Crossed Wires

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Don shifted uncomfortably in his seat as the first feelings of misgivings started to gnaw at him. Such an elaborate plan and set up, and was it all for nothing? Don had started doubting his wife’s fidelity for a while now. Initially, he hadn’t minded because he himself was screwing his secy but after a while it had begun to irk him. And that was reason for this scheme. He had called upon his skills as a hardware engineer to fix three hidden cameras in his house which he connected via cable to a monitor placed in a house on the back street that he had taken on a month’s lease.

That morning, he had put his plan into action: he had left home ostensibly to fly on a 2-day assignment to Delhi. He had doubled back and ensconced himself in the rented flat waiting to discover Dolly’s infidelity. The pity was that Dolly had done nothing that was even remotely suspicious. In fact, he actually felt sorry for her seemingly mundane existence. She had arisen only at 8, had a long bath; then she had made herself some breakfast which she had in front of the TV.

The doorbell rang. Don tensed but it was the maid who soon busied herself with the washing, sweeping and swabbing. Then the phone rang and Don sat forward only to realize it was Dimple, Dolly’s sister. Don smiled because he actually fancied Dimple; her figure was leaner and more proportionate than Dolly’s; she conversed better, she cooked better and Don fantasized that may be she even fucked better. Steve was a lucky bastard. In fact, Don had often sneaked glances at her tits and buttocks when they met but had received nothing in response.

After a while, the maid let herself out and Dolly again settled herself in front of the TV. “Fuck”, swore Don feeling frustrated. He glanced at his watch. Quarter past 12. If he were to have taken the 9 o’clock morning flight from Mumbai to Delhi he should have long landed by now. He picked up his mobile and rang home. He watched Dolly let it ring a couple of times and then reach across and pick up the receiver.

“Hello”. Her voice was istanbul escort also a little high pitched in contrast to Dimple’s low, husky tone.

“Honey, I’ve just landed. How are things?”

She shrugged and replied, “Fine.” Disinterest both in her shrug and tone.

“Ok then I’ll call you later. Bye.”

“Bye” said she and put down the receiver.

The next moment, he saw a remarkable transformation in Dolly. She sat forward, her fingers flying over the buttons on the instrument and then put the receiver impatiently to her ear.

Even as the phone was answered she said urgently, “Come quickly. He has landed in Delhi.” She listened for a moment and then almost commanded, “Come quickly, I just can’t wait to have your cock in me, you bastard!”

She listened for another moment and then almost yelled, “Just get the fuck here quickly.”

Don sat there shocked. Never in all their time together had he ever heard Dolly utter obscenities. And the new urgency in her was a revelation too! As he watched, she divested herself of that horribly asexual housecoat she was wearing, unhooked her bra, bent down and took off her panties. She rushed into the bathroom and he heard the water running. She was actually humming. Returning to the bedroom, she pulled out a long light blue shirt which ended half way up her thighs. She dragged a comb through her hair and at that moment the doorbell rang again.

Don edged forward, staring intently at the screen. She looked into the peephole, opened the door, pulled the man in, and pushed him against the door that shut behind him and at the same time plastered her mouth to his. There was something vaguely familiar about the guy but Don couldn’t see his face. All he could see were his hands roaming inside his wife’s shirt, finding, fondling, pressing her heavy tits. The hands then emerged to reach behind, cup her arse cheeks and press and knead them. He saw Dolly struggling and realized she was trying to get his pants open. Then suddenly she dropped onto her knees to take şişli escort out his cock.

Don jerked upright in shock. The man was Steve, his wife’s sister’s husband!

He had caught sight of Steve’s cock. Yes, it was big. No wonder, Dolly was whorishly deep-throating him. Her hair bounced as she worked her mouth on his swollen cock. There was frenzy in her actions that quite amazingly thrilled Don and he felt his own cock strengthening. Such merciless sucking was too much to last, for Steve, with a roar, started to come and Dolly let it splash over her mouth, her face and the front of her shirt.

Then she moved back and flopped onto the bean bag, pulled up her shirt to her chin and spread her legs wide, opening her wet and dripping pussy to him.

“Lick me, fucker … taste me … come arsehole, come quickly …”

Steve needed no second invitation and he buried his face into her pussy. He must have been doing the right things because his wife started to moan deeply and then to scream.

“Ohhhhh … you fucker … you are soooo good … aaaaaah …”

Steve’s hands reached up and found her tits and she pressed his hands harder to them.

Time was at a standstill for Don as he watched this feverish love-making in front of him.

Suddenly, Dolly screamed, “Enough .. now fuck me … just fuck me hard …”

Steve straightened and savagely thrust himself into her pussy. She gave a yelp and then tightened her thighs around him drawing him into her. He then started to thrust into her, with new-found energy. She was now screaming. And he was really fucking the living daylights out of her. Steve, Don realized, was a super fuck. After what seemed to be an incredibly long time of thrusting, he came with another roar and she screamed and shuddered as she came too.

And as they collapsed on each other, Don realized that he had actually leaked in his pant. He washed himself and returned to the monitor to see that Dolly was actually back on her knees, bent over Steve’s cock trying to resuscitate mecidiyeköy escort it with her skillful mouth. He reached across and switched off the monitor and sat still trying to calm himself.

After a long while, on a hunch, he reached across and dialed a number on his mobile.

“Hello?” Dimple’s husky tone was even more accentuated on the phone line.

“Hi, it’s me, Don.”

“Oh hi, pleasant surprise!”

“Oh, is it?” he teased.

“Why do you doubt it, BIL?” It was the way she addressed him. BIL — short for brother-in-law. “Hey, hang on .. aren’t you in Delhi?”

“Not exactly…” his voice trailed off.

There was a moment of silence and then Dimple asked, “You ok?”

“Yup, am good.” He stopped, hesitated for a second and then plunged right in. “Dimple, can I come and see you?”


“Yeah, right now.”

Silence. Then she said, “Steve isn’t in town and you, oh my God, how can I allow you in when I am alone!”

Don was shocked. Today seemed to be a day of shocks. “Why?” he spluttered.

“I have very often caught you looking at me.” Her tone was accusatory.

“I like to look at good things.” Don ventured.

She suddenly giggled, “How do you know they are good?”

“I just know. I want to know for sure that’s why I want to see you. Now.”

“I’m sure you don’t get enough of Dolly after Steve is done with her. Right?”

Another one and this was a sucker punch right in the solar plexus. Don found himself breathless.

“You … you know?”

“Of course, I do. Listen, Steve is almost too much to handle for me. He has got such a huge prick and he can fuck like a horse. I realized very soon that I was not enough for him and Dolly told me that both of you were off sex. So I put Steve onto Dolly. Simple. At least, it remains within the family.”

Don swallowed unable to say anything. His mouth was bone dry.

“I always knew you fancied me,” she continued, her tone matter-of-fact. “In fact, I was waiting for you to make your move.” She giggled, “and you really took your time making it. You are not gay, are you?”

“No” managed Don.

“Then don’t just standing there with your tongue hanging out. Come on over. Let’s see if you are any match for Steve!”

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