Dad’s Valentine’s Day Surprise

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Abella Danger

My parents had the most beautiful marriage. They were childhood sweethearts who married young and had eyes only for each other. As their only child I was deeply loved but I knew the love they had for each other was rare and I can remember as a teenager feeling both happy my parents loved each other and also deeply embarrassed as I heard their lovemaking from the room down the hall. Their favourite day was Valentine’s day and I usually went to stay with my grandmother as the house filled with flowers delivered hourly throughout the day. Dad always bought mum the most romantic gifts. He would buy her the usual rings and bracelets but one year he gave her a frame with a pressed flower in it. It was from the first bunch of flowers he had given her and he had stolen the one bloom to press ready for their tenth wedding anniversary which he was sure of even on their first date. Just like their first date which had been on Valentines day, Dad always hired a stretch limo to take them to dinner. Mum always wore the same dress, a blue halter neck which she told me she had worn the night of their first date which was also the first time Dad had made love to her, claiming her virginity and her heart to be his forever. Mum still had an amazing figure and Dad loved seducing her in that dress every bit as much as he did that first time when they were teenagers. I would watch my parents and their passionate relationship and dream of the day I would find a man to love me just as my Dad loved my Mum.

You can imagine the devastation when one day as they were making love Dad found a lump in Mum’s left breast. Dad rushed his lover to the doctor and in what was the worst nightmare of our lives we all sat in the doctor’s surgery a while later as he told us with tears in his eyes that my beautiful mother was going to die. The cancer had gone too far into her lungs and her bones and there was nothing anyone could do.

Mum was amazing. She kept Dad and I together as she quickly slipped away from us. Once we knew of the cancer she seemed to fade before our eyes and although Dad and I knew we should be strong for her we could not deal with the thought of losing her and so right to the end she was the strong one, wiping our tears, telling us to look after each other and to me she said, “ Louise, your Dad will not cope with this, I am his world – you must promise me you will take care of him.” And of course I promised I would and prayed I would develop even half the strength my mother had to enable me to fulfill this promise.

That was almost 6 months ago and although I called in to visit Dad almost every day, he had not smiled since she died. Dad was forty and a very good looking man. He had those Hollywood good looks with dark hair and green eyes and stood 6’2”. He was built like a man who worked out everyday and although he didn’t realise it, he could have his pick of almost any woman – to be blunt my Dad was the best looking man I knew.

He had been running his own software business but since mum died he would not leave the house so I did the best I could to keep things going until he was ready to go back to work. I was 21 and had left their love nest at 18 to give them more privacy. They would never have asked me to do this but I’m glad I did as it gave them time on their own before Mum was taken from him. I soon got into the habit of phoning before I went over though as I walked into the kitchen one day only to find them making love on the kitchen bench. Even in my Alibeyköy Escort embarrassment I remember thinking my Dad was the sexiest man alive and I caught a glimpse of what looked like a huge cock as he slid quickly out of Mum and tried to find some clothes. No wonder Mum was always smiling.

I was desperately trying to find a way to make my Dad smile and fulfill the promise I made to my Mum when I realised Valentines day was coming up and I suddenly had an idea. I was like a clone of my mother. We both had long blonde hair, stood 5’8” and had beautiful athletic legs and firm largish breasts. Dad used to joke he had trouble telling us apart from behind and we were often mistaken for sisters. I thought that if I could bring Mum back to life for one more night Dad might find a way of dealing with his grief and I might get to see him smile. I missed his smile so much and even for me he could not manage it. It was like he had died when she did and he was just waiting for his body to get the message and give up breathing. I could not stand to loose my Dad as well as my Mum so I knew I had to do something drastic to try to get him to come back to the world of the living.

So I made some plans. On Valentines day flowers started arriving at the house every hour on the hour. I called in to see how Dad was coping and I thought I saw some life in his eyes mixed with confusion as he realised the valentines day ritual was still alive even if she was not. Just like her he said, to organize this before she died. I left him to enjoy the thought that Mum was reaching out from the grave and set about with the rest of my plans. I had left Dad’s tux on the bed hoping he would put it on. Perhaps he thought he would remember her a little better if he did so when the limo and I arrived at 7.00pm he was dressed.

I rang the doorbell. He came to the door opening it slowly and what he saw made him cry out and the look on his face was a mixture of anguish and joy as I stood there looking like my mother dressed in her blue halter neck dress. He knew it was me but I sensed he wanted to pretend it was Mum so I said, “Hi Jack – ready to take your beautiful wife to dinner?”

“Yes Susan – oh yes “ he said as he guided me to the rear of the stretch limo and held the door open as I slipped inside. He sat next to me with his arm around me and I felt his body tremble and wondered what emotions he was experiencing. Suddenly he turned to me and held my shoulders and looked me in my eyes. What he said next left me speechless – I guess in the back of my mind I had wondered how far the charade would go but I had no idea Dad would even accept me wearing her dress let alone anything else.

“Lousie I love what you are doing and now I need to ask you something – something that will forever change our relationship but something I know I need to have so I can once again experience the love your mother and I had for each other” I said nothing and I felt something deep inside me stir as he went on “ I need for you to be Susan tonight. I don’t mean just in her dress but in every way. I need to feel your mother again and I need to feel loved. Can you be Susan for me Louise?” He looked at me intensely and I could feel the heat in his hands as he held my shoulders. I tried to speak but could find no voice as all the dreams I had since I was a teenager were finally coming true. My father was the only man I had ever loved, ever wanted. I was still a virgin Alibeyköy Escort Bayan and I knew I had not let anyone touch me because no-one could measure up to this man. I tried to answer but couldn’t so I leaned forward and took his face in my hands and kissed him on the lips. Within seconds he was responding with such emotion and intensity I became frightened but he must have sensed this and so he slowed down. I managed to stammer out that I had never had sex and Dad was overcome with emotion as he realized he was going to claim my virginity and my heart just as he had my mother’s all those years ago.

The limo was still driving around the block. Dad stopped kissing me and he found the champagne I had organized. He poured us a glass each and we toasted my Mother as we sipped slowly. His eyes never left mine and for the first time since Mum died he smiled. I smiled back and before too long we were laughing. He then put our glasses down and looked at me with a wicked glint in his eye. He put his hand behind my neck and undid the halter, which fell to my waste leaving my firm young breasts exposed. “I always loved that dress” He said as he took in every detail before he lowered his mouth to my breasts and slowly and expertly sucked each nipple till they were hard and erect. I had never been touched like that before so the orgasm I experienced was a complete shock to me.

I was surprised to hear the moans from my mouth and even more shocked by the sudden dampness between my legs. I was embarrassed but Dad seemed to be happy with me and within minutes he had taken the dress off and was slipping his thumbs in the sides of my G string as he slid it down my long legs. I was now naked before my father, except for the black stilettos, and still slightly flushed from my first orgasm. He took a seat opposite and just looked at me. He seemed to be drinking in the sight with his eyes and although I tried to close my legs he shook his head so I left them open giving him a good view of my blonde pussy and the wetness his attention to my breasts had caused.

He seemed content just to look for now and then suddenly he spoke. ”Your mother always liked to arrive at the restaurant with a pussy full of my cum but I don’t want to rush you if you are not ready for that this early in the evening – what do you think?” What did I think? I had never even seen a penis up close before and now my Dad was asking me if he could fill my pussy with his cum BEFORE we had dinner??? My look must have worried him. “I will never hurt you” He said “I love you just as much as I love your mum. I have lusted after you for years now but I had your Mum and besides her you are the only woman I have ever looked at. If we do this Louise I will never leave you – I want you to know that” He smiled at me and than he leaned over and once again we were kissing passionately. His tongue was so intense and yet gentle as it explored my mouth. I responded eagerly and welcomed the weight of his body on my naked torso and felt his hardness through his trousers and he gently thrust his pelvis into mine. I wanted him. I wanted to make him happy. I wanted him to enter me and so I started to undo his trousers and then put my hand into his pants allowing it to feel for the first time his pulsating and rock hard 9’ cock. I couldn’t believe it had only been fifteen minutes since I had arrived at the door and now I was going to let my father make love to me.

I let out Escort Alibeyköy a gasp and wondered how I would cope with his enormous cock but I needn’t have worried. My Dad was an excellent lover and before I knew it he had his head between my legs and his tongue brought me quickly to my second orgasm in seconds. He continued to lick my virgin cunt, and I thrust my pelvis into his face wanting more of this new feeling but impatient for the cock I had held briefly in my hand. Dad told me later I was just like Mum – didn’t need much foreplay – just wanted to feel a cock in my pussy and I was happy. He had managed to take his clothes off while he was licking me so when he raised his head to smile at me with lips glistening with my juices I saw his nakedness. I knew I was about to be deflowered by the cock that had made me and so forever be bonded with my parents and to fulfill the promise I had made to my mother – to take care of my father. I realized this is what I had wanted to happen and I think my Mother wanted this too. It would have killed her to think of Dad never having sex again and yet she knew he would never be unfaithful to her even in death. I was a creation of their love so I was to fulfill the role my mother could not. I knew now that my father’s cock was the only one I ever wanted inside me and that loving him and keeping him happy was my destiny.

He raised himself up and as if by some instinct his cock found it’s way to my waiting pussy and started to inch it’s way in without any guidance from either of us. He held my face in his gaze as his cock inched it’s way into me – so slowly- I was insane with the anticipation. I thought it would hurt but I suppose when it is so right everything just fits. So while my father was trying to be gentle I found myself yelling in a voice I hardly recognised, “ get that cock into me and fuck me – just fuck me” with that Dad plunged into me and I felt a searing pain as he reached my depths but this was soon replaced by a sudden rush as my third orgasm shuddered through me. My Dad pounded his cock into me and my cunt opened up and pumped his cock like I’d been doing it all my life. I knew Dad wouldn’t last long and I was glad in a way. I didn’t want to be too sore to sit down. Within a few minutes his face clenched as I felt his cock explode inside me for the first time – filling my cunt with cum.

Dad collapsed onto me and when he raised his head we realised we were both crying. I knew Dad was finally crying for Mum but also for the realisation that his relationship with Mum was over and his relationship with me – his beloved daughter- was just beginning. I was crying for my mother and I know it was her that had sanctioned this union. All my life she had told me what a wonderful man my father was and had said, “Don’t loose yourself to just anyone Louise – if he is not as good as your Dad – say no – you deserve the best” and now I had it.

Dad smiled at me as we got dressed. He would not let me put my G String back on and so when we walked into the restaurant I could feel his cum running down my leg and I smiled as I knew Mum would have done all those times before. I knew I would never leave the house again without a pussy full of my father’s cum and I knew now why my mother was such a happy person.

I had wanted Valentines day to be happy for my Dad but never had I dreamed I would become his lover. My Dad was finally smiling again and I knew I had found the man of my dreams. The evening had changed my life forever

“ and it’s only 7.30 Louise” Dad whispered in my ear as we sat down to dinner. I smiled as I anticipated the pleasures my not so virgin body would experience tonight and everyday and night for the rest of my life as I became Dad’s Valentine now and forever.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Dad”.

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