Daddy’s Tool

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A big THANKS to Ben Frayser for helping me edit this story…

Darla had no idea her world as she knew it would change forever.

It was Tuesday morning around 9am and her husband was away on a two-week business trip. She’d been having trouble with her van, so late the night before she’d called her dad who is a mechanic by trade and they agreed he’d stop by the next morning around 9am.

Darla was unaware that when she called, her dad was in the middle of giving his wife a good pounding, but the mood was gone and he’d gone to bed frustrated. Darla was a loving, devoted wife who at 38 never gave anyone the light of day.

Tony had swept her away and had been the only man for her for more than 14 years.

She was a MILF, no doubt.

The loud knocking woke Darla up from a deep sleep. Oh my God, it was 9:10am and she’d overslept. She frantically jumped out of bed and without giving it a second thought, she ran to the door and swung it open. Her dad stood there, frozen. In the light, he could see right through Darla’s nightie and it was easy to see she was naked underneath. He could see her brown nipples, her curvy thighs and her trimmed bush.

She didn’t even blink; she was still half asleep. She asked her dad to come in and turned to walk away. Now her dad was able to see her round, curvaceous ass. This was no longer his little girl.

She walked into the kitchen with her dad in tow and asked if he wanted some coffee, still oblivious that her dad could see her sweet assets. She kept talking to him, unaware that he was mesmerized by her beautiful semi-naked body. He had to try extra hard to hide the hard-on.

His mind was elsewhere. He imagined taking this beautiful creature from behind, bending her over and ramming his hard 9-inch cock in her sweet pussy. He could hear her moan, “daddy, oh daddy…”

“Dad, dad!” Her voice brought him back. She asked him if he was okay. He snapped out of it. She was standing before him so innocently still unaware of what her body was doing to him. He told her he was okay and thought about telling her to go change, but just then the phone rang.

She turned away to answer the phone and there for him to see was her beautiful ass. She remained oblivious. It was Tony. She was pre-occupied talking to her husband unaware of the show she was giving her father. He sat there Ankara escort unable to move, or rather not wanting to move. He loved the view.

He could see right through her short, silky nightie and more than that, she was bent over and he could see her ass cheeks. He had a raging hard on, and it didn’t help that he didn’t get to bone Darla’s step-mom last night. Darla’s conversation had changed and she was being a bit more intimate with Tony, at times whispering, telling him she missed him and he’d been gone too long.

Tony reminded her he’d be home on Saturday and when he got home he was going to chase her around the house and up and down the stairs. She whispered to him that he didn’t have to chase her, she’d give in to him without a fight. Tony moaned and told her he wished he was there with her at that very moment, laying next to her, parting her legs and tasting her while he pinched her nipples. Darla forgot about her dad.

She whimpered into the phone and without thinking swayed her hips making her nightie fly up for a split second, thus revealing her naked ass to her father. She moved her hand up and started massaging her titties and lightly pinched her nipples. She’d totally forgotten her father was in the same room. She was enthralled in her conversation with Tony.

On his end, Tony was in his hotel room in his boxers and getting quite aroused. He told her she was getting him very horny and that he was playing with his cock wishing it was her. She moaned lightly and told him she wish she were there to help him with his problem. She giggled.

He told her he wished he was home fucking her senseless. Darla was gyrating her hips and pushing her naked, sweet ass out a bit more suggestively, parting her legs and massaging he titties, totally losing herself in the conversation with her husband.

Her father couldn’t help himself any longer. He knew what was going on, he knew his daughter and her husband were having phone sex and she’d forgotten all about him. He massaged his hard on and watched as his daughter swayed her naked hips and parted her legs. From his viewpoint, he could not see her pinching her nipples.

He decided to go for gold… he got down on his knees behind Darla and he blew lightly up her nightie. He could see her ass and smell her arousal. She was in her own little world. She could feel a breeze down Ankara escort bayan below. It felt good. She was so far gone. She didn’t realize it was her father blowing kisses up her ass. She pushed her ass out giving her dad better access.

He took advantage and stuck out his tongue, touching her inner most private area in a most delicate way. She moaned. She was deep in conversation with Tony, losing all sight of reality, listening to his hot, steamy sexual banter, she didn’t realize her father was on his knees tasting her. Mmmmm, she felt so good. She could literally feel Tony’s tongue tasting her, she opened up for him, moaning, encouraging him, telling him his tongue felt good on her pussy. She could feel his strong, rough hands massaging her ass.

She could feel his hot breath on her pussy, his tongue reaching her deep. His hands opened her ass and pushed on her lower back forcing her to jut her ass out a bit more, he spread her legs more, mmmmmmmmmm… He was being more forceful, fingering her wet snatch, licking and kissing her asshole, reaching up and down her sides, taking full control of her body. In her dream state, she gave in to him. But this was all very real.

He reached up and took hold of her titties, massaging them, pinching her nipples, getting her even more excited. Both Tony and Darla had gotten themselves worked up; Tony, of course, not aware that Darla’s father was truly the one getting Darla off.

“Who’s your daddy,” Tony asked with excitement, “Tell me slut, who’s your daddy!!”

Darla had reached full euphoria, not realizing what was real and what wasn’t, and in that state answered Tony, “Yes, Daddy, oh yes!” This of course encouraged Mac, her father, to continue eating her pussy. “Yes, you’re my daddy,” she murmured.

Mac stood up behind Darla as she continued her conversation with Tony and she leaned back in to him. Mac reached around and took her tits in his hands and massaged them with a bit more intensity, pulling on her nipples, taking them between his fingers and pinching ever so slightly… enough to evoke a moan from Darla.

He ran his hands up and down her body, taking in every inch of her nightie clad body. His rough hands felt good against the silky negligee. The more he manipulated her body, the more she leaned back into him, with the phone still at her ear. Mac reached down Escort Ankara and undid his belt and pants. He had to give his hard cock some relief.

His pants dropped to the floor and his shorts were quick to follow. His 9-inch cock was now free and rubbing against Darla’s ass. Tony kept telling Darla that he was her daddy and called her filthy dirty names… slut, whore, cunt. Darla was so worked up. Mac stepped out of his pants and shorts and lifted Darla’s leg up just enough to give his cock clear entrance to her wet cunt.

He could hear Tony on the phone egging Darla on, repeating to her that he was her daddy. Mac smiled and in one swift motion, buried his thick, veiny cock into Darla’s cunt. Darla was in heaven.

She had taken herself to an unreal place wherein Tony was fucking her, but his cock felt different. She could hear Tony, but he seemed so far away… “daddy, who’s your daddy” it was Tony’s voice.

She mumbled in confusion, “Yes, daddy, yes fuck me, fuck me hard! Oh daddy, I want your hard cock, fuck me daddy, fuck me good!!” Tony, of course, thought she was talking to him and was beating his six-inch cock with fury. Mac was encouraged by Darla’s words. She sounded so sexy as she semi-whimpered, semi-whispered her need for daddy’s cock.

Mac had never looked at his 38-year old daughter in a sexual manner, nor had ever had an incestuous thought, but her body was too good to pass up. He started pumping in and out of his sexy daughter’s sweet cunt. She was so tight and she knew how to work her pussy. He grabbed on to her shoulders and slammed into her body, filling her cunt with his cock.

The intensity of the fuck brought Darla back to reality. She could hear Tony’s voice on the phone. She was momentarily confused. The feeling though was too good. The cock felt different, bigger. She felt fuller. She could hear a voice in the distance, “oh yeah, you fucking bitch, tell me who’s your daddy… tell me!”

Daddy, oh my God, it hit her and it took her over the edge. She had the most intense, mind-blowing orgasm she’d ever experienced. Her well-fucked pussy convulsed and milked her father’s cock. He was ready to cum.

She turned and looked into his eyes. There was no stopping now, nor did they want to. She held on to the counter with one hand as her father slammed deep into her pussy and deposited his cum deep in her womb. She told Tony she had to go. Tony was a bit perturbed at the abruptness; he still hadn’t cum.

As Darla was hanging up the phone, she heard him say, “Oh yes, you’re daddy’s coming, isn’t he?”

If he only knew.

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