Cum Highway

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This is written for my hottest, clandestine lover, Dane, with whom I had an illicit office affair for a few months. This is the letter I will consider giving him when he leaves our organisation next month to start a new job interstate.


I first noticed you when you transferred from the finance division and took the office next to mine. That was my karmic destiny, your karmic destiny. Despite the fact that we are both married with children, we were meant to meet, get to know one another and ultimately enjoy each other’s bodies. When they say that forbidden fruit tastes so sweet, they knew all about salacious affairs.

Before we finally got together, we enjoyed months of agonising flirtation at work. All those intense looks we exchanged at meetings. You would wink at me when we were alone, giving me the sexiest smile. Eventually, we met for regular coffees and became involved in what some writers call “emotional infidelity”. We talked about our partners and what was missing in our relationships. When you told me that you had changed your view on extra-marital sex, I knew an intimate liaison with you was possible. Although it was exciting, for a long time it was unresolved sexual tension.

I lost count of how many times I brought myself to climax, imagining it was your mouth, fingers and cock that were exploring my body and dripping pussy. With each climax, an image of you appeared and I directed that orgasmic energy into wishful thinking. I decided that this mutual attraction was too good to ignore.

After our first sexual encounter on the aircraft on the way to Vienna, we continued our delicious intimacy while we were away on business in Europe. We got through our work with almost no sleep because we were highly charged with lusty adrenalin. When I arrived home after our few days away together, I was grateful for the fact that my husband had very little sexual interest in me. I wanted to be alone and rehash the memories of how you had devoured my with your hands, your tongue and your dick, making me feel like a sex goddess once again.

When we returned from Vienna, it was business as usual in the office. You were hesitant to continue our relationship due to guilt about your marriage and family. I was heartbroken but determined to enjoy you a few more times. I knew that we were scheduled to travel together a few more times for our project, so I remained patient.

It turned out that each time we escaped the corporate jungle, and stayed away in hotels, we ended up in bed, or in the spa, or the bathtub. It seemed that when we were away from home base, your guilt eased. I took advantage of that because I lusted after you. I know that every time we went away taksim escort you would have liked to apply willpower and stay away from fucking me, but our mutual desire was too strong to overcome. I played on your weakness by initiating most of the moves. Once I started, you couldn’t stop. I knew that you didn’t have regular sex at home; you had told me. So, I exploited information about your domestic situation and gave you something married men with no sex life cream and dream about. All I could think about was different ways to seduce you.

But before you leave to move on to your new job interstate, I want to recount one of our intimate episodes that remain my favourite.

It was that time we travelled from Melbourne by car to visit one of our business partners, and we spent the night at a hotel in Port Fairy. You decided to drive your car, but you didn’t want to stop by my home because you weren’t comfortable meeting my husband and making small talk. We met at work and left from there. After about almost two hours in the car, I reached over and caressed your leg. I was careful to start close to the knee so I could work slowly to your upper thigh. I couldn’t see your eyes because you wore sunglasses, but I did see the corners of your mouth curl upwards, to form one of your beautiful smiles.

Luckily, on this day, I was wearing a flowing black skirt that fell just below my knees. It was warm, so my legs were bare and I wore sexy, strappy black sandals. With my free hand, I lifted my skirt just above my knees and lifted my left leg and placed it on the dashboard. I opened the buttons to my tight, white stretch knit top so you could take a better look at my barely covered breasts rise and fall with every breath.

(Readers note: This is Australia, where the driver sits on the right hand side of the vehicle, front seat passenger on the left)

You told me that you loved my tanned legs. I remember thinking how clever I was that I kept up my regular visits to the solarium. I hitched my skirt up higher, now showing my thighs. After you take a sideways glance, I ordered you to concentrate on the road. I lifted my skirt higher again, this time exposing my lacy black panties. You smiled again as you proceeded to caress my leg.

I put my hand in my panties, so my fingers could find my moist pussy lips. You told me if I didn’t stop you would have to pull over at the next truck stop. Because I knew the road quite well, I also knew the closest truck stop was a few miles away. We could just see the coastline from the highway. I finger fucked my panting pussy and retrieved my hand to taste my own juice. Then, I put my finger in your mouth to feed topkapı escort you a taste of my pussy nectar. You called me wicked.

I stretched out my seat belt and leaned across to nibble your ear lobe. With the extension of the seat belt, I had sufficient room to stretch over and rub your cock that was growing incredibly hard under your pants. I thought it was going to burst out, so decided to relive it from the pressure created by your tight jeans. Your breathing heaved, but you maintained your focus on the road. I played with your dick, feeling it grow even harder in response to my touch. Gently, I pulled down the foreskin and rubbed your frenulum. As I felt you twitch with pleasure, I could feel my own excitement growing. I stroked you slowly, and then quickly, until I knew it was time for my next move.

Testing the length of the seat belt, I leaned over further and lower to take your dick into my mouth. Just before I guided it into my mouth, while I was working up some extra saliva for you, I noticed the precum on its tip, glistening in response to the sunlight streaming through the window. There was just enough room for my head between your lap and the steering wheel. I licked the tip and savoured the taste of your precum. You took one hand off the steering wheel to play with my hair. This was the first time I gave head to a lover while driving. You told me it was your first experience in receiving oral pleasure on the road too.

Firstly, I sucked on the head, twirling my tongue around it, delighting in hearing your moans. I went down the shaft, sucking in my cheeks hard so you could enjoy tight suction. You said you could take no more while still driving, so you stopped the car. Naturally, I was so busy mouthing your cock so I had no idea where you had parked. The sun had disappeared and I could now hear rain softly beating on the windscreen.

You gently pulled my head up towards you and kissed me deeply. With a greater sense of urgency, you ripped off my panties and finger fucked my hot, dripping pussy. From the corner of my eye, I noticed that you had turned into a lane off the highway. From our vantage point on this dirt road was a spectacular view of the Victorian coastline. However, we were not particularly interested in the geographical scenery at this point. Now free from the constraints of seat belts and you tried to mount me in the car, but the restriction of space made it awkward. Despite the fact that the rain was pounding down harder, I suggested that we went outside. Luckily, it was still warm outside, making the weather sultry and almost tropical.

You lay me down on the bonnet of your car to wrap my legs around tesettürlü escort your neck. The rain continued to wet us while you feasted on my pussy. Your tongue worked its usual magic, drawing patterns on my clit. Somewhere, in the distance I could hear the occasional car or truck drive past on the highway, but that didn’t distract me from the intense pleasure you were dishing out to me. You later told me that you had spelt my name with your hard tongue and traced the words “I love you” on my throbbing clit. You continued to lick and suck hard, while finger fucking me, until I exploded in your mouth.

Once again, you were on top of me kissing me deeply. Not only was I enjoying the taste of my own pussy juice in your mouth; I also savoured the smell of the salty, sea air that surrounded us. We were on the bonnet of your car when your cock made its way through my pussy lips, deep inside me. I was so wet with my own cum so I contracted my muscles to make sure you didn’t get away. You pumped me with slow but deliberate strokes. You still had your jeans on so I found my way into them so I could grab your smooth, tight ass cheeks and take some control of the action.

In the middle of our daytime sex in the rain, you pulled out to turn me around. I was face down on the bonnet of your car, with a glimpse of the highway. You spread my ass cheeks and teased my pussy lips from behind with your hard cock, while you found my nipples through my bra which was now quite wet. In fact, all my clothes and hair were wet, but it wasn’t cold. After some incredible dick teasing of my clit, you plunged into my wet, welcoming hole.

I’m sure I felt your balls hitting against my pussy lips, because the multi sensory feeling was fantastic. You filled my cunt so beautifully and your dick was hitting my g-spot at the right times. It didn’t take me long to come again, just before you hit your climax on the bonnet of your car. Although it was still raining, you weren’t in a hurry to get off me. You kissed my neck and continued to hold my breasts. I sucked your dick clean of our combined juices before you zipped up your jeans and we returned to the car.

When we arrived at the hotel to check in, we looked like we had been caught in a tropical storm. We were in no condition to visit our business partner looking like this. We had to wash the cum off our bodies and faces and change into dry clothes, but not before we took the opportunity for one more quick fuck in the shower. Our business partner made several comments about how much we must enjoy our work because we always looked so happy. Little did he know the source of our secret euphoria and that we were smiling about the forbidden fun we had en route to Port Fairy, in particular the little detour we took off “Cum Highway.”

I had always wanted to have sex in the rain, and you made one of my fantasies come true in the best possible way. We secretly called the road Cum Highway. I hope you will remember our erotic session on Cum Highway for years to come, because I always will.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32