Cuz Reasons: Chapters 1,2

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Chapter 1

Alright let’s get one thing clear. This totally wasn’t my fault. Legit I kinda just showed up at the absolute worst possible time. That’s always been my fault. I have shit luck. The kind of luck that would make a leprechaun blush or make a billionaire lose all his cash in a day just because he took a chance on a tip about a stock he heard on the subway. Alright, enough metaphors and enough bullshit. I know why you really came here; you came here to hear the story about how I got a chance in the lifetime and fucked it all up. A chance most men would kill for. And it all came down to one thing, the biggest cliche in all of a history; it was about a girl. Well actually it was about sex but that sounded better.

So I was walking home from school like any normal day. Gods I can’t believe I was living at home again. Sure the dorms have crappy bathrooms and paper thin walls so all I could hear was the lazy fucking my neighbor gave his girlfriend, but at least I had my independence. Now though I was back under the thumb of my parents. At least I would be if they were around. I guess I should be grateful; both are working to help put me through college, but still I want to be able to do what I want when I want. But I digress, you’re not here to hear my sob story. Anyways, I was walking home when I passed my neighbor’s house. I heard the door open and had just enough time to turn around when something slammed into me and I got sent to the ground. I laid there totally stunned for a moment then scowled as I propped myself up on my elbows. That scowl quickly disappeared when I saw the girl standing before me.

Her name was Rosa Hernandez, and gods was she out of my league. That long, dark, silky hair… that tanned skin… those warm, gentle brown eyes… and don’t even get me started on her body. 36-24-36, the perfect woman. She looked down at me and blushed. “Oh my god! I’m so sorry, it’s just that I slept in ‘cos my alarm wasn’t going off and I just had enough time to shower and get dressed and ugh I haven’t even done my makeup and…” She rambled on and on, clearly embarrassed. As far as I was concerned it was my fault. How dare I get in the way of such a beautiful being? And what was that? No makeup? Fuck that she looked amazing without it. That’s the most interesting thing about women. They don’t seem to know that some guys admire their natural beauty, their true form.

After getting lost in her body I stood and brushed myself off. I picked up one of her dropped books and handed it to her. She took it and blushed harder. “T-thank you. Again I’m so sorry.” She bowed her head and ran off. I watched her run away, her sweet, juicy ass bouncing beneath those tight, black leggings. I couldn’t help myself anymore. I ran the rest of the way home. As soon as I got inside I kicked off my shoes and tossed my bag onto the couch and ran for my room. I wasn’t thinking about it. Before I knew it I was on my bed in just a shirt, my cock throbbing in my hand as I stroked it quickly. My thoughts were all on Rosa. I imagined what it would be like to spend every night in her room, my tongue on those succulent breasts, her moans floating into my ears as I drilled into that tight, wet pussy. She called me all kinds of lewd names; daddy, master, she couldn’t get enough of me.

I pumped my cock hard and could feel my balls tighten as I got closer when suddenly a new sound broke through everything. My mind had taken a small break and registered the sound of the shower. I groaned and bit my lip as I sat up, pissed that one of my parents was probably home and that totally just killed my mood, but then I registered a new sound; moaning. I blinked, unsure if I heard that correctly. I climbed out of bed and walked toward the bathroom, the whole time the sounds getting louder. Once I got there I open the door slightly and looked inside, and what I saw shook me and was the beginning of the end.

I saw Lena Hernandez, Rosa’s stepmother. She had one foot up on the tub and her fingers were moving in and out of her pussy. Her other hand was squeezing one of her boobs. My jaw dropped as I registered her body; it was like how I imagined Rosa’s but much more mature. The way she caressed those DD cup breasts, the way she rhythmically moved her fingers in and out her pussy. Even her moans told it all; they weren’t fake moans girls gave to keep their boyfriends happy. These were real, the sounds a woman made when she was on the brink of pleasure. I couldn’t help but watch as a combination of water and juice flowed down her fingers. She bit her lip trying to hold back the moans but I could tell it was a losing battle. I hadn’t even noticed that my hand was back on my cock or that I had my tongue out, panting like a dog in heat. I knew the longer I stayed the more likely I’d get caught, but I didn’t even care.

My eyes were shut tight as I jerked my cock hard, enjoying the pleasure and lust. I didn’t even notice the shower had turned off or hear the shower door slide open. It wasn’t until I felt a hand Manisa Escort on my shoulder that I even realized I was caught. I looked up to see Lena, wet and naked, staring at me with those eyes. They weren’t soft and innocent like Rosa’s, but rather full of lust and desire. I started to speak but she shushed me then dropped to her knees. She studied my cock with those damn eyes of her then leaned in and licked from the base of my cock all the way to the tip. A shudder went through my body but I was too shocked to do or say anything. This couldn’t be real, surely I was still in my bed by myself. She looked up at me and winked then swirled her tongue around the tip of my cock, licking up the pre-cum that had been oozing out of it. I gripped the door frame as I began to pant, my cock throbbing. With one hand she stroked my cock while with the other she played with my balls. The whole time her tongue flicked out onto the tip of my cock, licking the slit of it. My pants became moans but I tried to stay calm. Then she sat up and wrapped those delicious breasts around my cock and brought them up and down. I gasped and shuddered, unable to contain myself anymore.

“Fuck!” I let out a shout as I came, my sticky load shooting all over her breasts and face. She squealed then looked up at me with a smirk before going down and sucking on the head of my cock, getting the last of my cum. She then licked up the cum on her breasts then used her fingers to collect the rest on her face then sucked on them. Once she was all cleaned up she stood up and walked over to the sink then bent over it, her hands gripping the sides of it. She spread her legs and my jaw dropped when I saw how wet she was. Literally there were juices dripping down the inside of her leg. Without her even saying anything I knew what she wanted. My mind said no, it was wrong. My body however had a mind of its own, and before I knew it I was behind her, my hands on her hips as I pushed my once again rock hard cock into her pussy.

Her whole body shuddered and she let out a soft moan. She looked back at me and I knew what she was asking me to do. I pulled my hips back and brought them forward hard, pushing her forward a bit. I repeated this motion again and again, and each time her moans got louder and my cock got deeper. Fuck I didn’t think older women could be this tight, let alone this wet. I dug my nails into her skin as I started thrusting faster, my cock growing harder inside her and pushing as deep as it could. I looked and saw our reflections in the mirror. Her mouth was open wide as moans escaped from them, her eyes opened slightly but even that was enough for me to see how horny she was. I knew she wanted more but I wasn’t sure what to do.

I shook my head and took a chance. I winded my hand back and brought it down hard against her ass. She let out a gasp. “Fuck yes. Harder!” I was totally shocked to hear her say this. I thought she would slap me but she was actually into it. I gulped and smacked her ass again and she let out a squeal of pleasure. I spanked her again and again as I pounded my cock into her, my body apparently acting of its own wanting more of her sweet, mature body but knowing it wouldn’t last much longer. I couldn’t take much more. I grabbed her shoulders and started thrusting faster, my balls slapping against her clit. She moaned and bit her lip then looked back at me.

“Fill my pussy! Give it all to me!” I couldn’t believe these words were coming out of her mouth. The sweet, caring, mother-like figure I’d known for years was saying such slutty words. It was all too much for me. I threw my head back and my whole body tensed as I came again. She screamed and her pussy tightened around my cock as she came too, at least I think she did. I don’t know, I never made a girl cum before, but then again she wasn’t a girl. She was a woman. I stood there panting as more of my cum was squeezed out of my cock. Once I was done I pulled my cock out and watched as our cum mixed together and dripped out of her pussy. She turned around and smirked. I started to speak but she just shook her head as she grabbed her clothes and got dressed. She gave me a quick kiss and smacked my ass then walked out, her hips swaying as she did.

I stood there totally dazed then something caught my eye. I looked over and saw a pair of panties on the floor. I dropped to my knees and picked them up. I brought them to my face and sniffed them and next thing I knew I was sitting there jerking my cock again. Because that’s all I knew. I was just an animal who couldn’t stop pleasuring myself. I kept thinking about what happened and it was too much. Soon my cum was all over the floor and I was lying there shaking and panting. Something inside me had been unleashed, but it took me too long to realize it wasn’t something good.

Chapter 2

It’s been a couple weeks since then, and it’s just business as usual. I wake up, shower, get ready for class, go through the normal drone of my professors, then I go home and wait Manisa Escort Bayan for it to start again. Actually I lied. Two things changed. One, I swear Lena was around more often. I’d walk by her house and she’d be standing in the window drinking coffee. I’d be walking home and she was sitting on the patio or tending to the garden. Once I swear I looked out my window in the morning and I could see into her room. She had on nothing but a pair of silk lace panties. The second thing that changed was that I was more restless. Every time I saw her I ran to the most private place I could find and beat off. I couldn’t help myself. Just seeing her was enough for me to drop whatever I was doing and cover whatever room I could find with my load.

I think my friends noticed something was off. One day I was eating with my friend Jen and she was just rattling away about some bullshit with her boyfriend. I didn’t really care. All I could think about was Lena. Suddenly though the table shook and I jerk my head up. Jen was glaring at me and I realized she must have kicked the table or something. “You’re not listening to me.”

I simply rolled my eyes. “Oh I’m sorry. Do go on about how much of a let down your Jack was in bed this time. I’m so intrigued.” I rest my elbow on the table with my chin on my hand, waiting for her to either hit me or get up and storm off. Instead, her expression softened and she sighed.

“Luca, what’s going on? Lately you’ve been different and I’m worried.” She leaned forward and took my hand in hers and rubbed the back of it with her thumb. “You’ve been quieter, more reserved. You’re just not yourself and that scares me. Please talk to me.” Her voice was soft and pleading. I was totally taken aback. I’d rarely seen her like this, and the fact that she was like this now was scary. It never occurred to me that my new obsession might be affecting the people around me, let alone my best friend. I had to tell her the truth. I opened my mouth but before I could say anything my phone buzzed. I shook my head and pulled my hand back.

“It’s nothing Jen, don’t worry.” I took my phone out and saw that it was a text from Rosa. I raised an eyebrow and opened it.

Hey, I know this sounds kinda random but could you come over like right now please? Peanut butter! I repeat, peanut butter!

I sighed. Peanut butter was our code word since we were kids. Basically it meant “don’t ask questions, don’t tell anyone.” I put my phone in my pocket and stood up. I grabbed my bag but before I could say anything Jen grabbed my arm and looked at me. “Luca, is this about Rosa? You’ve been in love with her for 10 years. When are you gonna let her go?”

I glared at her and pulled my arm away. “She was my best friend. Sorry if that stings.” Before she could say anything I walked off. Soon I was out of the slick new dining hall and walking across the academic quad. I sighed and found myself lost in thought thinking about what Jen said. Maybe I really was just wasting my time. I mean, I had been friends with Rosa for years and yeah she never seemed to notice my feelings were beyond just that but so what? She was one of those people that just being around was enough for me to be satisfied. But ever since Lena… oh gods what was I supposed to do if she found about that? I was so focused that I didn’t even notice the sounds and smells of the city, the people telling me to watch it, the horns honking as I crossed the streets without looking. Soon I was on my block and I hadn’t even noticed the footsteps behind me, not until I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and it was Jen, totally out of breath.

“Jen!” I blinked and stepped back. “What are you doing? Did you follow me here?”

She nodded. “Luca, please listen to me. Whatever is going on, if Rosa is involved then you need to tell me. Whatever is bothering you isn’t good, not if it makes you act like this. So come on, what is it?” She crossed her arms and looked at me pleadingly. I just stood there, not sure what to say. If I told her the truth then there was no telling how she’d react. I noticed something shift from the corner of my eye and looked to see the window curtains in Rosa’s how shift just a bit. Was she watching all this? Or maybe it was Lena.

I sighed and looked at Jen then nodded toward my house. Together we walked there and went inside and sat down in the living room. I took a deep breath and told her everything; what happened with Rosa outside her house, what happened with Lena inside my house; how I couldn’t go a day without jerking off and thinking about that day; and how about there was a part of me that wanted to just run upstairs, lock the door and spend the rest of the day jerking and sniffing her panties. Once I finished we just sat there in silence. I could tell she didn’t know where to begin and I didn’t blame her. It was a lot to process. Hell I’m still processing all of it. Finally though I couldn’t take the silence and just spoke.

“Look Jen,” I said Escort Manisa as gently as I could. “I know this is all really weird and I know that you’re probably freaked out, but honestly getting this all off my chest has been-” Before I could finish she grabbed my face and kissed me hard. And I mean hard. Like I actually flinched a bit as she pressed her lips against mine. My eyes widened as her lips parted and her tongue pressed against my mouth. Without even thinking I opened mine sightly and soon her tongue was swirling around mine. I closed my eyes and put my hands on her waist and pulled her closer to me. I was surprised by my own actions, and this surprise was mirrored by the small smirk formed on her lips. She moved her hand down to my shirt and grabbed a fist full of it. She pulled me into her and soon her breasts were pressed against mine.

Eventually I snapped out of it and I pulled back, gasping for air. “W-what was that? Why… what was that?!”

Jen just smirked and leaned in close. “I know what’s wrong with you. You have boner brain dumbass.” Her hands moved down to my pants and she unbuckled my belt. “So as your friend, I’m gonna help you get over it.”

I sat there not sure what to say. Soon my pants were unbuttoned and unzipped and her hand was inside them, rubbing my bulge through my boxers. “B-but you have a boyfriend. We shouldn’t be…ohhh.” A moan escaped my lips as she reached into my boxers and started stroking my cock.

“Look, you’re my friend Luca, and if this is the only way to get you back to normal then so be it.” She dropped to her knees and pulled my pants down to my ankles. My cock sprang up. “Besides, I always was curious about what you were packing, and oh my was it more than I expected.” She hiked up her skirt and pulled down her panties. My jaw dropped as she climbed onto me and hovered her pussy just above my cock. Her juices dripped down onto the tip and I couldn’t help but gasp.

“Jen I… I really want to but…” She put a finger to my mouth and slowly slid down onto my cock. We both let out a moan and she looked at me with a smirk.

“You were saying?” She leaned in and kissed me deeply. This time it wasn’t hard and sudden. It was sweet and tender. I lost myself in the kiss and in the feel of her pussy as she started to bounce up and down on my cock. She moaned into my mouth as I pulled away and kissed her neck. She gasped and giggled.

“Jerk. Fuck you know I’m sensitive there.” I smirked as I sucked on her neck and put my hands on her waist. She’s right, I did. We;d been friend since high school. I’d seen her with enough guys and heard enough stories to know exactly what she liked. I slipped my hands under her shirt and caressed her boobs as she bounced faster. I moaned as I felt my cock press deeper into her.

“Ugh fuck Jen! Your pussy feels amazing.” She just rolled her eyes.

“You haven’t seen anything yet.” She gripped the back of the couch and started rocking her hips back and forth. I could feel her pussy grind onto my cock, forcing it deeper than I thought it could go. She moaned louder and started panting, her tongue hanging out her mouth. She looked just like I did when I was with Lena. Lena… fuck just like that I was thinking about her. How soft her skin was, how wet her pussy was, the way her tongue felt on my cock. Something came over me. I snarled and grabbed Jen’s ass and started thrusting my cock up hard into her to meet her bounces. She gasped and squealed in pleasure, her face contorting into a half smile, half smirk. I knew this was what she wanted and I didn’t care. I needed her pussy more than I realized, and in that moment it was all I could think about.

I turned her around on my cock and smacked her ass. She yipped and then pulled off her shirt. She leaned back into me as she bounced faster on my cock. My lips were on her neck and my hands were on my tits. I pinched her nipples and she let out a moan mixed with a laugh. I thrust my cock into her and my balls slapped against her clit, making a popping sound as her juices flowed down the length of my cock. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could take it. I wanted to fill her pussy with my cum, but before I could her body started to shake and spasm.

“F-fuck! Dammit Luca!” Her entire body tensed and jerked up as she came. Liquid squirted out her body and dripped onto the floor. I’d never seen anything like it before. It shocked me but was also really hot. The feeling of her body cumming and watching her reaction to my cock was too much and before I knew it I came too, my load shooting into her pussy. She yelped and squirted again, though it was much less than before. We both fell over and laid together on the couch, panting. I couldn’t believe that had just happened. Of all people, why Jen? Why one of my only friends? Why didn’t it bother me is the real question. I should feel guilty or weird, but I feel happy. Satisfied. I feel like I could go all day.

She turned over and looked at me with a small smile. “Next time you feel pent up, just come to me ok? You gotta get the poison out your system or else it will build up and make you act like an idiot.” I was totally speechless so I just nodded. “Good. Now you said it had been two weeks since Lena? Hm that’s a lot of poison. We’re gonna be here for a while.”

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