Daddy, Teach Me to Suck.

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“Daddy, would you please teach me how to give a blow job?”

Had my daughter really asked me to teach her to suck cock or was my over-sexed imagination playing tricks on me? Hoping for the best, I asked her to repeat herself.

“Daddy, I want to learn how to give blow jobs. Will you teach me, please?”

It was hard to believe that my beautiful eighteen-year-old daughter Julie, a freshman in college, did not know how to perform fellatio. My ex-wife and I had encouraged her to remain a virgin until the right man came along, but I never held out much hope that she would do it. I wanted her to keep her hymen intact, but it wasn’t realistic to expect her not to use her mouth. If you could have seen her, you would understand why I was skeptical. She was the sexiest number in town with her centerfold tits and a candy ass that you could eat with a spoon. I confess that I had my share of sexual fantasies about her, especially after my wife and I broke up and I was left without an outlet for my excessive sexual energy.

“Julie, are you telling me that you have never performed oral sex on a guy?”

Her angelic face turned crimson with embarrassment. “I never have, Daddy. I’ve never done anything with guys. You and Mom said I shouldn’t, so I didn’t. I wanted to plenty of times. I got so horny that I could hardly stand it, but Mom taught me a way to take care of myself.”

“Have you ever used your hand on a guy?” She shook her head. My heart was racing with excitement. My beautiful young daughter, seemingly a total virgin, was asking me to rid her of at least some of that virginity. My wildest fantasies had not prepared me for this.

“Why don’t you let Bob teach you?” As soon as the words were out of my mouth I wanted them back. Why was I trying to talk her out of it? I should have been ordering her onto her knees instead of suggesting that she give her boyfriend the pleasure of being first.

“Bob and I have been dating for more than a year, and we’ve never gone beyond kissing. He told me that if he doesn’t get at least a blow job from me very soon, he’ll find someone who will. I’m afraid I won’t do it right. I want it to be perfect.”

“Alright, Honey. I’ll teach you.” I decided to start with the basics. “Have you ever seen an ejaculation?” I asked. She shook her pretty head again. By then my hard-on was too prominent to conceal. My mind was racing as I tried to come up with a plan. I had a fine collection of pornography and was especially proud of the videos that covered virtually every aspect of human sexuality. They had given me hundreds of hours of masturbatory pleasure and now they would be useful as training aids.

I led Julie to the livingroom and turned on the big-screen TV. I selected a video entitled “A Thousand-and-One Cum-shots” and pushed it into the VCR. I sat next to her on the couch and took her hand in mine.

“Before you put your mouth on a man’s penis, you must know what to expect. What you are going to see now are ejaculations, but in the porno industry they are called cum-shots. I don’t really understand why, but men love to watch other men cum.”

I pressed the play button on the remote and a pretty porno queen appeared on the screen. A man stood next to her jacking his cock. His spunk shot out and splattered her grimacing face. Spurt after spurt gushed out until the slut’s face was as glazed as a doughnut.

“That’s called a facial,” I explained.

“Oh, my God, Daddy. It’s so yukky. Have you ever done that nasty thing?”

“Your mother believed that semen was good for her skin. She had a beautiful complexion. You figure it out.”

Our breathing quickened and deepened as we watched men shoot their loads on faces, tits, bellies and asses.

“Why Ankara escort do they always pull their penises out, Daddy?”

“That’s the way it has always been in porno, Pumpkin. The first time a man fucked in front of a camera, he pulled out at the end and shot off on the woman. It’s like a period – no, an exclamation mark – at the end of a sentence. In real life, men usually don’t pull out, except to prevent impregnation. It’s a very unreliable method, so don’t even think about doing it.”

After watching a hundred or so cum-shots, I replaced the tape with a blow job tape. “This will teach you some of the basics of sucking cock, Honey.” Her blue eyes widened as the image of a woman with a fat cock in her mouth came on the screen.

“Notice how she is moving her head, Pumpkin. Forward and back and from side-to-side. Notice how she tilts her head to the left when she goes forward and to the right when she pulls back. See her drooling? She has so much spit in her mouth that she can’t hold it all in. Wetness is the key to a great blow job. Your mother used to think about caviar when she was sucking cock because it made her salivate. She had expensive tastes. Variety is also extremely important. Every suck should be different from every other suck. Do you see how her cheeks cave in every so often when she gives it a really hard suck?”

We watched quietly for awhile. Sitting beside her and watching the look on her face as she was exposed to pornography for the first time was an incredible thrill. Then I noticed signs of arousal. Tiny beads of sweat popped out on her forehead. She licked her lips incessantly. Two prominent bumps appeared on her chest as her nipples hardened.

“They always pull their cocks out and blow their loads in the girls’ faces, but that is mostly for the entertainment of the viewers. In real life, most guys leave their cocks in. It feels good to give a facial, but it feels a lot better to shoot off in the mouth. It’s my favorite way to cum.”

“You mean I have to take that yukky stuff in my mouth, Daddy? It must taste horrible.”

“Yes, you have to take it in your mouth and, not only that, you have to swallow it. Never spit it out. Always wait until he’s finished before swallowing. Let your mouth fill up and then take it down in one hard gulp. And it doesn’t taste horrible, it has hardly any taste at all. And don’t expect any warning. Most men won’t give a warning because they are afraid the woman will stop.”

By the time I had watched one hundred cum-shots and an equal number of blow jobs, I was ready for anything. “Well, shall we get started, Julie?” I pulled my pants down around my knees and exposed myself to my innocent daughter for the first time.

“Daddy, your penis so big.”

“It’s not that big, Baby. It’s only seven inches, a little bigger than average, but some guys have a lot more. I think I’ll take all of my clothes off so I don’t stain them. You might as well take yours off, too. It will be more natural that way.”

My heart pounded as we began to undress. I was faster than her and stood with my cock in my hand and watched her remove her panties and bra. She had her back to me so my first big thrill was getting a look at her flawless ass. She had toasted it a perfect tan at the tanning salon. It was truly a work of art. The golden hams were the size and shape of soccer balls. She shyly covered her breasts with one arm and her pussy with the other before turning around. “You don’t have to hide your beauty from your own father,” I said, as I gently pushed her arms down to her sides. Although a little on the small side, her tits were absolutely perfect. Her bikini-waxed pussy had only a thin strip of hair up her slit. The twin labia were firm and drawn Ankara escort bayan tightly together. It looked every bit a virgin pussy.

I was so hot by then that a blow job would have been over in ten seconds. I wanted it to last long enough for me to enjoy it and for her to learn something. I decided on a different approach. “Honey, I think it would be a good idea if you learned how to give a hand job first. Every girl should know how to do it so she can give her man relief when she isn’t in the mood for other games. Anyway, I don’t think you could handle my first load. It’s going to be a whopper. My second load will be half the size.”

I suggested we go to my bedroom and then I lagged behind so I could watch her ass jiggle. I stretched out on the bed and had her straddle my thighs. It wasn’t too late to back out. In a few seconds I would be committing incest, and I didn’t even know if it was illegal. “To hell with it,” I thought. “She’s got to learn sometime, and I might as well be her teacher.”

I jacked my cock a few times to demonstrate the basic technique. “Honey, it’s very important that you not stop jacking until I’m finished or you will spoil my pleasure. Just keep pumping while my juice is shooting out. The harder and faster you pump, the more juice will squirt out. Now go ahead and jack me off.”

“Daddy, why do they call it jacking instead of jerking?”

“I don’t know, Baby. It’s been called that for as long as I can remember. Maybe it’s short for ejaculate. Call it whatever you like but start doing it to me.”

An electric shock ran through my body as she wrapped her soft hand around my shaft. “Wow, Daddy, it’s burning up with fever.” She started pumping and I was in ecstasy – for an entire ten seconds. “OH, BABY, DON’T STOP. PLEASE DON’T STOP. I’M CUMMING!” Then the jism shot all the way to my face. My little darling kept fisting me all the way through the strongest orgasm of my life. Her pretty red lips curled up at the corners and her eyes sparkled with excitement. When I was finished, my hairy chest and belly were soaked with cum.

“Wow, Daddy, that was quick! You shot off more than any of those porno guys. You shot at least ten times.” She seemed very pleased with herself, as she should have been. It had been a damn fine hand job.

“Well, you did a good job on me, Honey. You know, come to think of it, this would be a good time for you to taste it.”

“I got some on my hand. I’ll lick it off.” She made a face as she slurped the back of her hand. “Wow, Daddy, you were right. It doesn’t have any taste at all.” I sent her to the bathroom for a towel and then let her dry me. “I can’t believe all this stuff came out of your balls. It’s amazing that you created me by shooting this stuff into Mom’s pussy.”

“Your mother got her greatest pleasure when she started with a soft cock, felt it come to life in her mouth, sucked out the juice, and then felt it go soft again. Why don’t you try it? Pizza is your favorite food, isn’t it? Go get that left-over slice of pepperoni out of the refrigerator.”

She returned a few minutes later with the pie on a plate. “Just put it on my belly where you’ll be able to see it and smell it. Your juices will really begin flowing when you get a whiff of it.” I had her stretch out on my legs so I could feel her nubile body against me. Her apple-sized tits flattened against my thighs. Her slightly-rounded belly pressed against my knees. Her fuzzy cunt nuzzled my calf. She lifted my hard cock off of my belly, stared at it for a moment, then slowly took it into her warm mouth. All of the hours of hard work to feed and clothe her were finally paying off.

For the next thirty minutes, I laid back and basked in the pleasure my lovely Escort Ankara daughter was heaping on me. I felt like a king! Her occasional giggles made it even better. Other than saying “yes” when she asked me if something she was doing felt good, I held my tongue.

“Remember, Baby, wetness and variety are the keys.” I can’t find the words to describe how good her virgin mouth felt on my cock. The adjectives warm, wet and soft don’t go far enough. “Am I doing it as good as Mom, Daddy?” I assured her that she was, even though she wasn’t. Her mother had perfected her cock-sucking skills on hundreds of cocks at swinger parties. No novice could equal her. But in some ways, she was better than her mother. The psychological thrill more than compensated for her lack of skill.

“Now I’m going to teach you a little trick, Baby. I want you to wet your middle finger in your mouth and slide it up into my ass. Every guy loves to have a finger up his ass when he’s getting a blow job. You can even make some guys cum that way, just with your finger.”

She wet her finger, then lifted my nuts to locate my ass-hole. The tip of her finger penetrated the ring of muscle. She looked up at me for guidance. “Push it in all the way, Baby. Oh, yes, that feels nice.” She pushed until her curled-back fingers were against my balls. “Now fuck it in and out while you suck, Baby.”

It’s unfortunate that there isn’t some way to save pleasure the way we save images and sound on film and tape. If only I had been able to save the pleasure I felt as my daughter gave her first blow job, I would spend the rest of my life a happy man. I would give anything to be able to play it back now.

“You are doing great, Baby. A little harder and a little rougher. Try not to scrape my cock with your teeth, but it’s okay to bite down every so often. Try it now. That’s good. A little harder. Oh, yes, that hurts so good. Not all men like to have their cocks chewed on, but you never know until you give them a sample.”

The fortune that I had spent on orthodontist bills to give her perfect teeth was finally paying a dividend. She bit down just behind the head on the most sensitive part of my cock. I assured her that my groan was an expression of pleasure.

“Do you remember what I said about not getting any warning, Honey? Because this is your first time, I will give you a little warning and tell you that I’m only a few minutes from splashdown.”

“I know, Daddy. You’re leaking like crazy.”

“That’s called pre-cum, Honey. When you start getting lots of it, you know the job is almost finished.”

I laid perfectly still and tried not to tense up. The last few minutes of a blow job are the best, and I wanted to make it last as long as possible. She sensed it coming and gave it everything she had. She bobbed her pretty head so fast that it would have been a blur on a photo. She finger-fucked my ass at three strokes per second. I shot my load down her throat with such force that she retched on it. With each spurt, her mouth got slicker. She followed my instructions to the letter and let her mouth fill up until my cock was bathing in its own pudding.

“Okay, Baby, I’m finished now. You can swallow.”

She gulped hard a few times and then picked up the pizza and took a bite. “Daddy, you said there would be less goo than the first time, but there was more.”

“Well, I guess that just proves that you are a good cock-sucker, Baby.”

Her boyfriend was on vacation with his parents and wouldn’t return for two more weeks. Twice a day for those two weeks I let my lovely Julie play my flute. By the time Bob returned she was a very accomplished cock-sucker, and he loved the expert blow job she gave him. Naturally, he wanted to fuck her afterward, but he settled for two bonus blow jobs instead.

After describing in great detail how she had sucked her boyfriend off, she asked, “Daddy, will you teach me how to fuck?” I’ll tell you how that turned out some other time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32