Cuckold Hotel

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Asa Akira

Note: All characters are 18 y/o or older


“Will Madam be taking breakfast and evening meal with us?” Madam Poutville enquired to the Ashton’s at the front desk.

“Both,” smiled Belinda Ashton.

“As you wish Madam, do you require Helga to help with your bags?”

Belinda shook her head. “Robert can manage.”

“As you wish, Madam. Please be aware that husbands are not allowed in the elevators and can only use the back stairs. Helga will show your husband to your room.” Her disdain for Belinda’s husband was quintessentially French. “And you are on the 4th Floor,” a trace of a smile flickered across the stern-faced Matriarch of the Domaine Epouses.

Relishing the prospect of her husband struggling up 4 flights with the luggage, Belinda returned the proprietress’s smile, picked up the hotel key and headed for the elevator.

The room was superb. Elegantly furnished, a grand Queen sized bed, luxurious bathroom and a balcony overlooking the pool and beyond that the beachfront.

Belinda felt a surge of excitement. She was forty-two, dark hair styled in a short, but feminine cut, A generous toned figure and a fine pair of legs that she enjoyed wrapping around men younger than herself. She hoped to be doing a lot of wrapping during her ten day stay.

Picking up her phone she messaged her daughter. ‘Arrived safely, hotel is gorgeous, the weather even better and the staff look delicious’, and finally to her friend June. ‘It’s everything you say it is. Fingers crossed it delivers!’

Hearing a loud crash outside, she stifled a curse of disappointment.

“Sorry, dear,” her husband said, sweat coating his brow. “It was such a struggle getting up the stairs with the cases and then I fell! I could have hurt myself but luckily I landed on your soft case. I hope I didn’t break anything, dear,” he added anxiously.

Belinda counted to ten and then slowly unclenched her fists. “No, it contains my lingerie,” she said shortly, and that is the closest you will ever get to it she muttered to herself.

She exchanged glances with Helga, a sturdy, ruddy-faced woman with short-cropped blonde hair and a generous bust. Helga shook her head and shrugged.

“Will I be sleeping with you on holiday, dear?” Robert asked hopefully looking around the room.

First ice, then hot rage washed through Belinda.

“No, you fucking won’t, you useless faggot!” She hissed at her pale, rotund husband. “The very idea-” words failed Belinda.

“Of course, dear, I’m so sorry, shall I, I should go,” stuttered Robert and fled the room.

“Share a bed! The fucking cheek!” Belinda fumed as she unpacked her cases, further annoyed that Robert wasn’t around to do it for her. There was a knock at the door, and a young man in his early twenties stood in the open doorway.

“May I?” He asked.

Belinda felt her insides melt. Oh, my! The young man was gorgeous. Glowing tanned skin, smouldering dark eyes, wide smile, and styled, scruffy dark locks tumbling to his shoulders.

“I’m Mehmet your designated host for the next few days or for as long as you want. If you feel I am not suitable then you may choose another,” he eyed Belinda with frank appreciation. “But I hope you don’t, Mrs Ashton.”

Having no intention of replacing this divine specimen, well not after trying him first, Belinda shook her head. “No, please do come in. I was just unpacking.”

“Your husband should be attending to that,” frowned Mehmet. “Was that him scurrying out as I approached?”

Belinda snorted with contempt. “Yes, the little worm was being perfectly useless and then had the audacity to, to-” It was no good Belinda couldn’t bring herself to say it and had to sit down.

Concern creased Mehmet’s handsome face. “Are you okay Mrs Ashton?”

He approached, his hand resting lightly on her shoulder, exuding manliness and sex. Feeling even giddier, she breathed in his scent, her voice throaty as she looked up at him.

“I am now,” she murmured, her face inviting him to kiss her.

“Mrs Ashton,” he bent and pressed his lips to hers, firm but gentle, causing her to shudder with desire. “Take me like a cheap whore,” she urged softly.

With one swift movement, he pulled her up and spun her around. Belinda squawked as he bent her forward over the bed. His hand reached between her stockinged thighs, groping for her knickers.

“Oh, my,” she gasped as he yanked her knickers down and probed her wetness.

“Hitch up your dress!” Mehmet ordered roughly.

“Yes, darling,” she pulled her dress up over her hips, exposing her ass to him. She hadn’t freshened up from the travel and didn’t care. Belinda wanted it rough, hot and sweaty. She wanted to rut with him like a common beast.

“Oh, God! Yes!” She yelled as his cock slid into her. It felt so good, so immense, her legs trembling as he screwed her long and hard. His animal grunts meshing with her gasps and screamed obscenities until she finally dissolved into a gooey mess of Mehmet’s Turkish delight.

It was early Escort İstanbul evening when Belinda woke. Mehmet was beside her, spooning. Her dress was still around her hips, her naked ass nuzzling against his cock. Smiling, she felt it stir and then purred as it entered her again. The lovemaking was gentle, soothing this time.

“Darling, sorry to disturb you.” an all too familiar voice was an unwelcome intrusion.

“What is it?” She snapped irritably.

“I was just wondering if we are going down to dinner or should I just get something to eat or bring you back something?”

Robert’s face swam into view as she forced herself to open her eyes. She felt Mehmet lift her leg and start to thrust into her with more urgency. A tiny wisp of pleasure escaped her lips.

“Can’t you see I’m busy?” Belinda began to rock as her young lover got into his stride.

“Yes dear, I was just waiting for you to wake, I’m Robert, by the way. Pleased to meet you,” Robert held out his hand, and Mehmet politely took it.

“Nice to meet you, Robert, your wife is an excellent fuck,” Mehmet grinned and bit Belinda’s neck.

Arching back she breathed: “Oh, yes, harder, Mark me!”

“Shall I wait outside?” Robert asked anxiously.

“No!” Mehmet barked. “Stand in the corner facing the wall!”

“Of course, Sir! My apologies, Sir.”

Robert planted himself in the corner facing the wall, his tiny cock stirring as he heard his wife’s giggles.

“Drop your trousers, Robert!” Mehmet ordered as he thrust into Belinda, who was squirming in delight on his hardness and his cruelty.

Quickly, Robert did so to reveal his insipid and plugged bottom.

“Oh darling, your cock feels so hard inside me!” Belinda squealed as he pushed her face down onto the bed and lay on top of her. Sighing, Belinda welcomed his weight and spread her legs further to accommodate him. A minute or two later, her heartfelt orgasm signalled her surrender. Robert’s shaven stub twitched with envious pleasure.

“So you will stay there until we are gone,” Mehmet said to Robert as he dressed. Belinda was in the bathroom, freshening up before dinner. “Understood?”

Robert gasped in delight as Mehmet slapped his arse. “Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

“You would like to eat my cum out of your wife’s hot pussy, yes?” Mehmet breathed in his ear.

“Yes, please, Sir!” Oh, how he so wished he could, Robert thought.

“She despises you. She can’t bear you near her. You will never taste or go near your wife’s pussy again, do you hear me?” Mehmet squeezed Robert’s peanut balls from behind, causing him to squeal in pain and pleasure.

“I know, Sir, I don’t deserve to be near her. Only real men deserve her,” Robert’s eyes began watering as Mehmet tightened his grip on his balls. He feared he would dribble cum and annoy his wife.

“Stop wasting time with the useless cuck,” said Belinda coming out of the bathroom. “How do I look?” She twirled in her figure-hugging red dress. Mehmet had to admit she was a fine looking woman it made his job so much easier.

“You look stunning, Mrs Ashton,” he replied with genuine enthusiasm.

Pleased, Belinda picked up her clasp purse and took Mehmet’s arm.

“Shall we?” She smiled, then stopped. “Oh, maggot, I’ve drawn a fresh bath for you. Clean yourself up and then join us in the dining room.”

Robert blinked in surprise at his wife’s unexpected act of kindness and almost friendly tone. Getting laid had clearly improved her mood.

“Thank you, darling. Thank you very much.”

Ignoring his thanks, Belinda allowed Mehmet to escort her to the lift.

“Did you squeeze my maggot husband hard?” She asked as the doors closed.

Bending down to kiss her, he smiled. “Very hard!”


The lift door opened, and a blonde woman in her mid-twenties got in with an older, distinguished gentleman. The two women nodded and smiled to each other, each gripping the arm of their respective companion with the ferocity of a lioness gripping her prey.

“Having a lovely time?” The young woman asked, giving Mehmet the once over.

“Yes, thank you. I take it you are as well.” Belinda could see the woman had that unmistakable air of the freshly fucked.

“Fantastic,” she looked up adoringly at her companion. “Just a shame I had to bring the husband. I’ve left him chained up in the wardrobe. Couldn’t bear the sight of him ruining my evening.”

Belinda laughed, “One way to take care of them, I’m Belinda.”

“Janice. Is your husband joining you or have you taken care of him as well?”

The elevator lights dimmed, and the car jolted for a few seconds then carried on.

“Oh, I’ve taken care of him,” replied Belinda with a satisfied smirk.


“More wine Madam?”

Belinda gave a contented nod. The waiter was a lovely blonde lad of nineteen according to her guide brochure and was dressed in t-shirt and tight, very tight shorts. She ran her hand down the inside of his warm thighs, feeling his soft fuzz between İstanbul Escort Bayan her manicured fingers.

Bobby smiled at her. “I will be available later, Madam.”

“Good. I fancy something indulgent for dessert, a double helping perhaps? Dark and light scoops of creamy pleasure?” Belinda grinned wickedly at Mehmet and Bobby.

“It would be a pleasure Madam, shall I clear away your starter?”

“Please,” her hand wandered up to his firm buns and squeezed. God, he was gorgeous.


Belinda jerked uncontrollably, spilling her wine. Bobby anxiously cleared it up, and Mehmet looked surprised.

“Sorry, I’m late, dear,” burbled Robert. “I just avoided a terrible accident. The hairdryer was left plugged in on the shelf over the bath and fell in when the shelf gave way! For a moment I thought I had short-circuited the hotel, but then the lights came back. It’s lucky I decided to have a shower.”

Belinda scrunched her napkin, her face tight with annoyance.

“Are husbands allowed?” Robert looked around at the other diners. There were six women with their companions, four of them also with husbands. Two were on their knees at the table eating scraps, and two were being forced to ‘make out’ for the titillation of their wives over coffee.

“The floor,” said Bobby seeing Belinda was still in scrunching mode.

Dutifully Robert got to his knees and waited expectantly.

After a minute or two, Belinda turned and threw a bread roll at her husband.

“You useless fucking faggot, why the fuck can’t you-” she stopped as Mehmet gently laid a hand on her arm.

With an effort Belinda controlled herself. She gestured to the bread roll. “There is your fucking dinner, now go eat it and leave me in peace,” she ordered curtly.

Robert made to rise.

“And stay on your hands and knees!” Belinda yelled.

The other women diners tittered in amusement as Robert scampered after the bread roll. It had landed near the elegant foot of a lady in her mid-fifties, who was fondling her waiters cock through the outline of his shorts. She smiled with amused disdain as Robert crawled toward her, then with a casual flick of her foot she sent the roll scurrying towards Janice and muttered: “Silly little cuck,” as Robert abruptly changed direction.

“Wait!” Janice said. Exchanging looks with Belinda, she kicked the roll and then Robert in the seat of his pants as he scampered by. “Fetch, boy!” Laughing, she sat back down.

The women eventually got bored toying with Robert, and he settled away from his wife, gnawing at his merge offering. It was going to be a long ten days he reflected.

The next morning saw Belinda in a better mood. She had locked Robert in the small closet overnight and had half a mind to leave him there. Reluctantly she conceded it would be impractical, besides she had other plans.

Bobby was sprawled naked on the bed, his large cock flopping over his thigh in a seductive manner. The sun was streaming through the doors to the balcony, bathing this blonde angel in an unholy light. Snapping a few pics on her phone, Belinda sent one to her daughter, who replied with some rude suggestions, most of which Belinda had entertained herself with last night.

Smiling, Belinda put down her phone and padded over to him. She rubbed her breasts over his cock before taking his girth into her mouth, enjoying an early morning cocktail of pussy and ass.

“Hmm, that’s nice, Mrs Ashton,” he stirred sleepily.

His maleness filled her, overwhelming her senses. She cupped his heavy balls and massaged them gently as he writhed beneath her. She felt her power over him as she controlled and guided his pleasure to match hers and then drank greedily as he came in several spurts.

Wiping her mouth, a licentious look in her eyes, she slapped his arse out of bed. A knock sounded at the door. It was Mehmet.

“Your sun lounger is in place as you requested, Mrs Ashton. Ivan is on sun cream duty. Miguel on drinks.”

Wrapping a sarong around her, Belinda nodded. “Thank you. Give it a few minutes and then let the maggot out. I’ll leave the rest to you.”

Mehmet winked at her. “Rest assured. Everything is in place.”

Satisfied, Belinda headed down for a light breakfast and then to the poolside. She nodded to Janice and the older woman from last night. Both were naked and glistening in the morning sun.

“I enjoyed playing ‘hunt the roll’ with your faggot husband at dinner,” said Clarissa as Belinda discarded her sarong and settled onto the lounger.

The memory brought a smile to Belinda’s face as Ivan hove into view.

“All over please, Ivan,” said Belinda. “Where is your husband?”

“The hotel runs small glory hole operation for gay men, so I’ve stuck him in there for the day. He’s getting on a bit, but he can still manage to kneel and suck cock,” replied Clarissa.

All three laughed until Belinda was distracted by Ivan’s strong hands fondling her arse and the back of her thighs. Turning, she Anadolu Yakası Escort grabbed his hand, placing it on her breast, shuddering as he trapped her erect nipple.

“I can recommend Ivan, he is an excellent swordsman,” said Clarissa.

Janice giggled. “I’ve never heard that term, swordsman, It’s very romantic in an old fashioned kind of way.”

“Honey, if you prefer, Ivan will fuck your brains into mush,” said Clarissa.

“More my language!” Janice giggled again.

“My cunt is mush!” gasped Belinda to snorts of laughter.

Ivan had inserted his finger into Belinda’s pussy, and she was riding it as they chatted.

“I should try my husband in the glory hole. He is struggling with the forced gay thing, but I keep telling him it’s for his own good. He really isn’t trying hard enough!” Janice grumbled.

“They sometimes struggle, but deprive them of your pussy, shove their latent fagness in their face and choke enough dick down their throats and they will soon start begging for cock,” said Clarissa.

Adjusting her sunglasses Janice motioned to Ted, a black adonis in white speedos who was standing nearby, alert to his guest’s needs. He loped over in an easy limbed stride making Janice ache with need.

Reaching for the sun cream, he stopped as Janice ran her small hands over his taut body.

“Carry me off into the bushes and fuck me, fuck me hard,” she instructed him.

“As you wish, Mrs Leyton,” and with one sweeping movement, he scooped the young woman into his arms and disappeared into the undergrowth.

Clarissa looked over her glasses at Belinda who was scrabbling at Ivan’s trunks as he fingered her. Chuckling to herself, Clarissa picked up her magazine. The sound of a siren intruded over the sound of gasps, giggles and frenzied groping from the bushes behind her. She idly wondered if everyone was okay. Probably a husband in a gimp mask having a problem, she thought as she leafed through the magazine of naked men in various poses.

Belinda too heard the sign of sirens as Ivan dragged her into the bushes and pinned her on the soft ground. Moaning in anticipation, she felt his erect eagerness pressing into her thigh. She had selected the ‘Ravishment’ package for today and Ivan was built to deliver. She thrilled at the thought of playing ‘fair Maiden’ to his ‘manly Viking’.

“Please, no,” she gasped as he forced her legs apart. She was about to add, “but I am only a shy virgin,” when he penetrated her, causing her to utter, “oh, yes! Fuck me!”

His hand clasped over her mouth.

“Be quiet, wench!” He warned, and Belinda nodded eagerly, loving the feel of his hard, strong body against her softness.

Reaching down, she grasped his firm ass cheeks and held on for dear life as he pounded her into the soft grass. The sound of the siren was sweet music to accompany even sweeter sex.

“That was simply heaven, darling,” she murmured as she lay on the grass exhausted, the sun soothing her plundered body.

“Da, Mrs Ashton. I am pleased to serve,” rumbled Ivan chewing on a blade of grass as he sat beside her.

Contentedly, Belinda gazed up at the cloudless sky. I must work on my tan after lunch, she thought idly and then recalling the siren earlier a small smile crept over her face.

“Darling, there you are!”

That all too familiar voice jangled through Belinda and a wave of nausea followed in its wake.

Ivan cursed in Russian. Belinda cursed in English. Belinda won.

Robert was panting heavily, mopping his brow with his white hankie. “It’s very hot today, dear. I don’t want you getting burnt,” he said anxiously looking down at his naked wife, semen tricking languidly from her cunt.

Keeping her eyes closed in the vain hope this was a bad dream Belinda half-listened as her husband prattled on.

“Mehmet asked me to help with a small boiler problem, well I was only too happy to be useful and did as he asked and manned one of the outlet valves. He asked me to turn clockwise, I said, ‘clockwise’? I was making sure you see as I always get it muddled up. I have to imagine a clock-“

“Is there a fucking point to this tedious nonsense?” Belinda cut in, tight-lipped.

“Sorry, dear. Long story short, the outlet valve Mehmet was turning blew out and caught him in the, um, well, balls.”

“Mehmet is hurt?” Ivan gasped. “My sweet baby!” Ivan jumped to his feet and headed for the hotel.

Belinda looked horrified at the fast disappearing Ivan, and yelled: “What do you mean ‘your sweet baby’?”

“I was quite lucky, dear, the valve I was manning was head height,” continued Robert.

“Lucky?” Belinda screamed at him. Yet again words failed her and she too stormed back to the hotel.

“Everything okay?” Clarissa called after her.

“No, it fucking isn’t!”

Raising an eyebrow, Clarissa tutted to herself. Really, she thought how common.


“I assure you, Mrs Ashton everything will be as you wish. Just a few setbacks.” Madam Poutville assured her with Helga nodding along.

Belinda was not mollified. Not even Toby massaging her shoulders helped. Well, it helped a bit, she reluctantly conceded.

“I haven’t paid handsomely, well, Robert hasn’t paid handsomely, only to be short changed on the commission you accepted, Madam Poutville.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32