Daddy , Me Ch. 02

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I was living a double life — with double the love! My daughter was a beautiful bundle of pride and joy. Daddy was keeping me fully satisfied, both in bed and outside. With hubby away on assignment (bless him!), we had the house to ourselves.

The baby required a lot of attention, but luckily Daddy was besotted with his new daughter. He was always at hand, helping me in everything, from changing nappies to feeding & putting her to sleep. In fact Daddy was probably spending more time with our daughter than me!

In helping me Daddy had his own vested interest. As he himself confessed, he did not want me to get too tired to make love. At his insistence, the baby was usually given bottle feed, except when hubby was at home. Otherwise, Daddy reserved all my breast milk for himself. He would nurse as soon he woke up and whenever he felt like taking a sip. He started milking my breasts into his morning coffee and cornflakes. I would stoop over the dining table, as Daddy pulled at my nipples to milk me into his cup or bowl. My nipples grew longer due to the frequent tugging and pulling.

When the baby was three months old, my mother wanted to see her grandchild. Daddy agreed to take me to my home town for a brief visit. We took a day long train journey in an air conditioned coach. Since I was visiting my home town, I was demurely dressed in a saree and blouse. During the entire 6 hour journey, Daddy had his arm around me, and under my blouse. I was occupying the window seat, with the baby in my lap.

My hubby was an extremely proud father. He was convinced that the baby resembled his side of the family — and why not? I certainly did not want to argue the point! Our sex life was as bland as before. Hubby felt he had done his duty and proved his virility by impregnating me. His feeble love making ceased to hold any fascination for me.

Although our sex life was nothing to write about, I was still a dutiful wife. I would take care of his meals, cooking his favourite meals whenever he was in town. I kept his clothes clean and attended to all his needs. Whenever he was in town, we used to meet with friends, party and have fun. It was just our sexual appetites that were not in harmony. Hubby thought sex was a small part of our relationship, whereas my needs were much higher than he could satisfy.

When I look back, it appears ridiculous. Here was my husband, a young man, supposedly in the peak of his health, but with a sexual desire that was minimal. Sometimes I thought he was having an affair on the side. Initially I felt angry, and even wounded that he could even be with another woman. Then I realized what I was involved in, but although the hurt felt less, my womanly suspicion was aroused.

Once I jokingly asked hubby whether he had any flings during his long assignments away from town. He laughed it off, but I was not satisfied. I pretended to be angry and pretended to sulk for several hours before he relented. Hubby finally gave in. He led me to the prayer room and swore on our daughter that he had never touched any woman other than me.

My relationship and escapades with Daddy continued unabated. In the beginning, I had to take the initiative. As time went by, Daddy got more and more comfortable. He began to slowly take charge, which I believe is the way it should be. The women’s liberation movement is a fraud. Secretly every woman craves for a strong man, who dominates her in their relationship. It is what nature intended.

Daddy would never allow me to wear panties and bra when we were alone. His advanced age had not diminished his sexual desire one bit. He would always have an arm caressing my nipple or stroking my pussy. He particularly enjoyed shoving a finger up my rectum, often making me jump when he caught me unawares. Sometimes he would grab me, twist my face and give me a long kiss. He would insist on leaving a heavy ball of his saliva in my mouth, marking me as his own.

Our bathroom Beylikdüzü escort games of pee and scat were put in abeyance by mutual consent. I did not want to participate until I had weaned the baby. Daddy was caught in two minds. On one side he yearned to release his golden fluid down my throat and feel my velvet tongue clean his anus. At the same time he had got addicted to my breast milk of which he was now almost the sole beneficiary.

Daddy knew that the baby was growing and so decided to make the best use of my remaining lactating time. All night he would suck and drain by breasts. Day time was no different. Sometimes I felt I was more a cow than a human. Despite Daddy’s best efforts to keep the milk flowing, my supply began to peter out. Sometimes he would suck in vain, trying to entice the life giving fluid. I even felt sorry for him and tried to help by trying to let down milk into his eager mouth.

Our baby was now 6 months old. She began to recognize us and slowly even imitating us in her own small way. Once she grabbed my nipple and began to try and milk me like she saw Daddy doing. Both of us realized that we had to be more careful. I forbade Daddy from sucking my nipples and other obvious acts in her presence.

Slowly the private time Daddy & I got became restricted. During daytimes we could indulge ourselves only when our daughter was asleep. Daddy became more and more aggressive with the reduced opportunity and time. What he lacked in time, he more than made up in intensity.

I was still getting my regular quota of Daddy’s cum. He would still plough my pussy, ream my anus or simply let loose a torrent of semen in my mouth. The choice of orifice was his alone. One afternoon, he was watching a cricket match and his team was losing. I knew that by the fierce pinches and even bites on my neck and breasts. My nipples were chewed and almost bleeding.

Daddy suddenly pulled my face to his cock and started humping my mouth. I started sucking dutifully. Suddenly just as he was about to ejaculate, Daddy pulled out of my mouth. Before I knew what he intended, he placed his cock at my nose. In vain he tried to push his rod into my nostril. It barely entered before he shot a stream of cum up my nostril. I was struggling to breathe, but he just moved his cock and released a second shot up my other nostril. My mouth was open as I gasped for breath, and Daddy placed his cock on my tongue and small trickles of semen spread on the pink surface.

Daddy became like a small boy who had discovered a new toy. He would insist on ejaculating up my nose and a few times even shot his seed into my ears. Initially, I found it difficult to breathe when the semen was blocking my nasal passage.

However, we women are nothing, if not adaptable. Slowly I got accustomed to breathing thru my mouth. It was just like having a bad cold and nose block! Daddy told me that once I stopped lactating, he would piss up my nose into my belly.

One great advantage of breastfeeding is that my body soon returned to my pre delivery shape. However my breasts had certainly grown a cup size. Thanks to Daddy, my nipples had grown almost an inch longer. I was getting worried that my breasts had begun to droop because of the frequent pulling and tugging Daddy subjected it to. Finally I took courage into my hands and told Daddy that we had to allow my tits to dry up as anyway the milk production had almost stopped.

Daddy reluctantly agreed. Suddenly my hubby came beaming with happiness. He had taken a week’s holiday to spend time with me and the baby. I was taken aback with surprise. Hubby folded me into a warm embrace. While Daddy was looking at us, I just gave him a naughty wink. Daddy glared at me. If looks could kill, this story would have ended here!

The week that followed was one of the busiest in my life. I had to juggle between my husband, baby & Daddy. Daddy was the most frustrated of the lot. Hubby Beylikdüzü escort tried to ‘make up’ to me for all the time he had been away from home. I could sense the tension building up in Daddy and was worried that he may lose control and destroy matters.

I did try to sneak away from time to time to give Daddy a few minutes of my time. He was not happy but understood that he had to be patient and restrain himself. I sent hubby out on errands, brief visits to buy household articles. In the evenings we were not going out, I told hubby to take our daughter for a stroll saying they should bond more.

Daddy was grateful, but lecherous in taking advantage of these brief interludes. He was strictly forbidden to bite or leave any hickey or mark on me. He satisfied himself by kissing me, leaving bid slobs of his saliva in my mouth. He would rub my face in his hairy smelly armpit and my licking his sweat. He even insisted on blowing his nose and made me lick the slimy mucous flowing down. I obliged all his desires, as a woman wanting to please her man.

Hubby’s holiday ended and he resumed work. Daddy was waiting with vengeance. As soon as the baby was asleep, he began pawing my body. He kissed me till I almost began to wheeze with breathlessness. My breasts were squeezed, pulled, moulded into different shapes till I begged him to stop. He relented, but shifted to my nipples which he chewed like a student biting on an eraser. He shoved his fingers into my pussy and rectum, manipulating both passages.

Feeling sorry for Daddy, I allowed him to do what he wanted. It was painful at times, but I wanted to prove my love and devotion to him. He kept complaining how he had missed me. I wanted to reward Daddy for his good behavior and promised him a special treat. He wanted to know what it was, but I refused, laughing that it is a surprise.

Daddy then dragged me to the bathroom saying that since I was not in milk, he wanted to enjoy all the pleasures he had sacrificed so long. I understood what he wanted and willingly accompanied him. Daddy wanted to pee in my mouth. I agreed and kneeled before him, like a devotee waiting for a benediction. I lovingly took his long thick cock in my hand and gave the crown a loving lick.

With his erection, Daddy was finding it difficult to pee. I tried to relax him, by lovingly sucking his balls, his perineum, and gave a teasing flick of my tongue on his anus. It took several minutes before Daddy could release his golden fluid. I looked up at him and using his cock like a hand shower, I moved it all over to drench my eyes, face and ears. Daddy almost jumped in shock, when I moved his cock to my nose and directed the stream up my nostril. I switched between my right and left and right nostrils, breathing thru my mouth.

Daddy was concerned when I sneezed a few times, his pungent urine burning my nasal passage. I told him not to bother. I then asked him whether he wanted to empty his bowels. Daddy was excited and said he would try. I told him to turn around and spread his ass cheeks with my two hands. I moved forward and buried my face between his buttocks, and breathed in to inhale his special scent.

My tongue was lathering his dark hole and I pushed it in as deep as possible. Daddy strained and before we knew it, he let out a big fart. I refused to move, allowing the gas to enter my mouth and breathed deeply. Seeing that he was unable to excrete any solid matter, I inserted my index finger into his rectum and began to massage his rear passage. I was soon rewarded as I my finger felt something pushing down. I removed my finger and waited eagerly.

Daddy pushed down a small log of shit. I reverently received it in my hands and placed it in the toilet bowl. Daddy kept straining but could produce nothing further. I then moved forward. I could see small pieces of brown shit clinging all along the circumference of his anal orifice. A few strands of grey hair, also Escort Beylikdüzü stained yellow were visible. I opened my mouth and with my loving lips, I tried to pick out the small turds. I continued by wetting my tongue and lovingly cleaned Daddy. I refused to use toilet paper or water insisting on using my tongue.

As we were going out of the toilet, Daddy asked if I was not going to wash my mouth. I told him that I wanted to retain his taste in my mouth as long as possible. Daddy was pleased and he accompanied me back, keeping one finger each deeply inserted in my anus and pussy. I felt totally possessed and powerless. Daddy owned me and I loved it.

Our pleasant and peaceful co-existence continued. I looked after my baby, did my duty toward hubby and satisfied Daddy in whatever he wanted of me. However I felt our family was still incomplete. Like all Indians, I too wanted a son. It is not only men who want male heirs. Even Indian women desire male children. It is deeply ingrained in our culture.

Hubby was not too keen on a second child so soon. Neither was Daddy. He was just getting all his dark fantasies enacted and was worried that pregnancy may interrupt some of our bathroom games. I convinced daddy that we should have the second baby soon. I pointed out that even now, the baby was growing and we had to be careful in her presence. If we delayed the second child after the first was in school, as Daddy suggested, we would have less time alone. I wanted the second child immediately so that the two could grow up together and also give us more private time as they will be in school at the same time.

Daddy saw reason and agreed, but made me promise that like last time, I would reserve all my breast milk for him. I agreed, but made him promise to be discreet. We both agreed that we wanted a son this time!

I wanted to visit the beauty parlour. It had been several months and I wanted to get a full facial. When I mentioned this to Daddy, he just smiled. Next day, I was getting ready to go, when Daddy suddenly came and dragged me by my hair. He was furious at my temerity in planning an outing without seeking his permission.

I was worried that he may pull out the hair from my scalp. Daddy was unrelenting and ignored my cries and pleas. He made me kneel in the bathroom and fold my hands like a cup. Daddy then turned around and after straining and pushing, managed to push out a sizable turd of shit. Under Daddy’s strict supervision, I spread the yellow waste all over my face. He also made me coat both my nostrils and inner ears with his shit.

I was then made to clean Daddy’s dirty asshole. He finally made me put a piece into my mouth, telling me to keep it on my tongue and note to swallow without permission. Daddy told me that this was the only face pack I will be allowed. After making me soak in his shit for an hour, Daddy tried to wash off my face pack with his urine. The stream was not enough to fully wash my face. Daddy then told me to open my mouth and show him my tongue.

The small piece in my mouth had almost melted. Daddy cleared his throat and spat a big roll of saliva, snot & phlegm into my mouth and asked me to swallow. He then made me clean my face with my hands and eat up the remaining mix of shit and piss left on my face. I was feeling totally humiliated and degraded — yet I loved every minute. I was Daddy’s love slave and he could do what he wished with me!

It was easy to fool hubby & get pregnant again. We waited until he was due to go out for an assignment lasting six weeks. That evening, I was dressed to kill. Hubby & I had gone out for dinner. Daddy was at home babysitting. He had taken a few drinks. When we returned, Daddy had conveniently put the Baby to sleep. I put on my most sexy nightie. I had bought it especially for the occasion. Hubby was aroused. Like always, he started and finished making love in five minutes. I lay flat pretending to be aroused and responding to his caress.

The next morning, hubby left for his tour. I took the “morning after” pill and gave myself a thorough douche. Daddy had fed the baby and was playing with her when I went to him. He looked up at me & I nodded and smiled. We were ready to produce our son!

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