Cum-filled Surprise Ch. 07

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OK, I was sitting on Stacey’s couch in shock. Was she having sex with George, Doug or both? A long moment passed whiled I looked back and forth between George and Stacey. Where was Doug I wondered?

“Uh, Stace, where is Doug?”

This got me a big grin from her, “He is upstairs. You know how guys are after sex. ‘The face’, smile and snore. If their cocks did not feel so good…”

“STACE!” I interrupted her my cheeks feeling warm as my blush spread, “He’s sanding right there.”, I said pointing at George.

The new boy just smiled and looked me up and down, “Sweetheart, I saw the whole thing. And she is right you know, most guys drift off to dreamland after cumming. Especially the way Stacey rode him.”

I was shocked and could nothing but just sit there. My mouth hung open.

Stacey looked from me to George and said, “Looks like she is ready for you sweetie.”

Stacey looked me in the eyes and mouthed with a wink, “Enjoyed it Baby!”

I was frozen. George walked towards me and started unzipping his jeans. I looked back to Stacey trying to find words but instead I found George’s semi hard dick in my mouth.

“Whhrrt!” I tried to pull back but George moved his hips forward and Stacey’s smile only got bigger as my own desire overcame my shock and I started suckling the head of this newest cock in my mouth. It was warm and rapidly hardening against my tongue.

I escort sultangazi kept looking at Stacey until George was at full mast and then just gave into the moment, closed my eyes and started earnestly giving head. His prick was hard, silky smooth and ridges all over. Reaching up with my right hand I caressed his balls. It felt wonderful! My cupped hand held them perfectly. As I squeezed those jewels I heard him moan and felt him twitch…. with my tongue.

I opened my eyes and looked directly at him. His head leaning back and eyes closed told me I was doing a good job with my blowjob!

I kept up my action on the tip, sucking hard trying to make him cum. I closed my eyes again just imagining how I was making him feel and slowly moved down and down…

My nose stated to tickle causing me to open my eyes only to see his pubic hair. I had taken the whole thing!

I almost came right then. I mean I had this stranger’s prink completely in my mouth, his short hairs teasing my nose and… and … STACEY WATCHING ME!

I glanced over to her and saw the sexiest thing ever. Stacey had moved to the other end of the couch and pulled up the few inches of her skirt actually covered seeing her furiously rubbing her pussy while watching my suck George. I could not believe what was going on tonight. I had already sucked one guy off and had him finger me to escort bahçeşehir an orgasm. My own Mother had given the silk blouse I was now wearing after giving me permission to stay out all night knowing I was going to have sex. The words ‘Best Day Ever’ echoed in my mind over and over.

I pulled back totally off him and said, “Like what see?”

I got a unison, “YES!” from George and Stacey. Now my own smile grew. I was in control and knew exactly what was coming next.

Once more I closed my eyes and ever so slowly closed in upon that hard dick. Enjoying the sensation this time I took the whole pickle into my mouth and felt the head press against the back of my throat. Stacey encouraged me, “Yea baby, take the whole thing. He is delicious!”

I kept swallowing and felt another twitch. Then heard the words that transformed me from cock whore to cum slut.

“I want you to swallow my cum slut.”

His voice was low and as I looked up as George faced the ceiling. I knew I was getting my second load tonight. I was beyond excited. I was beyond sex. I was waiting for his white hot cum to fill my mouth. I was not disappointed.

He came with hard spurts hitting my tonsils. I knew from past blowjobs to simply swallow and not stop. His cum was sweet and creamy. I could not get enough. I coaxed very bit from him. Not stopping until he pulled away. I never had a escort beşiktaş guy do that before!

“Wait, wait… I need a break”, I heard. Stacey looked me directly in the eye. Then I heard, “Just like a guy. Always finishing first. C.’mere sweetie. I will take care of you now.”

I felt George’s cock soften in my mouth until it plopped out. At that point it became a pee-pee again, no longer good to me. I opened my mouth wide showing Stacey the last bit of cum George had given me. Stacey’s eyes were wide; I mean I could see the whites outlining those blue gems. As I closed my mouth and eyes, she watched as I finished my second load of cum that night. I heard a low, but defiantly feminine, “You are so sexy”

George encouraged me, “Go to her and finish what you started.”

For the second time I felt my cheeks blush. I stood up, leaving the comfortable couch and walked to my best friend as she lay spread open on the couch, eyes half closed and pussy stretched open just waiting…

Could I really do this? She had been fucked by Doug earlier and now I was approaching her thinking about what cum tasted after being deposited into another twat. I was excited. I had not even had a hard cock between my own legs yet and was contemplating eating another girl out who already had a load dumped in only one hour before.

This was a monumental moment. I know what I wanted but was not sure what would happen if I succumbed to my own desires. I kept moving, finally reaching Stacey. Sinking to my knees I was just above her juicy cunt. I could smell her (and Doug). Tilting me head I surprisingly found my tongue outstretched leaning towards her pussy leaking cum…

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