Dad Helped Me Move

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Im in my late 20’s and just moved to Oregon a few weeks ago. My dad agreed to help me move here with his truck and I gladly accepted. He is a strong man, with over 20 years of military service behind him, he is still in great shape for a man of 53. He now sports a great rugged beard and nice build and continues to work hard regardless of the pain his body is going through from many deployments and being injured.

He and my mom split up when I was very young and he spent most of his time deployed overseas while I was growing up so we didn’t get to see much of each other. But after his retirement he started to spend more and more time with me to make up for lost time.

I have to admit that in my youth I did have some fleeting fantasies about having sex with my dad because I missed him so much I’m sure. I finally got a degree in culinary arts and wanted to start my own baking business and wanted a new place to call my own as well. I found a great house and was ready to move when my dad offered to help with the move and driving me up there. I was excited to spend some time with the man I remembered and during the drive we chatting and talked a lot to catch up. We stopped at a motel along way to sleep and this is where things started to get interesting.

We got there late because he likes to drive as much as possible but finally got tired. We checked in and found they only had one room with one queen bed. He looked at me and I said “Sure, we’ll be fine.” His eyes got a little wide and he said as long as I was okay with it then it’ll be okay. We got our things and went to the room. The bed was smaller than the queen the lady at the desk said it had, but we were going to just sleep, so it didn’t really matter.

I got some things from my bag and went into the bathroom to shower and get clean from the long day. I told my dad that I would leave the door unlocked in case he needed to use the restroom and then got in the shower to get some much needed hot water. I was in there for a while when I heard him knock at the door. I yelled out for him to go ahead, and that I was still in the shower. I heard the door open and he called out that he was sorry, but he was holding it for a long as he could and needed to use the bathroom. I called back, “No problem dad, I’ll be out in a minute.”

For whatever reason, my attention was towards the front of the shower and then I noticed that I could clearly see him standing there from the reflection in the mirror. I froze when I saw his huge cock in his hands going pee. Even when he was soft it looked large to me. I instantly felt my insides go in knots and I got wet. I couldn’t stop looking at him and I knew he couldn’t see me, so I continued to stare at him. I started to call out and talk to him while he was peeing just to keep him there longer. I asked him some plain things just to get another minute to check him out. I asked about his love life and if he had anyone. He replied that he has been single for a few years now and that he just hasn’t found the right one he guessed.

Without even thinking about it, I found my hand going down to rub myself while I stared at his dick. Soon he was not just peeing, but he was actually rubbing it from what I saw. My nipples grew hard instantly when I watched him stroke himself. There I was, watching my own dad stroke his dick while I rubbed my pussy. He started to get hard and I watched him stroke it while we both chatted as if nothing was going on. He then stopped and said we could chat when I’m done and left the room. I continued to rub myself until I had a very strong orgasm, enough to make me reach out and support myself against the shower wall.

I got out of the shower and grabbed the towel to dry off. As I was drying off by wrapping a towel around my naked wet bursa otele gelen escort body, I reached for a wash cloth on the counter and started to dry off my face. It was then I noticed a thick wet spot on the cloth. I brought it to my nose and instantly recognized the sent. It was cum! But not just any cum, this was my dads cum. I guess he finished off on the wash cloth and tossed it on the counter thinking I wouldn’t know any better. I held it there, taking in his sent and even sticking out my tongue to taste him. I closed my eyes and licked it up, smelling it as I rubbed it all over my mouth.

I then reached down and rubbed it on my pussy, just thinking of my dads cum being spread on my lips was enough to bring me close to another cum when he called out. I put the wash cloth back on the counter and took another towel and wrapped it around my hair. I walked into the room to find him already in bed and under the covers. He seemed to be wearing a T shirt but not sure what else. I was only in my towel still and said I would be ready for bed in a minute. I was so turned on that It was causing me to breathe deeply at this point. I made it a point to have my back to him as I bent over to get into my bag for some night clothes and I could swear I heard a very light moan coming from him. I tried so hard to give him a show without being obvious.

I got some things and went back into the bathroom to change. I left the door slightly ajar as if It was an accident. But I was going to try to give him a sneak peek. I stood there looking in the mirror, not knowing if he could see me, but I did the best I could betting I was right. I removed the towel covering my body and stood there for a bit as if to admire myself in the mirror. I reached up and cupped my breast a bit, then sliding my hands down my sides to inspect my hips. From my view point I could see his legs under the covers on the bed, but not much more.

As I reached for my lotion I started to rub it all over my body as slow as I could and still seem normal. I looked at the bed in the mirror and saw his hand reach under the covers and between his legs. I watched him jerk and stroke himself, now fully sure he was watching me. It gave me such a thrill to excite him this way, not even thinking of sex with him at this point, but more of teasing him. I continued to get ready for bed and then started to put on my night clothes. I decided to wear thin panties and a short T shirt to bed. I admired myself and then called out I was coming to bed. I watched him stop stroking himself and remove his hand to assume a normal position.

I opened the door and smiled at him as I walked to the bed and turned off the lights. I pulled down the covers and slid in next to him. We had some small talk for a bit and then drifted off to sleep. I guess I woke up a few hours later and it was still in the middle of the night as it was dark outside. I was woken up by my dad’s arm flung across me and resting his hand on my breast. I guess he was having a dream or something like that as he was still deep asleep. My heart was racing and beating hard as I loved how taboo and exciting it was to have my own dads hand on my tits. he was sort of spooning me with my back towards him.

I slowly reached up and placed my hand over his, applying pressure to his hand on my tit. It was as if he was squeezing me and it felt amazing. I got brave at this point and slowly pulled my shirt up to expose my tits for his hand. It took a while but soon I had my shirt up and his hand was now on my naked breast. I was breathing deeply, enough that I had to keep my mouth open to try to hide the noise. I wanted more and tried to think of what I could do that wouldn’t wake him. I slowly reached down and bursa eve gelen eskort pulled my panties past my ass so that my naked ass was pressed up against him.

He moved a bit when I did this which caused me to freeze. After a while things were quiet and I pushed back against him. I could feel his dick behind me, and it was so exciting to think of my own dads cock just separated by a thin piece of his boxer fabric. I swear at this point I could not stop what I was doing even if he woke up and I wanted more. I reached back between us and slowly moved my hand down until I was touching his boxers. As I was searching for his cock I noticed I found the opening to the front of his boxer. I moved my fingers inside and there I found him. I was actually touching my dad’s cock! I loved the naughty and taboo thing I was doing and just couldn’t stop. It felt so good and I had no guilt at all so why stop at this point.

I continued to touch his thick head and felt it twitch against my fingers. Soon it was growing and found its way out of the opening in his boxers. I lightly wrapped my hand around his cock, drawn to how hard and yet so soft it was. I loved how I could feel the heat rise from his cock into my hand, and how I could feel his heartbeat with each pulse it twitched with. Soon he was at full attention and started to leak pre cum onto my hand. I removed my hand and brought it to my mouth to lick. It tasted amazing and I only wished it was his cum instead. I loved how it was now pressed up against my naked ass as its hardness throbbed against me. I fantasized at this moment how I wanted him inside of me.

I tried to think of a way to get him inside that would not be obvious but nothing came to mind. That was until he moved in his sleep.

He rolled away a bit, just enough so that he was almost on his back. Enough that his exposed cock was not facing up and I wanted to get a closer look. I pulled down the covers slowly as not to wake him and soon I was looking at a beautiful cock just inches from me. There was enough light from outside the motel room hallway that I could see his size and shape. I got my face as close as I could to really inspect this perfect piece of meat.

I could smell his sent and inhaled all I could. I reached over and took his cock in my hand lightly again. I held it straight up and admired it all. I then reached out with my tongue and gently licked the tip. I felt his pre cum leak out and onto my tongue. I wanted more.

I moved my mouth easily and slowly over the head of his cock until I had the thick mushroom head in my mouth. I held it there for a while, just taking it all in as I reached down and started to rub my pussy while I held my dad’s cock in my mouth. I felt it pulse on my tongue and it only made me soak myself. I started to move up and own lightly, again trying my best not to wake him but I was greedy at this point and had no control over what I was doing.

I tried to see how much of his length I could take and soon had it at the back of my throat cutting off my air. I loved how it filled my mouth and there was still more to go! This is where things started to unwind. I then felt his hand on the back of my head, I froze not sure what to do while I laid there with his cock in my mouth. I felt pressure from his hand on my head and I moved down to take him in wondering if he was awake or dreaming.

His grip on my head got stronger and stronger as I continued to suck him and then I heard it. “Megan” he called my name out as he pushed me down harder and deeper on him. As soon as I heard him call my name out it made me cum. I wanted to back to please him that I really started to suck him off now. Spit was leaking from my mouth as I did the best blowjob bayan escort bursa I could on him. I heard him moan out loud and he pushed my head down until I felt him tighten up and soon I felt the first of many splashes of his cum entering my mouth. I made some noises as I was in some kind of dream state as he continued to pump and empty his balls into my mouth. I swallowed every bit I could and kept rubbing my pussy as I did so.

Eventually he finished and I pulled my face off his cock. Without missing a beat he grabbed my arms and pulled me to him. he then kissed me, but not a family innocent kiss, his tongue went straight into my mouth. He pulled me to him and we kissed for a while. When he stopped kissing he looked at me and asked if I was okay. I told him I was more than okay, I was in heaven. I admitted to him that I had fantasies of this when I was younger and I have always kind of craved it from him. We talked for a while and we both agreed not to ever tell anyone about what happened. It was then that he asked if I wanted more, or anything else.

I said he could do what ever he felt comfortable with at this point. As I was still on top of him from kissing him, he moved my body so that I was sitting on top of him and rubbing my wet pussy along his cock. He was getting hard again and I asked if it was okay to continue. He just smiled and said as long as I was okay with it. I nodded yes and slowly moved so that the head of his cock was pressed up against my soaking wet pussy. He held me for a moment and we stared into each others eyes and then it happened.

He slowly pushed his cock into me. I swear it took forever for him to get his full length into me but I loved feeling every inch spread into me and stretch me wide. I held him there for a while taking everything in, feeling not only a great cock in me but the realization that it was my own dad doing this to me. I then started to slide up and down on him. I loved how his shape reached just the right spot inside of me, causing me to soak him and leak down his balls.

We fucked for what seemed like hours in many different positions that night, with him shooting his cum deep into me were it soaked into my body as I drifted off to sleep. The next morning he was already up and spooning next to me when I woke up. He asked if I wanted to talk about what happened and I told him I was fine, that I loved what we did and he would not have to worry. I told him he could do that to me as many times as he wanted. We drove the next day to another state and stopped at another hotel. This time when we checked in, he said a room with a large bed for him and his wife.

My eyes were wide as he called me his wife to the front desk clerk. He turned to me and said it would be less suspicious if he said that. It brought a chill over me and I loved it. I told him it was a great idea. We went out to eat dinner that night at a local spot and I did it right back to him. when the waiter came to the table I told him that me and my new husband were traveling and were hungry. My dad’s eyes were just as wide as mine were earlier.

We laughed and smiled at each other. We went back to the hotel and this time I invited him to shower with me. He was so romantic, washing my hair and soaping my entire body down. I returned the favor and soaped him all over and squatted down and took his cock back into my mouth. His hands returned to my head and he fucked my mouth as if it were a pussy. I loved how strong and controlling he was, it made me want to submit to him in every way. He pulled me up at one point and spun me around. He grabbed my hips and bent me over.

I felt his hardness enter me and fill me completely. He fucked me hard and long until he shot his cum deep into me. I loved how I could feel his pulsing cock shot his cum into me. We finally finished our shower and went to bed, where we had sex twice more that night.

This was a few weeks ago and I am still in la la land over it. He left this morning and I cant wait for him to come and visit like he said he would. I’m writing this as I feel his cum leak out of me and down my ass with a smile on my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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