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I’m not gay. I’ve never been sexually attracted to women. I admire beauty, sure, male or female. The human body is a work of art, and some are… stunning.

And I’ve done okay in life. I made a mistake when I married, but I got two great kids out of the deal. Now, in my mid-forties, I guess I’ll be single the rest of my life. And it’s okay, really. Most of the time I’m pretty happy that way.

But now and then, I get horny. And I have some toys, and I like to read sexy smut, and I take care of it.

But pleasuring myself… there’s no surprise to it. And I haven’t found a toy yet that feels as warm and wet as a mouth or as soft as a tender pair of lips.

I don’t know why I started wondering, but I did. I guess I’ve always figured a woman would know how to please another woman.

And maybe, as long as it’s just for fun… for the experience of it… maybe it wouldn’t throw me into some kind of identity crisis.

So I looked up some ads on that website, you know the one? The one that has everything from moving sales to used baby clothes to… well, people like me: who just want a little sex, no strings attached.

I’ve never done anything like this. I’ve never answered any casual sex ad anytime, anywhere. And I don’t know why I decided to check WFW first. Maybe because I thought it was safer.

Maybe because I want to feel a hard nipple in my mouth, and roll my tongue over it…suck it.

I found one ad… I just kept reading it over and over again. She was my age, give or take, and she sounded intelligent and strong. She knew what she wanted, but she didn’t sound like she would be pushy about it. I walked away from the computer and got my phone. She’d put her number in the ad in code.

I punched the number completely into the phone twice before I had the guts to push the send button. My heart was thrumming in my ears and I wasn’t even sure I heard her voice.


I got choked up, cleared my throat. “I… Uh…” I broke out in a sweat. “I s-s-saw your ad… about… about you know, the… no strings?”

Her voice changed, and she seemed… well, sexier. “Hello, there. Have you done this kind of thing before?”

“N-no,” I said, as if any idiot couldn’t figure that out from my stammering.

“I’m Catherine.”

“Delayna,” I said. “P-people call me Della.”

“Della. I like that. What exactly are you looking for, Della?”

“Uh, I… well, maybe you should go first. I mean, you placed the ad, and all.”

“Hmmmm…. Fair enough. I’ve been hoping to meet someone who knows how to use her tongue. I like to feel it soft and wet on my pussy. In fact, I think that’s the best feeling in the world. A warm, wet mouth lapping at me like the waves of the ocean.”

I squirmed at the thought. My God, just listening to her was turning me on. “Wh—when did you want to give it a try?” I asked.

“I’ve got no plans tonight. Does that work for you, Della?”

I sighed. I could still give it up, hang up and pretend I’d never spoken to her. “I can meet you at eight,” I said. “French’s coffee bar?”

“Sure, I know that place. I’ll wear my blue silk shirt.”

I showered, thinking I should just forget the whole thing. Only I couldn’t forget. I was already wondering what a pussy would taste like. My curiosity got the best of me and I dipped my fingers inside myself and gave a little lick. I tried a few times, but the water from the shower seemed to wipe me clean before I really could figure it out.


I was reading… well, pretending to read a magazine as I scanned the customers coming in. I saw her right away, and examined her carefully from behind my periodical. She had short blond hair, I suppose it could be butch, or maybe just that short, easy-to-care-for professional look. She had stud earrings that matched the brilliant blue of her button down shirt, and her hands were in her pockets as she stood in the line, occasionally looking around the room for… well, me.

She was on the thin side, and seemed small breasted. I was a little on the overweight side, from having kids and a healthy love affair with chocolate. Not too fat, you know, just well rounded in the hips and belly, and my boobs were a little larger than in my youth. Suddenly, I was stricken with self-doubt. What if she took one look at me and called it off?

I looked at her again, her hand in her pocket, and I thought again about what she’d said on the phone. I bursa eve gelen escort wondered what she looked like down there, and if I would get turned on at the sight of it or not.

Finally, curiosity got the better of me. I lowered my magazine and stared at her shamelessly. She finally caught my eye, and her smile was surprisingly cute. She accepted her bag with a cookie inside and her change, and she strode easily across the floor to me, grinning.

“Della?” She asked.

I nodded. “Hi, Catherine.”

“I got us a cookie,” she said. “You like sweets?”

“Sure,” I said.

“Did you want to go anywhere special? Or we could go to my place, it’s not far from here.”

“That sounds nice,” I said, and fell into step beside her. “So, you’re not having second thoughts?” I asked her.

“Why would I?” She said.

“Oh, you know. I put on a few pounds after the kids.”

Catherine smiled at me. “I like curves.”

My heart lurched, and I wondered if I would be able to pull this off. I felt like an imposter.

It was growing dark as we arrived at her apartment. She unlocked the door by the porchlight and let me in. The place was illuminated by strategically placed track lighting. It was sparsely decorated, but the few items she did have on the walls or adorning shelves were beautiful. She had tasteful pencil drawings of nude females framed and spaced throughout the living room.

The sculptures on the shelves celebrated the feminine in every way. She turned up the lights a little and smiled at me.

“It’s really beautiful, Catherine,” I said, and my honesty only served to make me more nervous.

“Thank you. Cat,” she added, “people call me Cat.” As she spoke she unfastened the buttons at her wrists. “Would you like a drink? Or a cookie?” She held up the bakery bag with a smile.

She was completely charming. I noticed again how nice her smile was. She was as tall as me, and there was a leather string around her neck that held a silver pendant containing a sapphire. The necklace was brilliant in the vee of her shirt, against her creamy skin.

I agreed to a drink, and she poured me a glass of wine. I drank it a little too quickly.

“Are you nervous?” She asked, and she unbuttoned two buttons: one at the top and one at the bottom of her shirt.

Her skin was just as creamy near her naval as it was at her neck. I nodded. “Look, I should tell you…”

“You’ve never done this before,” she said. “You told me on the phone.”

“N-not just that,” I said, shaking my head. “I… I’ve never… been … with a woman before.”

She cocked her head at me, then, and raised her glass in a slow toast. “I guess you have a reason to be nervous,” she said.

“I understand if you don’t want to,” I said, and set my wine glass down on the nearest table.

She took a quiet step closer to me. “You’ve come this far,” she whispered. “You must see something you like.” She unbuttoned the next one from the bottom, and I bit my lip.

She leaned in close enough to touch her lips to mine, and I froze in place. I was kissing a girl! Really, she was kissing me, but that’s all just semantics, isn’t it?

“I have an idea,” she said. “Maybe this will make it easier for you.” She drank the rest of her wine and smiled that beautiful smile. “Close your eyes,” she commanded.

I didn’t see how that was going to do much to make it easier, but I did as she said. Behind my lids, I could tell the room had gotten darker. She had turned out the lights.

I knew it was dark, and yet I kept my eyes closed. I felt the soft pads of her fingers brush against my neck as she swept my long hair out of the way. A jolt of electricity went through me as I felt warm lips against my sensitive neck. My lips parted, and I sighed softly. She trailed little kisses up my neck, closer and closer to my jaw. Her breasts brushed against mine and she slurped my upper lip into her mouth, sucking it gently. A moan escaped me, and the tip of her tongue touched mine.

I nipped back; just a little lick, just a taste of the wine and her softness and…Cat. My tongue invited hers again, and soon I was lost in the pure bliss of the sensation. Her hands opened her shirt the rest of the way, and as we continued to kiss, I felt her fingers slip up under my blouse.

“Take it off,” she whispered, and gave me a deep kiss before pulling away. I yanked my bursa escort shirt over my head and in the dim light, I watched hers fall from her shoulders. She traced her index finger on the edge of the hollow between my breasts, down one side and back up the other. Her lips took mine again and her arms wrapped around me.

The bra fell open and it was easily tossed away. She gasped in delight as she saw my breasts for the first time. “Beautiful,” she breathed. “Della, you’re beautiful.”

Tentatively, I cupped my own hands against her bra, and found that they fit there perfectly. I massaged them, rolling my hand so that the perimeter of my palms pressed against her bosom. She bent down, and buried her head in my cleavage, pressing her face sweetly against one side and then the other.

I unclasped her bra and watched it fall freely to land on her shoes. She took my nipple between her lips, and I got wet between the legs. She lavished attention on one side, and then the other, and I stroked my hands across the silky skin of her back. I was panting quietly, and only once did it occur to me that I was loving… being loved by… a woman.

She kissed her way back to my neck, and her bare breasts pressed against mine as we embraced again. She licked my neck, and I went weak in the knees. I raised my hands to her tits again, catching her nipples with my thumbs as her tongue slipped back into my mouth.

Her hands slid down the length of my back and dipped into my pants, exploring my round ass. I frenched her and found myself grinding my hips, my thigh touching the length of hers.

I broke away suddenly, complaining. “Too tight,” I said, and unfastened the button and zipper of my pants. She followed my lead, grinned that adorable grin, and led me to her sofa. We wore only panties now, and as she reclined against the cushions, I took in the beauty of her form. She was as gorgeous as the sculptures on the shelves. Her small breasts spread apart slightly as she laid back, her head against a throw pillow. She reached a hand down, slipped it past the seam of her crotch, and touched herself.

I’d thought the smile was beautiful, but the look of sex on her face was amazing. I ran my eyes along her body again, and once again was stricken by my insatiable curiosity. Bending over her, I curled my mouth into an “o” and wrapped my lips securely around her pert nipple. She continued to touch herself as I suckled her. I held her other breast in my hand, amazed by how right all of this felt.

With a powerful draw of my tongue, I brought forth a yelp from her lips and immediately soothed her by licking her tender nipple gently. “Sorry,” I breathed. Her fingers came away from her pussy and she tugged at the waistband of my panties. I ignored her attempt and turned my attention to her other breast, careful not to suck too hard.

She managed to shove the panties down far enough to grasp my mound in the palm of her hand. The heel of her hand was firm against my clit, and her fingers slid easily through my wet folds until the tips just touched my entrance. I moaned against her nipple, and the vibration from my voice brought a gasp from her lips.

I was so turned on by that. In all my life, I’d never heard such a sweet, seductive sound. I broke away from her breast and attacked her lips, and the simple shift of position drove her fingers deeper into me as my tongue went deep into her mouth.

I moaned and moved my hips against her fingers, and she clutched my neck. She slipped away from the kiss and her breath was hot against my ear. “What do you want?” She asked. “You never told me what you want to feel.”

She thrummed her fingers in me then, and I squeaked. “All of it,” I breathed. “I want to feel it all, Cat.” We lingered over another kiss, and I added, “I want to taste you. Can I taste you?”

“Oh, God, yes!” She cried. We disentangled and she shucked the underwear away and opened her legs for me.

I studied her first, letting my finger glide along the lines and folds that my eyes were admiring. She was glistening, and I dipped my finger into the juice, rubbing it into her velvety skin like some kind of lotion. I leaned forward carefully, slowly inhaling her musky scent. Her pubic hair tickled my nose, and I pressed my mouth ever so gently against her slit, kissing her there. I felt her body shudder beneath me. Ever so carefully, I stuck out my tongue and simply leaned görükle escort into her pussy, giving it the tiniest lick.

She tasted like a fine wine, just the right balance of sweet and tart. She was delicious, and I went back for more. I could hear her breathing faster, and the sound made my own pussy throb. I licked her in all the places I thought I would like it, and I moved my hand along her thigh until my thumb tugged her sensitive skin sideways, opening her even more to me. My tongue dipped inside her, and it roamed around the inside of her hole.

I was only exploring, and I slipped out just as quickly and licked her from the bottom up, landing squarely on the tight bud of her clit. She cried out, and my pussy twitched. I softened my tongue and licked my way around the little nub before closing my lips over it and sucking her gently.

She tensed and her body raised up to meet my mouth. Cat let loose a series of yearning whimpers. Her body bucked against me and I was treated to a mouthful of her delicious wine. I swallowed it down and licked my lips, watching her body relax as she came down from her climax.

“Oh, God,” she cried. “That was great. Della, you’re great.”

“You tasted good,” I told her, and I felt myself blush under my smile. “It turned me on.”

She grinned again, and I leaned over to push my lips against the leather string of her necklace.

“I like this,” I admitted. “It’s not hard at all.” I kissed her neck and the lobe of her ear, and then I found my way back to her mouth.

Between kisses, she said, “It’s your turn, now.”

A shiver went through me at the thought of what this experienced woman might do. She shoved the coffee table out of the way and positioned me at the edge of the couch cushion, my back against the back of the couch. “Okay?” She asked, and I nodded eagerly.

I watched her face move closer to my crotch. I felt her slick warmth against my tender skin. “Ohhh,” I whispered.

She began by licking up and down the length of me. Her tongue parted my folds, dividing my pussy into each separate part. She laved against me for a delightful eternity and then I tensed as she circled my rock-hard clit. I could feel my pussy twitching with the simple motions of her tongue on that sensitive bead.

I began to moan with pleasure. Each slippery pass brought a wave of pleasure and a new level of desire. I found myself pushing back, trying to merge my pussy with her skillful mouth.

I gasped out with every new motion, every nip, every suck, every swirl of her precious tongue. “God! Cat! Yes!” And then I couldn’t even manage to form words, only yelped wordless cries of complete abandon.

That’s when her sweet mouth dropped away from me, and I cried out again as her tongue dove hard into my core. I screamed, and for half a second wondered if I’d disturb her neighbors. In the next half a second, I couldn’t have cared less.

Her tongue did things a penis never could. She brushed my inner walls, wiggled it and twisted, tasting places I didn’t even know I had. She lapped repeatedly at the little rough spot, and I rocked hard, trying to help her reach it better. I was heating up from the inside out. I cried out her name, asking, begging her for more.

She plunged two fingers in as her mouth returned to my throbbing clit. I screamed again, and then again with every thrust of her amazing fingers.

I went blind. I swear to God, I did. All of a sudden, there was nothing but a white explosion, like watching a firework explode from the inside out. The next thing I remember, I was seizing against her fingers and her mouth, the flat of her teeth adding a whole new layer to the sensations.

When I came down from it all, I could feel her licking me clean, and I thought that was heavenly, too. Finally, she kissed my pussy and my clit and my belly button. She kissed each red nipple, and then my gaping mouth.

“Well?” She asked quietly.

It was too soon. I still couldn’t speak. I managed to lick her lips the next time she kissed me, and I tasted myself there. I found some strength and kissed her hard. “Cat,” I said. “That was the best thing I ever…”

Her tongue danced with mine, and her hands caressed my breasts. “Stay a while longer, Della?” She invited me.

“God, yes,” I said. “And I have to give you my number.”

There was that gorgeous smile again. “There are still some things we could try,” she promised. “Maybe you could come again sometime.”

“God, I hope so,” I said, and laughed at my own pun. She retrieved a blanket from a basket nearby and covered us over with it. The blanket, and her arms, were warm and comfortable.


Author’s note: Thanks so much for reading. I would love to hear what you thought!

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