Daddy and Babygirl Ch. 08

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*participants are over the age of 18*

…she sneaks up behind him at the computer and places her hands over his eyes and whispers huskily in his ears “guess who?”

He quickly spins around and pulls her down into his lap so she is straddling him and they lock in a passionate wild kiss. Their mouths open and their tongues dance with each other. She places one hand on each side of his face pulling him in closer to her, instinctively her hips are grinding up against him. His hands have found their way to her ass, pulling her in closer to him. He can already feel the heat radiating from between her legs, she can already feel the hardness growing from between his. Pure lust between them.

He stands from his chair and walks over to the bed, pulling her down on top of him. His hands slide up her body and he pulls off her shirt. She reaches back and unhooks her bra, throwing it off to the side as well. She leans back down and kisses him wildly, her bare tits brushing against his shirt. Her tits instantly hard and sticking out, begging for his attention. She reaches down between them and grabs at his shirt. Pulling it up and over his head and going back in for more kisses. Biting at his lips, his chin, his neck, and his now bare chest mmmmm.

She locks her hands in his and slides them up by his head, as she leans in and whispers to him “don’t move your hands.” She nips at his ears, his neck, his chin, his bottom lip, and slips her tongue in and dances with his once more. Her hands roaming freely across his chest.

She leans up so she Kurtköy escort bayan is straddling him. She starts to play with her tits. Pinching them, pulling them, twisting them, lifting them up and letting her tongue flick across them. She moans and grinds her body into his. She lifts her tits to her mouth and leans in to his face. Her tongue sliding across her tits, just out of reach from his mouth. She lets them fall slightly, giving them a brief moment to rest upon his lips before letting them drop to the sides and she devours his mouth once more.

She lets her kisses trail from his mouth to his chin to his neck to his chest to his nipples to his tummy and placing a kiss at the top of his jeans. She breathes heavily as she slides her mouth down his pants to his dick and places a kiss through his jeans. She kisses each leg, each knee, each foot, each toe and back up again.

She unzips his jeans and pulls them down, her hot breath trailing behind them. Throwing them off to the pile of clothes that has now collected on the floor. His boxers quickly following. Before going back to her work she stands above him and turns around, seductively removing the few articles of clothing she has left on her body.

She kneels between his legs and takes his hardened dick into her warm hands and pumps it several times, squeezing it firmly. Her tongue finding its way to his balls as she devours each one into her mouth. She crisscrosses her way up the underside of his dick starting at the bottom, until she has made her way to the now Escort Kurtköy swollen purple head. She takes it into her mouth and sucks it firmly. Her tongue dancing around it, paying extra attention to the little slit, applying direct pressure.

She opens up and slides her hot wet mouth down onto his engorged dick. Feeling it hit the back of her throat, gagging her slightly. She takes a deep breath and concentrates. Opening up her throat and giving one quick thrust she forces his dick into her throat. Holding him there for a moment before coming back up for a breath. Her nimble fingers finding his tightening balls, massaging them against her palms. Coaxing them. Teasing them.

She finds her rhythm quickly and is bobbing up and down on his swollen dick in no time. Each time slipping it into her opening throat. Her nose meeting his stomach, her hands working his balls in perfect syncronization with her mouth. She slips a finger in her mouth and gets it nice and wet and the next time she has his dick buried in her throat she glides her wet finger across his asshole. He flinches forward forcing his dick to jump in her throat. She moans around him from the sensations which causes him to jump again. She starts to play with his asshole. The new sensations are too much and in moments his cock is swelling, his balls are tightening, and he is erupting inside her throat. Stream after stream slipping down, she swallows fast to keep up, not wanting to waste a single drop.

As she pulls her head off of his dick she sucks her cheeks in Kurtköy Rus Escort tight, cleaning his cock off along the way. She pays special attention to the head – getting every last droplet of the pearly cum left behind. She licks her lips and moans her appreciation for the special deliverance he has offered her.

She crawls up on the bed beside him and whispers in his ear “feel free to move your hands now!” Before she can even finish her sentence he is on top of her, crushing the air from her lungs in surprise. Now it is his turn to lean in and whisper in her ear “you better be ready to finish what you have started here babygirl!”

Within seconds he has her legs spread wide, her pussy is wet and throbbing in anticipation. He takes his dick and slides it up and down her slit, teasing her. She tries to thrust herself forward onto him and is rewarded with a sharp slap on her pussy. Ohhhh, she groans. In one hard solid thrust his dick is buried to the hilt in her receptive hole. Fulfilling its purpose to his tool. He thrusts in and out of her with complete abandonment. Pure lust in his eyes. Animalistic need taking over him. He growls and grunts as he pumps her hard and fast. She meets his every thrust with her own. Wanting it just as much as him. Her own animal lust taking her over as well. Fucking each other wildly, their passionate screams filling the room.

He arches his back and yells out as she feels spurt after hot spurt erupt inside her pussy, setting off her own release as her walls trap him inside, squeezing him tightly as her body milks him for every drop that is in there. He collapses on top of her and they end with a sweet loving kiss. He rolls over to his back and she lays her head upon his chest. His arm wrapped around her side stroking her hair, showing his affection to her as her hand roams his chest.

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