Dad and a Fishing Trip Ch. 04

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The dawn light illuminated the tent and I rubbed my wet ass with a towel and slipped into my jeans and top. Jim’s cock still looked semi hard and I rolled it my hand and started to milk it. There was no sign of any change in hardness from his pole but it felt good and made my own cock start to stand up hard.

I unzipped the tent and got out, as I stood up and stretched in the cool morning air, and gazed at the sights and sounds around us.

“Hey how goes it man,” said the guy on the next pitch.

“Ok, it’s a great morning isn’t it?” I responded.

“You two guys aren’t into fishing really, are you?” he quizzed.

“Oh no?” I said “what makes you say that fella?”

“I liked the Asthma bit last night, that’s a first and original if I ever heard it” he said with a sneer.

“Mind your own God damn business will you!” said Jim as he emerged from the tent “what’s it got to do with you anyhow?”

He stepped right up to the guy within inches of his face and sucked in a great lungful of air, puffing out his great hairy chest.

He looked twice his size and ominously threatening.

“Ok, Ok you made your point and I think I made mine,” said the guy as he back peddled away from the situation.

He wondered away back towards his own pitch and when a comfortable distance away he made a hand gesture and said something neither of us could make out.

I grabbed Jim’s sleeve as he was about to go after the guy.

“Leave it, let’s get out of here and try another campsite or maybe even go home”

“The cheeky god’damn bastard” Jim huffed and puffed.

We dismantled the tent and packed all the equipment back up into its carrying cases and loaded the car. We drove out of the track and onto the main road.

“Let’s go home shall we?” I said

“Sure, but maybe we can stop somewhere along the way and have a ‘play” Jim smiled

“Sure why not,” I responded

We drove along the road and I slid across the front bench seat close up to Jim.

My hand sliding up and down his inner thigh and occasionally up over the front of his jeans. I could feel his cock rising inside and slowly unzipped him and pulled the front of his trousers wide apart. His white briefs were packed full of hard throbbing cock and I massaged Ordu Escort his growing cock through the tight white cotton.

I couldn’t resist it any longer and tugged at the tight elastic band, pulling it outwards to reveal the pulsing pole that lay beneath.

My other hand delved into the hot and sweaty heart of his pants and gripped his shaft tightly. He slipped back in his seat and closed his eyes and I could feel him almost relax at the prospect of what was to come.

I tugged his cock completely out of his pants and helped his balls to sit over the elastic band. It gave tension to his ball sack and I could concentrate all my efforts on his cock.

I rubbed it with both hands and spit on his cock head to lubricate his foreskin. It made the rolling of his cock so much easier as I gripped hard at the base with one hand and started to quicken the pace with my other hand.

He started to buck and ride my fists as they pounded his meat and I dropped my hot lips onto his cock head. Licking and sucking at the tip of his meat made him groan and ride my mouth. He tried in vain to get more cock into my mouth but I teased him and resisted, licking the tip with long slow straight licks right up the shaft to the very tip of his now bright purple cock head.

I became aware of a slight tapping noise in sync with the bobbing of my head over Jim’s huge monster pole. I glanced up to see a check shirted forestry worker stood at the window of the car with his cock out, stroking it in time to my head. His shirt sleeve was catching the car window and his cock was poking out through the front of his blue coverall. I gasped in surprise and Jim opened his eyes and stared at the man who didn’t stop stroking his cock.

“Go ahead you guys, don’t mind me, this is the best ever,” said the guy.

“Shall we?” I asked.

“Why not,” said Jim “It’s too late now”

Jim pressed the window down button and the driver’s side window slid down as the motor whirred.

The guy stood nearer to the car door and his cock was poking through the window opening. Jim grabbed a handful of this new cock as I continued sucking and licking. The forestry guy reached into the car and stroked the parts of Jims cock not already in my mouth. He also tried to Ordu Escort Bayan put a couple of fingers into the corner of my mouth and I sucked them as I sucked Jims cock head at the same time.

The guy started to moan and groan as his cock pulsed and a thick white single stream of come shot all over the door panel and seat of the car. This was followed by several more pulses of come shooting wildly over the outside of the door panel and wing of the car.

“Jeez you guys, that was hellish good, let me return the favour,” and he leaned into the car and took Jims hard pole into his mouth and sucked him to a conclusion. His mouth was firmly clamped over Jims cock head and as he pumped his spunk into the guy’s mouth, you could see him drinking down every last drop. When Jims had shot his last stream the guy took his head off the purple cock head and licked his lips.

“Can I suck you too, young fella?” he asked.

“Sure, come round this side,” I said.

I opened the car door and unzipped my pants and slid my briefs down over my now hard cock.

The guy knelt at the open door and without any pre warning his head dropped onto my cock head and he was slobbering and sucking me for all he was worth.

It took literally just a minute for me to start to blow my wad into his mouth and exactly the same as Jim he sucked every last drop out of my cock and balls not losing a drop. He rubbed his mouth with the back of his hand and stood up, zipping his pants and coverall and said goodbye and went into the forest track.

“How about that?” I asked

“How about that, indeed,” replied Jim.

“I know he made my cock ache,” I said “he sure knew what he was doing there!”

“Let’s get back on the road,” said Jim, and we turned back onto the highway and made our way back home.

We pulled into our driveway and started to unload all the tackle into the garage.

Mom came out to look at what we were doing and kissed us both on the cheek.

“Well, how did it go,” she asked.

“Ok I suppose,” I said “not really what we thought it would be”

There was an awkward silence as we continued the unloading process.

“I hadn’t expected you back today so I guess I should go to the supermarket and get something Escort Ordu for evening meal,” she said

She went into the house and took her coat and car keys and said she would be back in a little while.

“Race you upstairs,” Jim said.

He was gone like a flash, running up the stairs two at a time. I followed him and saw him disappear into my room, I followed and shut and locked the door.

He was already totally naked with his pole raising up and pulsing with eager anticipation. I stripped naked in a matter of seconds and lunged at his rock hard cock with both hands.

I stroked it and sucked at it eagerly as he worked his way into a laying 69 position and fingered my ass hole with two then three fingers, gently running his tongue over my now rigid cock end.

He knelt up and indicated that I should kneel in front of him. My cock was solid and stuck straight up in the air, my balls hanging tightly under it and I tingled from head to toe.

He pushed my head down towards the mattress and with a gentle but firm movement, slid the whole length of his cock into me. I thought I felt it pushing out of my throat, he gave me so much cock all in one thrust. It felt magic, super, exhilarating and made my own cock move in time with his thrusts into my bowels.

He pumped all of his 9″ in and out the full stroke. My mouth itched, my eyes became tight and my face contorted as a huge and powerful orgasm welled up inside me. I felt my ball sack lift up to my body, and as he slid his whole length in and out of my ass I could feel the single long string of white creamy come shoot from my slit. It dribbled and shot in time with his thrusts. I felt his cock going harder and his hot balls hitting my ass as he started to unload deep into me.

He continued to shaft me even when there was no more come to shoot and he was on auto-pilot.

He pumped and pumped as the tremors shot through him and into his legs which shook the bed from top to bottom.

He pulled his now shrinking cock from my ass and it dribbled the remaining drops onto the bedclothes. We both made our way shakily to the shower and both stepped into the tray and turned on the warm water.

I kneaded his cock and ass and he responded in kind doing the same to me, with lots of shower gel and warm water I came yet again.

We towelled each other dry and I went back into my bedroom and lay flat out on the bed totally and utterly exhausted by the recent events, Dad went into his bedroom and fell fast asleep on their king size bed.

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