Cum to Me

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My Story:

Sometimes when you meet someone there is a connection which goes beyond the formalities and niceties of our social structure. Those times are special. Those people connect on a level which cannot be defined easily with words but can easily be defined with actions. She was such a person.

For nearly 4 years we have been more than simple cyber lovers, the love grew, the lust grew. I knew several things about her from the earliest of conversations. One – She was divorced. She was divorced because her Ex could not deal with or be MAN enough to handle a full fledged nymphomaniac. She admitted this from the start and she proved it to me over and over and over and over. There was nothing she would not try with me on the phone or in I/M. It was obvious she had needs and a hunger which needed to be sated. I was also somewhat of an oversexed individual who had been so since puberty. The stories of my lust thrilled and excited her. The prolific and wild erotic and sexual thoughts and actions drove her (in her words) crazy. She constantly was in what we have come to call – CUNTAL MODE. I call her CUNT as a truly flattering and admired concept. You see, we both knew being a CUNT – a woman who was sex-centric, who knew her own sexual lusts were driving her was exciting to us both. It is not demeaning at all to be such a woman. A CUNT.

The second thing which became apparent from our early chats was she was a bright intelligent woman with interests which spanned much more than the carnal. Historical and tribal references smattered throughout our talks made the cyber so much more than a cum and run sort of thing. She needed ritualistic and holistic love. She would relish the times I would drive her to the brink of orgasm and keep her cumming for many many repeat and many many types of orgasmic release. The first time I heard her cum, I could tell, she was holding back and would not let herself enjoy. The logic or the barriers were there, I encouraged her to let it go, release it and allow herself the joys and benefits of a full-fledged body shuddering vaginal tightening orgasm. Hearing her crying, I knew she was a very special person. She let it go. The flood gates were open.

Our chats, our shared fantasies spanned very diverse and erotic styles. Me explaining that in some past life I was a Nordic Viking whom spread his seed to both willing and unwilling women to the days early in my pubescent years walking my dog with my cock at full attention pointing out of my pants in the neighborhood. She loved and relished each new revealing facet of my sexual life. She knew we could go places she could only dream.

On top of a full-fledged need to have her vagina filled with cock, oh yes, I sent her many a photo of my manhood – my fuckmeat as she liked to call it. She loved seeing my 9″ cock, thick, rippled with veins, stretching my skin taught with a set of full fertile testicles. Etlik escort I coached her to buy a dildo. I chose one which would best represent ME when she fucked it. She was also coached to use a glass dildo. Which she uses nearly every night. She had a raging obsession with semen, CUM. She told me from the start she wanted it in her cunt, in her mouth. We would talk about how I would not only fill her cunt with my semen, but her bra cups, her panties and use it in ceremonial rituals anointing her before we would go out. She grew more obsessed.

I teased her for a long time, I would collect my semen and send it to her in a plain brown box. We used this image multiple times to spice up our mutual masturbation sessions. I explained how she could use it to lube her dildos prior to fucking her tight cunt – which by the way – is waxed routinely as per my suggestion. Her shock at some of the things she does , like waxing her pussy bare every 8 weeks or so, to watching the most perverse and graphic pornography, to going out braless and pantiless when she shops, to pissing outside her house using a sprinkler on her cunt to masturbate. She was exploring a side of her psyche she had held in obeyence for nearly 50 yrs. She is a 60 yr old cum obsessed cockslut. I was thrilled with her and wanted to do something to excite and thank her for being a “port in a storm”.

I found a small box containing three vials. Brand new and perfect for collecting and shipping cum. I decided then and there, this was the time to do so. I knew I could send her many many ejaculations over a four day period where she would receive them prior to a family trip she had planned.

I was both excited beyond belief to be cumming in a vial knowing she would be drinking it, fucking it into her cunt or anointing herself with it. The first cumshot – blasted into the vial with a force and left a nice thick puddle of creamy white sperm-rich semen. The bottle immediately fogged up from the hot cum. I capped it and stored it in the fridge. Then later that day I made another deposit. Soon there was about 100cc of my semen in this vial. By day three, there was a good amount of cum in the vial. I was chatting with her about what would she do with a vial of my semen…… there was a very long pause then she told me. She explained some of the things she would do. I came and saw my ejaculate flood into the previous load of cum as a thick white creamy glob reminiscent of a lava-lamp. The thicker spermier load floating in the liquid.

It was then I told her my plan…… she answered in what has become my favorite repsonse…. O M F G. She knew me, she had psychic powers and read my mind more often than she reads the San Francisco Chronicle. She had seen photos of my cock, photos of my semen soaking a photo of her cleavage or her waxed cunt. Now she was going to take possession of my most sacred of bodily fluids. She ankara olgun escort was going to meet her Obsession head on.

Her Story:

I came home to find a small package in my mailbox. I began to experience chills. I put the box in a cool place and sat down, attempting to compose myself, for of course I already knew the contents of the box. It was difficult to think, to be rational. Some time passed and my body seemed to be taken over by lustful thoughts and a raging throb inside my nether regions. I could restrain myself no longer, and so I slowly opened the box. There, packed neatly, were three vials, two of them empty, and the third filled with nearly clear liquid.

I kept telling myself: “Just breathe deeply and calm down. You knew about this. Take your time.”

Holding the filled vial in my hand, I walked into the kitchen where I drew a glass of warm water. Then I immersed the vial.

Turning the shower on, I quickly disrobed and got in, letting the very hot water cascade over me as I soaped up with fragrant Dove Winter Care. I prepared my body for the sacred ritual, making sure I was clean everywhere. Focusing first on my generous bosom, I massaged my titss and pulled and tweaked my nipples. Nipple play always makes my cunt delirious. And so, I had to minister to my cunt, lathering, slipping my fingers in and out, making sure to tease my clit. I toweled dry quickly but efficiently, leaving my skin pink from the effort. Of course I avoided clothes.

Quickly I grabbed some water and a handful of mixed nuts and brought them to my bedroom on a small tray. A quick touch brought Barry White’s sexy voice into the room. I was nearly ready.

Back in the kitchen, I opened the warmed vial and inhaled. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It’s been over a decade, yet my olfactory memory immediately recognized the powerful scent: semen. Yes, semen. HIS semen. The semen of the man who has filled my life with giggles and lust for four years, the man whom I have never met, HIS semen. A powerful feeling of gratitude flowed through me, immediately followed by a totally cuntal response. I wanted to FUCK him, and I wanted to do it now!

But more than that, I wanted to TASTE my man. My heartbeat was so loud that I was sure all of my neighbors could hear it. I put my pinky inside, dipping it into the contents. I put the coated pinkie on my tongue, receiving it like a sacrament, tasting. . . . tasting what? Well, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between the scent and the taste of something, but this was clearly rather sweet and mild. I smiled, wishing I could taste it from the source, from his long, thick, hefty cock.

I put the vial to my lips and took about one third of the ejaculate into my mouth, letting it roll about, coating my tongue, teeth, and gums. It was pure joy to play the slut. Then I swallowed. Thus I incorporated him ankara ucuz escort into my body. He would become part of me, part of my cells. It was a consummation, of sorts.

The next step was to anoint myself, in the way of ancient religious practices. I put some of his ejaculate, his cum, at the base of my throat, smeared some on my face and on my full, hard-nippled tits. Now it was time to retire to my bed where I had laid down some towels to absorb the fluids of loving.

I lay back, totally nude, smearing some semen on my mons, then rubbing it rhythmically into my vulva, enjoying the pleasure not just of touching myself, but of using my lover’s cum. I took my time.

At last my hand reached over and picked up the huge dildo, 8.5″ long, 7.5″ in circumference, and hefty. The dildo has a slight curve for g-spot stimulation, and a lovely pair of molded balls at the base. It had taken me several days to acclimate my cunt to its size, but now I regularly look forward to the stuffing it provided. So, a vial of cum and a massive fucking dildo. Perfect for an adventure.

I put a bit of the cum on my dildo, and then raised my hips on pillows, lifted my legs into the air and spread them. Opening my fuckhole with the fingers of one hand, I used the other to pour the remaining contents of the vial into my cunt, my greedy, fuck-ready cunt.

Forcing the dildo into myself, I began to fuck. Hard. Then slower. Watching my tits jiggle, feeling my cunt lustfully contract around the dildo. I closed my eyes. HE was here with me, over me, thrusting his super cock, ravishing my cunt, like the Viking marauder I knew him to be. I was in a village when he and his men came, burning, looting, and fucking every cunt they could find. It was my luck to be raped by the leader, the man with the biggest fucking cock, and he was going to deposit his seed in me. Or perhaps he was fucking me like the hot young man down the street, drawn to the slutty MILF with the big tits, ramming his young cock into her and draining his full, young balls. My fantasies went on and on.

I have a lovely glass dildo and I was now using him to rub over my clit and my mons, as the monster cock fucked me. It would have been very easy to cum right away, but I played for a while, enjoying the steamy sexual stimulation. My breathing became harder. I was moaning and screaming: “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me”. My body was demanding an orgasm. I could feel it building deep inside me, rolling around my cuntal tunnel. Tears began pouring out of my eyes. I must have used the word FUCK a million times. And then it happened. I shuddered and stiffened. Wild throbs and a gush of liquid ensued. It was glorious, majestic, superb.

As I lay there, huffing and puffing from my efforts, I wanted more. Within minutes, I was at it again, fucking myself silly. For hours I lay there, changing positions every so often, and continuing to enjoy semen in my cunt. Semen that was now co-mingled with my own femcum. It smelled delightful.

Finally, I was sated, and I fell asleep fulfilled, knowing his cum was still inside me, knowing I would keep it there for many hours. Cum. It’s a beautiful thing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32