Daddy’s Surprise

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Big Tits

I didn’t know what was in store for me this afternoon. Master had told me that I was to look a certain way today, and I was surprised when He gave me the order to dress up like we were going out. He told me not to look inappropriate for a night out in public, to bring my makeup and a hairbrush, and anything else I would need to get myself ready in the usual fashion. A lot of time has gone by since I’ve had a play date with Him, and I’ve been looking forward to turning myself into a little pig dolly as I usually do, dressed in pink from head to toe. I wasn’t sure how to react to this request, but as always, I did it without question.

I’ve learned quickly that He has very high standards for His pig slut. I feel that at this point I’m ready for anything, although I still get scared at times like this. I think about the plans He has for me, and how intimidating it is to not know any of them. I’m learning to swallow the butterflies in my stomach, and remember that I’m always safe with Him.

I got myself ready as I usually do, with a hot bath and an enema. I like to pamper myself in this way, and make sure I’m in the best possible condition I can be. I took extra care with my makeup and hair, made my skin soft, and painted my nails. I chose my favorite black dress, a garter belt and pantyhose, and some new heels. I feel sexy and ready, but have no idea how I’ll be looking at the end of the day.

As I finish up, I hear a knock at my door and know it’s Him. I quickly grab my things and run to answer it, not wanting to keep Him waiting.

We see each other and smile. “Hi piglet. You look very nice today. Good job.”

He grabs my face and kisses me. Before I can stutter out a greeting, He puts His hand over my mouth, restricting my breathing. I mumble a little bit because I’m startled, but I stay still like a good girl. Now that He’s here in front of me, the excitement has started to build.

“I’m only going to say this once piggy. You’re not to speak unless spoken to today, no matter what. I want to hear lots of oinks, grunts, and squeals out of you, but that’s it.”

I nod my head and let out a little snort. He smiles and says, “Good girl. Turn around.” The next thing I feel is His hands pulling up my dress, and spreading my ass cheeks.

“All clean piglet?” I oink and turn my head to look at Him. He quickly takes His other hand and grabs my hair, pulling tightly on it and jerks my head back.

“Stay still slut. I told you to turn around, now stay that way. Close your eyes.”

I do as He says as He runs His hands over my stomach, ass, and tits, while I try not to tremble. The sensations are heightened since I can’t see. The next thing I feel is a blindfold being fastened around my head, and I know it will be a long time before I see light again. He knows I hate this, but I don’t dare protest.

He continues to run His hands over me, letting them hover around my cunt and lightly tickle my skin. I shiver under the caresses and wonder what’s next, already prepared to be thrown on the ground and choked and fucked with His cock.

“You’ve shown me recently what a filthy little porker you are, and I think it’s time to introduce you to a new environment… Something more suited for a filthy fuck whore like you. We’re going somewhere very special today. ”

Immediately I smile and oink like crazy, overly excited for whatever He has in store for me. My mind is already running all over the place, wondering what He could possibly have planned. Now that I’m blindfolded, I can’t read His face for clues, and I’m frustrated. I’m snorting and giggling, so happy to know that there’s a special treat to come. Why am I all dressed up? Are we going somewhere nice? I hate not knowing, but this is the way things are with Him.

He puts my collar on and while I stand there blindfolded. “Wait here piggy.”

I oink while I listen to Him walk away while I wait. I hear Him return, and the next thing I feel is Him tugging on the collar. He clamps on the leash and starts to pull.

“I’m not going to deal with a fat slow pig today, so hurry up.”

He guides me out of the house with the leash, and I try my best not to trip as He takes me to the car and puts me inside.

“I was going to tie you up, restrain you and just watch you struggle on this ride, but I thought better of it and decided otherwise. You’re going to need all the strength you have for today.”

I whimper, wondering what He means by this. When He talks this way, I can never figure out if He’s just trying to fuck my head, or if He’s really going to put me through the gauntlet.

So here I am, blindfolded, being driven to a random place by Sir. I don’t know who will be there, or what He’ll make me do. All through the ride, He says nothing, and I just sit there quietly. There are things I want to ask, and things running through my head, but I’m a pig now and I’m not thinking about anything other than my animal self. This is what I am.

After being blindfolded for a long time, my head wanders, and Kurtköy Öğrenci Escort I start to feel like I’m meditating. I’ve forgotten where we’re going or what I need to be scared of. I think only of the animal I’ve become. Occasionally He rests His hand on my thigh, and I shiver. My body is responsive to the lightest touches, and I resist the urge to run my hands over my breasts, or reach lower.

After about 30 minutes, the ride turns a bit bumpy. He still says nothing, and I ask nothing. The car comes to a stop, on what I can tell is a gravel road. He gets out of the car and comes around to let me out. As He pulls me up, my heels sink into the ground a little bit, and the smells hit me like a slap in the face. The smell of earth, animals, fertilizer, and hay is all around me. We’re on a fucking farm.

He can tell that I’ve figured out the secret, but He still says nothing, just grabs the end of the leash and pulls me along. What are we doing here? What’s He going to do to me in this place? I want to see!!!!!!!! I whimper a little bit, and wait for the moment when He’ll explain everything. He leads me over to what I think is a hay stack, and sits me down on it.

“Take off your shoes, stockings and dress piglet. Don’t touch your blindfold, but get completely naked and leave your clothes here. We don’t want them to get dirty.”

I oink. I’m confused as to why He asked me to dress up in the first place, but I do what He says and unfasten the garters, remove my shoes and clothes, and place them next to me. I may be blind right now, but I know He’s watching me. The air is warm, and this place stinks, but despite that, I’m anxious and excited.

He pulls on the leash, and leads me away from wherever we are, and it’s not long before I can feel grass underneath my feet. I know that we’re out in the open, and I hope to God that there’s no one else around. I’m naked except for the blindfold, collar, and leash. He puts on my pig ears for me, and as He fastens my nose on, I let out a big oink. I’m bummed out that I can’t see how cute I look right now! I love looking this way.

“Who’s a happy little porker?” He says.

I smile, oink, jump around a bit and nuzzle up against Him. I’m waiting for the moment when He’ll take the blindfold off, give me some spanks, and let me get on my knees. I’m so happy that I get to be His fuck pig, and controlling my desires has been very hard lately.

“Good girl piggy! You look very cute. It’s time for you to show Me just how happy you are when you’re a pig.”

I snort loudly and push myself against Him, feeling that I’m already soaking wet and hope that I’ll get to cum at some point today. I’m so excited at this point that I’m clawing at the buckle on His jeans, just waiting for Him to throw me down and feed me. I’ll do anything for it. I do a pretty good job of staving off my hunger, but now I know that it’s so close, and I refuse to act in any way other than a hungry sloppy pig.

“Get on all fours, right now slut.” I do as He says, and feel the cold grass under all my limbs. He’s pulling on the leash, and I have no idea where He’s taking me. After a few feet, the ground below me hardens, and I’m crawling on what feels like dusty dirt. I don’t like it, and it starts to hurt. I whine and whimper, hoping that He’ll see my struggle and allow me to stand up.

“You can’t be whining already pain piggy, you can handle it. Now oink while I take my porker for a walk.”

I keep snorting as He pulls me along, and I continue to feel the ground change under me as He walks me further away from the car. I try to keep up with His pace, and I feel Him smack my porky ass with what feels like a cane when I slow down. “We’ve got a busy day ahead of us fat ass, hurry up. I don’t have time for slow swine.”

I hurry up as fast as I can, and am relieved when He finally stops me. I feel Him reach under my armpits and pull me up, and I’m happy that the pressure is finally taken off my knees. He begins to tie my wrists together as I stand there blind, waiting for Him to finish. He tugs on the rope, and I slowly feel my arms being raised up above me. In a few seconds, my arms are suspended above me, and the rope pulls so hard on my wrists that when He ties it off, I’m standing on my tippy toes.

“You’re going to be a good little piggy for me today, and we’ve got to get that meat nice and tender so it can be used properly later. Do you understand me slut?” I oink and say “Yes Daddy,” and immediately realize that I’ve disobeyed Him by speaking. He slaps me across the face, and I gasp.

“I hope that’s the first and last time you disobey me today hole. You know your rules, and I expect you to follow them. And take your pain like a pig slut, not like a wimpy little girl.”

I oink twice, and brace myself for the hits that are coming.

“You’re all dirty from crawling in the dirt slut. We’ll have to do something about that.”

I hear Him walk away from me, and the sound of a hose being turned on. I start to whimper and wiggle, Kurtköy Çıtır Escort hoping that He’s just going to towel me off with a wet rag… But of course that isn’t the case. I feel a stinging stream of cold water against my belly and legs, and I scream with surprise. He soaks me all over, and the bandana around my eyes falls down to my neck as He sprays water all over my face and hair. I finally open my eyes, and am completely shocked at where I am. I’m standing in the middle of a barn, surrounded by farm tools, hay, manure, saddles, and animal feed. I finally able to see again, and I can’t believe this is happening. My wrists are strung up by a rope hanging over one of the rafters, and He’s standing right in front of me with the hose. He grabs me by the shoulders, pulls me close to Him, and wraps His arm around my neck. He now has me in a choke hold with one arm, and with the other, holds the hose right under my nose. I can’t breathe with the water filling my holes, and as I start to choke, He lets me go. I gasp for air and snort as I try to pull myself together, and continue to take in my surroundings. He stands behind me and spreads my ass cheeks, and thrusts His fingers into my cunt.

“Well, it seems like all of you is soaking wet now whore.”

I moan, smile, and oink, praying that He doesn’t stop. It feels so good that I think I might cum within seconds, but of course He pulls them out as my arousal builds.

“Don’t get so excited, you have no idea what’s in store for you today. Now be a good girl and stick out your ass. It really is sad that your skin is so white today, that will have to change too.”

He lowers His face down to my neck and exhales on my neck. He takes His hand and traces the line of my spine, slowly, so as not to miss a curve. He makes his way down my back, lower, down over my ass, and rests his hand under the curve of my ass cheek and gives it a little spank. He traced another line, down my throat, between my breasts, my belly, and finally between my legs. I buck under the sensations, but keep sticking out my ass for Him.

He warms me up by spanking my ass, and it hurts more than it normally would because my skin is so wet. What follows after my small warm up is the most pain I’ve ever taken. I started to fly as He hits me harder and harder each time, my mind slipping into the beautiful space that is being a pain pig. He gave me a brutal caning on my thighs, bound my breasts and covered them with clamps, then tickled me until my wrists hurt from squirming. He was ruthlessly violent with me, only occasionally letting up to press His hands against the skin He’d welted. Every time He got close to me, I pushed my ass out against Him, praying that He’d give in and fuck me, but He just came down on me harder, with me oinking all along. I was happy to be able to take the pain like a pig, and I felt my mind slip further and further into darkness with arousal and pain.

“You need to learn to be obedient. Nothing turns me on more than obedience, and you spoke when you shouldn’t have slut.”

I oink and nod my head, knowing that I shouldn’t have been so careless as to forget my most important rule. Tears stream down my cheeks. Everything hurts, and I can’t stop myself from crying, but I’m feeling strong and ready for anything. I’m happy that I’ll have marks tomorrow… physical memories of this moment. I wish that I could articulate better how thankful I am to Him for properly training His little piggy, but for now, oinks will have to do.

He pulls on my matted hair and jerks my neck back.

“You’re so wet you’re practically dripping, slut. Now spread your legs.”

He walks away behind me and grabs something, but out of the corner of my eye I can’t really make out what it is. From across the room, He yells, “Lower your head and close your eyes.” I do as He says and wait, hoping that He’ll come back and stuff all of my slutty holes with His cock, because I can’t take it anymore.

“Keep your eyes closed. You can spread your legs wider than that bitch.”

I do as He says and anxiously await the invasion that’s coming, hoping that He’ll fuck me with whatever He brings back. The next thing I feel is a hard blow to my backside. I scream in pain, and resist the urge to say “FUCK!” and squeal instead.

“Open your eyes piggy.” He’s standing to the right of me, with a wooden broom in His hand. I must have a really worried look on my face, because He smiles.

“You’re going to take 10 hits with this, and oink as loud as you can after each one to thank Me. Understood?”

I look at Him and oink, ready for what’s coming. He positions Himself, and I watch Him as He winds up like a baseball player. He comes down on my ass harder than He ever has, and I scream. I oink loudly, and then He comes down harder the next time.

“I didn’t quite hear you slut..”

Whack.. I snort as loud as I can, and continue to do so until He finishes with me. My ass is hot and burning, and all I can think about is getting fucked and used. Kurtköy Elit Escort The sobs come harder now, as He asks me to tell Him what I am.

“I’m a fat and filthy pig slut who loves pain and will do anything to get fucked.”

He circles my halfway suspended body and pokes me in various places, halfway tickling me and halfway pinching me.

“That’s right. And what do we do to nasty pig whores?”

I suck in my sobs and say, “You hurt them Sir.” He nods and looks me over.

“Well yes, but more importantly, we treat them like the livestock they are.”

In a flash He grabs my hair again, and pulls. I scream from the pain, but look Him straight in the eye. He lets go and bends down, then picks up the wet and dirty bandana on the floor. He starts to fasten it around my eyes, and for a second, I consider trying to fight Him, but decide otherwise. I’m blind again.

He cuts down the rope from the rafters, and I fall onto the dirty floor in tears. My arms have been suspended that way for so long, that having them back in a normal position hurts terribly.

He starts to count backward from five. “Five, four, three..”

And I pull myself up before He gets to one.

“Good girl.” He puts His hands on my shoulders and rubs them, while I slowly regain feeling in my fingers. My wrists are red and throbbing. As I stand in front of Him, He begins to run His hands over me again. I hate not being able to see Him, but I can feel how close He is to my burning skin. I start to rub myself against Him, pushing my pussy against His leg, and He surprisingly doesn’t stop me.

Before I get carried away and rip off the blindfold, He grabs me by the nape of my neck, leads me out of the barn, and quickly throws me down. I’m suddenly wet; slippery, and it only takes me a few seconds to realize that I’m sitting in mud. I don’t know where I got it in my little pig brain that mud should be WARM, because I’m already shivering at how cold it is. The next thing I feel is Him ripping the blindfold off my eyes.

“Surprise piggy!”

I don’t know whether to shout for joy, cry out with pain, or laugh hysterically.

I can’t believe this. I’m sitting in the middle of what looks like pig pen, although I’m the only one in it. I look up at Him, to see a huge smile on His face. It isn’t long before He’s laughing at me, because I’m sure the look on my face is hilarious. It’s already all over me, and He practically threw me down on my face, so it’s all over my hair and pig nose. I think of how much time I spent getting ready, and how subconsciously I knew that before the day was over, I would look like complete shit.

I’m shivering in the freezing mud, but it feels good on my recently beat up ass and legs. I can’t help but look up and laugh at my Sir, who’s laughing now too.

“Look at the fat little piggy in her natural environment. How cute! Now don’t just sit there, you’re Daddy’s prize porker. Show off like a good pig and make me proud.”

I start to roll around in it, laughing and oinking, thinking of how pretty I must look. It’s in this moment that I feel more beautiful than I ever have. I’m a cum-fattened sow running around in a pig pen, snorting and being natural.

After watching me roll around snorting and getting messy for a while, He steps to the edge of the pen and puts His hand on my forehead, one of the only places not covered in mud. “Is the little piggy cold?” I look up at Him, nod my head and snort, trying to communicate that I don’t give a fuck about the cold… I just want His dick.

He starts unbuttoning His jeans, and I damn near go crazy trying to get at His cock. He backs away, and shakes His head.

“Don’t even think about it porky. Sit there and wallow in the mud like the disgusting pig you are, and don’t you dare get me dirty.”

I reluctantly sit back on my hams, and watch Him and He pulls His dick out. He walks closer to me, and lets it dangle right in front of my face… but I don’t move. I stay still like He wants me to.

“You said you were cold…”

And then suddenly, He starts to piss all over me. He covers me in the warm stream of it, getting it all over my face, hair, nose, and breasts. “Rub it all over yourself piss pig.” I do as He says, and He grabs my chin and forces my mouth open, finishing off the rest of it in my hole.

“Swallow it slut, and don’t spill any.” I eagerly obey.

I feel fucking low. I’m such a filthy bitch, and I know and accept it. I’m proud of the pig I’ve become. He pushes me back down in the mud, and makes me sit there covered in it and drenched in piss now.

“Get on all fours and crawl out of there slut, play time’s over. Don’t even fucking think about touching me. Come along.”

He starts to walk off, and I crawl as fast as I can to keep up with His big strides. My whole body hurts from the beating I took earlier, but I know it’s far from over. I follow Him over to the trough at the edge of the pen, and see that it’s filled with a bunch of slop.

“Eat up slut, I know you’re hungry.”

I want to communicate to Him that I want to have Him feed me Himself, or that I’m hungry for something else, but I know it’s useless. I’ve learned by now that this isn’t about what I want. He grabs the back of my messy hair and shoves my face into the pool of food.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32