what they are looking at.

He takes a double take and says “wow.” I smile and whisper to him…”You said a black suit. You should have seen what I COULD have bought.”

A few hugs and ‘glad to see yous’ are given to me. I hand him the hotel lunch package and he says “Good, I’m hungry; let’s go outside to the tables.”

He takes me by the arm and leads me to the elevator.

“Opps,” I giggle and remind him I forgot my underwear again.

“No shit”, he comments. “In that outfit who cares?”

Making our way thru the crowds of many business men, he has a death grip on my arm.

“Are you afraid someone will nab me?” I inquire.

“No, I just want them to know you are with me.” he replies.


I glide by his side and smile coyly at the faces we past

I hesitate for a second and pull on his arm. “Do you know that man?” I ask. “He is the one from the lobby last night.”

Giving the “John” a quick glance with an ‘eat your heart out’ attitude, I am guided past him without a word.

Once outside, we find the picnic tables in a remote area and I climb on the table top and unpack the lunch.

He situates himself between my legs on the bench.

“Well, you didn’t let me stay inside for very long.” I comment.

“Nope, Not gonna share you today.” he smiles at me as he looks at my chest and licks his lips.

“Humm…..Don’t want to make the men inside uncomfortable now do we?” I question.

“Nope, and I’m not going to be uncomfortable for very long. We will go back inside for about an hour and then you are mine.”

I had no question that he could only take so much of this outfit. It was classy, but revealing and screamed of needing to be ripped off of me. He wanted to be the one to do that.

We finished lunch and returned to the booth. I am noticed by many who enter the booth and he is carefully watching the crowd’s reaction to me and my personality. My friendliness is attitude rival my outfit for attractiveness. He is careful to stand behind the table display to hide his distressed cock. He is not sure he likes me standing to far away from him. It is a sign of independence and I want him to know that it is okay for me to hug others and have others touch me and kiss my cheek. My peripheral vision knows where he is at all times.

After an hour or 2 passes, he loads his bag and starts excusing us for the afternoon. He makes up some story that we have to be someplace else.

Yeah, I know where he wants to go…

I’m thinking others are jealous and want to go also.

Again, he takes my arm and escorts me to the elevator.

“Where are we going” I ask.

“I want you to take me to the store where you got that outfit.” he replies.

“I want to get you more of those.”

To be continued…

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