Customer Service on National Nude Day

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This is a work of fiction, the product of wishful thinking. All characters are over the age of 18.


I’m John, just a normal 25 year old guy who makes a living helping customers with the hardware and software they bought from my employer.

A year ago, we picked up a new customer. Being a smaller business, there were only 2 office personnel; Kathy, a short brunette and Carol, a tall blonde. Both are late 40s, thin, and very sweet. They both speak with heavy southern accents and love to call everyone “Sweetheart” or “Honey.” As a bonus, both smoke so the three of us have spent time in the smoking area, shooting the shit, especially during the setup and training process. Once they were functioning, I would stop by about once a month just to check up on them.

Their system needed an upgrade so I set an appointment for July 14th. I don’t like scheduling visits on Fridays, but this was the only day they had available.

Nor did I know it was National Nude Day.

No, really! It didn’t appear on my phone calendar, so I had no idea it even existed!

I arrived at their office early that morning. I noticed that there was only one car parked in their lot, which was quite unusual. I grabbed my laptop bag and tried to open the door.It was locked!

Thinking something happened or they forgot, I knocked on the door anyway. I got no reply so I started walking back to my truck when my phone rang. I answered.

“John? Is that you at the front door?” Kathy asked.

“Yah!” I replied.

“Today is a “paperwork day” so we’re closed to the public. Come around back and I’ll let you in.”

I ended the call and went around the back to meet Kathy. She had already lit up a cig. She was also wearing short blue jean cut offs and a t shirt, instead of the usual jeans and blouse. But, it was a really hot day already, so her attire made sense if they didn’t have customers.

I couldn’t help but think I would love to give her something else to inhale!

She stubbed her butt and we went inside. The view from the back was as delicious as the front! There seemed to be a little something extra in her walk, too!

I followed her until we got to the server. She turned around and Güngören escort bayan told me to let her know if I needed anything.

I couldn’t say much since the air conditioning had made it obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I was tempted to reach out and twist the nipples of her lovely little B cups!

I was immediately glad I chose to wear baggy khakis that day!

Kathy grinned as she turned a 180 and walked to her desk, saying,

“Let me know when you’re ready to upgrade the PCs!’

My only thought was that I really wanted to “upgrade” her!

I sat in front of the server and tried to concentrate on work, but I had to adjust my hard cock several times. I was really tempted to whip it out and masturbate while thinking of Kathy and what was underneath her clothes. Had I gotten caught, it would have been the end of my job, so I resisted. The hard on eventually went away.

I finished the server upgrad, gathered my stuff, and headed towards Kathy’s office so I could upgrade the client on her PC.

I was in the hallway when I heard Kathy shout,

“Hey, John! Did you know today is National Nude Day?”

“No,” I responded as I entered her office.

I entered her office to find Kathy sitting in her chair, as nude as the day is long!

My cock returned to its rigid state! Kathy was hotter naked than I could have ever imagined!

I tried to say something when Kathy said,

“Get naked with me!”

I dropped my laptop bag on the floor and tried to take my shirt off but I was having a hard time with it.

“Aww, Honey. Let me help you!” Carol exclaimed.

She stood up and pulled my shirt off. She slowly, seductively unbuckled my belt and pulled it through the loops of my slacks. She stroked my hardness through my pants before unlatching my pants and pulled down the zipper. She pulled down my pants down to my ankles and stroked my 6″ through my underwear.

Our eyes locked and Carol stated,

“You’ve given us great customer service since we bought the system. It’s only fair that I return the favor!”

She pulled my underwear down and immediately got on her knees and took all of me in her mouth.

Damn, Escort İnnovia did it feel good! Kathy knew what she was doing!

Kathy alternated her hands and mouth on me for several minutes. She looked up at me and said,

“Suge, my husband would have come twice already. What’s a girl got to do to make you come?”

I still hadn’t gathered my senses so I mumbled something about not being able to come from blow jobs.

Kathy giggled and said,

“Sweetie, you are about to explode! What can I do to help? Wanna fuck?”

Before I could answer, Kathy sat on her desk and spread her legs. Since she only had an air strip of hair on her crotch, I could see her entire, glistening pussy!

I sat in her chair to remove my shoes and pants. I was really tempted to start fucking her right there but I didn’t want to shoot my load so soon.

I stood up and pulled Kathy towards me. She wrapped her legs around me and ground her pussy lips up and down my cock while we engaged in some really sloppy French kissing.

My cock was drenched with Kathy’s juices. I broke away from our kissing and kissed my way down to her breasts. They were a bit flabby, but normal for a lady in her late 40s. But her nipples, well DAMN! They were extremely firm and responsive to my licks and nibbles.

All Kathy could do was moan in pleasure.

I sat in her char as I kissed my way down to her pussy. I was mere inches from a pussy that was beyond needing a good fucking.

Which I was going to do, but not before I went down on her!

I easily slid a finger inside her, making Kathy squeal. The second and third fingers went in just as easily. I bent my fingers up and slammed them into her, making sure I was hitting her G-spot. It only took a few minutes of this before Kathy screamed

“Oh, fuck! Oh fuck, OH FUCK ME!”

After she finished coming, she asked,

“Where did you learn that? My husband never got me off like that!”

I just grinned and planted my lips on her cunt. Kathy screamed with pleasure as her torso arched backwards.

It had been a while since I’d been with a woman who had such prominent lips, so I played with them a bit, Kağıthane escort flapping them around with my tongue. Based on the sounds she was making, I could tell Kathy was enjoying herself!

Her clit looked like it needed attention so I started sucking on it. It seemed like just a few seconds later when Kathy screamed with her second orgasm!

I was ready to shoot my load in her. Before she finished coming, I had buried my cock in her to the hilt. She was really wet and not very tight, so I knew I could go for a while before I came.

I didn’t bother with the “start slow and speed up” method. I immediately started pounding Kathy as she wrapped her legs around me again.

I tried kissing again but she pulled her face away and made a primal grunt every time I slammed into her. Kathy quickly came again!

She made me stop so she could collect her breath. I massaged her breasts while she regained her composure.

She looked me in the eyes and said,

“Do that again and I WILL make you come!”

So I did. It only took me a few strokes to realize that Kathy was flexing her kegels!

Kathy wrapped her arms around my neck. I was feeling my nut coming when Kathy screamed in my ear,


That was all I needed. I shot a load in her I would swear didn’t stop until it reached her stomach!

We were both out of breath and couldn’t move. I stayed inside her as my dick softened.


We both looked towards the door.

It was Carol, completely naked, with her hand rubbing her pussy, her juices dripping down her leg, a sly grin on her face. “I shouldn’t be surprised. You DID say a while back you were going to seduce John first!” Carol exclaimed.

I looked at Kathy and all she did was shrug and grin in a very wicked way!

Carol pressed herself against my back and asked,

Is it my turn now?”

How could I deny Carol the same “customer service” I’d just given Kathy?

We spent the rest of the day pleasuring each other. At one point, I needed a break so I watched the two ladies suck my come out of each others’ pussies. I later learned that they had been lovers for years without their husbands’ knowledge.

I eventually had to stop the fun and upgrade their PCs. Fortunately, its’ a fairly mindless process.

Quitting time came too quickly when Kathy piped up with,

“Our next “paperwork day” is July 28th!”

I immediately made an appointment on my phone’s calendar for that day!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32