Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 32

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Past the point of saving, Kao went willingly with his mother to the bedroom, his cock spent of one orgasm and eyes shimmering with lust. Walking across the front yard should have been stranger with his jeans tangled around his ankles — more of a totter and a stagger than a walk, really, although he was far from drunk but riding on an illicitly taboo high of ecstasy. Just what had he done? The truck ride back from the little bistro had been a blur that he could not remember, something of a drunken haze.

Yet that was wrong… He knew he was not drunk even if he felt high as if he was being carried along on the effects of being drunk, sensation rising and falling with the awkward tread of his feet. Somewhere along the way into the ranch house, he lost his jeans and his shoes, only after that his shirt too. But clothes didn’t seem to matter as two sets of paws gripped his arms, cock half-hard with a need and desire so stringent that he could not find the words or sense in himself to begin explaining. Just what was going on and why his cock was soaked with…saliva? Cum? Ah, it was too much to think about, but all he knew was that he wanted the blue dragoness before him more than ever, the turn of her ragged wings, which had had mistakenly put down to age before, all the more elegant suddenly for no apparent real reason.

There was someone else though… Someone important that he should have considered. But who was it?

Chemical? They’d all said she would understand… But he couldn’t even hold onto that thought for very long either, swayed by lust and the demonic influence that followed him in Ropes’ murmured words. Under any other circumstance, he should have perhaps have been concerned that Ropes was there, looming over him with that shit-eating grin of his (he’d always hated that) but everything seemed alright, fine just fine, as long as it was Sasha leading him on, tail curled sensually around his wrist to tow him upstairs.

Upstairs and onto the bed… It seemed strange to be there in the bedroom that should have been Fyr’s but everything vanished from his mind as his mother tumbled into his arms, lips crashing to his and sealing away any further words he may have had. The thing was, he had no sense of protest in those words and all she actually managed to seal away was a moan of complete and utter pleasure, cock already throbbing hard and lustfully even after an orgasm that his frazzled mind could not even remember.

She kissed his neck and up to the line of his jaw and he no longer saw Sasha as his mother but as the sexy dragoness she was, claiming his lips with her own as their tongues tangled together. Just as lustfully forceful and demanding as Chemical — no! What was he doing? He had Chemical! — she drove his shoulders back onto the bed, blocking out what little view he may otherwise have had of the bedroom with her spread wings, trembling and beautiful. Panic clawed at his heart but there was so much comfort to be had in the harshness of her lips, her embrace sweeping him to another time and another place, somewhere where he didn’t have to worry at all about where he was or even who he was.

And that, in itself, was bliss. He could enjoy that bliss, kissing her back passionately as Sasha moaned into his mouth, paws seeming to tremble as they ran down his chest, tracing the lines of muscle they found there. His nipples even perked up lightly into the brush of her claws and he groaned as she pinched them sharply, the added edge of pain bringing something new and fresh and brilliant to the clarity of their liaison.

Pain should not have been good but blended with pleasure, her paw squeezing his hard shaft, her body covering his so sweetly, it was something else entirely. In the background, the cougar chuckled, breath rasping as he seemed to settle himself, with a creak, on a chair.

But that did not matter: let him watch. Flush with power and dominance, Kao growled into his mother’s mouth and kissed her back just as fiercely. Let him see just what it meant to be a stud male! He’d show Ropes!

Ah, how innocent he was, his will twisted and convoluted to the demonic power of one that would see him bend the knee (actually, perhaps Ropes had maybe just been watching a bit too much TV). Ropes smirked as he seated himself more comfortably in the corner of the room, jeans slipping down to his ankles with the aid of his tentacles, the chair creaking all the while. The room was quiet, although the throbbing thrum of power searing through the air provided a crackling undertow to everything, Kao and Sasha rolling about on the bed like young lovers all over again, for all Kao could see was the sexiest blue gorukle escort dragoness he’d ever seen in his whole life, wanting her, lusting after her…

For Ropes’ power was strong and his lips moved in a soft chant, shifting his hind paws out of his jeans, the crumpled fabric pooling messily on the floor as he surveyed his handiwork. Even the cougar in question could not have expected, of course, that everything would come together so perfectly but it was hardly as if Kao was the first male that he’d turned into a demon. Sasha had been more of a happy accident in that his seed, in effect, had done the work for him, allowing him to enjoy her through her pregnancy while the egg within her made her body more and more appealing for him. He smirked, baring his teeth in a feral, cruel fashion. It really was a win-win sort of situation for him. Yet only time would tell what the growth and change of a new demon in their kinky little family would bring them.

But there was more to come first and his eyes seemed to simmer down with darker edges, hinting at silver in the depths of the orbs. His lips moved in his incantation, one that had been passed down through the ranks of demons and one that he had taken with him on leaving their underworld of sorts, a dark land where there were no mortals to take advantage of. Demon-kind were cruel and vicious, after only their self-serving needs, and that was, perhaps, what would make Kao, in the end, perfect for his new role in life. One could say that it was his calling of sorts to be so twisted, his natural confidence blending into arrogance and turning him to a creature who would forever find himself with a demonic snarl curling up just behind the sweetly soft and innocent barrier of his lips.

Kao was not to know what was being done to him, however, tail thrashing as he grunted and pinned Sasha down by her shoulders, breath rasping in his throat. He had not the words with which to convey the depths of his lust and passion to her and he didn’t need to either as he kissed her fiercely, the demoness giving as good as she got without truly tipping the scales of physical control the other way. Oh no… She relished his power and growing strength too much, the demoness inside her pushing back against it with lust and energy, wings flapping and tail thrashing as if it was simply impossible to contain so much energy within her. Moaning into his mouth, she clawed at him urgently, leaving red lines down his back that the power inside him swiftly healed, the drake panting and gasping and grinding his cock up against her crotch, seeking entry where her clothes were already ripped and ragged — what was actually left of them anyway. She could not have said just how they got like that but it only served to send another throbbing drive of lust and power searing through her, the dragoness rasping for breath as her eyes glowed furiously.

“Yesss…” She hissed, driving him back and forcing the words out between kisses, although it was strange to think of something so dominantly forceful as a kiss or an embrace of any kind. “Yes… My son!”

But a cry like that could force him away from his vulnerability and she couldn’t have that at all, rolling him over onto his back as she yowled — that was usually more Ropes’ thing but sometimes only a good, shrieking yowl of lust would do the trick for her too — straddling his hips. Shredding what remained of her attire from her body with claws that suddenly seemed to be razor sharp for what quick work they made of it, stripping her son naked and his tangled mess of a shirt useless for anything besides ever again mopping up spills.

She grinned, rocking and grinding her bare pussy-lips against his shaft, driving him to a peak of lust, shifting and humping up against her with a demonic hiss and snarl. He was perfect, so very much perfect. And that was just why she had to have him.

Maybe she’d have Fyr mop the kitchen with his shredded clothes. Just to remind her what a demon was capable of in comparison to the weak little house slut she was!

Oh, the dominance was everything she’d ever wanted it to be and so much more, the slits in her sides throbbing and seeming to flare out ever so slightly at the edges with each beat of her heart, head swimming. But Kao was not a drake to be dominated, oh no: he was just like her and he grabbed at her hips, claws biting in with a delicious lick of pain that drove her on to new pleasure, fresh pleasure. And it was that pleasure that simply could not be contained that had her rocking her hips up for the grand finale, the main event that her heart had been craving ever since she’d found out that it was his apartment that Fyr had jaunted off to — as if her daughter had any right to desert her! Didn’t she know that her mother needed her? Just not in the usual kind of way that mothers did need their daughters, of course.

His shaft pulsed against her soft folds as she groaned and savoured the moment but Kao was becoming altıparmak eskort bayan a true demon, eyes taking on that glow that could only be theirs, pupils narrowed into the sharpest slits of all, and rammed into her, shoving her hips down to take him to the hilt in one fell swoop. He lunged for her, legs coming up beneath the dragoness as he hustled her up and into his lap, seated there all the way down on his cock as if that was what he had wanted all along, claiming what he saw as ‘his’ as his jaws parted in a feral snarl.

No words came from his lips, however, as he spread his wings, membranes trembling with the sheer force and energy it took his body to keep his muscles taut and tensed, holding himself up in position. And that was just one little nuance that showed that he was not yet what they needed him to be — well, what Sasha wanted him to be. Ropes was more a cat who was simply along for the ride in that regard and, well, whatever evil Sasha wanted to wreak was hers to command, as far as he was concerned. What sort of demon would he himself be, after all, if he did not facilitate a little chaos and transformation from time to time?

Kao rocked and growled as Sasha managed to get her knees under her at least, a newly found respect entering her eyes as she looked over her son with fresh appraisal. Big and strong… Easily able to give her what she needed. Only, he would soon be a lot less breakable and better suited for her, a muscled stud of a son who could take her as a demoness needed to be taken, their dominance coming together in a beautiful clash of lust that could only serve to rise to the dark of the heavens above and beyond. The ridges on his cock drove wonderfully over her clit with each and every thrust and she rolled her head from one shoulder to the other, wings flaring out in a sharp snap of muscle and sinew as she put on a show for him. For no longer did she have to tease and warp her son into sleeping with her — she already had him right where she wanted him and now could finally enjoy the true fruits of her labour.

If he’d been ‘with’ himself, perhaps Kao would have reeled in horror but lust was a funny thing indeed and he knew it was his mother: of course, he did. He was not hypnotised and he was not beguiled into sleeping with her, fucking her like a dragon possessed, but she was a dragoness that had something he wanted and that very thing was wrapped around his cock at that very moment in time, drawing him to orgasm with shocking speed. He groaned and snapped but could not keep his jaws closed for long, needing them open as he panted heavily, unable to take in enough air through his nostrils alone, as flared as they were to suck in greedy, needy breaths. His muscles needed every last drop of oxygen that he could feed them and, still, it was far from enough as Ropes’ incantation took hold, weaving around him and drawing a floating, lightening sensation to every last one of his limbs. Even his tail seemed as if it could drift up from the bed, as light as a feather even though the appendage was very much as solid as it had ever been.

Ropes smirked. A lesser being caught up in his will was as lustful as ever, need coursing through his body even more powerfully than it usually did, for a demon was always, without a doubt, the very embodiment of lust itself. And yet Kao was trundling into it, blissfully unaware, like a lamb to slaughter, so innocent in his own depiction of himself. Ropes chuffed a laugh that went unnoticed, taking his own sordid sort of pleasure from the lustful scene played out before him. It wasn’t so often that he got to be the voyeur and, well, one had most certainly earned the right to enjoy the fruits of their labour too, he was quite sure.

Yet was it really that easy to turn Sasha’s son to a demon, after all? He’d been strong-willed, of course, but that had only led him further and further down the road to being a true force of demonic power, turning that willpower in the moment he felt the most vulnerable to something else entirely, forgetting what he had held dear to him and charging off after his true calling in life. There would no longer be any distinction for him between the world of mortals and the line that crossed over into something more demonic, though there was no need for him to be out of place in the mortal world either. No… He was already so close to being a demon that the lightest of changes would tip him over the edge, shifting him to a creature of true might and power!

One could even say, at a push, that Kao had a certain kind of calling about him. And what a shame that would be to let it go to waste.

Ropes, however, needed something a little more to truly complete Kao’s transformation for him — and wouldn’t the drake owe him, after the fact, too? His tentacles were not quite long enough to slip into Sasha’s tantalising slits (if only he had two more also to pound her pussy and arse at the same time!) but he could nilüfer eskort bayan well enough pleasure himself as he enjoyed his own sense of voyeuristic pleasure, tail lashing as one of his tentacles opened up into a mouth, latching itself softly and wantonly around the head of his own achingly hard cock. Hissing through his teeth, he shuddered within the hold of the incantation, the feel of it rising and whipping about the room as if fuelled by an invisible wind — although it was the sort of force that did not disturb the physical in the room. On the contrary, it took hold of the very fabric of being, the matter that made up the room itself, and shifted it to his will even as his tentacle lustfully sucked off his own cock, rippling and pulsing to give him the most pleasure possible.

It was both harder and easier to concentrate as he pleasured himself, the other three tentacles sliding over his body and battling between themselves to cradle his balls, almost seeming to be separate entities in themselves with minds of their own. If he had been a lesser kind of demon, he would have undoubtedly taken the opportunity to fill his own tail hole but that would be a very different kind of demon that would want such a thing, his dominant lust and sense of driving self-pleasure completely foreign to such a submissive want. But that did not stop him from imagining just what it would be like to dominate Sasha’s son, the studly blue dragon on his knees, a beta male to him at the very top of the demonic food chain…


Ropes shuddered, sending his first orgasm into the tentacle, power ramping up as Kao rolled Sasha bodily and quickly over onto her back, her legs hitched up over his shoulders in a flash so that he could slam into her. The shake of her body told a tale of his cock filling her to the brim, her head falling back against the pillows as he watched, although her moan was lost in the roar of a drake who was only just managing to come right along into his own sense of being. The drake seemed to grow larger and more powerful before his very eyes, muscle plumping out into sharper, starker definition than before, scales cradling a body that was simply designed to fuck. He didn’t need to have Sasha’s ragged wings but his fangs lengthened slightly, giving the impression of a dragon of far olden times, his already slit-like pupils narrowing further into thin, predatory lines.

His orgasm fuelled the power and Kao would not have been able to come back from the edge even if he’d tried and at all been aware of what was happening, what it meant for what he was doing as he spent himself inside his mother. His first climax as a demon sealed the deal and he snarled like a creature possessed, wings flapping furiously to buffet her with air that, truly, would have not knocked her over even if she had been standing. After all, Sasha was a ‘made’ demoness too, even if it had not been Ropes who had changed her. Finally able to allow the incantation to taper off and the power to take hold, Ropes exhaled and rocked his hips, scowling at one of his tentacles as it shot out towards the bed, trying to get to Sasha even as he dug his heels in, rooting his glutes in place and thrusting into his own tentacle’s ‘mouth’ for a second orgasm that sent a throbbing, warm burst through his body.

Yet it was not enough — it was never enough. A demon would always want more and Kao was about to learn that for himself too, power ringing through every line and muscle of his body, jaws agape in a furious snarl that could not be contained. He thrust and thrust, spilling his load into Sasha even as the dragoness twisted and writhed beneath him, eyes rolling back into her skull (although that was hard to see considering how they glowed with demonic power). It was more than usual — not that the drake was usually lacking in virility or production, but everything was simply enhanced, making him so much more than he had been.

The dragon tipped his head back, panting heavily as Sasha clung to him and crooned, stroking his forearms, his paws — everywhere she could possibly reach — telling him just how strong and dominant he was, how powerful he was and was going to be. For things had not yet come to a head and he would have to try out his new body, finding and testing the limits that, while being difficult to find, all demons had too. It would take a while, of course, for him to actually drive far enough to hit those limits but where was the fun in being told how far one could go, after all?

Now, all he knew was lust — and the lust for power, of course. Kao swallowed hard, tongue moving about a mouth that suddenly was just a little bit more foreign to him than before. His tongue moved in and out, swiping around the edge of his teeth in a flick and pinprick of blood from the shockingly sharp fangs — just what a demon needed to boast — even as he came down from his orgasm, chest heaving and wings trembling slightly down against his back.

“Well…” He said, breath coming in great, big, ragged gulps. “This… Now, this…”

“Is better, hm, sugar?” Sasha suggested for him, flinging her arms back over her head as she moaned and arched up, rocking herself further down his still-hard cock. “Make momma feel good, darling, you’re forgetting something…”

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