Dad, My Reluctant Mentor Ch. 01

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I never really got on with my Dad. It wasn’t a bad relationship as such, it’s just that he was away most of the time – he was an officer in the Royal Navy and whenever he was home on leave he used to alternate his time between going out drinking or coming home and arguing with my prim and proper Mum – I mean he never laid a finger on her but it wasn’t really a happy home – from an early age I got the feeling that it wasn’t a happy and contented marriage, even before the age where you find out about the birds and the bees and all the travails that go with it I could tell something wasn’t right between them, call it human nature.

I grew up keeping myself to myself, I did well at school, played a bit of football but was never any good with girls – normal teenage angst to begin with but by the age of 16/17 I was really struggling, I still hadn’t managed to get any sort of girlfriend, even a kiss, and was finding it difficult to join in with the banter that I’d hear in the dressing rooms and classrooms. My Dad had come in drunk a couple of years back and shown me his stash of soft porn mags, nothing scary, asking if I needed any condoms, just in one of his good moods, maybe trying to see if I wasn’t gay or anything, as I said, I never brought any girls home. From little comments he’d make afterwards, it began to dawn on me that I was becoming a bit of a disappointment to him – he was a working class Scot who didn’t really have that much time for the intellectual type or people who he thought were a bit weak, a bit limp-wristed. I wasn’t gay, just extraordinarily shy – I used to wank myself silly to any porn I’d track down.

As I got to the age above, 17/18, and I’d start to go out drinking a bit with friends, I’d go for one now and again with my Dad, mainly because he’d pay for the drinks – we wouldn’t really talk though, he’d fall into conversation with people in whatever pub he was in, he seemed to know most people in the pub like borderline alcoholics do. He always seemed friendly with a barmaid, Dawn, from a particular pub, the White Hart, they’d have little arguments, make fun of each other, that sort of thing, it’d make me feel a bit left out because I’d never think of anything quickly enough to butt in with, even if my Dad made a comment touching on how useless I was with women – I mean she was closer in age to me, mid-twenties, but I could tell that she was more attracted to him than me. One time on a busyish early Friday evening they got on to talking about sorting me out a girlfriend, he was asking her if she had any Beylikdüzü escort desperate mates, the way he’d take the piss, never too much, just enough to have her laughing but trying to stick up for me. Then he said “what about you Dawn, I know you’ve been about a bit”, winking at her, Dawn again cracked up, blushing, I knew she was mortified on my behalf.

I left the pub a while afterwards to catch the bus and meet up with some college mates in town a few miles away, no doubt to stand in the corner of another bar spending all night trying and failing to summon up the courage to speak to someone of the opposite sex. I’d sometimes stay over at a mate’s sofa or spare bed after going out to a club, as the buses would finish and being a student with no job, a taxi fare would be prohibitive, normally when my Mum was away, as she was this weekend – she’d gone up country to see her relatives every other month or so. She’d always get a bit funny if I stayed out all night so I tried to keep it when she was away.

I met up with my mates in town and it was okay – a couple of them managed to fix themselves up with girls for the night, retreating to darker corners of the bar to kiss and grope away which left me feeling envious and a bit down, I decided to break with the normal routine and grab a taxi home.

I turned the key and opened the door. All the downstairs lights were still on which wasn’t usual but as I went towards the kitchen I caught a glimpse of some clothing on the stairs – at the very same time I heard noise coming from my Mum’s room. After being still for a few seconds I heard some muted groans and heavy breathing, a bit like I’d hear in the porn films I’d seen on my dad’s videos I’d found. I put two and two together and realised it must be my dad with some tart he’d picked up knowing I wasn’t coming back that night – I wasn’t stupid, I’d always just avoided thinking about how he probably cheated on my Mum. At first I thought I should be disgusted, the common reaction from people when they hear about their parents shagging is to show disgust, but in truth I felt a bit of excitement, two people shagging in such close proximity!

Edging towards the stairs and ever so slowly up them, the noises got a bit louder and clearer. If it was my Dad up there he was giving whoever it was a right good seeing to. The bed was creaking in fast motion and a slap and some moans would follow from the woman he was giving one to. The door was half open so I crept up and looked through the gap between the frame and Beylikdüzü escort the hinges – lo and behold it was Dawn, wedged between the bed and my Dad, her legs flung over his broad shoulders as he ploughed in and out of her. I was shuddering with excitement watching the live sex show in front of me. She was calling him all the names under the sun, Doug this, Doug that (his name) and although I already knew how much he swore, it seemed more shocking to hear him calling her names, “filthy slut”, “dirty cunt”, the works. He slowed down a bit just as she built up to an orgasm and started ramming into her with full, hard strokes, making her cry out and scratch all around his back. It was only now I realised what an all-round impressive looking bloke my Dad was – a bit rough around the edges from the drink but a big, ruddy, fit bloke, and as they disengaged after she’d calmed down, I saw how big and thick his cock was, it must have been a good nine inches long and thick as well, with an angry looking purple head at the tip, glistening with what must have been her cum smeared all over it. “Lick ma cock clean then ya fuckin’ bitch”, he growled at her, and she did what he said. They then continued to fuck with her on top for a good ten more minutes, her again reaching another peak as he roughly poked and mauled her tits, as she again sighed and moaned her way down from an orgasm their lips met, then crying out in what seemed like halfway towards a painful experience for her as he fucked her hard before he shot his load inside her. They sexily kissed and to my surprise, talked about the other women he’d been shagging, two of them I knew of from around town, others must have been further afield.

I realised at this point I was trapped – they weren’t as distracted any more and I couldn’t make my way back from the door let alone get back down from the stairs. I was scared that my Dad would think I was some sort of perv for spying on them and didn’t want to risk embarrassment by moving. Caught in the dilemma my Dad then called out “I know you’re there watching mate, you know you don’t want to tell anyone about this don’t you.” Dawn spun round in shock and shouted “shit!” Rather than confront the situation I raced downstairs and out the door. I didn’t know what to do at this stage. I didn’t have any money left to get a cab anywhere and humiliated as I was, I didn’t feel like spending the night outdoors. As I slunk back indoors Dawn raced down the stairs, half dressed, clutching the rest of her clothes, looking guiltily at me as Escort Beylikdüzü she went out the door – my Dad at the top of the stairs, still naked, I couldn’t help noticing his dick, somewhat deflated but still half engorged, thick and impressive. Where was I when those got handed out? I must have got my Mum’s genes. He looked a bit panicked, went back to the bedroom and pulled on a pair of jeans and came down to talk to me.

“Ya know son I didnae want you to find out something like this”

“Yeah I know. How could you though?”

“Me and your mother don’t really get on anymore. We havnae for a long time…we have different….needs…you know how she goes through the roof if she hears a fuckin’ swearword on the telly let alone let me get anywhere near her anymore.”

“But with her…she’s younger than Liz (my older sister) isn’t she?”

“Look things got a bit out of hand tonight, she put it on a plate for me and I couldn’t resist it. I’ve seen you looking at her anyway, you must understand”

“Oh fuck off Dad…look it’s not going to happen, I’m not going to have a matey chat with you right after you’ve fucked some tart from the local pub”

“Ah fuck ya then. I knew you wouldn’t understand…you’re a fucken’ poof anyway…I bet you havnae got your dick wet yet have ya?

I’d reacted badly, out of character to how I felt actually watching my Dad and Dawn shagging – looking back now I could understand. She was sexy as hell, curvy figure, big, full tits, wavy blonde hair cascading down her back, leading down to a nice meaty arse that he’d given a good spanking to and made red. But out of loyalty to my Mum I felt I should defend her by giving him a hard time. He didn’t really give a fuck though, sat back in his chair in the living room and clicked on the telly, flicking towards the ten minute free porn previews you’d get before the channels scrambled.

“I’m not gonna lie to ya son, Dawn’s not the only time I’ve strayed. I get about a bit, I’d never walk out on your mother but she’s got to understand that if I don’t get my oats here then I’ll go elsewhere.”

“Does she know?”

“Probably. She can’t be that fuckin’ thick”.

My cock twitched a bit at what was going on the telly.

“You need to get over this mate. Is there no lasses at college you can get in with at all? There must be a couple of ugly ones you can start off with? You’re not a bad lookin’ lad, you’re just too shy.”

“Nah, I just…I don’t know how to go about it. My mates seem to have left me behind a bit, it’s like I missed a lesson where they all learnt how to do it and I’m trying to catch up..”

“Right that’s it…I’m gonna get you laid son. It’s not right you’re like this.”

And so it began. For the first time I felt a bit of a relationship with my Dad.

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