Curse of Christina Ch. 06

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The humiliation I felt curbside at the sex club was mild in comparison to what happened at home. In the car, her outfit was torn and discarded and her body was groped by the two men she invited home. She was a totally different person, a dominant princess to me and common whore for them. Her legs were wide open, each one draping over the legs of the men at her sides and two different sets of fingers were slowly and methodically invading her private areas. Christina came several times as they masturbated her in the car. Her cum gushed onto the seat, the floor and the back of my seat. One splash even hit my rear view mirror as she arched her back and emitted her guttural sound.

At home, Big Frank carried a naked Christina into the house and upstairs to my bedroom. Julio stopped at my fridge to grab some beer. I followed Big Frank and Christina upstairs. Big Frank threw Christina onto my bed and started to undress himself. Out of habit, I flipped on the light switch and quickly learned how Frank got his nickname. To say he has a big cock is an understatement. It is ENORMOUS! Black and dangling semi-hard between his legs, it was thicker than my wrist and longer than my foot. His ball sac was shaved and proportionate to his cock size, heavy and full looking. I trembled at the thought of how much cum he would deposit in her.

I stood in the doorway with my mouth open in disbelief over Big Frank’s endowment and my girl friend’s intent on making me a cuckold. It pisses me off that a man who looks like he doesn’t give a shit about personal appearance could be so hung and a guy like me who is responsible is just average. And, I feel tormented watching Christina, the beautiful young woman I am falling in love with, give herself up to these two thugs so I can experience real-life cuckoldry. Watching porn is one thing, but why can’t we do this with some attractive and hung white guys?

When Julio showed up, he pushed me out of the way and handed out beers to everyone but me. Then he told me I didn’t have any good junk food down stairs while he stripped off his clothes. I eyed his cock too. It was large but not like Big Frank’s.

Christina told me to fetch the small duffel bag she had given me a couple weeks ago. When I came back with it, the three of them were in bed and Christina was fondling their hard cocks. I think Big Frank’s was at least 3 inches longer and wider than before. She asked if I had honored her request and not looked inside it. I nodded affirmatively and then she instructed me to open the bag and withdraw the envelope marked ‘open me first.’

“Is it still sealed?” she asked. Her eyes focused in on mine in a friendly way as she waited for her answer.

“Yes Goddess Christina.”

“Open it then, and read it out loud.”

So curious, I tore open the envelope and unfolded the letter. It was in her handwriting and dated about two weeks ago.

Darling, Thank you for honoring my request to store this bag safely within your home until I asked for it. Your reading this letter to me confirms my suspicions of you all along, that you are trustworthy and eager to please me. How eager is a matter to be learned.

You have already succumbed to my powers of seduction by sharing sordid details of your paid phone sex calls with women. I am fascinated by the amount of money and time you have spent calling such whores and jacking off and I hope that you will redirect your generosity to me and only me. I wish to make your fantasies real. Do you want to spoil me darling?

I paused and Julio called me a loser. “Well, don’t just stand there Bob. Answer my question.” Spoke Christina.

“Yes, Goddess Christina. I want to take care of you no matter what.”

Big Frank and Julio laughed and Julio grabbed Christina’s left breast, squeezed it to make her nipple stand out further. “Your Goddess is our personal whore to use as we please,” he said as he lowered his mouth over her nipple. He sucked it into his mouth and she winced as Julio bit her. At same time, the two men fingered her pussy and Christina nestled between them, succumbing to the pleasure.

My right hand shook as I watched them grope her. Christina’s eyes were closed as she whimpered under their treatment. Her legs were spread wide and her thighs were wet. I stroked my cock through my pants as I took in the surreal scene playing out before me.

“Keep reading the letter,” istanbul escort said Big Frank. He withdrew his hand from Christina’s pussy and stroked his wet fingers over his cock.

As I write this letter, I want you to know that I am planning an evening of fun for both of us. It will happen the night you read this letter back to me. Why don’t you unzip your pants and take your cock out for me? Show your equipment to me and the men we’ve brought home. Let them see all of it. Stop reading now and do as I instruct.

My cock had already betrayed me. It was hard as a rock. My hand was on automatic pilot and unzipped my pants and soon, I was stroking my exposed rock hard cock in front of them.

“You have a nice cock,” began Big Frank as he looked below my waist, “nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Thanks man,” I said.

Julio glared at me. “You are a loser.” He tugged at Christina and she sat upright. “Look at her tit. I would never let a man do this to my woman,” he laughed. Her left breast was covered with bite marks. “We’re doing what we want to her and you’re doing nothing to stop us.”

“OMG, I’m gonna cum,” burst in Christina. She humped herself against Julio’s palm as he held it against her mound. “That’s it baby, show your man who you cum for.” When her orgasm hit, she gushed for him. The fluid splattered in all directions as it ricocheted off his hand. Some of it landed on Big Frank’s thigh and he said “damn!” He got up on one knee and pulled her head down to his leg. “Lick that stuff up, bitch!” While she licked his thigh clean, Big Frank turned over his shoulder and asked me to continue reading the letter.

I want you to know that you have a nice cock. It is average length and thickness and most women would be satisfied with you inside them. You have satisfied me with it too. I would not be in your life now otherwise. But one average sized cock is not enough for a woman like me. Sometimes I need multiple partners who are endowed with longer and thicker cocks than your’s. My lust is strong and I need men who want to tame my wild side by fucking me roughly all night long.

What will make this experience even hotter is that you will be watching me. Your lust will be in overdrive as you realize your cuckold fantasy has come true. God, I am so wet just writing this. I can hardly wait to fuck other men in front of you. I want to see the hurt in your eyes and the conflict you feel as your cock grows harder for me.

Stroke your cock for me Bob and keep reading. I’m going to give you 2 options and you get to make the choice. If you want me to stop and send these guys on there way you may say so. I love you and I’ll respect your limits. If you want me to feel sexually satisfied tonight, then you will submit yourself to your Goddess and agree to be my cuckold. As my cuckold, you get a front row position to watch me become their whore.

I stopped reading out loud and reread the letter to myself. I was aware of movement on the bed but did not really pay attention to that. This was definitely a hot moment of truth. As I continued stroking I thought about Christina’s offer and all the activities that lead us here. The cuckold fantasy was my all time favorite. I remember so many masturbation sessions on the phone and even in the shower thinking of my wife with her personal trainer. None of that compared to the opportunity confronting me now. When I looked up and saw Christina smiling in my direction, my decision was made.

“Tell me what you want darling” She said.

I looked at the paper again. I wanted to use her words specifically.

“I want you to feel sexually satisfied tonight.”

“Oh thank you darling. I knew you would come through for us,” exclaimed Christina.

“Loser,” interrupted Julio. “Ssshh” she said and slapped his thigh.

“Bitch,” he responded.

She ignored him for the moment and said to me “tell us what you want us to make you Bob.”

“A cuckold?”

“Yes, darling. Now ask us?” “Goddess Christina, Sir Frank and Sir Julio, will you please make a cuckold out of me?”

“No problem,” said Big Frank as he grabbed Christina and pushed her flat onto the bed. He mounted her from behind while Julio grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide with his fingers. Big Frank put the head to her cunt and just shoved ½ his black log inside her. He continued rocking back and forth as I escort bayan watched. I stroked my cock and listened for anything Christina might say.

Big Frank pounded away at Christina’s body for several minutes. Her arms were held down by Julio the whole time and it looked like a rape scene except that Christina was enjoying multiple orgasms. As he came inside her, he withdrew his cock until it was just inside the opening. There, he unloaded the rest of his first cum of the evening and then got off the bed. “Where’s the bathroom, I need to take a piss,” he said.

Julio moved closer to her ass and pried her cheeks open again. “Look at all that cum,” he said to me. “Get over here cuckold, and start cleaning her up. I don’t like sloppy seconds, man.” He laughed.

I moved to the other side of the bed and bent over to lick Big Frank’s cum deposit out of Christina’s swollen pussy. Her pussy lips slightly gaped from Big Frank’s giant cock. His cum had a much stronger taste than mine but I liked it just the same. I felt so turned on participating in this fantasy turned reality that I began humping the mattress as I ate her out.

Christina’s bottom end moved in rhythm with my licking. She arched her back and looked over her shoulder. “Oh yeah, eat that cum Bob, you’re my cuckold now. Fuck yeah!”

“Once a cuck,” said Julio, “always a cuck,” said Big Frank returning from the toilet. They laughed and gave each other a high five slap.

“Hurry up and eat that cum boy, I want to fuck her too.”

When I finished eating, Christina rose and Julio told her to turn over onto her back. She did as he said and then stuck three fingers in her pussy. She said she was checking to make sure I cleaned her out. Julio moved over her and forced her legs open. His cock was hard and ready.

“Wait a sec, baby, ok?” she said to Julio and put her hand on his chest to hold him back.

“What the fuck?”

“Don’t worry baby,” she continued as she applied some pressure to his chest and he moved off of her. “I’m real horny for you too baby, but I need to make sure he’s gonna cooperate first, ok?”

“Whatever.” Julio glared at me.

“Have you cum yet darling?” she said to me.

“No Goddess, but I want too.”

“Well, I think you should have cum by now. Stop stroking that cock. It belongs to me and I want to deny you physical pleasure.”

“Yes Goddess.”

“You get to stroke and cum when I want, not when you want. That was our agreement wasn’t it darling?”

“Yes Goddess.”

“Good, just making sure you’re still on the same page with me.”

I nodded.

“There is another envelope in the duffle. It has a number 2 on it. Open it up and read it. That letter has specific instructions for you. I want you to follow each step, one at a time.”

I open the letter and start reading. It says to fill a bowl with ice and return to the bed room with it and a thin towel. I rise and go downstairs to the kitchen. I look back and Christina is on her back and her gaze facing me. Julio has just moved into position between her legs. She smiles at me and wraps her legs around Julio’s waist as he penetrates her. She exhales sharply and says “oh god, yeah, ram it in hard baby!”

Downstairs I hear her yells, “fuck yeah, give it to me. Fuck me you fuckin bastard. OMG, I’m cumming.”

When I return, they are still on the center of the bed and he is pounding away between her thighs. Her body lies limply as he continues to fuck her.

I pick up the letter and read. It says to remove my clothes. I shed my shirt and looked up at the bodies on the bed as Christina cried out another orgasm. It was just sex I told myself. She’s giving me what I wanted and to be honest, her show was straight out of a gonzo porn movie. I was so turned on watching and participating in my cuckoldry that she could do anything she wanted and I would comply.

The letter said to put some ice into the towel and wrap it around her cock. The purpose was to make it shrink. She said it would take a matter of time and patience and I was surprised that it took as long as it did. The cold edges were sharp and painful against my hard cock but then the numbness set in and soon I realized I was going limp. The letter said to keep the towel around her cock and retrieve the small white box from the duffel. On the side of the box it said CBT 3000. I had no idea Kurtköy escort what that meant. Inside the box there was a metal device and a sheet of paper with a diagram on it. The diagram showed the device clasped to a penis. Somehow this really excited me and I quickly put it on my cock. When the lock clicked shut, I panicked with awareness that there was no key. I looked up and saw Christina smiling back at me. Her hair and makeup were a mess. But her fingers grasped a gold chain around her neck, and at the bottom of that chain rest a little key. “Not to worry darling. The key is safe with me. How does the device feel?” she giggled.

“It’s cold and kind of a tight fit. There doesn’t seem to be room for getting hard.”

“Don’t worry about that Bob. When I want my cock hard, the cage will expand.”

I looked down and wondered how to make this thing expand.

“Can you stroke it?”


She smiled. “Come up here Bob. I have another load for you to eat.”

After she spoke, the message sank in and her cock tried to grow within the device, but there was no where for it to go. I tried to move the device with my hand, hoping to free up tension on her cock but it didn’t help.

“OMG, Bob! It makes me so hot to see you struggle. OMG!” she began. “My little cock is trying to get hard and it can’t. It’s trapped!” she giggled. “And its starting to hurt down there isn’t it darling?”

I nod in her direction.

“Oh my God, look at me darling. Show me the pain on your face. I want to know you are hurting for me while I cuckold you.”

I looked at her and watched as she moved her hand down to her pussy and stroked her clit. I felt the lust rise within me again and the pain return with intensity as the device prohibited any movement.

“Yes darling, I see the anguish. Accept your place as my cuckold, show me you love me Bob. Feel the lust wanting to surface through my cock and the pain of my denial.” As she spoke at me, her finger rubbed frantically against her clit and she made herself cum. “Come here darling at eat your Goddess’s freshly fucked pussy. Do your job as my cuckold, Bob. Clean me out. OMG,” she screamed and came again.

I moved into position in silence and proceeded with the task assigned. As I ate her out, Frank and Julio took turns mounting Christina’s face and sawing their fat logs into her throat. She gagged for them several times until finally they were able to push themselves in deep without resistance. I took my time and pleasured Christina as best I could with my tongue and fingers. Her pussy was gaped and worn out, puffy and red from all the activity, but the flavor was satisfying and in my mind I was accepting my place in her life.

About the time I finished cleaning her out, both men unloaded massive amounts of cum on her face and in her mouth. They grabbed my arms and had me crawl over Christina and clean off her face with my tongue. We kissed as lovers do, passionately. I swallowed what she didn’t swallow for herself. Then they shoved me off the bed and Christina lay in rest.

I lay on the floor to rest too. I thought about the activities already completed, replaying them in my mind only to realize doing so made me want to be hard again and I quickly felt the pain of her denial. I couldn’t help it. The physical pain was one thing but the mental anguish of not feeling the pleasure of an erection really intensified my frustration and her control over her cock. There was no pleasure in this and I wondered what I was thinking when I put this on. Christina rose from her rest before I did and asked the guys if they wanted to sandwich fuck her and they answered with a resounding “hell yes!” As I moved to get a view of them, both men sandwiched her. Julio was trying to stuff his cock in her ass while Big Frank took her pussy. I rose to my feet and felt the pain she wanted me to have as I watched them jointly fuck each into one more exhausting orgasm.

At the close the evening, it was 4 a.m. They had me call a taxi to take them back to the club. At the curb, I paid the cabbie $100 and the guys were finally gone.

When I returned upstairs, Christina had moved to the guest bed room and gone to sleep. I got in bed with her and lay awake wondering what it will take to get his thing off my cock.

The next afternoon, I woke to Christina’s mouth on my naked cock. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world. I exploded without warning and she swallowed most of it before rising up my chest and planting a cum-kiss on my lips. I remained hard and slipped inside her and we slowly fucked until I came again and we fell asleep.

(to be continued)

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