Crotching Tiger , Ridden Dragon Ch. 02

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Her foot sailed straight out in front of her leaping body. Forward she flew in the air stiffened for the blow. The chest was touched of her opponent, with her legs bending push she went up and he went down. The man rolled for several turns as she landed in a tucked in roll. While he scrambled up, Little Dragon, was already there, “Yee-ya,” with a reverse round kick, her body in the air. Spinning her leg fully out with speed and thrust. “Whack.”

He went to the mat, in that single blow. She took stance and held fists out. The man pointed out on that upper body kick. His fist hammered the mat angered at himself. She barely hit him but the point was there. The flags were all raised for her side.

“Point for, Little Dragon.” The referee made the call.

Cheers come from the crowd and her cheering section. Tiger standing proud along with the band of students whom all came to the tournament. Arms rotating in a revel hoot. “Way to goes.” and “Alright.”

Little Dragon smiled proudly as she was handed the Trophy. The announcer and sponsor having his say. “What can I say, Little Dragon wins.” The crowd got louder as it was the new champion’s moment. Her opponent, Mason Storm stepped up and bowed then shook her hand. Took the second place trophy and waved it high. The sponsor put the microphone to Dragon’s mouth. The spectators quieted.

“I want to give thanks to my Instructor. Mr. T, we all call him, Tiger.” The crowd roared. She smiled at Tiger and Tiger at her. She raised her trophy shoulder high.

“The sponsor jumped in with his final words. “Until tomorrow folks, weapons and forms. Don’t forget to stop and pick up a free catalog for our gear for champions.” The crowd gave the final clap. Little Dragon walked over to her comrades shaking her trophy. The little red head with a ponytail towered proudly from the platform as she jumped down and they all surround her to give pats on the back.

She wrapped her arms around Tiger, giving him a kiss as his lips gave one back in return. They were quite the couple now. Everybody watched their love grow. Some one even said, “Tiger kisses Dragon, umm…”

The band of students with white dobaks and some with black trimmed uniforms all walked towards their gear, stowed on a near by bleacher. Gathered their things and out of the coliseum they went.

“Meet you all back at the motel.” Little Dragon said as her and Tiger opened the mini-van door and a bunch of youths crawled in. The other vehicles carrying just as many. The caravan of cars went just down the road to a local motel that was their accommodations for the nights of the tournament. This was their last night before the final tournament in the morning.

Back at the motel the teens ran ramped to the pool and the adults went to their rooms. Little Dragon walked into her motel room and laid her work out bag down, while Tiger shut the door and did the same.

“Woo hoo, I won,” she said as she ran and jumped with her whole body and wrapped her arms and legs around him. Tiger fell backwards from her playful body slam. Landing with his back to the bed and her sitting on his stomach. The few short after bounces from the mattress brought their lips together.

“Ah, excited and frisky Dragon?” Tiger asked. Dragon leaned up in a sitting position. Tugging at his Gi, to expose the chest she wanted to sink her teeth into. “You should save your strength for practice and…Ah.”

Little Dragon bit Tiger, then licking it began looking at him, she said in a low tone. “I want to do my favorite practice, now.”

“Oh?” Tiger’s eyes got big.

“Crotching Tiger and Ridden Dragon.” She said as her tongue trailed up his chest to his neck and around to his cheek, finally licking his lips. The two embraced and kissed passionately.

Little Dragon was grinding into his crotch fishing for a rise. His hands gripped her rounded ass cheeks with both hands and squeezed. Fingers pulling her tight as his crotch raised from his arching back. Dragon began moaning in pleasure as she began to ride Tiger.

Her hands worked to pull her top off and lay it to the side as she jumped to her feet and removed her pants. Bouncing on the bed above him playfully and set them with her top. With only her panties and perky breasts she let her legs out from under her and fell sitting and straddled above Tiger. Went straight for his face and give him a very long tongue twirling, lip biting kiss. While grinding into his crotch feeling his muscle grow. Pulled her head back and lips so close they touched as their eyes where fixed on each others. Her body glided over his hardened cock.

“Dragons going to eat me a Tiger.” She paused licking her lips. “Right after my shower.” She said as she darted to her feet and jumped off the bed walking to the bathroom, looking back at him. “Unless bonus veren siteler the little kitty’s afraid to get wet,” as she wiggled her finger. “I suggest that Tiger follow Dragon.” Her smile was slight and sexy as she whipped her head with confidence slinging her long ponytail around to her front as she turned into the bathroom.

Dragon disappeared around the corner; Tiger leaped to his feet shedding his clothes as he trailed behind her. Dragon turned the shower knobs on adjusting for the right temperature. Then pulled her panties off tossing them at Tiger. Pulling the braid out of her hair and shaking her head wildly. Her wavy fire red hair falls on her shoulders, while her ass shook from the body’s twists. “Tiger eye’s his prey.” Tiger said softly.

She turned and saw Tiger just standing there watching her, she pulled her hair up with one hand while slapping her bare bottom with the other.

“Dragon shows her Tail.” With a large smile she steps into the steaming shower. Tiger walked up and stepped in right behind her. She was already being pelted by the blasts of warm water. Hands cupped at her chest and turning around slowly getting herself fully wet. Tucking her head under the splashing spray and Tiger slowly edged into her.

Wrapping his arms around Dragon he began kissing at her shoulders. Then kissing her neck. “Hum, Dragon purrs.” She said while taking the soap and lathering it up. Ran it along Tigers back and buttocks leaving white soapy trails. The sliding sensation was great as she quickly pulled the soap between them and run it around Tigers hardened chest. Then down his abb’s and continuing downwards. Tiger raised his leg a bit at Dragons soapy roaming hands. “Dragon caresses the Tiger.” She said smiling.

She stretched up on her tippy toes and wrapped her arms fully around Tigers neck and kissed him with great passion. Their bodies sliding along each other from the slippery lather on their skin. Tigers hand reached low and grasp Dragons ass. Squeezing lightly and pulling her in tighter. Their tongues swirling around each other’s as the warm water beads fell upon their embrace. “Tiger Paws the Dragon.” He says.

“You know it turns me on when you talk like that.” Dragon proclaims.

“Tiger grrrr-rowl’s at Dragon.” He said playfully.

Dragons hand slowly slid along Tigers chest then abb’s and finally wrapping her fingers around his hardened cock. Pulling gently at his growing muscle in cupped hand. Tiger half bent to the short red-head as they kissed and arched his back while she worked to bring his cock to full figure. Tigers hands reached low around her ass cheek and finger fondled at her slit. Her moans from their kisses let him know he found her pleasure spot.

Dragon leaned back a moment and with her free hand began running it around Tigers muscled chest and front clearing it of the soap she had left on him. Then began sucking at his nipple and kissing downwards till she was on her knees before him. Looking up she saw his smile while the water pelted the back of her head and hair. She trailed her fingers along the shaft of his hard cock as she leaned in and kissed his swelling head. Looking up at him she asked in a light tone. “Dragon pleases, Tiger’s tail?”

“Oh my, yes. Little Dragon always pleases, Tigers Tail.” He said. She engulfed his cock in her mouth and began a withdraw of her head while lips pulled lightly on his rock hard cock. Her fingers toyed with his nuts and her mouth took him in fully, then she pulled her head back. He was letting out light moans of pleasure from her mouths playful suck. She pulled on his dick a few times with clinched fist around his shaft and then took him in her mouth again. Tiger’s hands fell to her head and held her lightly, so that his cock remained deep in her throat for a short moment then let up on his grip so that she could pull back. His cock was ready to explode and swelled up to it’s fullest.

Dragon sensed his quivers and body tightening before he came. The gush of warmness fell upon her chest and perky tits. She continued to jerk his hardness till he gave an attempt to hold her hands still from the sensitivity. She smiled and kissed his tail one more time before standing again.

“Dragon enchants the Tiger.” She said smiling.

“You are awesome: Dee.” Tiger said, rarely using the redhead’s real name. She turned into the spraying water and washed herself off as Tiger regained his soaring mind. Leaning down to her he kissed her shoulder and then her shoulder blade. Working his way down Little Dragons spine with his kisses and tasting tongue. He lightly pushed her forward into the splashing water more till she put her hands on the wall for a brace. She pushed her hips out. Kissing her ass cheeks, he spread them widely. She arched her back and pushed bedava bahis her ass up to him more.

Tiger sank into her ass, licking wildly at her puss and sucking her pussy lips. Putting them between his lips and pulling his head backwards till they popped out of his mouth. Then diving in to her for another sucking of her pleasure zone and lapping his tongue at her before he sucked her pussy’s folds, then pulled his head back. Dragon moaned with pleasure from this while the water showered her with warmness.

Tiger hardened his tongue and began stabbing it at her slit. Dragon bent down slightly, which pushed her ass up even more. Tiger’s finger was now rubbing light circles around her clit while tongue fucking her hole. She was becoming more aroused and rocking her hips back and forth to push into Tigers tongue. Tiger’s fingers run deep in her pussy now as he finger fucked her slowly. Thrusting his finger in her deeply then pulling it out. Vigorously he began in and out drives with his stiffened index finger. Then lick and suck at her clit while his finger worked her pussy to wetness.

“Fuck me Tiger, now. I want you to enter the Dragon.” She said hastily. Tiger got to his feet and gripped her hips and put his cock to her wet warm hole. His cock pushed at the entrance of her awaiting cunt. She braced her self by stiff arming the wall before her. He gripped her waist tightly as his cock slid in her slit. The opening of her pussy was greatly felt as she cried out with pleasure and pushing back into him. They pressed into each other as his cock went deeper. Then pulling from her slightly before thrusting in again.

“Oh fuck yes, Ride the Dragon.” She blurted out as their bodies crashed into each other. Tigers firm grip on her hips pulling her to him while she pushed the wall in front of her and met his thrusting drives with her body’s push. Tiger’s face wrenched with tension as he pounded at her pussy. Little Dragon turned to see him in ecstasy, smiled and began pumping back into him wildly.

“Fuck yes, don’t stop. Don’t stop. Fuck me Tiger style.” She blurted as her body excepted his humping thrusts. He tightened his hold and surged into her deeply and held tight. Dragon felt the warmness inside her as Tiger came. She slowed her backward thrusts as he held her tightly, releasing his cum deeply within. He lightly pulled from her puss as she straightened her back and turned to him. Laid her head into his chest as he held her lightly.

She could hear his pounding heart and she smiled. She spider walked her fingers up his chest and circled his nipples with a toying finger. The water was spraying them both. She turned her head upwards while Tiger looked down at her. They kissed and Dragon pulled back into the water more. Began washing her red hair. “Does Tiger need some more of the Dragons tail?” She asked.

“Oh, yes but I can wait honey, we should probably save our strength for tomorrow.” Tiger answered.

“Oh yeah, tomorrow,” she smiled at the thought. She had totally forgotten her victory this day and that she was facing a tough round of weapons forms the next day, against her lover, the Tiger.

The crowd cheered and roared as the stocky man left the mat with his weapon twirling. The judges all tallied their score cards and the sum was posted on the neon sign above the judges table. The announcer took to the arena and gripping microphone began his verbal job.

“Thank you, thank you, and thank you Mason Storm, for that wonderful display of nunchuku (nunchucks) at its best.” The crowd clapping loudly. “Our last demonstration in forms is Little Dragon. You may recall this little lady’s awesome Spin kick that won her the championship in sparring yesterday and today is going to show us, The Way of the Dragon. Doing the Dragon form with a Bo Staff. (5′ Long thin wooden pole) Come on up here Little Dragon.” The announcer smiled as his hand is held out to little Dragon.

She turned and looked at Tiger, who was standing on the outer edge of the mat with her Bo Staff. She slapped her outer legs with both hands at the same time and bowed low to Tiger. Then straightened up, still looking him in the eyes. Tiger looked at her and nodded his expectance of her humble jest. She whipped around and trotted to the center of the mat and the announcer exited.

Little Dragon sat in a squatting position, and tilted her head forward. Her long ponytail fell before her and onto the ground. Her hands, “Slapped,” together before her as if praying. She sat there a full minute, the crowd got quiet as she breathed deeply.

She sprang to her feet and her right leg came up around fast and furious as her left-hand open palm came to her center to meet it, “Smack.”

“Dragon awakes.” She yells aloud as she falls to a roll and the upward swing of her deneme bonus body sends her long braided ponytail whipping around. She slings her body into a spin then stretches her arm out, with precise timing Tiger tosses the Bo staff out to her waiting, spinning hand. The long wooden rod sailed across the mat, in her body’s turn she catches the staff and slings it in fast butterfly motions.

“Ya.” Stopping with the staff held out in front of her. She settles back into her cat stance.

“Dragon takes flight.” She yells as she spins and runs and jumps with a flying sidekick, the Bo staff held tucked into her arms extended out with her leg. She lands tucks and rolls coming up in a knelt position spinning the Bo above her. The crowd claps at her aerial display.

“Dragon Breaths fire.” She yells as she gets to her feet spinning the Bo faster and faster, from side to side. The whipping motion of the twirling wood makes the wisping sounds. Little Dragon backs up twirling her weapon with vigorous speed. Then comes to the end of the mat as her foot’s heel steps on the line. She begins the battery of offensive thrusts, jabs and full swings high and low. Till the opposite side of the mat offers no more room.

She does a back summersault of two body twists and lands with her legs straight out doing the splits. The Bo perfectly above her as a two fisted block. “The Dragon lands.” She yells aloud with force. The crowd claps and “Awes,” are heard as they marveled at her form.

She spins out of the sitting leg spread and twirls to a standing position and twirls the Bo behind her and catches the spinning wood in hand and brings it out in front in a low swing and holds.

“Dragons Wings.” She yells as she takes her final bow. The crowd got to their feet as she lifted her head and looked at Tiger, who was smiling. Little Dragon winks at Tiger. Tiger’s smile grew, thinking how she threw in her new move. She walks off the mat as the announcer comes up.

“Lets hear it for Little Dragon.” The crowd went wild with claps and yells. Little Dragon jumped to the floor and Tiger wrapped his arm around her. She looked up at him smiling. “Ok folks we’ll have the results in just a moment so bare with us.”

“You know what I did don’t you?” Little Dragon asked Tiger.

Tiger looked at her smiling. “Yes I do.”

The anouncer bellows out, “And the winners of the weapons forms are…” The crowd grew quiet and Tiger gave Dragon a nudging pull into his arms. “Third place, Mason Storm, with nunchuka’s weapon form, The Rageing Wind.” The crowd claps and the tension mounted.

The anouncer puts his hands out to quiet the crowd. “The second place winner is: Little Dragon, in weapons form with the Bo staff, Way of the Dragon.” The crowd roared in aproval as Tiger gave her another tight squeeze before releasing her to go back on the mat.

Little Dragon walked up to the announcer and bowed before she took the trophy then stepped next to Mason Storm.

“And the winner of this years weapon form is: Mr. T, with Si’s, (Three forked metal weapon) in Way of the Tigers claw.” The crowd came to their feet and Tiger jumped to the mat and walked up bowing at the announcer and excepted his trophy, the claps and yells got deafening.

The announcer held the microphone for Tiger. “Thank you, thank you.” Tiger said as the crowd got quiet. “I can attribute this to dedication in the Art and lots of practice.” Looking at Little Dragon and smiled. The crowd roared and applauded as he step back next to little Dragon. She was smiling at him with a huge grin.

“Know what I did wrong right?” She asked again.

“Yeah, your foot went out of bounds.” He answered. She busted out laughing as the auditorium was dispersing of spectators. The tournament was over and all were slowly leaving.

“This concludes this years tournament of champions, be sure to pay tribute to our sponsor and hope to see you all next year, good night.” The announcer and referee walked off the mat.

She leaned into him and whispered. “I didn’t give you enough. Crotching Tiger and Ridden Dragon.” They both busted out laughing as their group swarmed around them to congratulate them. The slaps on the back and handshakes were plentiful as they made their way out. Dragon turns and wrapped her arms around Tiger, then kissing him.

“Kiss of the Dragon.” She says squeezing his neck with a hug.

Tiger paws the Dragon.” Tiger says as he gives her ass a little squeeze.

The group went out of the stadium and piled into their vehicles to head home, a couple enthusiastic fans run up for autographs. Handing to Tiger and Dragon both. “You two were awesome.” The fans blurted as Tiger and Dragon signed their tournament pamphlets.

They were getting in their mini van to leave, fastening seat belts and the motor started, the radio come on, playing; “We are the champions.” They looked at each other and smiled. When they heard one of the fans yell. “You two are like Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon.”

Tiger and Little Dragon laughed at that all the way home.

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