Cum Sharing in the Car

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Ok – not sure if you’ve been in a full-size van or not, but the front seats are separated and you can walk between them into the back. Our company van is a 15 passenger, but we’ve taken out the back 3 rows of seats so there’s just one bench behind the front seats.

I swing by your house and pick you up at your request. I’m not sure where we’re going, only that I was to arrive at noon on Monday and pick you up at your front door. I arrive on time and you’re just heading out the door, ready to go. I unlock the doors, but instead of hopping in the front with me, you use the side door and get in the bench seat behind me. I offer you the front, but you pleasantly decline opting to stay where you are.

I pull away from your house and the conversation is light and cheerful like your usual self. You tell me to head for a park that you know of and give me general directions. As we’re driving and talking, I notice you squirming in your seat a bit. I figure you’re just getting comfortable and think nothing of it. Soon I begin to hear a wet, squishing sound but can’t figure out where it’s coming from. I ask you if you hear it too and you answer in the affirmative.

We discuss what it might be, and as we’re talking I notice you lean forward towards me. I then suddenly see your dildo in your hand as you reach up and slap it teasingly across my face. I feel your juices on my face where it hit and smell your pussy on the toy. You tell me that you figured out what the squishing sound had been…

I look behind me to see that you must’ve been wearing a skirt that was easy to remove because it’s now gone and you’re sitting bottomless in the backseat. As quickly as I see it, you bring your dildo back from my face and slam it into your cunt again. I hear the wet squelching noise again and immediately recognize it from a few moments ago…

After a few deep plunges, you pull it from your pussy and bring it to my face again. As I try to pay attention to the road, dikmen escort you force it between my lips and I’m treated to the flavour of your juices coating the plastic toy. My head is spinning with your intoxicating flavour, but it only lasts a second before you plunge it back into your needy pussy. I can’t believe you’re fucking yourself in the backseat while I drive down a busy road in broad daylight.

The thrill seems to be affecting you too, as I hear your breathing start to quicken. Your left hand is rubbing your clit while your right thrusts the fake cock in and out of you at a rapid fire pace. I hear your scream and know you’re there.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming just for you” you shout breathlessly.

The wet squelching noise is all I can hear now as your juices flood your pussy and push past the toy. I look back and the seat is soaked between your thighs. Once again, you offer the fake cock to me to suck clean as I drive. As I’m greedily lapping up every drop of you, you unbuckle and drop to your knees on the floor. You come up between the seats and begin to work at my belt. You get it undone along with my button and zipper on my jeans.

There’s no argument from me as you reach in and fish around for my hard cock, before pulling it out of its tight constraints. You extend your tongue and gently lick the precum from the tip. You start gently lapping at my shaft while tugging at my jeans and boxers. I lift up to help you and you tug them to my ankles. We pull up to a red light and you slip my shoes off followed by my clothing.

You look back and throw them towards the back of the van. I’m now completely exposed to you, and whoever might happen to look in from a taller vehicle. You start by dribbling a mouthful of spit off your tongue onto my shaft and down over my balls, coating them with warm wetness. It feels so good as you rub it into my balls and start to dip your fingers a little emek escort lower. Your rubbing is soon followed by your lips sliding over my head and down my shaft. Your tongue twirls around my sensitive head while you thrust your mouth up and down in my lap.

More saliva is pouring from your mouth and down around my balls to my ass. Your fingers follow the flow and start slipping around my asshole. This is incredible – I fight to stay aware of the road as I continue to drive.

We’re nearing the park you discussed and I pull into the parking lot. I see why you chose this spot as it’s very heavily treed and very private. I park and shut the van off. I’m very close to cumming, so I back you off and push you back towards the bench seat in back again.

I kneel down between the front seats and grab your ankles. I pull them up and apart and put them on the headrests of each front seat, then dive in for a taste of your pussy straight from the source. So delicious and I love the slippery feel against my skin. You tell me you need more and beg for my cock. Reluctantly I pull away and kneel up. You grab my hard cock in one hand and my ass in the other – in one swift motion you’ve lined my head up with your pussy and pulled my ass towards you so I’m balls deep before I’ve even caught my balance…

The slippery, tight warmth is almost too much for me to process as I’m enveloped by you. It takes me a second to snap back to consciousness, and then I begin thrusting. We’re still only naked from the waist down, but our bodies are getting coated with your juices and slapping together loudly. I lean in and start kissing you while you reach down and rub your clit. You’re moaning into my mouth as our tongues dance together. I love fucking you and don’t want it to stop – your pussy feels so fucking good.

After a few minutes, I hear your breathing start to quicken again and your body start to stiffen. Immediately eryaman escort I feel your pussy clench my cock tight and hear you shout my name. I feel a flood of your juices around my cock and fight to hold on. As you’re shouting my name you’re telling me not to cum because you want it in your mouth.

It takes all the constraint I can muster, but I manage to hold it. As soon as your convulsions stop, you slide down between me and the seat so your bare ass is on the floor. You pull me up into an almost standing position and suck my drenched cock into your mouth. I pull back for just long enough to reach down and kiss you to taste your cum on your lips. You tell me to fuck your face and give me your cum.

I get back up and you latch your lips onto my cock again. I grab the back of the seat for support with one hand, and grab the back of your head with the other. I lace my fingers into your hair and pull tight. I hold you steady while I start to piston my cock into your mouth. I hear you start to gag and feel myself pushing into your throat. I look down and see your eyes watering and thick saliva pouring from your mouth. It attaches my balls to your chin and stretches every time I pull out.

Hearing your gargled moans is too much for me to take and I feel my balls start to contract. I pull out and stroke my slippery, wet cock with my hand, aiming it directly at your open mouth. The first shot of my hot, pearly cum overshoots it’s target and lands on your forehead and into your hair. The second and third shots hit their target directly and cover your tongue and lips. The remaining shots hit your chin and dribble down onto your cleavage before disappearing down into your shirt.

My knees buckle and I fall on top of you. Our mouths press together for a passionate kiss. I feel you push my load of cum into my mouth with your tongue. As we continue to make out, our tongues battle and swap the creamy load back and forth into each other’s mouths. In an instant it’s gone, you’ve swallowed it all. I pull back and lick the first rope off your forehead and come back down to kiss you again. We share my cum and lazily kiss while we get comfortable on the floor together. My arms around you, the flavour of our combined cum in our mouths, we melt into one another and enjoy the blissful feeling…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32