Cuckold Dad Ch. 02

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This story is a sequel to my story “Cuckold Dad”. It’s the story of a married couple, Janet and Bob Simpson and their son Ryan and how the father encourages his wife to take on their young son as her lover. In the first story, Janet seduces her son with her husband’s full approval. This is the story of how the torrid mother-son affair continues…


“Are you all right Janet? You’ve seemed so preoccupied the past few days.”

Amber knew her friend, Janet, long enough to recognize when something was upsetting her.

“When we took Ryan to Freshman Orientation a few months ago they discussed how it takes awhile for the incoming students to acclimate to college life and they recommended that the parents not visit their kids for at least four to six weeks. That didn’t seem like a long time when we went to orientation but that was before…you know…before Ryan and I became lovers. Now it seems like an eternity!”

Amber knew her friend well enough to know that Janet has quickly become addicted to her son and that the withdrawal for even a few weeks would be difficult.

“Have you talked to your husband, Bob, about how you feel?” asked Amber?

“No, not really,” replied Janet. “I know this sounds silly but I was wondering if Bob would welcome our break from Ryan. I sometimes wonder if he was jealous of Ryan. I know that it was Bob’s idea that Ryan and I become lovers but my relationship with Ryan has totally changed me. He’s so handsome, young and virile. He makes me feel like I haven’t felt for years. I’ll never give him up.”

“God girl! You are in love!!” giggled Amber.

“Yeah, no kidding,” laughed Janet.

Amber tried to reassure her friend.

“I think that Bob will understand honey. He wants to you be happy plus you yourself told me how much he enjoys watching you and Ryan together. It’ll be ok…”

“And what about Ryan? With a campus full of young girls what if Ryan finds a girlfriend and is no longer interested in me?” replied Janet

“Janet, you’re his mother. You know Ryan better than any silly college girl! As far as being lovers goes, you’ve lusted for each other for a long time and you’ve told me that the sex is incredible. Try not to worry so much.”

Janet felt better as she returned home. Amber was right. Bob enjoyed his new role as her cuckold to want her to give up their son. And Ryan’s appetite for her seemed to grow every day since they became lovers.


When Janet arrived home the house was empty. Since it was a hot sunny day she decided to lie out on the back deck and work on her tan. Janet always enjoyed lying out wearing a bikini and all the attention that she got from Ryan and his friends. Janet had to laugh when she remembered discovering that her son had quite a collection of digital photos on his computer of her lying out in her bikini. Poor boy, if he had only asked she would have been glad to model and show off more of her mature firm body for him. When she knew that he was interested, she ordered a few micro bikinis to wear for his viewing pleasure and often times she would lay out topless to tan her big boobs.

After an hour in the sun, Janet decided that she had enough and was getting ready to head inside when she heard the backdoor of the house open. It was Ryan. A few weeks ago she would have immediately covered up or acted like she didn’t want him to see her boobs but now that they were lovers, she wanted to Ryan to see her tan glistening body.

“Sorry mom. Did I interrupt you,” said Ryan with a grin.

Janet quickly changed her mind about going inside as long as Ryan was now her audience.

“No baby. You are just in time! Can you put some lotion on me?”

Ryan got down next to the lounge chair and poured some lotion in his hand and rubbed in on his mother’s back. His hands gradually moved down to her long legs and back up to her ass. He loved it when his mother wore a thong. Janet purred like a kitten as her son rubbed his hands all over her body. Janet rolled over and said, “Now do my front honey.”

“Hmmm…I love the smell of coconut,” Ryan whispered in her ear.

Ryan couldn’t keep her hands off his mother’s beautiful breasts. Her tanned nipples were dark as Hershey kisses. His hands gradually lowered to her bikini bottom and she felt Ryan push her skimpy bottom to one side and his finger easily slipped inside her already wet pussy.

“Don’t stop baby. That feels so good,” Janet moaned.

“But what if the neighbors see mom?” teased Ryan.

Janet was so tuned on that she really didn’t care who witnessed their forbidden act but she got up, grabbed Ryan’s hand and led him to her bedroom. Both mother and son were consumed with lust and Ryan almost came in his pants looking as his mother’s hot ass as he followed her to the bedroom.

Janet quickly pulled back the bed sheets.

“I’ll be right back. I have to wash off some of this lotion,” said Janet.

Ryan reached out for her hand and stopped her.

“Please don’t go. I need you now.”

Ryan Beylikdüzü escort pulled Janet close to him and kissed her deeply. She quickly responded. She wanted him as badly as her wanted her. She lied on the bed and watched her son take off his clothes. She couldn’t believe how hot her young son was.

When Ryan was totally naked he lied next to her on the bed and hooked his fingers in her bikini bottoms and slowly slid them down her legs. Janet’s tan contrasted so much with the covered skin that when she was naked it looked like she was wearing a snow white bikini. Janet trembled as she felt her son’s tongue slowly run up her legs.

“Hmmm…I love the smell of coconut but I love the taste of it even more,” whispered Ryan.

Janet writhed on the bed. Her son was teasing her and she loved it. She briefly thought about how her husband, Bob, would love to be in the room watching her with Ryan. She opened her legs widely and felt her son’s tongue inside her. She heard her son say, “You taste so good mom” and her body quaked with her first orgasm. She couldn’t help but to push her son’s face in her dripping pussy as he licked her juices.

Janet felt helpless. Her son was in control and she knew it. Ryan crawled up and kissed her deeply.

“You looked so fucking hot in that bikini mom. I’m going to fuck you. Is that what you want?”

“Oh baby. Please take me!” Janet moaned. She opened her legs widely. She had to feel him inside her.

Janet felt Ryan on top of her. His body felt so warm. She felt the crown of his young cock push against her opening, slowly entering her. She was so wet but so tight and the sun tan lotion on her body had rubbed off on Ryan’s cock easing his entry. She felt the indescribable sensation of fullness with her son inside her. It was as if their souls were one. This was meant to be.

Ryan started to fuck his mother. She was so tight that it felt as though she was being lifted up from the bed when Ryan withdrew from her. At first Ryan took slow strokes at first trying to be gentle with her.

“It feels so good baby. I love you so much. Please fuck me.”

Janet remembered that she was still unprotected. She knew that she should tell Ryan to stop but she had to have him and she had to have him now. Besides, she had let him fuck her unprotected before and the sensation of feeling his young seed filling her was indescribable.

It wasn’t long before Ryan picked up the pace. Janet was so wet. Ryan’s cock glistened from her juices and soaked the bed sheets. The sound of Ryan’s body slapping against his mother filled the room. Janet wrapped her arms and legs around her son to hold him close to her. She felt his heart beat and then his body tense up.

“I’m going to cum now mom!”

“Yes baby. Give me all of it!!” Jane screamed as she raked her finger nails along her son’s back.

Ryan propped himself up as Janet felt his cock convulsing deep inside her shooting jet after jet of his incestuous baby seed inside of her. Just when she thought he was done he would shoot another load into her waiting womb. And then the two lovers collapsed, holding one another. Janet kissed his shoulders softly, held him close until his young cock went soft inside of her.

Why had she waited so long to seduce him? Why hadn’t Bob encouraged her before to take Ryan as her lover? And now he was going off to college. What if she was going to lose him?

Janet wondered if she should tell her husband what happened. In the past Bob had been allowed to watch or at least listen in when Ryan and Janet made love. Janet decided to keep quiet. Why risk making Bob jealous? Besides, Bob was now her cuckold husband and she was going to take charge. She certainly wasn’t going to give up Ryan.


The day had finally come that Janet had dreaded most. Janet and Bob had to drop off Ryan at college. The college was only three hours away but it might as well been a million miles to Janet. She knew that she probably wouldn’t see Ryan again for another four to six weeks.

Janet continued to be worried about Ryan running off with a college girl so she decided that she should look her best when they dropped Ryan off at school. Janet wore a pair of short razor cut denim shorts and a white skimpy tank top with no bra. Even Bob thought that Janet’s choice of outfits was too revealing but Janet refused to change. She wanted to leave a lasting impression on Ryan.

Ryan was rooming with some of his friends so they went off together and left Janet and Bob to tour the campus. As they walked around the campus Janet’s attire earned the appreciation of a lot of the young college guys there. She overheard a few “MILF” remarks and turned quite a few heads. Janet loved the attention.

“I guess I should be jealous,” laughed Bob as his wife attracted so much attention.

“Don’t be silly,” replied Janet. “I’m old enough to be their mother.”

“That’s exactly what I’m worried about,” laughed Bob.


Dinner time Beylikdüzü escort was approaching and Ryan was still off with his friends. Janet called Ryan on his cell phone to see if he was going to have dinner with them but Ryan said that he would just meet his parents back at the hotel room about 9:00pm. When Bob made the hotel reservations he booked two adjoining rooms, one for Janet and Ryan and one for himself. Bob knew that Janet would want to spend the night with her son. Bob wanted to give the incestuous mother and son some privacy but he also wanted to be able to crack the connecting door enough to watch Ryan making love to Janet.

It had been a few weeks since Bob witnessed the bonding of Janet and their son. As they ate their dinner Bob kept looking at his watch making sure that they would be back at the hotel when Ryan got there. Both Bob and Janet were quiet over dinner, each fantasizing over what their night would be like. Bob finally broke the ice.

“You’re going to fuck him tonight aren’t you?” Bob asked.

“Yes, well I really want to if you’re all right with it,” Janet replied, “After all, I won’t get to be with him for at least another month or so. I’m going to miss him so much. I want this night to be special and show Ryan how much I love him.”

Ever since Bob witnessed Ryan and Janet together the first time his mind was a whirlwind of conflicting thoughts. Had he opened a Pandora’s Box when he suggested that his wife seduce their son? Was he losing Janet to him? It seemed like Ryan was the only thing that Janet thought of anymore. But the excitement of watching them together overtook any apprehension that Bob had.

“Would you mind if opened the door between the rooms and watch?” Bob asked timidly. “I promise I won’t disturb you.”

“Ok, as long as you don’t make any noise. And I’m going to stay with Ryan all night so don’t expect me to come back to your room.”

When Bob and Janet got back to the hotel they had over two hours until Ryan returned. Janet went to the room where she would be spending the night with Ryan and set candles strategically around the room. She wanted this night to be special and created a romantic atmosphere.

Bob peered through the open door between the rooms watching Janet. When she was done setting up the room, Janet began to get ready for her son. She took a quick shower and Bob watched silently as his wife carefully fixed her hair and applied her makeup. Then she put on a white teddy and white high heels. She looked incredible! Then she put on a robe so Ryan would have something to unwrap when he arrived.

Janet finished getting ready just in time as her cell phone rang. It was Ryan who was calling from the hotel lobby. She forgot to give him the room number. As soon as she hung up the phone she peeked through the connecting door and said to Bob, “Remember…be quiet when you watch us!”

Janet hurried and lit the candles in the room and let Ryan in. He was hoping that he was going to spend the night with his mother but he wasn’t sure. His cock was hard all day watching her walk around the campus in her short shorts and tank top with her nipples clearly at attention.

Janet wasted no time in approaching her son. As soon as he entered the room she walked over and gave him a deep kiss.

“I’m going to miss you so much honey. I love you so much”, she said and immediately began to undress her son.

When Ryan was totally undressed Janet walked over to the bed and pulled the sheets back. Then she returned to her son and let the robe she was wearing fall off her shoulders onto the floor.

“How do I look baby?” she said seductively.

Janet turned around slowly to give her son a good view of her body. Her toned ass was fully on display and her high heels made her legs look even sexier.

“I want tonight to be special Ryan.”

Janet grabbed Ryan’s hand and led him to the bed.

“Dear god mom, I want you!”

“Then take me baby. Make love to me.”

Janet lay on the bed and spread her legs wide open for her son. Ryan was so excited he had all he could do from fucking her but he wanted to worship her body first. Janet closed her eyes as her son softly kissed her feet. His tongue slowly ran up her thigh, first one and then the other. Janet just moaned.

Ryan asked her to roll over and Janet quickly complied. Ryan loved his mother’s firm toned ass and it was fully on display in the outfit she was wearing. His tongue ran all over her ass as she writhed under him. He slid the thin piece of material from between her ass cheeks and moved it to the side. Janet felt her son’s hands on her ass, spreading her ass cheeks and then his tongue licking her asshole. She was in heaven.

Janet wondered if Ryan was getting her ready to fuck her ass. She had never let any man do that to her but Ryan was her son and she would do anything for him.

“Take off your clothes mom”, Ryan begged.

Janet quickly complied. Her body looked flawless to Ryan. She was every son’s dream.

“How Escort Beylikdüzü do you want me honey?” Janet whispered.

“On you back mom.”

Janet rolled over and Ryan buried his tongue in her waiting pussy. His face glistened from her juices. Janet threw her legs over her son’s shoulders as he licked her clit and she pushed his head into her pussy as her first orgasm rocked her body. Ryan heard her crying but it was from the sheer pleasure that her son was giving her. Ryan was going to stop but Janet pulled him close to her, kissed him deeply and begged him to fuck her. Janet’s lust was uncontrollable as she felt her son’s hard cock entering her.

Ryan was fucking his mother like a stallion and she loved it. Janet could tell that Ryan was ready to cum and she wrapped her arms and legs around her son to hold him close to her.

“Oh god Ryan…get me pregnant! Do it!!”

When Ryan heard those words he emptied his balls deep into his fertile mother,

“Oh yes…God yes”, Janet moaned as she felt her son’s cock throbbing and filling her womb.

Bob sat silently in the adjoining room watching his wife and son make love. If Janet was going to miss Ryan, Bob was going to miss watching them make love even more. The candles that Janet had put in the room illuminated the room well enough so Bob could watch the forbidden act while slowly stroking his cock. And when Bob heard his wife beg their son to get her pregnant he couldn’t hold back his own orgasm. Bob covered himself with his own cum as he jerked off watching his wife and son making love.


The next few days seemed like weeks to Janet. Janet cried all the way home from the college. She e-mailed Ryan and he replied back but it was mainly about how school was. Janet was reluctant to go further than that but occasionally Ryan would write hints beyond that. “I really miss you mom” or” I think of you all the time.” Janet would reply “Ditto” or something brief to let him know her feelings.

After six weeks had passed Ryan wrote that he was coming home for the weekend. A friend of his from the area was driving home and Ryan was hitching a ride. Janet was overjoyed!

As soon as Janet received the e-mail she insisted that Bob take her to the mall. She had to look her best when Ryan came home. She certainly needed some more sexy outfits!

“Why do I have to go with you?” asked Bob. “I hate shopping.”

“Because you’re a man and I need a man’s opinion. Now shut up! You’re going with me!”

The first store that they went to was a women’s clothing store which catered to a young crowd. Bob sat in a chair outside the changing room as Janet tried on different outfits.

“How does this look on me?” asked Janet as she modeled a red spandex mini dress.

Bob was overwhelmed. She looked beautiful! The dress showed off her best assets; her long tan legs, her boobs, everything! It barely covered her ass.

“When are you going to wear that for me?” he asked.

“It’s not for you silly. It’s for Ryan. Maybe you can watch him take it off me though,” she giggled.

Janet picked out a few other dresses and then wanted shoes to match. Bob asked why she needed shoes when she already had some. Janet explained that those shoes were to “wear around” but the new shoes would be to “wear in bed”. “Don’t worry. Maybe you’ll get to watch,” laughed Janet.

The last stop on the shopping spree was to Victoria’s Secret. Janet wanted to buy a few sexy baby doll pajamas. Janet picked up a see through white baby doll outfit, held it up and in a loud voice which could easily be overheard asked Bob, “Do you think Ryan will like me in this?” It was obvious that Janet wasn’t buying the outfits for her husband. Bob wondered if any of the women shoppers near them overheard Janet and knew that he was a cuckold husband, and even more exciting that he was cuckolded by their son. It didn’t matter to Bob though as he could barely contain his erection in the store knowing that his wife would soon be fucking heir son again.


When they arrived home from their shopping trip, Janet had Bob take all her new clothes to the master bedroom and laid the bags on the bed. She wanted to put all her new outfits away before they got wrinkled.

“Do you want to see everything I bought?” she asked Bob.

“Definitely!” replied Bob.

“Then go in your spare bedroom and wait for me. I’ll model them for you.”

Bob ran across the hall an, sat on the bed and waited.

“Bob, do me a favor and grab the camera. I was thinking that Ryan may enjoy some pictures of me in these outfits when he goes back to school. I want him to remember his mom”, she giggled.

Bob grabbed the camera just in time.

“Here I come”, yelled Janet and she walked to the spare bedroom to where Bob was waiting.

Janet came into the bedroom wearing the same red spandex mini dress that she had modeled for Bob in the store.

“Do you still like it?” she asked. “Does it look better with the matching high heels?”

Ordinary Bob wouldn’t even have noticed the high heels but he couldn’t stop thinking how Janet would look with her leg tan legs and high heels wrapped around Ryan as they fucked,

“Hmmmm…So you like it don’t you? laughed Janet. “

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