Dad Loves Feet, Lindsay Loves Money

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This is a work of fiction. Any relation to actual persons or places is purely coincidental. All persons depicted are over the age of 18. This story was commissioned by a fan.

Brian shut the front door and sighed, another long day at the office. His job certainly kept him busy, but the money was worth it. On a single parents income he was able to send his daughter to a great school and afford a nice house in a safe neighborhood. His job took up most of his time, and any free time he had left was devoted to his daughter. Brian hadn’t had a date in 5 years.

Brian loved his daughter but she was a handful. She was the definition of a daddy’s girl, always asking him to do everything for her. It was seriously impacting Brian’s love life, but he didn’t have the heart to tell her she needed to be more independent. She was his little girl and he’d do anything for her.

Brian dropped his bag and walked down the hallway. He could hear music coming from the home gym so he peeked his head inside. As he peered around the doorframe he saw his daughter, Lindsay, exercising. She was squatting while thrusting a medicine ball above her head. Brian watched as the taut 18 year old flexed her muscles in front of him, looking at her in a way no father should ever look at his daughter.

Lindsay worked out daily. She had a flat toned stomach, muscular arms and legs, and a thick, firm ass. She fancied herself a fitness influencer and had a respectable online following. It certainly helped that she was pretty. Short with light skin with hazel eyes, long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail.

“Hey dad,” Lindsay said as she spotted him.

“Hey hun.”

“How was work?”

“Busy, as usual. How was your day?” Brian asked as he watched her ass moving up and down in her tight spandex pants.

“Great, I’m just finishing up,” she replied as she stood up and dropped the medicine ball to the floor, “Whew… I gotta shower. Can you wash these clothes for me?”

“Yea sure hun, I’ll throw them in the wash now.”

Lindsay reached down and hooked a finger into the ankle of her right sock. She stripped it off and repeated the same with her left. Brian watched as she exposed her bare feet, perfectly manicured and petite. She slid her pants down her legs showing off her little pink thong between her sculpted ass cheeks. She then turned away from Brian and pulled her sports bra over her head. She covered her breasts with her arm as she turned back to Brian and walked past him. She paused next to him and stood up on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek saying, “thanks daddy,” then headed off to the bathroom.

Lindsay had always been very free and open with her body, and Brian encouraged her to do whatever made her the most comfortable. Oftentimes she’d walk around the house wearing nothing but panties and a tank top. It drove Brian wild. He knew he shouldn’t look at her the way he did, she was his daughter and just expressing herself. But her tight young body was his obsession and fueled all of his masturbation sessions. Brian didn’t know if she noticed the way he looked at her body, he was always stealing glances anytime she exposed herself. But she never said anything or attempted to cover up so he didn’t stop looking.

Brian picked up the clothes and looked down as he felt the fabric of her sock, it was damp and full of her sweat. Cute little blue ankle socks she often wore while working out, they were some of his favorites. He often masturbated with Lindsay’s socks and tights, his love for feet and legs outweighing his fatherly instincts. He brought Lindsay’s socks to his face, breathed in her sour scent and groaned.

“Dad, what are you doing?”

The words sent shivers down Brian’s spine. He opened his eyes to see his daughter standing in the doorway staring at him, still topless and covering her breasts.

“Lindsay! Shit, I’m sorry I was just uhh..” Brian stammered as he dropped the clothes.

“Smelling my socks?”

“No, no! I was just going to wash them,” Brian panicked.

“I had no idea you liked feet, dad. But I guess that explains all my missing socks,” Lindsay replied with a smirk.

“Lindsay, I’m sorry. I’m… I’m just so embarrassed.”

“It’s ok dad, it’s good to know,” she said with a chuckle, “I forgot to ask, can I have 50 bucks?”

“Uhh, yea sure hun just grab it from my wallet.”

“Thanks dad,” She said cheerily as she left the room.

Brian was confused. She wasn’t mad or disgusted at him like he expected. And what did she mean with that little comment? He picked up the laundry and went to load the washer as his mind raced. Brian started a wash and went to the living and sat on the couch. He held his head in his hands and sighed. A tapping on his shoulder startled him and he looked up to see Lindsay standing over him wearing a loose crop top and her panties.

“Oh, did you shower already? Brian asked as he tried not to glare up her shirt at her underboob.

“Not yet. I checked your wallet and there’s only a twenty in Bolu Escort it. Why don’t you just give me your credit card?”

“Uh, I don’t think so hun. What do you need to buy?”

“Just some stuff. Come on, let me use it,” She pouted.

“No Lindsay. Not after your little spending spree last time i gave it to you.”

Lindsay huffed and sat down on the couch perpendicular to Brian and put her feet up on the table in front of him. Her toes immediately caught Brian’s glare as she wiggled them. He looked up at her and she had an evil smile on her face. She picked her right foot up and rested it on Brian’s knee.

“What are you doing?” Brian asked with a confused look.

“I’m just getting more comfortable,” Lindsay replied as she moved her left foot and rested her heels on his thigh.

Brian’s cock twitched as he stared at her perfect soles, the objects of his desires resting right within reach.

“So, how long have you liked my feet dad?”

“Uhh w-we shouldn’t talk about this Lindsay. It’s inappropriate.”

“What’s inappropriate is a father smelling his daughter’s socks, but you had no problem with that.”

“Lindsay I…” Brian started as she moved her feet up higher, and rested them right at his crotch. Brian was getting hard.

“If you like them so much, why don’t you touch them?”

“W-what!?” Brian stammered, not believing what he had heard.

“Touch my feet dad. You know you want to.” Lindsay said as she scrunched the toes of her right foot, grabbing his shirt.

Brian did want to. He wanted it more than anything. But could he do this with his daughter? It was a boundary he wasn’t sure he could break. Lindsay lifted her right foot up and brought it level with his face. He could smell the sweat of her foot wafting into his nostrils, making his mouth water.

“What are you waiting for?” Lindsay asked with a soft, sultry tone. She flexed her toes as she giggled, teasing her father.

Brian’s cock ached as it grew to full length, bulging in his pants. He couldn’t resist. He brought his hands up and grabbed her foot, rubbing his thumbs over her soles. He pressed into her skin, massaging the soft, damp skin of her foot.

“Mmmm daddy….” Lindsay moaned.

Brian’s heart fluttered as his daughter moaned for him. He pulled her foot into his face and breathed in her scent. He pressed his lips onto her sole and kissed all around, tasting her salty sweat. He brought his tongue out and licked up over her sole and between her toes.

“I bet your cock is hard isn’t it, dad?” Lindsay asked with a smirk.

Brian had left father mode and given into lust as he groaned an affirmation while he sucked her big toe into his mouth.

“Why don’t you take it out?”

Brian looked over his daughter as she flashed her eyes at him. Her nipples were hard, poking into the fabric of her shirt. She was irresistible. He lost all his morals as the vixen seduced him. He dropped her foot and unbuckled his belt. He lifted his butt up and slipped his pants off below his knees, exposing his throbbing erection to his daughter.

“Oooh. Wow dad, it’s bigger than I imagined!” Lindsay exclaimed as she eyed Brian’s member, “Show me what you do when you smell my socks.”

Brian followed her commands, reaching down and grabbing a hold of his shaft as Lindsay raised both her feet to his face. He started slowly stroking himself as she pressed both her soles into his face. Lindsay was moaning softly as Brian worshiped both of her feet, her intoxicating aroma swirling around his head.

Brian picked up his pace as she jammed her toes into his mouth with one foot and rubbed his cheek with the other. The taboo affair was proving too much for him and he felt his orgasm quickly approaching. He gripped his cock hard and sucked down on Lindsay’s toes as his cock erupted. Brian moaned as pleasure waves shot through him and he spewed his seed all over his shirt until his balls were empty. When his groaning ceased Lindsay pulled back her feet and giggled. Brian laid back and caught his breath as the pleasure faded and he was brought back down to earth.

“So I can take the credit card right?” Lindsay asked as she stood up from the couch.

“Yea… Sure hun.” Brian replied as his chest heaved.

“Great, thanks daddy!” She said excitedly, leaning down to kiss him on the cheek and then disappearing.

Brian was left with a messy shirt and millions of thoughts about what he was going to do next. His 18 year old daughter had initiated an incestuous relationship with him. His darkest fantasy had come true, but where would it go from here?

The rest of the day went on as normal. No words were spoken about the taboo they had committed. Lindsay was her same old self, and Brian was too nervous about it to bring it up. He checked his credit card account that night and saw various charges totalling over $300. He was annoyed, but figured it was a small price to pay for getting to play with his daughter’s feet while he came. He Bolu Escort Bayan knew she was taking advantage of his fetish, but he didn’t regret it. He did know he had to draw a line somewhere however, before this got out of control.

The next day was the weekend and Brian got up late. His thoughts kept him awake last night. He decided he needed to have a serious talk with Lindsay about their relationship. When he went to the living room he saw her dressed in her riding gear, a white polo shirt, skin tight khakis, and tall black riding boots. Lindsay loved to ride, it was one of the more expensive hobbies she enjoyed on Brian’s dime.

“Morning dad.”

“Hey hun. Listen, we need to talk about yesterday.”

“Oh yea, I have to get to the club soon, so maybe we can talk when I get home later?”

“Umm ok, sure.”

“There was one thing I wanted to ask you before I went though,” Lindsay said as a smile appeared on her face and she approached Brian, “So there’s this young mustang that got brought into the stables last week. He’s beautiful and energetic. Still a little wild but I think I have the experience I need to tame him. Remember how we talked before about me getting a young horse to tame?”

“Lindsay, you already have two horses. You’re not getting another one.” Brian said sternly.

“Daddy… Come on…” Lindsay whined as she stepped in close and rubbed her boot against Brian’s leg.

“No Lindsay, it’s not going to work this time,” Brian said as he stepped back.

“But dad, I really want it. Just like you… Really want something too,” Lindsay dropped her voice to a sexy timbre as she raised her knee up and pressed the top of her boot into Brian’s crotch.

Brian inhaled sharply as his balls were caressed by the hard leather. He loved those boots, and he loved how his daughter looked in her riding outfit. He was struggling to resist her as she looked deep into his eyes while rubbing his crotch with her boot. She dropped her leg back down and pulled herself in close looking up at Brian.

“Don’t you want to fuck my boots daddy?”

Brian wanted to resist, but he couldn’t. He was under her spell. Without words he simply nodded his head. Lindsay smiled and backed up, sitting down on the couch and crossing her legs.

“Then get undressed and get over here,” she commanded.

Brian obeyed, pulling his shirt off and dropping his shorts. He stepped forward and got on his knees in front of her. He reached out and caressed the leather boots in his hands. His dick began to grow as he massaged Lindsay’s strong calves through her boots.

“Don’t forget your tongue.”

Brian did as he was told, pressing his tongue against the top of the boot and dragging it up Lindsay’s shin. He reached up and caressed her thighs as he kissed up to her knee while he stroked his cock. Lindsay uncrossed her legs and dropped her boot to Brian’s now erect cock. She kicked it around a bit before flipping it back against his stomach and pressing down on it with the tread of her boot making Brian groan. She rubbed his dick up and down a few times, smiling wildly as Brian winced from the mix of pain and pleasure as she mashed his cock.

Lindsay placed both boots on the ground and leaned over her legs. She pursed her lips and spit out a gob of saliva onto the shin of each boot. Brian grabbed his cock and got in front of her legs. He rubbed it against her spit till his cock was slick, then slid it between her calves. He groaned as he fucked the leather of her boots. It was hard, but wet, and his cock easily slipped between the boots. He rubbed her thick thighs again as he fucked her calves, not caring about the financial burden he was putting himself into, he just cared about getting off.

Lindsay reached down and unstrapped her left boot, she lifted her leg up and pulled off the long boot, exposing her foot wrapped in sheer black nylon. She lifted the boot up with the hole facing Brian and pushed it against his face. Brian breathed in the smell, hours and hours of sweat had marinated the leather, hitting him with the most pungent scent he’d ever experienced.

“If you buy me the horse I’ll be wearing these boots a lot more often. Wouldn’t you like that?” Lindsay teased as she fondled his cock with her boot.

As Brian breathed into her boot, Lindsay took her foot and slid it over Brian’s shaft. She pressed his cock down, squeezing his shaft between her boot and her foot. The soft nylon on top contrasted the hard leather on the bottom as she began to stroke him back and forth with her foot. Brian moaned into Lindsay’s boot as she rubbed his hard cock. She was finally touching his dick directly, even if it was through the thin fabric of her tights. Brian felt an indescribable pleasure as he received a footjob from his naughty little daughter.

Lindsay rapidly jerked her leg back and forth as Brian’s moaning got more frequent. She was giggling the entire time as she stroked her fathers manhood. Brian’s abs started to clench Escort Bolu as his climax started to take over his body. His thighs quivered and he grunted as cum spurted out from his slit and hit the shin of Lindsay’s boot. Another rope shot out and coated her even further. Lindsay pressed down hard and slowed her movements, milking her father’s cock dry, dripping his last bit of cum onto her boot.

Lindsay scrunched the tip of Brian’s cock with her toes, smearing cum onto the sole of her tights. She released his cock and rubbed her foot against her shin, rubbing Brian’s cum into the leather and the sheer nylons. She lifted her foot up and showed her sole to her father, flexing her toes. It was soaked with his cum.

“Aw dad, now I have to go to the club with cum on my boots and my tights,” Lindsay pouted, “Where’s your checkbook? I need a deposit to hold the mustang.”

As Brian recovered from his orgasm he started thinking more clearly. He didn’t want to buy her this horse. But as she sat there dangling her cum covered foot in front of his face, there was no way he could back out now.

“It’s in my bedroom…” He said softly, looking down at his shrinking cock.

Lindsay hopped up and ran over to his bedroom. She returned a moment later and dropped his checkbook and a pen in front of him.

“It’s $500 for the deposit, you know the address,” she said as she stood over him with her hands on her hips.

Brian picked up the book and pen but hesitated for a moment, trying to think if he had a way out of this. Lindsay noticed his hesitation and brought her cummy foot down on his flaccid cock. Brian winced as she squished his dick against the floor, the wet nylons caressing his soft member. He quickly scribbled out the check and handed it to her. Lindsay smiled and excitedly slipped her boot back on and kissed Brian on the cheek again.

“Thanks daddy! I’ll see you later.”

Once again she disappeared, leaving him a confused mess. He stood up and saw the trail of cummy footprints trailing to and from his bedroom and shook his head. He was losing control.

The next few days went by as normal. Lindsay bought the horse and Brian didn’t say a word, afraid any confrontation may prevent him from getting access to her feet again. He actually found himself hoping she would come up with something else she wanted to buy, though he hoped it would be something cheaper. He browsed online stores for jewelry and fancy clothes, thinking maybe if she didn’t come to him, he could go to her with an offer.

When Wednesday rolled around however, Lindsay had made her decision. As Brian walked through the front door after returning from work, he saw his daughter sitting on the couch. She was all dolled up, her hair in big loose curls flowing over her shoulders. Her eyes were surrounded by a smoky mascara and lips shining with a red gloss. She had on a red dress, a low v neck showing her cleavage, the loose bottom going only to her upper thigh. She had on black sheer pantyhose that hugged her sculpted legs and red open toed high heels with straps that went halfway up her shin. She was glamorous.

Brian’s jaw dropped as he saw her sitting there. He was immediately excited, but at the same time worried about what she was expecting from this encounter. As he entered Lindsay stood up to greet him. She swayed her hip as she strutted towards him and threw her arms around his neck, pulling their bodies together.

“Welcome home daddy,” she whispered in a soft breathy voice before pressing her lips to his. Brian grabbed onto her slim waist as he returned her kiss, relishing the feeling of her soft lips and tongue that probed his mouth. The two shared a romantic kiss for only a moment before Lindsay pulled away from him. She went back to the couch and laid on her back, dangling her feet in the air as she beckoned Brian with her finger.

Brian walked like a zombie fixated on her body over to the couch. He got onto his knees between her legs and took her calves in his hands. He looked down at her crotch and her dress was raised up, he could see the lips of her pussy compressed in her pantyhose. She wasn’t wearing any panties.

“I want you to show me how much you love my legs and feet daddy,” She spoke in her sultry tone.

Brian didn’t waste any time. He raised her left leg onto his shoulder and took her right foot in his hand. He brought it to his mouth and dragged his tongue over the tops of her toes. Lindsay moaned as he kissed her foot up to her ankle, and dragged his tongue along her shin. He grabbed the strong muscles of her thigh and massaged them as she raised her leg up high and he kissed her calf. He leaned down and kissed up her inner thigh. His mouth watered as he looked over and drank in the sight of his daughter’s pussy just inches from his face. He wanted it badly, but didn’t want to overstep so he kissed back up her leg while stroking her thighs.

Brian rested her right leg on his shoulder and took her left foot this time. He stuffed her toes and the tip of her heel in his mouth. He sucked on the pantyhose and the leather as he jammed his tongue in the middle, between the bottom of her toes and the sole of her heel. He dragged it back and forth before pulling out and licking up the side of her ankle.

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