Cruise with My Sister

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This story is completely true and it happened between my sister and I. This is my first story that I am submitting on here. So here it goes.

My sister and I have always been close growing up. Our parents we always working and they worked hard to have us grow up well off. We had a nice house, nice cars, and we got almost anything we wanted. The only thing was that our parents were never home. My sister and I were only 3 years apart so we were always doing things together. We knew everything about each other and would always talk to each other about problems we had whither it was about boyfriends or girlfriends or whatever. We were always comfortable around each other and would always walk around the house in our underwear or whatever we wanted. As we were getting older I noticed that she was growing up into a beautiful woman. By the time she was 18 she was about 5’9″, 125 lbs, slim body, 38DD tits and a nice ass to go with it. Growing up with her though and see her grow up I was used to it and didn’t really think anything of it until one summer when it all changed.

It all started when I was 21 and my sister just turned 18. My parents decided it would be nice to go on a family cruise to the Caribbean. My parents planned the whole thing and we went all out for this trip. It was one of the largest cruise ships in the world and had everything on it. We were so excited to go on it and it is all we talked about for months. My parents booked one room together and another one for my sister and I. They told us that they weren’t going to bother us at all for the whole trip and that we can do whatever we wanted as long as we didn’t get in any trouble.

The day finally came and we were there. We checked in and got to our room. It was amazing! Better istanbul escort than we expected it to be. The view off our balcony was amazing! There was a bottle of champagne waiting for us on ice so I opened it up and toasted with her to an amazing cruise. We had a few glasses and started to un pack our things. After unpacking I noticed that there was only one bed. I said something to my sister but we decided it wasn’t really that big of a deal. After unpacking we polished off the bottle of champagne and decided to go look around the ship to see everything. We walked around and were amazed at how big the show was and how much there was to do. We went to get some dinner and afterwards decided to go back to the room to get ready to go out for the night.

We went back to the room and I jumped in the shower really quick. I come out in my boxers and then my sister went in to get ready. I changed in some jeans and a nice shirt and waited for her to get ready. I grabbed another drink and sat out on the balcony looking at the view. She came out on the balcony all changed in a dress and heels. Now this dress didn’t leave much to the imagination. It came up to about her mid thigh and id showed plenty of cleavage. When she came out I told her she looked really nice and she said thank you. We both had another drink and started to head out to the club. We got there and there wasn’t too many people there. We sat down at a table and had a few more drinks. By this time we were both a little buzzed. More people started to come and she said hey lets dance and pulled me up onto the dance floor. We started dancing and having a good time. We danced with other people as well and just had a good time. We kept dancing and drank some more drinks until the place closed down.

After şişli escort we left we went on a walk of the ship and just talked about how much of a good time we were having and how were going to have so much fun for the next week. We eventually walked back to the room and both changed out of our clothes. She put on some shorts and a tank top and I put on a pair of gym shorts and a t shirt. We went out on the balcony again and just looked out into the open water. I stood behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. She said that this was amazing and I agreed with her. She then turned around and look at me right in the eyes. We stared at each other for a few seconds and then without saying anything we both leaned in and started to kiss each other. It was a slow and romantic kiss. It was amazing. We held the kiss for a good minute before pulling away. We didn’t say anything and just smiled at each other.

She then said, “Come on. Let’s go to bed now. It’s kind of late.” So we both went back in the room and got into bed. As soon as we were in the bed we started making out again this time it was more sexual. My hands were on her waist and I started to move them up to her tits. They were so perfect. I was playing with her nipples though her shirt and then she started rubbing my cock though my shorts. By this time it was rock hard. She then puller her shirt off and then pulled mine off. I just looked at her tits then started to suck on them. As I was doing that she reached in my shorts and started to play with my cock. Rubbing it up and down until eventually she took my shorts right off. As I was sucking on her tits I then reach my hand under her shorts and was slowly rubbing her nice shaved pussy. I rubbed it for a little while then started mecidiyeköy escort to slide a finger in. She moaned softly and I started making out with her some more. She then pulled her shorts off and I was able to see her beautiful pussy. Her naked body next to mine was amazing! She was like a goddess.

She pushed me over on my back and started sucking my cock. She went right to it sucking it as best as she can. Boy was it amazing to look down and see my beautiful sister sucking my cock. It was the best head I ever got. She sucked it for a while and then started to make out with me. I then flipped her over on to her back and started sucking on her huge tits again. I was rubbing one as I was sucking the other. I then went down and started sucking and licking all over her body. I worked my way down to her stomach and then to her pussy. It smelt so good and it was so wet. I started licking it softly and then I stuck my tongue right in. I was licking all over and I started to suck on her clit. She was moaning so softly but I can tell she was enjoying it. After a while of doing that she pulled me back up to her and started kissing me again.

She whispered in my ear; “Fuck me bro.” Without saying anything I reached down and slid my rock hard cock into her pussy. She moaned even louder and I started to slide it in and out slowly. I eventually got faster and harder until we were straight up fucking. It was the best sex I ever had. When I can tell she was about to orgasm I came right in her pussy. We both came together and it was amazing! I stayed on top of her for a little bit as we were both in heaven. We kissed a little bit more then I pulled out of her and laid right next to each other. We both told each other how amazing that was and we eventually fell asleep naked next to each other. From that night on we had sex at least once or twice each day that we were on the cruise. Since we have been home we still have sex at least once a week. She is the best lover that I have ever had to this day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32