Curves and Colors

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Upon a pillar, bearing a vase, her head turned slightly turned to the side. The light caught the side of her face graciously, accentuating the curves of her jaw, caressing her neck and falling gently on her breasts, casting shadows beneath them. Her dark brown hair was back and up, but even then it was still long enough to gently fall on her back. Her full red lips were closed, but seemingly anticipating being able to open.

His brush carefully and gracefully traced the outline of the woman. A man who paid particular attention to detail, the right lines in all the right places were given to create the image of the beauty before him. A professional, who admired every shadow, every touch of light on her skin, the pink tint of her nipple on her lightly tanned breast, all curves and colors which he laid out on his canvas with a mathematical precision.

As she stood there, she could not help but daydream as he was painting her. She thought of many things, and eventually her mind drifted off to the idea of sex. She looked down quickly at him, his hand on his brush, his muscular arm directing each graceful move to create lines on his canvas. She began to think about what his body must look like under the plain white short-sleeved shirt. He was a very handsome man, with a chiseled face and jet-black hair. She could only wonder what his penis looks like, the bulge in his paint-stained khaki pants. She began to tingle between her thighs at the thought.

Her mind suddenly started to drift away, and she found herself thinking about being pounded by him on his bed in the other room. She could feel herself begin to become wet, and suddenly she was self-conscious. Her face became flushed, and she wondered if he noticed.

“Is everything alright up there?”

“Oh, um, yes, I’m fine, thanks.”

He went back to painting diligently. She hung on his words, loving the rich sound of his voice.

“Actually, could we take a break?”

“I don’t see why not. Would you like something to drink?”

He walked into the washroom and cleaned the paint off his hands.

“No, thanks, I just need to take a little break, loosen up a little.”

He walked into the kitchen and poured himself a glass of orange juice. She grabbed her robe, draped it over herself and tied the belt. She took a seat on the couch and relaxed for a moment. She watched him take the dishes out of the dishwasher and dry them, and then place them back in the cabinet. Again she began to think about his cock inside her, and her pussy began to water. She was becoming increasingly horny with each moment, but she had to force herself to keep from touching herself, or making any strange movement that would make him suspicious. The soft silk on her body was not helping her calm down any, as whenever she moved, her nipples, which had become hard now, rubbed against the fabric, and caused her pussy to burn with desire.

He watched her as she stared off into space.

“What are you thinking about?”

“Oh, nothing really. You know, usual things.”

She was beginning to wonder if he knew.

“Actually, my mind is just a little clouded right now, I don’t know if I’ll be able to stand there still much longer.”

She stood up and walked to the kitchen counter, and stood near him.

“Why, what’s wrong?”

She looked him deep in his eyes, seeing herself grow closer to him.

“Oh, I’m sure it will be all right.”

She told him, and then their lips met. At first he was a little shocked, but welcomed the kiss. He had always tried to maintain a high level of professionalism with his models, but he could feel her desire on his mouth. All he could do was kiss her back. He slid his arms down her sides, and wrapped them around her. She put her arms around his neck, and pulled herself into him. She pressed her body close to his, trying to feel his penis inside his pants. She could tell he was getting aroused. She began to unbutton his shirt, and she took it off, and it fell to the floor, revealing his muscular arms and chest. He moved his hands from her back to her breasts, and he caressed them through her silk robe. She exhaled sharply, and he spun her around, and kissed her neck gently, and grabbed her breasts from behind, squeezing them gently, and caressing her nipples through her robe. She was becoming so wet now, she could almost feel her juices start to drip out of her hole.

“Sometimes, the best cure for temptation is to increase the magnitude, and then release it.”

She turned around and kissed him repeatedly, knowing he would soon set her free. She kissed him and led him to the bedroom at the same time, and once they were there he pushed the robe off her shoulders, and it fell to the floor. She was once again exposed to him, but this time it was different. Her gracefulness was accompanied by an animalistic desire, a burning heat within her begging to be satisfied. She undid his pants and he kissed her as she slid them off his waist. She slid off his boxer shorts and his penis came free. She stopped türbanlı escort kissing him and studied it for a moment in the yellowish light of the room. Her pussy immediately became very wet as she looked over the veined shaft, his balls hanging beneath it. She took his penis in her hand, and pulled him by it over to the bed.

He instantly became rock hard as her hand wrapped around his cock. He enjoyed the feeling of her warm skin against his penis, and he could barely contain himself as she ran her hand over it, caressing it. He climbed over her in the bed, and kissed her deeply on the mouth. He opened a drawer in the bedside table, trying not to attract her attention, and he pulled out two silk scarves. He took the hand that was on his penis and pulled it up to the headboard.

“What are you doing?”

She very well knew what he was doing. He tied her arm to the headboard tightly, so she would be sure to be kept from coming free. He then took her other hand and tied it to the headboard as well. Being tightly secured, she was his. He ran his hand down the length of her body, until he got to her legs. He gently touched the insides of her thighs, so close to her wet hole, but took care to avoid touching the lips of her pussy. She brought her legs up as he touched her, greatly wanting him to touch her in that special place. He could tell this was going to drive her nuts.

On the bedside table were a few of his paintbrushes, brand new and unused. He grabbed a thick brush with thin hairs, and began to create his masterpiece. He began with her lips, tracing around her mouth, and then down her soft cheek to her neck. He touched the brush to the underside of her breast, and he watched how she reacted. He brushed in circles, the brush tickling her ever so softly, and she was unable to do anything about it. He brushed her nipple, so hard now as he teased her. Her eyes were closed, enjoying him having fun with her body. He brushed the other nipple in the same fashion, and then drew a line down her stomach.

He took a thicker paintbrush, and moved to the end of the bed. He pulled her legs apart, and she lay there with her feet flat on the bed, legs spread wide, and her pussy exposed to him. He brushed the insides of her thigh, down to her crotch, and he brushed along the folds of her pussy.

She could hardly understand. Aside from being so incredibly horny, wanting nothing other than to be fucked, pounded so hard, to cum, and be released of her tension, she was confused. She expected him to give her wild animalistic sex, and here he was teasing her. Bound to the bed, all she could do was take in the feeling of the paintbrush between her legs.

On one side of her pussy he ran the paintbrush, on the other, his finger. He traced her hole, taking care to keep from entering her, enjoying watching her squirm as he touched her. She made little squeaks and moans with every line he traced on her. He touched the paintbrush to her engorged clit, and she jumped a little, and he brushed around in little circles.

She was so on edge; the paintbrush on her clit was driving her absolutely insane, as were his fingers still just touching her pussy. She saw him fiddle with the paintbrush for a moment, and she wondered what he was doing. Then she heard a humming noise, and he touched the other end of the brush to the pearl between her legs once more. She could hardly think as vibrations originating from her clit surged through her, and throughout her body. Her legs immediately wanted to close, but he kept them open, and he kept holding the brush vibrator on her clit, driving her closer and closer to orgasm.

He could tell she was close, and he moved the vibrator off her clit, and traced around her hole once more. She was dripping wet, and so hot, she begged him to let her cum, but he would not allow it. He took the brush away and set it on the floor. He kissed down her thigh from her knee, and then traced around her pussy with his tongue.

Her head went back, as he kissed her right between her legs. Gently he began to lick around her pussy, tasting her juices on his tongue. He licked around the outside still, and watched her breast rise and fall with every touch of his tongue on her pussy. He slowly traced around her warmth with his fingers, and then very slowly inched one finger in, and only kept it in long enough to get her wetness on his fingers.

He immediately began to toy with her clit, as he licked her pussy once more, forcing his tongue inside her. Her hips gyrated as he pleasured her, waves sent through her body by his hot mouth on her sex.

“Fuck me. Fuck me please fuck me. I can’t take this any longer I need you inside me”

She begged him, but he just flicked his tongue over her clit once more, always keeping her on the verge of orgasm but never pushing her over the top. He kissed up her stomach once more, and then kissed her mouth, keeping one hand on her pussy. Her breathing was short and separated, and her breast tüyap escort moved erratically beneath him. He kissed her neck, and as he did he untied her bounds.

With tiger-like reflexes she flipped him over and looked deep into his eyes. He could see the fire that burned within her. With him under her she grabbed his cock, and positioned it in front of her pussy. She pinned one of his arms down, but with his free hand he pinched one of her nipples. She moaned a little and inched herself down on him, until his shaft was fully inside her.

She began to rock back and forth on him, and she put both of her hands on his chest. She looked deep into his eyes, and he used both hands to massage her breasts, and pinch her nipples. She moved faster with the pressure on her tits driving her closer to orgasm. She wanted nothing else but to cum so hard all over his large shaft that was buried deep in her.

Her pussy was so wet, soaking his rod in her juices. Her clit dragged lightly through his neatly trimmed pubic hairs, which increasingly brought her closer and closer to ecstasy. She was moaning loudly now, and he could sense her orgasm was imminent.

Her breathing stopped for a moment, and he felt a rush of fluid wash over him as she climaxed. Her legs shook and tightened against his sides. He could only try to imagine what she was feeling by the look on her face. Waves of intense pleasure shot through her, making her whole body go numb, and even though only 30 seconds had passed, it felt like a lifetime to her. Her mind exploded with such euphoria, she wondered if this is was the same type of feeling that brought him inspiration to compel him to paint such masterpieces as were displayed in his sitting room.

She moaned softly as she exhaled and collapsed onto his chest. She listened to his heartbeat, and rose and fell with his breathing.

When her mind stopped swimming, she looked up at him and kissed him deep on the lips.

“ahhhhhh my god, thank you for that, it was wonderful.”

She then realized he was still rock solid inside her. He held her tight and kissed her neck, her chest pressed against his. Slowly he began to slide his cock in and out of her, and she began breathing erratically, her pussy now very sensitive from her orgasm. He grabbed her ass tightly to guide her up and down on his cock, and he began to fuck her hard. An ocean of pleasure rocked over her body. She was moaning loudly, and with a few more thrusts deep into her she came again, soaking his dick once more.

She rolled herself off of him and sat beside him on the bed. He looked over at her as she grabbed his cock and held it, and then began to stroke it gently.

“I want to repay you, for helping me with my… problem.”

She told him, looking over his body with sultry eyes. She touched her lips to his arm, and kissed her way to his mouth, and held it there for a moment. She worked her tongue between his lips, and began to explore his mouth. She could feel him teasing her back with his tongue. She kept a soft grip on his shaft, and pressed into his kiss. She dragged her lips down his chin, kissing his chest on the way down his stomach, and finally kissed the head of his cock.

She licked around the head, and watched his expression as she teased him.

“You make my body so hot, every time I model for you I can barely contain myself. Standing naked in front of you, my pussy gets so wet, dreaming of all the things you could do to me. I want to repay you for all the wonderful orgasms you have given me though; when I touch myself in the bath after coming home from modeling for you I always cum almost instantly, and the way you teased my pussy today, it was mind blowing. I want to be your lover, but treated like your little slut.”

She slowly inched his cock into her mouth, and he watched as she took it all down. Her lips fit perfectly around his shaft, and he fully enjoyed the feeling of her wet tongue moving over the length of him.

He suddenly pulled out of her mouth, and looked her in the eyes.

“So, you want to be lovers.”

She looked at him with her full green eyes, fearing that he would want to be nothing more than a sex friend.

“I have a confession to make. I’ve loved you almost as long as I’ve known you. I was worried about keeping things professional, and I wasn’t about to lose a model as a result. I want to be with you, I have for the longest time.”

She smiled at him, then wrapped her arms around him and kissed him full on the lips.

“But you also said you wanted to be treated like my little slut. Why don’t you show me what my little slut can do.”

She smiled at him again, and he stood up. She knelt on the bed before him, and grabbed his cock at the base, directing it into her hot mouth. She took the penis down as far as she could go, until his balls were resting on her chin. She looked up at him, and him down at her, and he smiled. He reached down and pinched one of her nipples, causing tuzla escort her to moan with his cock in her mouth.

“Come on, now suck that dick like the bad girl you are.”

She held his balls in one hand as her mouth moved over his cock, and she began to lick down the length of his shaft. She pulled his cock out of her mouth, and kissed the tip, then quickly put it back in, her tongue licking over the head.

“Touch your pussy, show me how you pleasure yourself while you’re sucking my dick.”

She moved her hand to touch her pussy, one finger inside while her palm rubbed her clit. She bobbed her head up and down on his dick, took it out for a moment to stroke it a little, and then she paused to untie her hair, and the amber wave fell to about the middle of her back. She put his cock back into her mouth and her hair brushed gently against his stomach as she worked her tongue over the head of his cock. She resumed rubbing her pussy, which was so hot and wet she was on the brink of cumming once more. She could tell he would not last much longer and used both hands on his cock, stroking it and licking the head, still in her mouth.

“Mmmm are you going to cum in your little girl’s mouth?”

“Only if you want me to baby”

“Yeah come on, fill my mouth with your hot cum.”

She worked her mouth hard and fast on his cock, trying her hardest to make him orgasm. She rested his penis on her lower lip and opened her mouth wide, and took his cock in her hands and began to jerk him hard.

He was unable to contain himself any longer. He watched as she closed her eyes and spurts of white semen flooded her mouth. She closed her lips around his cock, and she sucked him into her mouth, her strong tongue muscles working to suck the remaining cum from his cock. She had trouble containing it all with the addition of his rod in her mouth, and white drips began to run down her chin. She swallowed his cum with a gulp, and licked his cock clean, and with his finger he cleaned the cream that was running down her chin. Her tongue willingly took the extra cum from his hand. She licked her lips, and sat down on the bed. Her thin fingers began to tease her pussy again.

“That’s my good little slut.”

She sat back against the headboard and slowly teased her hole with her finger. Her body was on fire. She closed her eyes and she just took in the pleasure she was bringing to herself.

Brown eyes focused on the pink flesh being manipulated by her hand, the red nail polish on her fingers danced around her most sensitive area.

Teasing herself as he had before, she made sure to avoid orgasm. Something that seemed strange to her for a woman to do, but for now she always kept herself close to the top, but not quite there. Rubbing her clit just long enough to push her closer, then backing away, her hips flailing at her own touch. Her butt would come off the bed whenever she hit a nerve just right. He watched in amazement; his mind clearer as a result of his orgasm, and he could see how a woman pleasuring herself could be a truly beautiful thing.

As she pressed her hand into herself, she made more little squeaks and moans, and each sound she made brought the blood rushing back to his loins. He wanted to watch her longer, but his hormones were beginning to take over.

Strong arms picked her up and turned her over, and she got on all fours. Her ass was up to him, as she was using her forearms for support. He ran the head of his penis up and down her slit, and she waited in anticipation for him to slide his tool into her. She looked behind her, and watched his muscular arm manipulate his cock.

He slowly thrust his erection into her all at once, and she gasped a little. She was unable to see what he was doing from where she was, which added a bit of mystery. His penis began to work its magic inside her, and he thrust into her hard. Her breasts rocked back and forth as he slammed his cock into her, his pelvis ramming into her ass, his balls knocking her mound with every thrust.

“Come on baby, fuck me with that dick. Slam my pussy, make your little slut scream.”

He could feel the muscles of her cunt tighten around his cock as he pushed it into her. She reached underneath her and rubbed her clit, while trying to stay balanced with her other arm.

A honey-brown flow fell upon the bedspread as her head fell, unable to hold it up anymore. The sea of amber waved as he rocked her from behind. She could see under herself, and she could almost watch his cock disappear into her, quickly to reappear again.

The feeling he was creating in her extremely sensitive pussy was very close to pushing her over the top. She moaned loudly with pleasure as he fucked her hard and fast.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhh, mmmmmm, turn me over, I want to watch you cum.”

He removed his penis momentarily as he turned her over, laying her on the bed. He quickly reinserted his shaft into her, and she wrapped her legs around him. Her silky smooth legs squeezed his body tightly as she prepared herself for another intense tidal wave of absolute bliss.

He massaged her breasts and rubbed little circles around the nipples, and then he pinched them lightly and began to ram her pussy hard with his cock. His balls smacked the small area of flesh immediately beneath her dripping hole.

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