Crazy Night Out

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This is something I did not last summer but one before.

A friend of mine we shall call Sally and I came with an idea to play a strip game and the loser had to streak. We planned it out and decided we could play down the beach. I said that we might as well do it that night and she said yeah. We also decided we would play some sort of card strip game.

She and I started texting and messaging friends to see anyone wanted to come and we wouldn’t tell them about the strip game, just suggest it and see who would play. We got two of the guys to come and I’ll call them Frank and Liam. Liam said he would give me a lift too so that was good. I didn’t have much time to get ready and I was also looking for a deck of cards. I didn’t find one but found some and figured we could play high card.

Anyway Liam picked me up and I went and got a 6 pack of beer and then went to pick up Sally and Frank. When we got there another friend I’ll call Chad was passing by and said he would meet up with us later.

We get to the beach and begin drinking and after a while Chad turns up, not much to say about that. By this stage I was a bit drunk and wanted to start strip game but I wasn’t ümraniye escort going to mention it till Sally did. She didn’t and was wondering if she would ever bring it up.

We ended up getting in Liam’s car and Sally says to me “Andrew go skinny dipping” but I didn’t want to cause chances were the water was freezing. I was even more drunk at this stage and I said under my breath that I didn’t mind the skinny but it was the dipping that bothered me. She persisted with skinny dipping for a bit longer and then seeing her opportunity and must have heard what I said cause then she said “Okay then run over to the grass and then over to the bottle banks naked”

We were sitting in the car at the time but really what it meant was a run across about half of the car park. I spent a bit of time thinking about it but I have an exhibitionist side to me so I wasn’t hard to convince. I agreed and undressed out of the car. I was surprised how quickly and easily I stripped and when down to underwear I slightly held back cause when I took them off I held onto them. I had left everything else in the car but as soon as my underwear was off I ran over to grass and when I was about to pendik escort run past the car.

It started reversing, I panicked a bit but luckily they stopped and I could jump into the car. Liam told me later that they were going to drive away but only a bit out of the car park where there was a group of guys drinking, that didn’t really make me feel good just cause of safety really. They then told me to do again but do it proper and leave underwear in the car. It took me a bit longer to decide because I was afraid they would drive away and I said I’d only agree if they wouldn’t.

They agreed and I stepped back out of the car, stripped off threw clothes into car and was off. It was incredible, I was still a little scared they’d drive away but didn’t stop me. I did cover myself both times, mainly because I didn’t want to seem too keen. I must not have done it very well cause the guys said they seen and slagged me a bit saying it was small. It was only small though because for some reason I was soft.

Then after this I got dressed and we drove off to another town. I was really drunk at this stage and my mind was going crazy. When we got to the town we parked bostancı escort in car park by sea and walked to playground.

Frank said to me if I would go naked through the “assault course” type thing and then run to swings and swings for a bit, naked of course. I wasn’t sure then he said if he got Sally to let me have a boob feel would I do it. Eventually I agreed and stripped.

I climbed up the slide and when I got to the top I noticed one of my friends had taken my clothes. I figured I started so I’d finish. I realized though I wouldn’t be able to cover for any longer because I needed both my hands to grab onto the bar above. I did that and then slid down the slide and ran across to swing. I swung for a bit and then got off for boob feel but friend told me I didn’t swing properly but Sally still let me feel anyway.

It turned out also she hid my clothes so I was stuck like that for a minute or two and sat on one of the seats. I was more comfortable than I thought I’d be. I only felt scared when the guys said that someone was coming.

Sally eventually gave me my clothes back, mainly I think because apparently someone was coming. All in all this was super fun. I would for sure do it again and maybe even more public. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed doing it. I still think of hanging from the bar on the assault and my dick hanging out for everyone to see, drives me wild.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32