Crossing the Line

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The light flickered as her finger traced the edge of her glass. The vodka glistened between the ice cubes in her old-fashioned as she smiled to herself. She looked into her friend’s eyes; his gaze was so deep and warm. Her diamond ring sparkled as she brought the drink to her ruby lips. The remaining liquid flowed quickly into her mouth as the ice chimed against the glass.

“Did you want another?” her friend asked. He sipped his martini and then stirred it with the double olives. He sucked on one gently and then pulled it into his mouth.

She smiled and paused. She looked at her glass empty save for the slowly melting ice cubes. “No, I think if I had another that would be trouble.”

They both laughed quietly, but they knew that they were already traveling down the path to trouble. They both wore wedding rings, yet they were not husband and wife. They were friends, coworkers, at a meeting in a city away from their homes.

Both friends loved their spouses, yet it seemed like the fire of passion had been long extinguished in each of their marriages, his of 10 years, her marriage a short five. Neither would have ever considered being anything but faithful, but here they were late into the evening sharing drinks in a distant bar.

She reached for his hand and squeezed it as he emptied the last of his martini. She sighed and asked if he was done for the night. “I’m ready to call it quits,” she groaned, “tomorrow is going to start early and it’s already late.”

He agreed and rose from the bar. He unfolded an extra bill for the bartender as they both straightened the wrinkles in their clothes. As they walked from the hotel bar to the bank of elevators she playfully hugged him as they strolled towards through the lobby. Her perfume enveloped his senses as they giggled together.

With a bright chime the doors to the elevator opened, together they entered. The small space became quiet as the fading noise from the bar was pushed away by the closing doors. To his surprise, his coworker did not loosen her grip on him as they stood in silence. They felt the pull of gravity increase as the elevator slowly climbed skyward.

She smiled as she hugged him closer. He was always a good friend and listener when she poured her heart out to him. He never passed judgment on her when she complained that the spark seemed to have been snuffed out between her husband and her. She leaned her head into the empty space on his neck and shoulder. Closing her eyes and she sighed. The vodka tugged upon her.

How many years had he known her? It seemed like an eternity as he remembered when she told him she was getting married. He was happy for her. He had hoped that her marriage would continue to be new, fresh and exciting as his once was. As his hand stroked her side he wondered if marriage was such that it becomes like a nice comfortable blanket, stable, consistent and warm if you are lucky. Yet like a nice familiar blanket, it ends up not being too exciting.

The doors slid open as she loosened her grip on him as she stepped through the opening and on to her floor. She turned to wish him a good night. She paused and then stuttered,”Would you like to have a night cap?” she asked. “I mean, I know it’s late and I would understand if you can’t.” Trouble she thought to herself, trouble.

He smiled gently, knowing he was dancing an area that he so often wished to avoid. “That sounds nice,” he answered as he stepped off the elevator and onto her floor.

They walked down the hall to her room, not realizing that they were holding hands as they slowly meandered across the carpet. She fumbled through her purse as she found the key to her room. She quickly entered, glancing around as if leering eyes were watching their every move.

He entered after her and could smell the remnants of her perfume as he followed. Her room was large with one bed in the center. Her window looked out upon the city skyline. Her room was much larger than his he noticed with a touch of jealousy.

“I’m sorry, but our drinks will need to come from the minibar,” she sheepishly explained. She dropped her purse and quickly kicked off her shoes.

“I’ll take my $10 drop of tequila,” he laughed as he loosened his tie. He opened the little refrigerator and pulled out a tiny bottle of Jose Cuervo. “It’s okay, I shouldn’t really have much more to drink anyhow. What would you like?”

She leaned against the window sill the city lights framing her small lithe body, “Surprise me, but don’t insult me and give me the chardonnay!” she giggled.

He joined her to silently admire the glimmering city lights. They beşiktaş escort could hear the murmur of the streets that tried unsuccessfully to permeate the glass of the window. He opened her vodka and offered it to her. His hand slipped around her waist as he sipped his tequila. The city moved, even at this late hour, below them.

She took a deep draw on her vodka, emptying it half way. She shivered out of nervousness, yet still she moved closer to him as if it was the cold of the night. The thermostat on the wall read 72 degrees. A mixture of guilt and anticipation engulfed her as she looked into the city, his warm grasp firmly upon her waist.

He put down his drink and turned to her. He knew that there was no turning back. His guilt was buried underneath the warmth and comfort in his friend’s arms as he embraced her tenderly. They did not say a word as they clung together, their bodies molding as one. Her face was buried into his shoulder as she felt their combined weight pull them together.

Slowly they peeled off of each other and looked deeply into the other’s eyes. Her eyes are so beautiful he thought. Her eyes seemed to penetrate deeply into his soul as he met her gaze. The clock slowed, the room became silent as they leaned into each other. All she could whisper was a feeble, “But…” as their lips met. Gently, warmly their lips touched, their arms draped on each other.

“Me too…” he whispered back. Two lonely souls seeking solace in each other’s embrace in a faraway city.

Deeper they kissed as their mouths opened. Her lips accepting his kiss while his hands glided gracefully upon her back. He pulled her into him their bodies melting. His tongue shyly peeked out to meet the tip of her tongue. Lovingly they kissed, their tongues twisting together.

She giggled as she broke their embrace, placing her half filled bottle of vodka on the table. She smiled nervously at him realizing what they were doing. “I still love him,” she whispered as he pulled her back to him.

“I know and I love my wife, but I also know I need you now,” he answered into her ear. He kissed her deeply, a passionate kiss that had been void in their lives for so long, yet one that they craved.

He stopped and admired her beauty. Her silky hair framing her sultry face. Her lips slightly sticky from her fading lipstick. Kissing her neck gently, running his tongue along her throat, he slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Each button seemed to explode off as his fingers pushed them through the openings.

The silk silently slid down her arms as the blouse fell to the carpeted floor. She sighed as he gazed upon her loveliness. She giggled slightly as she reached behind her and unclasped her bra. She felt the pressure release as she knew that this was the moment. She could stop now and blame it on the alcohol. But her desire, her love, for her friend enveloped her. She smiled and freed her breasts from their constraint. She held her crumpled bra between her breasts half covering them with her forearms.

He smiled gently and gasped. She was so beautiful, so delicate. The world was slowly falling away and there was only she.

He moved to her and gently wrapped himself around her in a loving embrace. He felt her flesh pushing into his chest as he kissed her cheek. They sat at the edge of the bed as he softly kissed her neck. His hands barely stroking her side as they melted together. He looked deep into her eyes as his fingertips found their way to the clasp of her skirt. He waited for a sign, that maybe they needed to stop. None came.

He unclasped her skirt and gently tugged off of her. She playfully dangled her feet as it slid down her calves. She had amazing legs he thought to himself as he dropped the skirt to join her blouse on the floor. He knelt and kissed between her breasts. He felt her heat emanating from her as he kissed his way to her stomach. It was no longer her perfume that filled his senses, it was another scent. A scent of desire that pulled him closer as his lips ran upon her undulating stomach.

It has been so long she thought to herself. So long since a man has kissed her body with such intensity. Her breath deepened as she felt his lips coating her body with his kisses. Her legs squirmed together in ecstasy as she reveled in his kisses.

Suddenly he stopped. She looked at him in concern as he stood. But soon her look of concern was replaced by a sly grin as he began to loosen his tie. Slowly he stripped for her as she lay on her side on the bed. She absently stroked her nipples gently admiring the display in front of her.

First beşyol escort his tie, then his shirt, and next he kicked off his shoes and socks. He smiled at her devilishly and slid his trousers down his taught legs. The muscles in his thighs slightly rippled as he bent to remove his pants. She smiled lustfully at his display.

Finally he was only in his boxer briefs. The black cotton clung to his body outlining his form, the legs of the briefs melted to his thighs. She licked her lips as she spied the bulge that was held in his briefs. Smiling wickedly he placed his fingers under his waistband. “Is there something that you want?” he teased. She nodded slowly, leaning forward she ran her fingertip along his bulge.

“Maybe,” she giggled, “let’s just wait and see…”

Their eyes met and held as he bent to remove his briefs. Slowly he slid them down his legs as their eyes never strayed. Deep into each other they peered. Her stare moved down from his eyes and she was greeted by a wonderful sight. Her friend was completely hard and she could see the beginnings of a wetness glistening on the tip of his manhood.

She leaned into him licking her lips. Raising herself upon her elbows she brought his cock to her. Millimeters in front of her face she held his cock. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back. So wonderful her grasp felt. She inhaled deeply, his manliness filling her senses as she closed her eyes to fall into it.

Shyly the tip of her tongue licked the dollop of the sticky clear liquid that formed on the crest of his cock. He groaned slightly as she smiled. His taste was enlightening, she had not tasted one’s life in such a long time. Her tongue extended from her mouth as she laid it upon his burgeoning shaft. Gently the flat of her tongue folded around his hardness. Slowly she licked his steely manhood feeling every vein bubble across her tongue.

Groaning he stroked her hair as she engulfed his cock, she surrounded him. His entire being she held in her mouth as she sucked slowly, deliberately. She could feel her nipples stiffening as his cock pushed deeper into her throat. Reaching back she pinched her aching nipples, she tugged on them lengthening them. Her legs squirmed together as she took his length into her mouth. Deeper and deeper her lips stroked his cock. He grimaced as she raked his steel with her teeth. His senses overloaded with a once forgotten feeling.

Firmly she continued to suckle his cock as her hand reached for his the sack that was filled with his sperm. She massaged is as she felt it growing. Deeper and deeper she took him as she held his waiting sperm in her hand.

Before he was at the brink of no return, he pulled away and knelt down to his friend. He smiled longingly and kissed her deeply. Their tongues searching, knotting, needing. Her taught nipples pierced into his chest as he lay next to her. He lowered his lips to her nipples and extended his tongue. Slowly he worked the tip around her areola, barely touching her hardened nipple.

“Mmm…” she heard herself sigh. A man who takes his time she thought to herself, she had never had this experience before. She ran her fingers through his hair as he began to make love to her breasts.

Taking one nipple between his lips he began to suckle. Gently tugging her nipple, encouraging it to grow further. The friends’ combined moisture filled the room with their scent. The sounds of the city were a feint chant in the distance as he flicked the tip of his tongue upon her nipple. She gasped in sexual agony as his teasing continued.

Gently his teeth nibbled at her nipple and her other was greeted by his searching fingers. Together, her nipples hardened even further as one was nibbled while the other was pinched and tugged. Squirming below him she succumbed to the rapture that he held upon her breasts and soul.

Finally his torture stopped and he slowly kissed his way down her stomach stopping at the top of her now drenched panties. The dainty blue silk clung to her as her musk filled his nostrils with desire. Kissing her belly button, he then flicked his tongue just where the fabric ended. She could feel his fingers slowly slide under the band of her thong as she sighed deeply. She heard herself groan, “Yes…please…”

Quietly he slipped the baby blue panties down her taught legs. Her womanhood exposed. A tiny patch of matted hair glistened as he raised her thong to his nose. Clutching the tiny bit of fabric, he smiled at her wickedly while he inhaled deeply. The smell of her arousal drenched him, filling his being with desire for her beauty. beykent escort He closed his eyes lost in desire.

He needed her.

Lowering himself to her, he slowly urged her to part her legs. Opening herself entirely to him, her petals sparkled with desire. Her nectar coating her pussy as she licked her lips in anticipation. He kissed her inner thighs teasing her as she undulated in agony. One leg and then the other. His hands softly stroking each thigh while she groaned in desire.

Finally his lips barely kissed her folds. Slightly grazing them with his lips, she bit her lip waiting for his attention, her legs splayed wide open and wanton. He smiled in total desire as the tip of his tongue ran along her pussy’s lips. His saliva began to mix with her nectar as he slowly unfolded her petals puffy, full of her desire.

Down one side and then along the other, his tongue tortured her lips. She grasped her nipples and tugged on them as he slowly flicked his tongue along her womanhood. She heard herself cry as he began to lick her in earnest. Her legs wide and on his shoulders as he licked her deeper and deeper. Suddenly his tongue flicked her button. She arched her back aching. Electric shocks bolted through her as he flicked her hardened clit.

She could feel it build. She hadn’t felt this way in years, but she recognized the long lost trembling. Her orgasm was near. Vaulting her eyes shut, her teeth locked together, she fought the coming flood. Last a little longer. Suddenly he felt arch her back and become stiff in orgasmic bliss. Tears flooded from her eyes as wave after wave of ecstasy overcame her. She had waited years for this feeling to return.

Her breath was ragged as he continued to softly lick her. She would occasionally tremble as his tongue continued to lap any of her remaining desire. Gently he raised himself and kissed her stomach, then her breasts and finally a deep kiss together. Their tongues melting together as they clung together. Her drenched pussy pressed up against his still steely cock.

They kissed deeper as his fingers softly stroked her sides. Their mixed saliva and desire flooding into each other. Her nipples began to become taught again as they kissed deeper. She lay back and pulled him to her. Grasping his cock she placed its tip near her entrance, an invitation to break their final barrier.

Their tongues twisted as he felt her grip on him loosen, a signal to join as one. Slowly he slid his hardness into her. He felt her enveloping him in warmth, while she reveled in the fullness she felt from his cock. They were one.

Slowly he began to rock into her as their moist bodies clung together. Their deep breaths in unison as her pussy’s lips suckled his steel rod. She could feel vein by vein while he slowly pumped deeper into her.

He leaned down and took a nipple into his lips. Sucking he continued to pummel deeper and deeper. His firm strokes rippling past her clit.

They gasped together as their bodies were one. Their entire life force joined together while they made love. One could not tell where he ended and she began. Her legs were wide open begging for him to be deeper, her nails digging into his back.

Thrust after thrust they reached for each other’s soul as they melted together.

“I’m close…”she whispered in amazement.

“Me too…” he gasped.

They loved earnestly, passionately. His cock melting together with her pussy. They could feel the distant trembling of the now familiar feeling. His pace quickened as their joined breath became more intense. They were on the edge, the very brink of their shared bliss.

For a frozen moment, less then a second, her eyes opened widely. His stare joined hers as at that moment, before their flood, reality broke down the door. His wife, her husband. He was in her, no condom. They both knew it for that millisecond, but were powerless to stop the inevitable blissful tsunami.

And then they were back in their shared world, only the two of them. They orgasmed together. If they wanted to stop, they were helpless to do so. But he did not want to stop. He needed to deliver his seed into her. And she did not want to stop, she also needed his sperm to burst into her. He needed to give her his life and she needed to accept it.

Wave after wave of life giving sperm pumped deeply into her womb. Tears of joy, of regret leaked from her clenched eyes. Years of passionless existence were released as he stroked his cock over and over into her. Arching his back they were joined forever in a moment as his cum flooded into her.

Slowly their flood abated. She could still feel his cock twitching in her as he held her closely. They were still as one. They both knew that at that moment his sperm were searching for her egg. Kissing softly, gently, they looked deeply into each other’s eyes.

“Thank you,” they whispered to each other as they clung together.

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