Daddy’s Valentine

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Valentine’s Day…I hate the holidays almost as much as I hate spell check. Oh don’t get me wrong; spell check is great but I would really like to finish what I am writing before I have to correct my mistakes. It’s the same with the holidays. I like them but I wish it didn’t include gift giving. Valentine’s Day is the worst. A card just isn’t enough. Candy is cliché. Flowers are expected and a dinner out is really a pain in the ass. Every restaurant in town worth eating at will have a line out the door. Forget jewelry, I have a son going to college next year so money is tight.

Her family is well off and she has gotten just about everything she has ever wanted. You know the type. Mom and Dad supplied it all. They had four wheelers, boats, jet skis, horses, two week vacations every year. Daddy had a body shop so he kept them in nice cars. I guess the point I am making is there is nothing left to buy. She has been to every nice joint in town and there is nothing that she hasn’t already had. I am working class on a budget and it is always a challenge to make Valentine’s Day special. She doesn’t expect expensive gifts or a fancy restaurant but I do want her to feel appreciated.

It’s 6 in the morning when the alarm rings. I grab my phone and hit snooze. 6:05, I turn it off. I can hear her starting to stir. My hand caresses up and down her thigh. “I have to pee baby” as she gets out of bed. I lay there with my hard on wasting into a softy as she uses the restroom. The sound of her washing her hands and then brushing her teeth is predictable. Next she will tidy up her hair and then god knows what for the next five minutes. I decide to get up and make some coffee. Ten minutes later I come back down and hand her a cup. “Thank you honey! Happy Valentine’s Day! I thought we were going to have some fun but you were gone when I came out of the bathroom”, she pouts. “Ah baby we can have some fun now”, I said as I shot her a wink. “I thought you might like something warm and sweet to drink.” Her gaze diverted from the hot chocolate as a smile formed on her face. She loved a warm, sweet drink to start her day.

She slipped out of her robe as she rose from her chair. For a moment she let me look at her body. It was a beautiful sight. Her breasts were perky and just big enough to fill up my hand. Their nipples were large and begged to be played with. She loved to have me roll them in my fingers, squeezing them lightly. Her stomach was almost flat except for a little pooch that I found incredibly sexy. Her torso was narrow but swooped out gracefully to accommodate her full round ass. One more step and her arms went around my neck and pulled us close. Her soft skin felt smooth as her pert breasts rested against my chest. She kissed me deeply and our tongues danced unbridled. I grabbed her full ass to pull her body closer. God it felt good in my hand. She let out a soft moan as we kissed like young lovers. Our tongues explored each other in a moment of passion.

She pulled away and looked into my eyes as she slipped off my robe. She led me to the chair and asked me to sit “please”. She knows that I appreciate manners especially when she is submissive. I obliged her by sitting promptly and she obliged me by taking a step back so that I could survey her body. I loved to look at her curves and how they intersect in such a sexy way. It took a long time for her to be comfortable standing naked in front of me. She was always too self-conscious but finally learned how much I enjoy the visual of her body. The first few times I had her do it she was hurried and moved too quickly, but now her hands roamed slowly over her beautiful body for my pleasure. She let them slide over her hips and up to her belly. She cupped her breasts for a moment then continued up and ran them through her red curly hair. She held a pose with her arms up around her head which narrowed her torso and pushed her breasts out in such a seductive manner. I could feel my cock stiffen just from the sight of her. Blood had engorged me and it ached to be touched. She glanced down and smiled at her handy work.

She now turned around so that I could inspect her rear. She pushed her ass out and I met it with my lips. It was soft to my touch and I brushed my check against it. I kissed it several times and then bit it lightly. I worshipped the way it looked and how it felt. I loved to brush my face against it as passion grew inside me. God my dick swelled just from the sight of her as she presented herself for my approval. She pressed it against my chest and slipped down where it rested on my stiff cock. It jumped at the feel of her ass and Manisa Escort a clear drop of precum dripped down my shaft. Her eyes gazed back as a smile formed on her lips. Ever so slowly she turned and knelt before me. Subconsciously her tongue ran across her lips as she studied my stiff member. She let out a soft moan as she licked what had dripped down my shaft.

She slowly kissed around the base of my dick and let her check brush up against it, first one side and then the other. She gave me small kisses down my shaft and then back up again. She softly held my balls and then brought them up to brush against her cheek, like she had just done to my shaft, kissing them tenderly. She took one into her mouth and then the other. She studied them and then took them inside herself one more time. She kept her eyes lowered as she kissed the tip of my dick over and over. She let out another moan as she took it into her mouth. Again she studied it and then stuck out her tongue to let a drop of saliva drip onto its tip. My heart was beating wildly as she twirled her tongue around the head softly and kissed again. Her moan was louder this time a she took it in deeper and let me thrust up into her mouth. It felt so good to be inside there with her tongue twirling around my shaft. My member began to swell and in unison she moaned even louder as she plunging her mouth deeper onto it. She loved to challenge herself, seeing how far she could take it.

I grinned as she gagged on my hard cock. Her mouth glided up and down my shaft as saliva dripped from her soft lips. Again she moaned from desire. Her head and mouth worked faster and her moaning grew more lustful. She wanted to taste me and knew how to draw it from me. It felt so good and I was losing control. My whole body tensed and waves of pleasure coursed through me. She held it there in the back of her throat until my head began to swell and my body unleashed a stream of sweet cum into her mouth. Again she took it deep causing her to gag and cum to drip out of her mouth and down onto my shaft. Another wave ran through me as I continued to fill her mouth with the taste she craved. Oh shit I was wheeling from the sensation of cum spilling from my dick and her mouth sliding around my shaft. “Oh God”, I finally mutter, barely able to speak. She smiled as she licked what had spilled and softly kissed it again. She laid her head on my lap as she said, Happy Valentine’s baby”. “Thank you honey” was all I could say.

I went to work a satisfied man but my thoughts were more concerned with her gift than the one I had received that morning. I wanted to make sure it was original. Any fool can buy something at the store but it takes a little creativity to make it yourself. Some women like the store bought gifts but all women like the one that comes from the heart. They are flattered that their man cares enough to use his special skills to show her how he feels. Their hearts melt at the thought of him crafting something so special, so personal that it would fit only her. A gift bought from the store will be forgotten but one from the heart will be remembered for a very long time. Her gift this year was going to leave a lasting impression. Oh she would not forget this.

I called her before I left for work and gave her very explicit instructions. Turn on the CD player. It was loaded and ready to go. Use the bath salts beside the tub and fill it with hot water. Go to the refrigerator and she would find a tray of food. Take it to the tub and soak until I get home. Feel free to eat all she wanted but not to get over filled.

When I arrived home I uncorked the bottle of wine, grabbed a couple glasses and made my way to the bathroom. I kissed her on the cheek and handed her a glass. “Thank you baby” she said in a cheerful voice. I went back to the bedroom to make a few last minute preparations before returning. I undressed and slipped into the tub behind her. We sat there for a while talking about our day. While we talked I washed her and gently massaged her back and arms. By the time we were done the bottle was empty and we both felt reconnected. I helped her out of the tub and instructed her to stay as I dried off. She looked gorgeous with the water droplets dripping from her hair and making their way down her body. Her nipples were getting hard as she started to chill. From there I led her to the bedroom.

She saw the chair sitting in the middle of the room and made her way to it. She knew what it was for and instinctively lowered her body onto it so that her knees were on the floor, her torso rested on the seat and her arms draped down Manisa Escort Bayan the other side. I kissed the top of her head as I bound her hands to the chair legs using black electrical tape. I made sure they were tight enough to hold them there but not so much that they would cut off circulation. Four wraps around each wrist was more than enough to keep her bound. Next I knelt behind her and did the same with her legs but using eight wraps for them. Her legs were powerful and needed a bit more restraint. “How do you feel baby? I asked her. “Are they tight enough?” She strained to break free but was unable to budge. “Good, I am going to dress and then I will return.”

I dressed in a pair of faded jeans with a wide leather belt. I put on a wife beater T-shirt that formed around my muscular chest. After slipping on a pair of leather boots I returned to my Valentine.

“Were you a good girl while I was gone today?” I asked her.

“Yes I was” she replied.

“Did you obey the rules?” I asked.

“Yes sir, I did. I obeyed all of the rules.”

I asked her sternly, “All of them, even while you were in the bathtub?” She was very quiet. “Did you obey them even while you were in the bathtub?” I demanded.

“No sir, I didn’t” she said in a very soft whisper.

“Which rule did you break?”

“Sir I masturbated while I was in the tub. I couldn’t help myself. I was getting so horny with the music playing and thinking of what you might do to me. I just couldn’t keep my hand off of my body.”

I asked her sternly, “What do you think I should do since you broke the rule?”

“Please forgive me sir?”, she whimpered.

“Didn’t you know what the rule was? You knew you were breaking it. What would you learn if I let you get away with breaking the rules? You know you would do it again. I just want you to be good. What can I do to help you learn”? I asked her.

In a voice of defeat she replied, “You should spank me”.

“Why should I spank you?” I asked.

“Because that is how Daddy taught me” she replied. “Daddy always spanked me when I was bad”.

“Did you like being spanked by Daddy?”

“Not always, sometimes he spanked me really hard. Other times it wasn’t so hard. If I told him I was a bad girl and needed a spanking he wouldn’t hit me so hard.”

“Would you like to do that with me?, I asked.

“Yes sir I would. I was a bad girl. Would you please spank me sir?”

SMACK! My hand landed firmly on her soft ass.

“Did you call your Daddy sir little one?”

“No, I called him Daddy”

“Would you like to try it again then?”

“I was a bad girl Daddy. I need a spanking”

“You were a bad girl weren’t you little one. Tell me what you did”

“Daddy I was a very bad girl. I masturbated without your permission. I get horny thinking about you and how you make me feel so dirty. I get horny thinking about the control you have over me. When I am with you I feel like I am little girl again with you taking care of me. It makes me horny and I can’t control myself. Please spank me so I’ll learn. Please Daddy”

SMACK! My hand landed again on her beautiful round ass. Her butt bounced as I spanked her firmly.

“Thank you Daddy, I have learned my lesson” she stated very proudly.

“I don’t think you have little one.” I grabbed the riding crop from the bed and landed it hard across her ass. She yelled out in pain. “How does that feel little one?” I asked.

“That fucking hurt”

CRACK down the crop went against her ass. Crack! Crack it smacked her again. Tears welled up in her eyes as the pain settled in. She knew better than to swear in front of me. It makes me angry when she talks like that. “Why did you swear?”

“I am sorry Daddy. Thank you for spanking me. It fucking hurt you son of a”

Crack! Crack!

“Quit, it fucking hurts so “

Crack! “Are you sure you want to continue?”

Owwww you fucking assho..”

Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Your ass has welts all over it little one. Have you not learned your lesson?”

With tears running down her face she cried, “I am sorry I was bad. I won’t do it again. Please forgive me? Please Daddy”

“Have you learned your lesson, little one?”

“I have Daddy”

I knew that she had had enough for one day. “I forgive you little one.”

“Thank you Daddy.”

“You are welcome little one. Now what does my little baby need?”

“You are so good to me. I hate to ask for anything else but it is Valentine’s Day Daddy.”

“What would you like little one?”

“Could Escort Manisa you please fuck me, Daddy? I want you to fuck me hard from behind. I want you to fuck me from behind and then fuck me in the mouth. I want to taste my pussy on your dick. I want to feel my sex drip down my ass while you pound me. I want you to treat me like your little whore. I need you to pull my hair and fuck me and cum all over my face and ass.”

God she was making me hard. My cock responded to her pleads by growing inside my pants. It was hard and thick and pushing against the zipper, begging to be set free. It was all I could do to control myself.

“Little one, is that how we ask nicely?”

“I’m sorry. Please fuck me Daddy. Will you please fuck me?”

I loved it when she asked nicely. It is extremely hot when she asks “please” no matter what she is asking for. She has asked me to “please look at my naked body”, “please touch my sex” and my favorite “please cum on my face Daddy”. She knows that I cannot say no when she uses her manners.

“I would love to fuck you little one.”

“Thank you Daddy.”

“Oh you will thank me Little One.”

I admired her body as I stood over her. She was breathing heavy and her sex was wet. I reached down and ran my fingers in between her legs and brought the moisture to her lips to taste. She moaned with desire as she licked them. I pulled her hair up so that she would look me in the eye. I pulled my cock from my pants for her to see.

“Daddy it is so hard. Do I turn you on? Did I make you dick hard? I love to see it hard on you Daddy!”

“Oh little one you did make me hard.”

I could not take it anymore. I knelt behind her and thrust my dick deep inside her pussy. Her silky wet juices allowed me to glide right in. I slammed my hips against her ass over and over pushing my cock into her again and again. She moaned from the pleasure it gave her. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back like the reins of a wild steed driving my rod over and over into her.

“Oh god Daddy Oh god”

I could feel her body tense and then proceed to quiver. I continued to slam her as waves of pleasure shot through her body.

“Fuck me god. Oh please fuck me god”, she screamed

I started to lose control from her reactions. I fought the urge but had to pull out from her before I lost my load deep inside. My eyes tensed shut as the head of my dick swelled. Shit, it was all I could do to control it. A stream of seamen escaped from me despite my efforts and landed on her sexy ass. It wasn’t a whole load so I knew I could keep it hard. I smeared my cum over her ass and up her back.

“Oh Daddy, thank you for coming on my ass. That is sooo erotic. I love it when you rub it all over me.”

It was now time for her mouth. I got up and knelt back down in front of her. She opened her mouth for me to enter. She is my good little whore. Grabbing her hair from both sides I forced my cock deep into her mouth. I held it there until she gagged and only then did I pull it out. I let her take a few breaths but then thrust it deeper into her throat and held it until she gagged again. She coughed as a tear welled up in her eyes. She took another breath only to feel my cock pushing against the back of her throat. She gagged but I held it there this time. She tried to move her head away but I pulled her hair even tighter so that her efforts were useless. She convulsed from the belly so that I knew she would hurl if I didn’t let her breath.

“Oh, cough, god. Shit”

Drool dripped from her chin and a stream of mascara was running down her cheek. Tears were welled up in her eyes.

“Open wide little one and keep it open”, I demanded.

She opened her mouth to accept my dick but this time I shoved it in and out. I treated her face like a fuck piece and rammed my dick into her throat over and over. She tried to pull back and close but I scolded her sharply.

“Keep it open bitch.”

I spat on her face as I thrust my dick over and over into her pretty little mouth. She looked like a little slut that had gone around one too many times. Tears were streaming down her face mixing with my spit. Her mouth was drooling as I fucked her harder.

“Who’s you Daddy now bitch? Who’s your Daddy now?”

If I didn’t stop I was going to explode. One more thrust deep into the back of her throat and I pulled it out.

“Please cum on my face.” She half coughed. “Oh, please daddy. I want to be your little cum whore.”

Fuck, it shot out of my dick like a cannon. It shot across her face and into her hair. It shot again into her mouth up to her eye. God there was so much. I stroked it until her whole face was covered with cum.

“Oh shit that was a lot Daddy. That was so erotic.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day baby!”

“Thank you Daddy. You always give the best gifts!”

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