Dad and Daughter Spent Time Together

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I have decided to go up to the Lake District with my mate for a week and we have booked a twin bedded room instead of the usual camping for a bit of comfort.

Monday comes and I get a phone call to say he is ill so I decide to go myself but as my 25 year old daughter is also off for the week she ask if she can come as she likes walking and being outside and we have been walking before together, her mum cant come as she is working. So off we set and she drives I notice when her seat belt is on how beautiful her breasts are and how the belt separates them perfect she catches me looking but don’t say anything but I notice her nipples go hard and my cock gets a bit stiff.

We have a nice drive up and chat along the way and the conversation turns to the boy she just broke up with and how this trip will do her good to forget about him.

She surprises me at how intimate the conversation gets and how she admits to missing the sex she had with him I bursa eskort bayan say are you sure you need to tell me so much and her reply I don’t mind daddy we are an open and honest family and I have seen you and mum naked and you explained all about sexual relationships when I was 15 as mum would not tell me till I was 16 but I was having sexual thoughts and was confused about my body so what cant we talk about, you are quite right we been open with each other all your life…and It is giving me a hard on…

We check in and go to our room and as we have plenty of daylight left we decide to go for a walk and enjoy some special time together and have some laughs and you link me and peck me on the cheek saying thank you daddy I love being with you.

We go out for an evening meal and have a good few drinks and make our way back to the hotel and you go for a shower as I get ready for bed I sleep in my shorts but usually I sleep naked, bursa otele gelen eskort bayan she shouts from the bath room could I lend her a T shirt to sleep in as in the rush to come with me she had forgot to pack her nightdress I pass her one and catch a glimpse of her naked breasts even though I have seen them many times over the years they still turn me on…she comes out of the bathroom and ask what I think and gives me a twirl and the T shirt barely covers her pert bottom I tell her how beautiful she looks and she comes to me and kisses my cheek and gets in to her bed we chat a while and I play with my cock under the sheets…

We eventually fall asleep but about 3 in the morning we are woken up by a couple arguing outside she gets out of bed and looks outside bending down to look out of the window fkn hell daddy they are having a right argument…I get out of bed and lean over her back its then bursa eve gelen escort I realise I have left my cock out of my shorts while I was playing it is rock hard and has the T shirt has ridden up exposing your arse my cock is touching her pussy…I back off as this is SO wrong…you wiggle your bum saying daddy you can enter me if you want only me and you will ever know…I say NO Princess that would be a step too far…but you back up to my cock and have it just touching your wet pussy and say PLEEEASE Daddy I have always wanted you to make love to me and fill me with your sperm…

My mind is racing but my body wants you and with one slow push I enter you…FUCKING HELL DADDY your so thick it is awesome ..Please just do it…I start slow and build up till I am driving it fully in and banging my balls against your pussy lips…she screams out I’m cumming daddy and shoot hot cum all over my cock and it spurts out of her cunt all over me this takes me over the edge and I shoot my load in her it seem like it will not stop I am that fkn horny…we separate and I collapse on my bed and you lay on yours…THANK YOU DADDY that was better than I had ever imagined…and lay there rubbing your clit in the dark and moaning “my daddy just fucked me” and keep repeating it till she fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32