Daddy’s Cool Down

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Another long day of work ended as I entered mine and Daddy’s apartment at 5pm. As I rolled in the door the apartment was quiet, Daddy finished work at 3pm but would go to the gym for about 3 hours after work each day.

A little more about me and Daddy; we have been together for 3 years now and we were a very happy, sexually active couple. I am 22, 5 foot 5 with a slim figure with some curves around my ass, I did squats every day so my ass was large and firm compared to the rest of me, also my dick was around 5 inches when hard but that was rare since I got hornier when my ass was played with anyway. I have dark brown hair that falls to my shoulders and light blue eyes to contrast it. Daddy on the other hand is 25, 6 foot 1, and thanks to his regular gym sessions, he is muscular and strong which made me feel small and cute next to him. To compliment this his cock was a solid 9 inches. He has dark eyes and short black hair. We both shaved ourselves regularly, I did it to feel cute and fem and Daddy did it to highlight his gains, which are heaven to touch.

Back to it, it had been a distinctly average day at work and I was aching to go home from the last bite of my lunch. I finally arrived home and walked almost automatically to the bedroom. I looked to the bed and saw a tiny black thong and my trusty collar. Stuck to my collar was a note, it read;

Get ready babes, Daddy will be home at 6 xx

I felt my face heat up and made a small noise of happiness as I peeled off my work clothes, showered and cleaned up, inserted my silicone plug to make sure I was ready for Daddy, and dressed in my ‘outfit’ which really left almost nothing to the imagination. I lay on the bed for Daddy, trying out sexy poses, feeling up my smooth skin, and waited.

It was a quarter past 6 when I heard the door open and close, I heard Daddy take off his jacket and put it on a hook, and then I heard footsteps growing closer and closer to the bedroom. My stomach panged slightly from nervousness, even though this had happened many times before. I quickly and silently moved on the bed into a sexy casino siteleri pose, and saw Daddy come into the bedroom. He was wearing a vest top and lycra trousers, with a very noticeable bulge on the front which made my mouth water.

“Hey Daddy, how was your day?” I asked in the cutest voice I could muster.

“It was okay, better now I’ve seen you all sexy for me babes.” He answered and pointed his finger down to the floor in front of him.

I obeyed the silent command and rolled off the bed and dropped to my knees in front of him. I licked the bulge through his trousers and took in the sweaty musk Daddy always had after he had worked out. I closed my eyes and slowly teased him as I heard his vest drop to the floor and felt a hand stroking my hair. Daddy let me have my fun teasing him for a couple of minutes before pulling the back of my hair down, forcing me to look up. I opened my eyes to see him looking down on me, I was practically drooling and still had my tongue sticking out.

He chuckled before asking. “Does my boy want to suck Daddy’s cock?”

He didn’t need an answer, he knew I was begging for it without saying a word, he likes me dumb and needy. He didn’t waste time and with his free hand he pulled down his trousers to reveal his massive, smooth, sweaty cock before moving my head and forcing it down my throat before letting go of my hair. I kept it completely in my throat for 10 or so seconds before I pulled back, gasping for air and my eyes beginning to water. I looked back up at Daddy and he hummed in approval before I went back to sucking and licking his cock. His musk and the act of being so submissive was putting me in heat. I needed it in my ass but I knew Daddy liked to watch me worship his cock so I carried on.

I took it deep down once more and felt it twitch before Daddy pulled out of my throat, leaving precum on my tongue. He pulled me up by the hair again and growled, “Are you going to be a good boy and take Daddy’s cock in your hole?” His grip on my hair tightened.

“Yes Daddy!” I moaned. “I need your cock in my hole, I promise slot oyna I’ll be good.”

“Good boy,” Daddy smirked, let go of my hair and pushed me onto the bed.

I lifted my legs up to show Daddy as much of my ass as I could. I felt his hands caress my hips as he slowly lifted away the tiny black thong, giving him view of my plugged hole in all its glory.

“Awww you made a mess babes.” Daddy said as he put the thong I was wearing on my face. The front was drenched in my precum and I sucked at it until he threw the tiny piece of underwear to the side.

“You’re such a little slut.” Daddy told me as he smacked my ass.

“Yes Daddy!” I gasped. He spanked me again.

“Yes Daddy what?” He raised his eyebrow and smacked my ass harder.

“Yes Daddy I’m a little slut!” I cried out. Smack. “I’m you’re little slut!” Smack.

“That’s what I like to hear!” Daddy growled and spanked me again, “You’re My little slut and I own this ass!” He spanked it one last time as if proving his point.

Daddy’s hand then moved to the plug inside me and slowly pulled it out. I gasped and moaned as my hole emptied. I didn’t need to worry however since as soon as the plug was out, Daddy began to push the tip of his cock in my ass. He took his time getting the tip in, stretching out my hole, and then forced in the rest of his cock, putting his post work out body completely on top of mine. I cried out and held Daddy tight, his sweaty muscles felt like home against my smooth clean skin. My ass hurt a bit from the sudden push inside me, but Daddy had me trained to take it all without a problem.

He lingered there with his full length inside me, his full body against mine.

“There’s a good boy.” Daddy smiled.

I grinned like an idiot and blushed a little. I loved when Daddy called me a good boy. Daddy chuckled and then kissed me roughly, making my head go light as I weakly kissed him back. He overpowered me so easily but that was the best feeling of all.

Daddy’s hips started moving and I felt his cock moving in and out of my ass. I moaned and cried out as it canlı casino siteleri got rougher and rougher. Daddy was fired up from his workout and my willing and hungry hole was his outlet.

He was fully pounding my ass, his hips smacked against my cheeks about as hard as the spanking he had given me a few minutes before. My head was getting lighter, drool escaped my mouth as well as high pitched groans. I was hot, both from the hard fuck I was receiving and Daddy’s body against mine, by this point I was sweating myself. I held onto Daddy for comfort while his cock pounded against my prostate. I moved my head down and kissed his chest, I could feel his sweat on my lips and was surrounded by his post workout musk, which only made me beg for more.

Daddy obliged, somehow going even harder than he was. With every thrust he rocked my whole body, which lead me to tighten my grip around him. I wanted to feel every inch, every thrust, every sensation. I was not disappointed, Daddy knew that he was sending me deep into subspace, and he wanted me as submissive as possible in the bedroom.

After what felt like hours of Daddy’s cock pounding my ass rough and hard, Daddy slowed down.

“I’m going to cum babes, be a good boy and take Daddy’s cum!” He groaned.

“Yes Daddy, please cum inside me.” I cried back.

“Good boy!” Daddy groaned again as his cock hit my prostate 3 more times before it spasmed and erupted his hot cum inside me. Daddy was a heavy cummer and this time was no different. He pinned me down with his weight as I felt his cum fill my ass all the way up. He finally pulled out and laid down beside me, some of his cum leaking out of my ass.

Through teary eyes I saw his cock was glazed in cum and, without the need for instruction, I lifted myself up with what strength I still had and cleaned his cock with my mouth and tongue. His cum tasted lovely and I let it linger in my mouth for a few seconds before swallowing it up. I then fell back and shifted myself so I was on Daddy’s sweaty, muscular chest. I felt it rise and fall as he breathed deeply, and I also felt Daddy’s arm come around me.

We were both worn out and I was beginning to doze off as I heard Daddy say.

“Good boy.”

I made a small happy sound as I closed my eyes in Daddy’s arms.

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