Cumuppance for Catherine

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It was like something from a farce, the Marx Brothers. Shit! She is stuck fast and no amount of wriggling or shuffling is going to get her free. Dangling in the window half in, or out depending on your view. Her shoulders are wedged in the frame. She can’t go back because her 36DD titties are caught on the ledge inside the window. She can’t go forward because she has nothing to push on since the rubbish bin fell over. What a sight! That will teach her to come home early.

She is Catherine, a 26 year old redheaded mother of 2 girls. She is married to John who is 45 and rapidly losing interest in her lush, firm, perfectly proportioned 5 foot 6 inch body. Together they own a bar in a nearby town and this is where she has been this evening.

Cathy however, is feeling a little pissed off by the lack of attention from her husband. She has left the bar and taken a taxi home. The cab has dropped her off at her home and she has made her way along the path fumbling in her bag for the door key.

As she gets closer to the door she realises she knows exactly where the key is. In her mind’s eye she can see it lay upon the hall table as she left the house with John earlier. SHIT!

She doesn’t want to make too much noise and wake the kids or the neighbours so she taps on the sitting room window to attract the attention of the babysitter Stewart. No response. She knocks a little louder, still nothing. She looks in her bag for her ‘phone realising as she rummages, yes, that is right! It’s also lying on the hall fucking table!

She thinks. Yes! The utility room window is open! She had left it open because it was laundry day and she had been using the dryer. Moving along the path toward the window she grabs the wheelie bin and pulls it behind her stopping under the head height 18 inch square window.

No problem she thinks I can get in there and with that she clambers up on top of the bin and lifts the catch then pulls the frame outward. Now here is the tricky bit she thought, she has to hold the window with one hand but the catch is flopping about and she has to hold it with the other hand, this means going through the opening head first and flopping on to the worktop beneath.

Here goes. With a push she is going through but it is a little tighter than she thought, she should have taken off her jacket. Another sharp thrust and then disaster strikes! The bin topples over and she is left suspended there with both arms pinned by her sides against the frame and unable to move. SHIT! SHIT! FUCKING SHIT!

Stewart doesn’t mind the baby sitting, even on a Friday night; it means another 20 quid towards him owning his motorbike. Nothing fancy, a decent 500 cc Honda, just the means of getting him and any young ladies who might like a ride (in more ways than one, heh, heh) in the country.

He is a good looking 6 feet tall, 17 year old with broad shoulders and an unruly mop of dark brown hair. He also has an 8 inch cock that the girls love. No, he doesn’t mind the babysitting one little bit.

What does piss him off is the way Catherine teases him. The way she greets him with lingering touches on his arm. The way she struts and poses when she is dressed and ready to go out. The way she bends over and asks him if her stocking seams are straight. This makes her short, tight, black Lycra skirt ride up another 2 inches and he can see her stocking tops. This means he has to slip his hand down the waistband of his jeans to move his hardening cock across his belly. The way she tells him she may just let him ravish her instead of paying him cash. Then she reminds him, with a sly smile, that her husband might not like the idea of her paying him in kind.

All these things really pissed him off because she knew it made him hard. He saw her watching. She knew that given the chance he would lick her hot crevice from asshole to breakfast time making her squeal with delight. Cathy was playing a dangerous game and one day, oh yeah, one day!

So here he is on Friday night watching the 2 girls. They have gone off to bed and as usual they are both out for the count and never any trouble. Stewart has had a beer from the well stocked fridge and watched some TV. Later while checking on the girls he has gone into Catherine’s room and opened her underwear drawer for a look through her panties.

He selects a lacy red pair and unzips himself and pulls out his stiffening cock. Tugging his swollen dick he wraps the panties around the glistening bell end. He thinks about Cathy as he strokes his long cock. Stewart imagines her kneeling before him pinching and squeezing her jutting nipples. Her smiling face upturned and expectant, mouth parted and tongue waiting for his treasure. As he cums his seed shoots from his engorged tip he catches it all in the gusset of Cathy’s panties. He puts the cum stained underwear back in the drawer for her to find later.

It’s a regular thing he does but so far she hasn’t mentioned it. Yeah she knows what he would do to her gaziantep escortları if he had the opportunity. Coming back downstairs he watches more TV and drifts off to sleep only to be awoken by a banging noise outside.

Quickly he jumps up and heads for the kitchen. Leaving the lights off he quietly opens the back door and looks out. Nothing to be seen but he can hear a rustling and someone mumbling. Moving round to the side of the house he can see a pair of stocking clad legs sticking out of the window.

What the fuck he thinks. It’s Catherine and she is stuck fast. He moves up behind her and is lifting his arms to help her down when he notices her skirt has ridden up. Not only can he see her stocking tops he can see the bare flesh beyond. In fact if he bends his legs he can see she is wearing no panties. Her smoothly shaven cunt is there right in front of his face. His breath quickens, now is his big chance.

Slowly he extends a finger and traces it over Cathy’s puffy pussy lips. She starts, she hasn’t heard him approach, she doesn’t know who is touching her most intimate area, she is afraid, she whimpers, he continues to stroke more firmly.

Pressing and parting her labia he spits on her pussy and using this lubrication he pushes his finger in her slit. Her legs are thrashing now and Stewart presses his body against them pinning them to the wall. He is now running his free hand over her Lycra clad arse and telling her to be quiet or she will awaken the children and the neighbours. Cathy realises now who is fondling her and begs him to stop. Stewart backs off then returns to the house leaving her dangling.

Going to the utility room he switches on the light before shutting the door firmly behind him. Well look who is stuck and helpless in the window frame he thinks. She smiles wanly and wriggles some more but this only causes her titties to jiggle. Mmmmmh says Stewart.

Cathy is annoyed, maybe embarrassed and definitely afraid. He teasingly asks her if she needs help. She blusters pretending to be annoyed at the liberty he has taken with her pussy. She tells him in no uncertain terms to hurry up and release her.

Stewart then proceeds to tell Catherine he is enjoying teasing her for a change, being in charge is something he likes. He goes on to ask her if she got a kick from posing and teasing him. Why didn’t she say anything about the jizz on her panties. It must be something she likes because it has been going on for the past 6 months.

Cathy’s face got redder and redder with her breath coming in short gasps. Stewart asked if she was excited now. She didn’t reply so moving closer Stewart stood in front of her and slowly unzipped his jeans pushing them downward along with his pants he showed Cathy his rapidly swelling penis.

She gasped once more as Stewart pulled her through the window until her head was level with the worktop but her arms still trapped. He tore open her blouse and raising her up slightly pulled both her titties from their lacy covering and roughly ran his hands over them feeling the tips hardening and swelling. Hah, no matter what she said her body was giving her away.

Cathy was secretly loving it. Gently gripping her chin he told her to open her mouth and suck on his stiff cock. Eyes wide Cathy slowly opened her painted red lips and Stewart pushed his cock into her mouth. She moaned as he continued to roam his hands inside her blouse. He cupped her wonderful breasts feeling her hard nipples as they hung over her lacy push-up bra. All the while she ran her tongue along the underside of his hard shaft.

Cathy was savouring the feel of his solid maleness within the hot wet cavern of her mouth. It had been too long she thought and sucked harder as Stewart began to thrust in and out of her wet mouth. She released her lips and panted asking him to pull her through so they could be more comfortable.

Ignoring her Stewart slid his member back between her lips and thrust hard for 30 seconds before his hot come erupted in her mouth. Cathy coughed and some jism fell from her mouth to land on the worktop. She craned her neck to lick it up and with that she swallowed all that was on her tongue.

Stewart got a hand under both arms and dragged Cathy into the room. Helping her stand he crushed his mouth to hers tasting his salty come on her tongue. Enough of this teasing shit now she told him and started to drag the clothes from him.

His jeans and underwear already at half mast she pulled his T shirt over his head as he tried desperately to get her jacket and blouse off. Her skirt was next as Cathy unhooked her bra and she was left standing in suspender belt, black seamed stockings and black patent leather 5 inch stiletto heels.

Stewart picked her up and carried her to the sitting room where he laid her on the sofa. Gazing down at her beautiful body he took an ankle in each hand and lifted her legs. Spreading his arms wide he opened Catherine’s legs and bent to worship her slit with his tongue. Oh she was wet!

He ran the tip of his snake like tongue from the bottom of her crack to her hooded clitoris. Cathy moaned and hooking her hands behind her knees. Pulling back until her knees were resting on her shoulders, she was fully exposed and open for Stewart.

Placing a thumb on either side of her vaginal lips he marvelled as they peeled apart with a moist shlicking noise. He then buried his tongue in her hot sopping hole. He flicked her clitty with the tip and she writhed in ecstasy. Once more he ran his tongue along the length of her slit finishing with it rimming her puckered ass.

He wet her starfish and rubbed it with the tip of his index finger before applying pressure and watching it disappear up to the second knuckle. Cathy was bucking and pulling his head into her steamy cunt as she thrashed about above him.

Stewart tongued her furiously and moved up to un-sheath her clitoris. He introduced another finger to her ass before slipping the remaining two into her dripping snatch and began to pump them steadily.

With her climax swiftly mounting Cathy was whimpering and rolling her head from side to side. Stewart stroked up and down her slit as he finger fucked her. Cathy’s moans grew louder, her thrashing more frantic.

She hadn’t felt anything like this in a long time. No-one had ever tongued her butt hole let alone shoved two fingers in there. She was loving this attention and told Stewart to fuck her holes faster and not to stop as she was almost at her peak. As he continued to work at Cathy’s magnificent slit she was humping her hips up and down and swearing like a trooper.

Her pussy was splashing beads of clear nectar all over Stewart’s face and as his tongue went into overdrive Cathy came with a mighty yell. Her pussy made farting squelching sounds as she flooded Stewart’s mouth with her sweet come juice.

He drank down as much as he could before moving up to kiss Catherine full on the lips allowing her to taste herself. She sucked on his tongue as she came back down to earth gasping and twitching.

Laying there in Stewart’s arms she asked him if this was the result of pent up frustration at her teasing. He told her that it was in part. The fact remained however; she was a seriously hot MILF he had wanted to fuck her for so long. Giving him a sly glance Cathy then told him that he hadn’t fucked her yet.

With that Stewart once again prised her legs apart and kneeling in front of the sofa slowly introduced the tip of his rock hard length to Cathy’s hot wet cunt. As his purple coloured bell end parted her puffy red lips she gave a gasp and a little shudder.

She groaned and looking deep into his eyes told him in no uncertain terms to fuck her ragged. She wanted to be pounded into the sofa and filled with his hot baby gravy.

Stewart took it slow and withdrew his dick until only the tip remained buried in her twat then steadily pushed back in until his balls rested on the sofa and up against Cathy’s ass. Teasingly he withdrew once again only to hear her begging for his cock. He leaned forward to kiss her and their tongues fenced in each other’s mouths.

Cathy wrapped her arms and shapely legs around him crossing her ankles at the small of his back locking him in place. Gripping his shoulders she dug in with her painted nails drawing blood and told him to fuck her hard, right fucking now!

All vestige of control was now lost and Stewart plunged his iron bar prick into her cavern of delight. They kissed deeply as he rode her pussy. She raised her bum off the sofa to meet his every downward thrust. His mouth sought out her nipples and he nibbled and bit them in turn causing Catherine to squeal with pleasure.

Their bodies slapped together with each lunge, their sweat making them slick and slippery. Stewart picked her up and laid her on the floor and without losing so much as a stroke they continued their frenzied fucking.

Once again Cathy whimpered as her climax started. From the pit of her belly she could feel it building and mounting until suddenly she was on the brink of ecstasy.

Stewart matched her stroke for stroke was almost there too. His cock, harder than he could ever remember was tingling as his sperm rose up the shaft. It erupted into Cathy’s cunt as she howled her way through her second orgasm of the night. Jizz leaked out around Stewart’s cock and dripped on the carpet as he continued to thrust into this wonderful woman.

As he slowed he allowed himself to press down upon her feeling her breasts mould themselves against his chest. Cathy then surprised him by flipping over so she was now astride him.

Rising from his softening cock she moved her pussy to his face. She placed her cunt hole over his face and dribbled his fresh come into his mouth. She then kissed him deeply swirling her tongue around his and coating the inside of both their mouths with semen.

Stewart had never had that done to him before and although surprised found he quite liked it. He kissed Cathy passionately as they passed the cum back and forth between them.

As they lay together Cathy apologised for the teasing she had given Stewart. She told him that had she known then what she knew now they would have been lovers long before this. The sooner he got his motorbike the sooner he could take her for a ride. She had always looked forward to having something large and powerful throbbing between her legs.

Shamelessly Cathy then rose and bending at the waist asked Stewart to fill her cunt one more time. He moved toward her with his rigid pole bobbing in front of him, her pussy red and swollen from the pounding it had already taken.

Pushing her forward on to the sofa he once again parted her fleshy lips and slid his cock into her cunt. In one fluid movement he filled her to the brim only stopping when his balls banged against her clitoris.

He stayed quite still for a moment savouring the feeling of her hot pussy around his prick. Now he drew back and plunged into her welcoming hole once more. A steady rhythm built and the slapping of his balls against her pussy was the only sound to be heard.

Then Cathy began moaning through a series of small climaxes. These soon multiplied and built into the biggest orgasm she had had in her entire life.

She was like a rag doll as she flopped around unable to support herself as she came and came. Her breathing was ragged, her cunt raw and on fire as wave after wave of pleasure pulsed through her. Her stomach cramped and she tried to double up as another wave hit her.

Her juices were flowing everywhere. Stewart’s cock and balls were drenched with her come and it ran down both of her thighs. He grasped her by the waist savagely pulling her back onto his stiff prong over and over and over. At last he came grunting and driving deep into her. Cathy moaning as she felt his hot semen splash over the walls of her vagina.

They lay entwined on the sofa for ten minutes kissing, stroking running their hands over each other. Cathy realised that it was getting late and rose to tidy herself up. Her husband would be back soon and she did not wish to be caught fucking this gorgeous young man.

As was usual Stewart would stay over and leave in the morning. Cathy grasped his hand and together they collected the discarded clothing and made their way upstairs. She looked at his semi-hard cock and asked him if he could manage to come four times.

Stewart advised her he had already come four times and that she should check the red panties in her underwear drawer. Cathy gripped his prick and pulled him towards her telling him that he must never come in her panties ever again. From now on any jizz he spilled was to be in her pussy or her mouth so they could both enjoy it.

Pushing open her bedroom door she drew Stewart inside making him lay down on the bed. Catherine kissed him fiercely on the lips and moving downward nibbled and sucked on his nipples. This made him squirm as her hand stroked all 8 inches of his youthful cock.

Moving on she kissed her way down to his magnificent, tumescent meat. Lovingly she kissed the tip and drew back his foreskin. Using the tip of her tongue she licked her way around the flared glans. Then placing it in her mouth she used her teeth to gently tug at his bell end as she stroked up and down.

She rolled over and lay back on the bed. With her head dangling over the side her mouth and throat were both on a level. Opening her mouth wide she told Stewart to push his cock into her throat as far as he could.

Pushing gently he watched in amazement as he pushed more and more cock into it. After about 6 inches Cathy was gagging and her throat swelling. As he tried to withdraw she stopped him reaching back to pull his ass forward. Another inch disappeared in her incredible mouth before Stewart pulled out and Cathy made him lay back on the bed again.

Straddling him she reached down and getting the angle right slid down his pole from tip to root with a shuddering moan. She rocked above him gently squeezing and milking his dick with her pussy.

Cathy told him she would get better at the deep throating with more practice, that is if he was up for it. In reply Stewart grabbed her hips and lifted her slightly to allow him to ram his prick up into her.

Cathy let him continue for a few minutes then reasserted herself. Pushing him back down she once again took control and their coupling went on at a more sedate pace this time.

Placing her hands on his shoulders to steady herself Cathy rode Stewart’s cock so expertly. At times rising until the very tip was all that remained in her before sliding down his member until her bald snatch met his wiry pubic hair.

Stewart reached up and cupped her magnificent breasts. He stroked and kneaded them gently and rubbing and pinching her very hard nipples as she moaned and swayed. She ground herself against him rubbing her clitty against his pubic bone bringing herself to a gently shuddering climax.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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