Daddy Teaches Me a Lesson

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My name is Lucy and I had just finished my first semester at college, so I had returned home to my parents. My room was still the same, right next to Daddy’s and Mom’s. I had heard them for years making love. It always turned me on, and I had masturbated to my Mom’s cries of pleasure. I always wondered what my Daddy was doing to her, and sometimes wishing he was doing it to me, though I knew that it was awfully naughty of me.

My Daddy was tall and strong and European. My Mom was small and pixie-like and Asian. I had heard their story of meeting many times and it always struck me as very romantic. I wanted someone like my Daddy, too.

Now that I was nineteen I was no longer a virgin, having tried sex in high school and in college. None of the boys who fucked me knew what they were doing. Oh, I came, of course, because I was so naughty I guess. But I didn’t really enjoy it the way I thought I should, the way my Mom did.

One afternoon I was up in my room with my earphones on, watching sexy stuff on my computer. I had taken all my clothes off and I was playing with my body. It was a good one, too.

Many men had ogled me. My hair was long and black, my tithes were small and perky, and I had shaved my pussy clean. I liked it that way. Easier to play with, which I was doing right now. And pinching my nipples to make them hard.

I was just about to cum when the bedroom door opened. Damn, I had forgotten to lock it! It was my Daddy, and when he saw what I was doing he turned bright red. He grabbed the computer and saw what I was looking at. Then he did something he hadn’t done in years. He reached over to my dresser, grabbed my hairbrush, and then grabbed me and threw me over his lap with my bare ass pointing up.

He then proceeded to spank me so hard I wanted to cry, and I did. But I also was getting turned on. While he was spanking my round ass he also was spanking my shaven pussy lips, and I began to cum like crazy. I was cumming so much that I was making his lap wet and he felt it. I could bahis firmaları feel his dick begin to harden. This made me cum even more. He finally threw the hairbrush away and began to caress my red ass and my tingling pussy.

Then he stuck his fingers in my pussy and found my g-spot and made me cum again. Then he began fucking my cunt with his hand, putting as many fingers in as he could. He did this until I had cum at least six times. All this time I could feel his hard cock pressing against my cunt from underneath. I started drooling just thinking of that cock. My Daddy’s big cock!

I now found out what was on Daddy’s mind. He laid me face down on the bed, spread my long, shapely legs and took off all his clothes, all the while telling me he was teaching me a lesson about being naughty. When he was naked, as I saw peeking around my shoulder, I could see he had a raging hard on and huge balls. I wanted so badly to lick that prick and those balls. But he had something else in mind right now. He leaned between my legs and started licking my asshole and pussy, alternating between the two.

He would stick his tongue into my pussy like a little cock, then do the same with my ass. When all my juices and his spit had lubricated my ass I felt his dick being crammed into it. This was the first time I had been ass-fucked and I enjoyed it exceedingly. It made me cum some more.

He rammed so hard I thought he might hurt me, but I didn’t care, I loved the pain and the pleasure together. Finally he shot his cum and slowly withdrew, leaving a cream pie on my ass. But he was far from finished. He kept saying over and over that I was a very naughty girl and lessons must be taught.

He told me that I had made him dirty his cock, so we needed to get in the shower and wash off the filth from his naughty daughter. That’s what we did. We went into my bathroom and started showering together. He wanted me to clean him. He told me to get on my knees and wash his dick. I scrubbed it clean.

Then he said that it kaçak iddaa needed to be cleaned with my mouth. I was in heaven. I was going to suck my Daddy’s cock and balls!

I began slowly sucking on his ball sac softly so as not to hurt him. Then I licked around the base and ran my tongue up and down his cock, following the veins sticking out, spiraling around his dick to the head. It barely fit into my mouth. I took what I could into my mouth, but he forced more into my throat making me gag. Then he started fucking my face like a cunt.

He kept asking me if I was learning my lesson. If I was going to be a good daughter from now on. I kept sucking and licking and nodding my head like a good little girl, learning her lesson well.

Finally he shot a wad down my throat, and I eagerly gobbled what I could, and licked his cock as clean as my lips and tongue would let me. But the lesson apparently wasn’t over.

We got out of the shower and Daddy made me dry him off and then myself, all the while he was fondling my body and telling me that I was learning very well. He might even be proud of me again.

He had one more lesson I needed to learn. While I dried us off I could see that his cock was starting to grow again. My Daddy was a warhorse for sex. I started tingling in my little bare pussy again.

He took me in and laid me down on the bed. As he lay beside me he kept asking if I was learning to be good. I kept saying yes Daddy, yes Daddy. Then he kissed me softly on my lips and told me he loved his little girl. We started making out and it got more intense, kissing and licking other on the necks and ears and cramming our tongues down each other’s throat.

All the while he had been playing with my perky titties, making my nipples hard and little gems. He would stop kissing to bend down and suck them and bite them and even make the nipples bleed a little. I was cumming from the attention. All the while I had been jerking off his prick. We made out like that for a long time just loving each other. I kaçak bahis kept saying that I was learning my lesson Daddy.

Then he spread my legs apart, put one long curvy leg on each shoulder and began the final lesson. My pussy was so juicy he didn’t even need to use his hand to put his cock in my cunt. He just pushed the head of his dick against my pussy and it seemed to suck his cock in like a vacuum. I was so fucking wet and he was so fucking hard. God, the fucking was good! He began ramming and ramming, and I kept saying I’m learning my lesson, Daddy. Please keep teaching me!

And he did. He taught me everything he knew. He fucked until he came one more time and I could feel it squirting into my cunt. As he came I looked up at the still open door and my Mom was standing there watching.

“Was she naughty, dear,” she asked. “Yes,” he said, “and I gave her the lesson she needed.”

“Then it is my turn to teach her something,” said Mom.

She walked over, caressed Daddy’s cock and began to take off her clothes! What did Mom want to teach me?

When her pixie body was completely naked she crawled onto the bed and sat down on my face, her pussy right on my lips. This was a new lesson for a naughty girl. She began fucking my face and telling me to lick it and learn. So I did. I ate out my Mommy. And as I ate her Daddy was eating me. He cleaned up all the cum from himself and from me.

Then he sat on my tummy so I could hold his cock and he and Mommy started making out as I ate her cumming pussy. She tasted like jasmine honey. His cum had tasted like scotch. I knew from experimenting that my cum tasted like chamomile tea.

I learned my lesson that day not to be a naughty girl.

When I returned to school that Autumn Daddy gave me a going away present. He licked my ass and fucked it again. Then he had us shower and he fucked my face again. Then we made out and he sucked my titties again. Then he fucked my little cunny and shot another huge wad into me. Then he ate my pussy one last time.

“So have you finally learned to be a good girl little Lucy?”

“Yes, Daddy. But I think I’ll need a refresher course when I come home again.”

“Depend on it baby girl, depend on it.”

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